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When does a flight and car booking become a “holiday”

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    Having unsuccessfully tried to give BA cash for a holiday booking online, due to mixed cabins, by phone, due to ‘sales line being closed to help others’ I’m thinking of the following..
    I SEEM to be able to book what I want using the ‘multi-city’ option and adding a car (LHR-EWR econ, car from EWR to BOS, BOS-LHR pram econ). The question is, is this a BA Holiday? Would it generate double tier points? Could I select the flights as HBO rather than standard economy, as holidays include checked baggage? It seems to want payment as one immediately rather than deposit now and balance later, so does this imply it’s not a holiday? Should I care anyway, as this also seems to allow me to use up a voucher which I believe technically I couldn’t do on a ‘holiday’? Equally, as I don’t seem to be able to actually book this other than via this method, do I ignore all the above as availability of the pram econ return is low and may vanish soon?
    Any ideas greatly received.


    The best way to put a BA holiday together is to start with the “customise my trip” function, which I’ve mentioned before, but this won’t let you mix cabins, as I’ve also mentioned before! This should give you the option of just paying a deposit. (I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be able to then use a voucher towards the balance as it’s a new booking.) Short of speaking to BA, there’s no way around this. You can’t have HBO flights.

    There are rules around the double tier point thing so check the Ts and Cs of the offer before you commit yourself.

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    Clarity is indeed the key, unfortunately I’m struggling to find it…
    “For the avoidance of doubt this offer does not apply to any British Airways flight only bookings made without a hotel or car or where the hotel or car is added to a booking in a separate transaction.British Airways Hotline bookings are also not included in the offer”. Well the booking is coincident, not separate, however
    “A “Qualifying Booking” is a British Airways Holidays booking that meets all of the following criteria:
    a. The booking must be for a British Airways Holidays Flights + Hotel or Flights + Car or Flights + Hotel + Car package booking originating in the UK only and the hotel or car element of the booking must be booked for the duration of the trip. ”
    Is the booking a BA Holidays booking? Possibly not as it’s made via the book a flight link not the BA holidays link?

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    Thinking devil’s advocate, perhaps I should book the above options, then call within 24hrs to cancel. If I’m allowed to cancel then it’s not a holiday package, and I’ve lost nothing, and if I’m not allowed to cancel because it’s a holiday package, I can claim the double tier points…
    One day, I really hope BA sort their IT out…


    You either have:
    – BA Holidays booking, which is treated as a package holiday
    – flights with car/hotel (or added shortly after booking), which is linked travel arrangement

    AFAIK, both are the same in terms of protection, but packages can be paid with deposit only, linked travel arrangement cannot. Also, the double tier promotion only applies to packages.


    How far out are you trying to book? As far as I know the ability to pay a deposit is only offered if the holiday is more than 8 weeks out (could be wrong on that since they changed the rules to how far out you have to pay the balance). Anything closer and you have to pay the full amount.

    Have you tried booking using the following link:

    And where are you starting from?

    If the trip is eligible for the Double Tier points offer it should state “Executive Club members earn Double Tier Points, see” next to the hotel

    Not Long Now...

    AJA, the trouble is, we want econ out and prem econ back (hoping to UUA). BA’s IT just can’t seem to allow that if you start on ‘holidays’, but manages fine starting on ‘multi city’.


    As Northern Lass says above mixed cabins can’t be booked online. I would be wary of doing your approach if you want to take advantage of the double TP. If not as Jacob says I think your approach ends up with the deal as a linked arrangement which is probably why you can’t take advantage of simply paying a deposit. Have you tried pricing it up as WTP in both directions?


    I have managed to do it on a holiday to dubai, WT going out and WTP coming back and it is a holiday receipt I have after only paying deposit.

    Do i know how i done it… no, have I tried many times to replicate.. yes, but unsuccessful:(


    Having this exact same problem. Looking to book Economy inbound flight but Business outbound, while getting double Tier Points. Any idea if I can just book Economy, and then call to upgrade one leg? Will this still get me double Tier Points for the Business leg?

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