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    My Wife recently was on a biz trip in Colorado was booked on Upper, on return Delta Downgraded her DEN-ATL leg to Delta plus in crap middle seat with no window basically because of usual overbooking despite her protests DL didn’t care. DL offered $200 booking credit which is useless.
    She has filed complaint with Virgin yet to hear back.
    Hopeful at minimum they will refund difference and maybe some additional points for compensation.
    Anybody else have previous experience of this happening and outcomes.

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    I don’t think VS will do anything with this as it was DL that did the downgrading so it’s up to them to sort out and rectify.

    As this was an intra US flight the UK/EU rules don’t apply so there isn’t a fixed formula to calculate what should be reimbursed.

    From a couple of flyer talk threads the $200 seems to be the DL compensation for a downgrade and other than claiming the fare difference from DL (which will be tricky as they won’t have the fare breakdown) that’s allshe’ll get.

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    Well let’s wait and see what VS do about it given that’s who it was booked with.
    US airlines are notorious for doing this as a result of overbooking

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    Who you booked with really makes no difference. It’s who operates the flight that matters most.

    We see regular queries about non UK/EU based airlines downgrading or being cancelled or late and people expecting compensation because they booked via a UK/EU based airline. Conversely book a BA operated flight via QR and you do get UK/EU 261 rights.

    Basically most airlines overbook (and an over booking can occur because of a plane switch not because of over sold tickets) and they should ask for volunteers first. Appreciate that with an onward TATL to catch waiting for the next f,ight to ATL to be able to sit in business isn’t an option.

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    Personally I would push this with Virgin.

    EC261 is irrelevant here. The point is your wife paid Virgin Atlantic for a service which was, presumably, all legs in business class, and that’s not what she received. In respect of that leg, the service was not as described and I would therefore ask for a partial refund to reflect that. I doubt she will get compensation as such. This is about a discrepancy between the service she paid for and the one she received. Her contract was with Virgin Atlantic as that is the organisation she paid for the flights.

    Working out the refund owed could be challenging though.

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