Another 24,000 points-worth of IHG Rewards Club bonus codes!

I have written before about the regular bonus codes published by IHG Rewards Club. To avoid linking back to too many older posts, I will repeat the background here and then share some new codes below.

The question ‘Which is the best hotel loyalty programme?’ is a long and complex one. The answer is usually different for each person. However, it is generally fair to say that no-one will go wrong by trying to squeeze in one IHG Rewards Club stay per year.

IHG Rewards Club is the loyalty scheme for Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Crowne Plaza, InterContinental and some other small brands. At the moment, IHG Rewards Club has a lot of very generous promotional codes which they are sending out to members.

These are usually targetted at lapsed members, offering 3000 points on your next stay, or 1000 points for every stay in the next 60 days, or 5000 points for a weekend stay. The key, though, is that these codes can be used by anyone, whether or not that person was originally targetted.

IHG Rewards Club

Each promotion has its own promo code. All you need to do is write down all of the currently active codes from this post and the Flyertalk link below, and then visit this website to activate them on your account. Note that some of these codes only work for 30, 60 or 90 days from registration, so don’t sign up if you have no stays planned.

New codes appear every few months, so if you push one stay a year towards IHG Rewards Club then you will hoover up a lot of points. If you travel with your partner, do a stay in your name and your next stay on an account in their name – this way you will get all of the ‘one off’ codes on each account.

The following new codes appeared on Flyertalk a couple of weeks ago. The LoyaltyLobby blog has been testing them out, a stay at a time, and we now have a good idea of what each of these codes should do.

1027 – 3,000 points PER STAY (!) for the next 90 days

4041 – 3,000 points on your next stay within 90 days

1037 – 5,000 points on your next stay within 90 days (in theory, Gold and Platinum members only)

1023 – 3,000 points on your next stay within 90 days

1027 – 3,000 points PER STAY (!) for the next 90 days

1012 – 5,000 points on your next stay within 90 days (in theory, Gold and Platinum members only)

1041 – 2,000 points PER STAY (!) for the next 60 days

On top of all this, these older codes should still work if you haven’t used them before:

2656 – 1,500 points on your next stay within 90 days of registration

2785 – 3,000 points on your next stay within 90 days of registration (may only work for Platinum and potentially Gold members)

3825 – 3,000 points on your next stay within 90 days of registration (may only work for Platinum and potentially Gold members)

4648 – 1,500 points on your next stay within 90 days of registration

4709 – 1,000 points on EVERY stay within 90 days of registration

There is a thread on Flyertalk which lists other current (and indeed non-current, it is never clear which ones still work!) promotional codes. For completeness, you should plug in all the codes on the Flyertalk list as well!

Remember that you can convert IHG Rewards Club points to Avios at the rate of 10,000 to 2,000, in chunks of 10,000 although you will get a better deal from a hotel redemption. A one night stay using all of the codes should get you 4,000 Avios-worth.

I am currently in a Holiday Inn Express in Madrid. (Well, I’m not …. I checked in for 3 nights on Tuesday and then promptly left for my Melia free night.) I am using these mattress run nights as part of the Big Win promotion.) Let’s see what posts for me early next week.

Needless to say, the existence of these codes changes the dynamics of the Big Win promotion a little. As you can get 9,000 bonus points PER STAY (worth £45 at my valuation of IHG Rewards Club points) if you register for the ‘per stay’ codes above, it may make more sense to do random mattress run nights to get the stays you need for the Big Win.

(To see our complete list of all current hotel promotions for the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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Targetted: Amazing 25,000 Avios plus Hilton Gold for just 5 Hilton stays!
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  1. Trickster says:

    I managed 21k worth of points on a stay st the CP in Manchester the other week. These points are great!

  2. I stayed at the high Wycombe HI on Monday night. Waiting for the points to appear but I’m expecting around 25,000 :)

    • How is that possible to get so many points with one stay?? I don’t really know much about the IHG Reward Club, are the above codes stackable? Doesn’t that one night stay get you a night (maybe more than one) in rewards?

  3. Enjoy the Gran Melia, we stayed there last Tuesday night and were very happy indeed. The complimentary dinner is a set menu affair, which was fairly good apart from the main dish, chicken with vermouth being served a little cold. It tasted great however, and wasn’t cold enough to return it. Standard breakfast buffet, poor choice of hot food and breads, but the fruit was fresh and tasted great. We received a large premium room on 4th floor, Clarins amenities, and selection of DVDs to watch in room. A genuinely impressive free gift from Amex. Which they really need to keep delivering to justify the fee increases and benefit reductions.

    • I nominally have a premium room. It faces a wall, there are no DVDs (player, though) and I wouldn’t call it large – although very acceptable. Wi-fi is rubbish and drops every 5 minutes.

      I thought the free meal was excellent, though.

  4. Never done a mattress run. If you check in and leave how do you check out?

    • Thunderbirds says:

      Most hotels have some form of quick check-out procedure where you confirm on check-in that you agree to pay the bill sight un-seen. You can complain later if the bill is incorrect..!
      Make sure you have arranged this beforehand as some hotels may try to get away with charging you and extra day for not checking out in time i.e. 12:00 or whatever.

      • I would only do this with a prepaid room. Extra benefit, at a HIX anyway, is that you get the receipt at check in which is handy if points do not post.

    • You don’t. A lot of people, every day, do not check out. They are running late or have no additional expenses or the queue looks long, so they just leave. Eventually the hotel staff come into your room and decide you have gone!

      For politeness, I usually call on check out day, say I was in a rush and had to run out, but that they can treat me as checked out.

  5. I’m a newbie so please excuse my naivete.
    i already have night booked and paid via travel agent for an IHG hotel.
    Can I still claim the points after the stay or should I have booked direct?

    • you have to book direct

    • You probably won’t get anything. It depends. Expedia, – definitely not. A ‘normal’ travel agent or corporate travel agent – you may well still be OK.

      The key issue is whether your agent is a wholesaler of IHG rooms (ie they buy hundreds per night in return for a huge discount, as Expedia does) or the agent is a normal ’10 per cent commission’ agent.

  6. Thunderbirds says:

    I tried all of these and somehow I’m registered for all of them (the system tells me this) except for 4648 which seems to crash the registration process.
    My last stay was two days last weekend (Friday & Saturday) for a total of £68 which gave me 22,144 points, 1 of my 5 Saturday nights and 2 of my 20 nights for the Big Win. Long way to go…
    Has anyone managed to trigger the Book Direct 2013 code?

    • No, no joy with Book Direct. Which is odd, as I saw online a photo of the leaflet that some US hotels had sitting around.

    • Code 4648 worked for me, as did 2619 for the book direct 2013 bonus. when I tried 4994 (also given for the book direct offer), it said I was already registered.

      • Thunderbirds says:

        Yes you can register the code 2619 for book direct 2013 but the problem is it doesn’t seem to get triggered by any sort of activity on my account. Perhaps you have to ring the hotel direct to book but I would have thought that would the last thing they would want you to do. Let us know if you mange to trigger anything and how!
        Still no luck with 4648 for me, perhaps another IT glitch, a duplicate usually gives a sensible message.

        • The T&C’s of the Book Direct promotion state:

          “A ‘direct booking’ is defined as a booking of a qualifying stay through a direct InterContinental Hotels Group channel (e.g. booking made through”

          It also says:

          “This exclusive offer is valid for original recipient only and cannot be combined with other promotions.”

          I’ll see what happens. I don’t expect the points to post until after my stay anyway, but since that’ll be in just over 2 weeks time, these comments will be closed so can’t easily report back. Not sure how they can state “original recipient” if these flyers are in hotel lobbies, so I think worth calling if they don’t post.

  7. I added a 90 day one but it says it expires on the 31st Dec, so only 82 days. my next planned stay is the 2nd Jan.

  8. The use of these codes and the Big Win bonus has really changed how I now look at my hotel bookings, such that my next few stays are all with IHG with the aim of a redemption booking at the IC Singapore next year. One surprise has been booking the HI at Glasgow Airport (it’s not the best I know, but maybe I will get my requested upgrade and runway view) by using the 21 day advance Park and Stay deal for 15 nights. Result was a hotel stay plus 15 nights airport parking for £49! Which is cheaper than booking airport parking direct. The link for this was found accidentally via a Google search (it’s easier than navigating the IHG website trying to find the deals) which brought up the specific deal page, if you go direct into the IHG website and book Park, Stay and Go the charge was going to be £89. The massively discounted rate still earns points, confirmed on booking page.

  9. 17k and a gold status from the HP employees get gold promo

  10. I’m assuming you only know how many of these bonus points where successful after you have complete your stay?

  11. Am I understanding this correctly? If say, I book a nights stay at a Holiday In Express on a Advance purchse rate for £39, i stand to gain circa 20k points. I am not currently a IHG menber, and so do I qualify?

    • Well, first step is to join IHG…

      • I didn’t want to join another program if there wasn’t an very good incentive for it as I am currently with SPG. However if an outlay of £39 results in 20k points and eventually 4k Avios, then I am happy to do dip my toe.

        • Also sign up for the big win promo once you have joined IHG .. Use search at top of HFP home page. I cant seem to get links to post here

    • If you sign up and then register for all these promos before you stay, then you’ll get the points.

  12. Blackverryaddict says:

    Do you have to register for these promos before you make your booking? Or does is work for already booked stays?

  13. Is there a way to do a search of all UK IHG hotels to ascertain the cheapest ?

    • If you search for a town for a certain date it will search all properties within 50km and you can rank by price. You can change this to 100km by selecting the ‘Distance from Destination’ drop down menu on the left after you’ve done your initial search.

      Cheapest nights almost certainly Friday or Saturday. £29 nights can occasionally be found in dumpy parts of the country on a weekend!

      Searching Sheffield for 23rd November brings up the HIX Rotherham at £37, extending to 100km brings in the HI Stoke at £29 for example.

      Cheaper than £29 is very unlikely – at least on a rate code that qualifies for points (all rates which show without inputting special codes will qualify for points).

      • Note you can also change the km to miles, so boosting your search area by a factor of around 2.5

      • Thanks Raffles, good to see some Saturday’s at a cheap price and local to me, I’d assumed Sundays to be the cheapest

        • No, Sundays are more expensive than Fri or Sat (subject to no big events happening) as business travellers check in then before meetings on Mondays

    • Just think of the most miserable place in the country, then try on a Sunday night, and you’ll be close 😉
      Holiday Inn Corby/Kettering, Sunday 27th Oct, £35 on the 35% offer rate
      HI EX Leeds (East) £31
      HI EX J5 of the M74, £32.47

      • The 35% offer rate doesn’t earn points does it?

        • That rate shouldn’t, you’re right. If you use a special rate option, view rates and then click “Book this room”, it’ll show you the potential points earned under your name at the top (sign in first). If a rate doesn’t qualify, you’ll see 0 points listed here – it’s the easiest way to check and be sure.

          With 2 bookings (used your link, Raffles) between my wife’s account and mine for a weekend away, we stand to earn up to 42,000 points each (don’t expect all to post, but still…), so I’m not taking a chance with discount rates to try save a few bucks right now. With up to 16 nights on PointBreak specials, these points are worth a lot more than the few £ saved.

        • It often does, but in theory the hotel is allowed to not give them and you can’t appeal.

          • Ok, Raffles, I’m a bit confused… In your previous post regarding IHG discounts, you mentioned that the 35% discount rate normally shouldn’t post points, but sometimes you get lucky. Here you say “It often does, but in theory the hotel is allowed to not give them and you can’t appeal.” Finally, having done a search using that discount rate, the IHG site shows “You will earn 610 points for this stay”.

            So to confirm… Even though the booking page shows the points due, the hotel may not post them and then as using the discount rate you have no grounds for appeal? I realise you don’t make/uphold the “rules”, but maybe through experience you know what can and can’t for fought for depending on the booking confirmation. As the 35% discount rate still shows points (unlike the family and friends discount, which, while giving the same price, shows no points due), I am tempted to book and get the discount price. But as only saving £6, not the end of the world to pay the “Advance Saver Rate” and not risk losing all the bonus codes posting (the 610 points on their own are obviously effectively meaningless).

            • If the points show, take a screenshot and you will be fine – if they don’t post, the call centre should fix it.

              IHG is the only hotels group which lets hotels arbitrarily decide which rates earn points. IHG has its rules but the hotels often dont follow them, leading to call centre issues. You should, in theory, be OK with anything that shows on the IHG site without using a special code.

              The biggest issue is 241 rates. The rules clearly say 241 rates are one night at full price (which triggers points) and one free. Many hotels treat it at 2 nights at a 50 per cent discount which means no points. You then need to take your complaint to the call centre / email centre which is in the Philippines and is staffed by people with only a modest grasp of English and zero grasp of understanding promotion rules.

            • Thanks as always for the prompt reply and good advice. Screenshots it’ll be then, along with the discount. Hopefully the basic and, more importantly, the bonus points post without an issue (erh, if there is an issue and the basic don’t post, will the bonuses always post once the stay is corrected? I realise I can’t go chasing those… pity I didn’t think of requesting clarification on that earlier too, as between 2 bookings they’ll be worth as much as 100,000 points! Don’t worry, you don’t need a disclaimer here 😉 )

            • I’ve never had to challenge on that particular issue before, but when I had a problem with a recent stay I went via their Twitter team and they were fantastic at sorting things out. I think they’re US-based.

  14. I have got all the codes mentioned in the original post above to register, along with the following:
    7641 – 1,5k Welcome Back bonus
    4644 – 1k/stay bonus for 90 days
    4777 – 5k Platinum bonus
    2619 / 4944 – 2k/stay Book direct bonus

    They were all the first codes attempted, and all 15 went smoothly. Then I tried some more from the FlyerTalk link above, in reply 4. It’s a loooong list, and note that the codes are all repeated when categorized about halfway through. Every one of them was unsuccessful, saying:

    “The code you entered is invalid for your membership. Please check the qualification requirements for your country, region or program.”

    Has anyone else tried and had success/failure with these codes? Is it possibly a UK address failure? It seems strange that from such a long list, they all consistently failed for me.

    I have found and got 2 codes to register subsequently from the thread:
    7637 – 2 day weekend stay 5k bonus

    So no 15 code registration limit as I’d wondered about, but also sadly from such a long thread with so many codes, none others that were still valid/working for me. I’d be interested if anyone else got anything else to work, but having gone through myself, also suggest not wasting your time.

    BTW, of the 17 codes that successfully registered, “My Offer Status” lists all of them (and I now see that you can select to list up to 30 per page, so definitely no 15 code limit, or any small number if at all).

  15. nicola green says:

    Thank you for this. Just had 19k points added to account for a 2 night stay at Crowne Plaza Blackfriars and was on the BMW promotion so double thanks!

  16. I’ve got a stay coming up at HI B’ham City Centre for two nights. Can I split the stay into two bookings and get the “per stay” points? Or will they rumble me?

    • Thunderbirds says:

      They will rumble you! Last time I looked a single stay is defined as all consecutive nights regardless of check-in and check-out activity…

    • Won’t work. All you could do, if with someone else, is book one night in each name and each person gets the points. Hotel would need to check you out and back in next day, but no need to pack up!

  17. Got 35,000 for Friday night at Luton airport :-) I had bought Ambassador Gold (Intercontinental) status the week before, so that certainly helped with some of the Elite bonuses. But then, my Sat & Sun nights in Madrid posted as Non-Qualifying. Damn – very p***ed off about that. Only stayed in the dingy Madrid HI for the Big Win bonus and if didn’t qualify. No idea why. It was 21 Day advance purchase rate.

    • 21 Day Adv Pur counts just fine. Any rate you get via the website without using a code will count. Email them via the IHG Rewards Club site and the service centre will adjust

      • Phoned them up and they corrected it into a qualifying stay and apologised. Phew – that’s another 8000 in the bag (without any bin win points taken into consideration). Although corrected it now has a description of Overlapping stay. Not sure if the system got confused with the previous night in Luton or something – but there were all different nights. Anyway, thanks for confirming.

  18. Thunderbirds says:

    By the way, on a related topic, a big thank you to IHG for changing the rules so that Reward Nights count towards Elite Status.
    I recently purchased Rewards Points in the double points offer so 120,000 for $690 (£430). So far I’ve had 12 nights at the point break rate of 5,000 per night saving £50 per night so I have my money back already. Another two Point Break nights to go and I still have 50,000 points left for a proper stay!
    All 12 Reward Nights have now registered on my account and I’m Platinum for next year as a result. It will be interesting to see what difference the recent changes make to next years number of Platinum members as purchased points no longer count towards elite status.

  19. Just to clarify do you physically have to check in to the room that you book or can you just pay and receive the points?

    • Thunderbirds says:

      You have to show up and check-in otherwise you are classed as a no show, hence no points and probably no refund as they will generally charge the first nights stay as a “fine” beacuse they were not able to re-sell the room. Check the small print on your booking.

    • You need to turn up. All of the hotel programmes do this.

      The reason, I think, is that they don’t want people to book mattress runs. Imagine what would happen if the Holiday Inn Express Rotherham was booked out completely for a Friday night at £31 with Big Win mattress runs. They wouldn’t be able to sell longer stays (because Friday was full) and , more importantly, they wouldn’t make a penny in the bar, restaurant, vending machines, TV movies etc.

      • We just need to find someone in Rotherham who is good enough to check us all in :)

      • Wyndham Rewards may still not require checking-in, but there most frequently have been problems that required pursuing a manual posting for credit or with some of the hotels simply not charging and thus messing up people pursuing a promotion.

        I can’t think of any other hotel programs that have a recent history of phantom stays that worked that way.

      • erico1875 says:

        Does the account holder have to check in Raffles?
        Can AN other check in and stay without the acc holder present, if they are named as an extra guest on the booking?
        We have booked a stay for my son and his GF thru my wifes acc. It was an advance purchase rate.

        • No, account holder does not need to check in. What you suggested works fine.

          However, the hotel DOES usually need to see the credit card used for payment. I had this issue in Spain on Wednesday. As it happens, I had brought the card with me.

          Note that it is possible that there are certain countries where you may have more trouble. In Spain, for example, the law requires that hotels take copies of passports or ID cards from all guests, so you couldn’t pretend to be someone else – you’d need to be named as ‘additional guest’ (someone of a different sex to the account holder has to do this anyway, of course). Always best to say that the main guest is coming later / tomorrow and, if they push you the next day, say they had a travel issue and couldn’t make it.

          In general, though, I have done this probably 5 times and never had trouble. No-one blinked an eye at a UK Holiday Inn last month when I turned up and declared that I was my wife (whose account isn’t even in the same surname as mine).

          I won’t know until Thursday if my 3-day phantom stay at a HIX in Madrid worked out OK – I did ruffle the bed sheets on the first day, ran the shower, wet a towel, made some coffee, put some paper in the bin. Longer stays can be more problematic because you could be checked out early when housekeeping realise the room is not being used and there is no clothing there.

  20. I want to make another booking for a IHG hotel and wanted to go through AmericanAirlines estore to get a few miles to push on the expiry date.
    Looking at the booking page an IATA number 99613032 shows. 1, Will this booking count for the Big Win promo 2, If I remove the IATA No. will the booking track to AA


  21. I like this one, but my options are limited to, er, one. The Intercontinental St Julians (Malta).

    The best rate I can get is €79 in December. Given that I’ve not used any of these codes before, is it worth the full suite of points for €79? (I won’t get much value out of the hotel stay itself, indeed I probably won’t stay overnight.)

    Apologies for the fairly basic question, but i) I’m not at all familiar with IHG Rewards and their value and ii) I have no idea how many of the plethora of bonus codes I’ve added will actually give me points.

    • Technically, you would probably come out ahead. If you got 30,000 points that should get you £150 of free stays or 6000 Avios (as long as you hit 30k, otherwise 4k for 20-29,999 points.)

      However, unless you have firm plans to use them, it probably isn’t worth it. I would expect these codes to last 6 months at least so plenty of chance for a real stay.

  22. Staying at Holiday Inn Stratford this weekend for 2 nights. Will be interesting to see what points post.

    Also, wish I had booked one night in Holiday Inn, checked out, then gone upstairs to the Staybridge Suites for the second night and additional stay bonuses. Then next day, after a late checkout, gone over to the HI Express and checked in, before heading home!

  23. I have a two night stop in stevenage next weekend

    Using the 35% off code holiday inn is £33.50 per night, and says that I will earn 530 points for the stay

    Should I be confident that all the bonus points will be added to my account as well?

  24. Do you happen to know if stays booked online directly with IHG, but using a corporate discounted rate, can collect points and count for the promotions?

  25. scroogemcduck says:

    I need to stay somewhere in a few weeks, and Holiday Inn is the cheapest at £100 (Saturday night). I am better off booking somewhere cheaper before (say £50), cashing the points then take the free night? This would also give me 2 nights and 2 brands for the Big Win.

    • How many points does the Holiday Inn need? It varies by city. And is there reward availability? (IHG does NOT have a guarantee that there are reward nights when cash nights are available, unlike SPG etc).

      Points will take 5 days to post after check-out. The obvious question is whether you would use the points on another hotel stay in the future (IHG points never expire). If you would, then it makes more sense to pay the £100, earn 30,000 or so points and use them for a free room you really need another time.

      • scroogemcduck says:

        Thanks Raffles – it is a Saturday night in York over bonfire weekend, so now I think about it unlikely to be availability. The £100 will bring in good points for a later stay. Many thanks.

        • You can check award availability on the IHG website, you don’t need to have enough points to check. Would agree with your decision though.

  26. Just found out that my OH stayed at the intercontinental park Lane London on Thursday night can I join IHG club and get the points retrospectively?

    • Seems not – “You may earn Points for Stays beginning with the date of your enrollment in the Program. Points will not be earned for Stays made prior to the date of your enrollment as shown in IHG® Rewards Club records.”

      An expensive mistake by your other half, make sure he tips you off about future Holiday Inn / Holiday Inn Express / Crowne Plaza / InterContinental stays!

  27. Does the 241 rate count as a weekend stay in the big win?

    Been looking at Runcorn and it’s coming up at 19.50 per night with this rate for a fri and sat night.

    I note however that it says “you will earn 0 points with this stay” on the booking page. That’s not right is it ?

    • Technically it isn’t right, because you are paying full price for 1 night and £0 for the other. It SHOULD post with 1 qualifying night (not 2) and so only the first night should count towards Big Win.

      In reality, it will either post as 2 nights (keep quiet) or 0 nights and you’ll have to re-educate the call centre about their own rules about how the 241 promo works.

  28. Hi
    Just signed up to IHG and plugged all the codes above, looking for booking one hotel and 2 separate rooms in November for 4 people , just wondering is it best to maximise points by opening 2 accounts with IHG ie one in my name / one in partners? or just use my account and book to rooms. New to all this, Thanks for any advice

  29. is there anything to stop you opening multiple accounts in similar names and loading up codes each time?

    • Yes and no. No, in theory it works. However, they have excellent dupe spotting software. You must use a different email and, more importantly, pay for each stay with a different credit card ( past evidence is that they match credit card numbers).

      I have had accounts closed before for running more than one.

  30. Oliver Bennett says:

    Holiday Inn Runcorn (only going to do big win promo)
    £49 for last saturday night, got me 24000 points! Also had a pool, jacuzzi, sauna and great restaurant! Would recommend for the north westers. Next stop is the HIX in burnley in a couple of weeks time.

    Thanks Raffles for all the codes!

  31. My 2 night stay at an HI in London just posted – 35,800 points!

    Also, the Big Win Take a Survey is now working. Click on the survey button on the Big Win site and allowed me to take a bizarre survey about hotel stays, the points posted immediately.

  32. mrtibbs1999 says:

    I got 34800 points for a night at the HEX Preston South. Hopefully enough for 2 nights in Dubai in the Flash Sale on the 21st!

    • Is there another flash sale coming up?

      I’m stockpiling points at the moment with the aim of redeeming for a 4 night stay at the IC Hong Kong. I was planning on it being cash and points, but at this rate it could end being a redemption purely on points.