£860 business class tickets to anywhere in the US!

I rushed out a post on Monday to flag up the amazingly generous £1,000 Club World that British Airways was making available to certain destinations over Christmas.  This has now been officially launched as a two-day sale, which expires on the 5th, but the best seats have already been taken by HFP readers and others ‘in the know’.

At the same time, Iberia has relaunched what is – frankly – one of the weirdest promotions I have seen in a long time.

Iberia is selling flights (business class) from Paris to North America for €1,000.  This is despite the fact that, obviously, Iberia does not fly to North America from Paris.  Iberia doesn’t fly much to North America from anywhere, frankly.

This is not a ‘published’ fare, which in plain English means that there are no official fare rules.  It is certainly not refundable.

It appears that ticket dates can be changed for a €300 fee (“Modifications autorisées avant le départ du vol avec une pénalité de 300€”).  However, changing the outbound date will reprice the ticket at the cheapest fare available at that time, which will be hugely expensive.  Changing the return date after departure should not involve repricing.

Here are the key details, as far as I can work them out:

To price these deals, you need to visit iberia.com and select ‘France’ from the dropdown country menu at the top.  Note that the website will then be operating in French or Spanish.  However, use Google Chrome as your browser and it will offer to automatically translate for you. (EDIT: comments below suggest that the main Iberia English site is also now showing these fares.)

You need to fly FROM Paris (Orly or Charles De Gualle) to a city in the US.

You need to depart by April 15th

Availability is wide open, every day

Who will I be flying with?

In the vast majority of cases, you will be offered an American Airlines flight from Paris to the US.  You need to remember that these are generally older AA aircraft which do not have fully flat seats in Business Class.

However, if you look for New York you will see some seats offered on the OpenSkies direct service from New York to Paris, and that does offer a fully flat seat.

If you are offered a connection in Madrid and a transfer to Iberia for the long-haul leg, this may also be on a fully flat seat, depending on which Iberia plane you get.

In very rare cases searches will also pull up British Airways flights, connecting in Heathrow.

If you have a domestic connection in the US, this should book into First Class as most American domestic flights have just two classes – first and economy.  In some cases, this does not seem to be happening so keep an eye on what iberia.com is showing you for each leg.

Example please!

Here is a typical fare you can find – €1,048 (£868) from Paris to San Francisco in early February.

Outbound is €573 on February 4th (screenshot as at 10pm last night).  You cannot see the class categories, but all three prices shown are for business class, with different levels of cancellation / flexibility:

Iberia a

Inbound is €476 on February 11th:

Iberia b

Remember that you will earn full British Airways tier points and Avios for these flights as well!

Flights seem to be available for departure dates up to April 15th.  There are some excellent opportunities here, without a doubt.

Is this a fare error?  These flights were available two weeks ago for a few days, disappeared and have now come back.  They are being discussed widely so I feel happy sharing them here.  In any event, it doesn’t matter.  The US Government does not allow airlines to cancel flights which touch US soil if they were mispriced, so you have no risk.

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  1. Does not quite seem like anywhere in the US, it won’t let me fly Paris to Hawaii (which is perhaps not a surprise given the extra distance and the fact that you would probably have to make 2 connections). If anyone is able to find a similar sort of price for Hawaii let me know!

    Excellent deal though, I would jump right on that if I hadn’t been to california this year. Had a quick look and was very surprised by the ample availability (at the moment).

  2. You don’t need to book via the French site (at least, not if this is the same sale as three weeks ago); just put your origin on Iberia.com as PAR and the pricing will be in Euros with the ex-France fare rules.
    Some have had luck starting in other French cities as well. Booking on Iberia.com instead of expedia.com allows you to get AA transcons coded on AA in First instead of IB codeshares in business (same cabin), this way you can get 210 tier points instead of 140 for those sectors.

    • Agree with this entirely. You can book by just going to iberia.com, no need to select FR or ES (I think it defaults to the UK site).

      Don’t try and use the muli-stop tool as it doesn’t give the reduced fare for some reason.

      Also, the selection of flights offered on the IB site does not tend to list any routings via LHR ( I have seen it once only). However, if you book via expedia.fr, opodo.fr, or ebookers.fr you can get routings via LHR and on to the US on BA/AA. For these French sites you will need to use google chrome to do the translation – or not if you “parle Français”.

  3. Some availability showing LAX-LHR-ORY on a BA A380 (18th Apr dep LAX).

    I presume you could ask for bags to be tagged to LHR and not take the onward connection to Paris?


    • You can ask, but they may refuse. Not sure if a multi-stop booking would let you take the last leg a day or so later, which gives you an excuse for getting your bags back.

      • Tried a multi-stop booking but can’t achieve the same fare unfortunately.

        I guess you could also “decline” to take the onward flight to ORY on arrival at LHR if they didn’t tag bags (not ideal as this might delay the flight as they looked for the bags) but I have asked for no-onward tagging before without a problem although that was a while ago and with a different airline – check-in just re-tagged the bag and reminded me that I would need to re-check-in with the bags after going through immigration.

  4. I’m seeing the via-LHR option come up on flights to Austin (which makes sense). Nothing for the Gatwick-Florida routes.

    Need to decide if I rebook the family from Paris to Florida next Easter. Will lose the £1000 deposit I’ve already paid but stand to save around £3000. Questioning whether it’s worth the hassle with three kids, especially since there are no ‘via London’ options coming back for the return…

  5. Is it possible to add a 2-3day leg in New York? Cant seem to price that. Want to go to SFO or LAX or ORD but want to have at least 3 nights in New York. Trying for first week to mid week april 2014, cheers for the help.

    • Doesn’t seem possible, unfortunately. Must be a ‘no stopovers’ clause in the (unpublished) fare rules.

    • But you can book multi-leg flights – I’ve just tried Paris-New York and then return from San Francisco to Paris, for example. So that would be one way of having stopovers – you’d just have to organise separate flights within the US.

  6. If you’re after tier points, this actually works from almost any french airport, e.g. TLS – LAX will give you the extra 80 TPs for the internal flights (usually via MAD).

  7. So what would be the best way to do this for New York in March? I would want my avios to go into my BA account and the tier points. Wouldn’t mind a night in Paris before flying to New York, anyone got the best suggestion?

    • If you can get the seat, the OpenSkies direct flight from Paris to New York should give you a flat bed. The direct American flight from Paris is on a sloping seat. If you go Paris – Madrid – New York then you may or may not get a flat bed, depending on what plane Iberia puts on.

      You will get your BA Avios and tier points whichever option you take.

  8. Felixstowe Flyer says:

    I am looking at possibles for April and keen to get tier points. Without more than say 1 flight change, what might I get for a flight from Paris to New York or Chicago? My ultimate aim is to try to get silver by November and I am at 70TP so far.

    • The key point is 2000 miles, at which point a flight counts as long haul.

      A bog-standard Paris to New York non-stop would be 280 points (140 x 2). However, Paris to New York via Madrid would be 40 + 140 + 140 + 20 = 320, although you are still short.

      What you want to do, for mega TP benefits, is to fly to the US West Coast with a plane change on the East Coast. All four legs would then be over 2,000 miles so you would earn 560 tier points for Paris – New York – San Francisco and back. Not sure if New York to Miami would be over 2000 miles?

      • should be 640, no?

        110+210+210+110=640 (domestic legs in F, so 210)

        • PAR-NYC-SFO//SFO-NYC-PAR should be
          140 + 210 + 210 + 140 = 700 if you make sure the domestic US legs are in F. Should be the flights with both an AA flight number and on AA metal

  9. Booked openskies ORY-JFK and JFK-LHR-ORY return, all BA.
    Pulled up both on ba.com but can’t assign seats in advance – says ‘available at checkin’ even though my status appears.
    Is this an Iberia restriction even though I’m flying BA metal?

    • Leave it a while, Iberia might not have ticketed it yet. Or try using Manage My Booking on the Finnair site (even though it is a BA flight).

      • Raffles,

        A little OT. I have booked a QR flight via Amex Travel (4 sectors 2 F and 2 I class), if my calculations are correct, I should get 400 TP’s.

        Although I have provided my BA FF number, is there any way of adding this itinery to by BA Executive account, so that I can see it when I log onto BAEC.


  10. How long will this still be live for? Need confirmation from the mrs about holidays….

    • Its already been live for a few weeks but theres no fare rules so nobody knows when it might disappear

  11. Lady London says:

    I think these may be to match another BA promotion ex-France as I saw these fares and flight pricings about two weeks ago when I checked out the BA promotion.

  12. courtster says:

    Many thanks for this Raffles!

    Had a LHR-SFO/LAS-:LHR CW 241 booked around that time, with of course £575 worth of taxes/charges each

    It’s now a TLS-MAD-JFK-SFO-MIA-MAD-TLS routing for us with 710 TPs and 34763 avios each for £880!! Will also get my 241 and 100k of Avios back for cancelling the above,

    Also, because of that haul for the first time ever my wife and I will be Gold as a bonus :)

    There’s some new aircraft in there too, the YW CRJ1000, the IB A333 and the AA A321.

    • Courtster – how did you book that itinerary?

      • courtster says:

        I spent a LONG time on it this evening! The IB website really doesn’t like to play, does it?

        Using TLS as the origin seems to get it to pick different (and better) connections than CDG. I was trying to avoid the AA 767s at all costs.

        TLS-MAD YW 40
        MAD-JFK IB 140
        JFK-SFO Ticketed AA Business – its the new 3-class A321 140. Shame as would have liked to try the 1-1 F cabin!
        SFO-MIA Ticketed AA First on a 757 beater for 210 – Not IB codeshare as would book into business bucket even though 2-class plane. Oddly both were options.
        MIA-MAD IB 140
        MAD-TLS YW 40

        9k Avios each for our positioning flights to and from TLS.

        IB have that pre-reservation service so its safe for the next 20 hours, because of that I’m having trouble going to sleep as I keep coming up with new routings to try – still none have beaten that by a long shot.

        • Thanks for the reply Courtster! (and indeed thanks Raffles for this post), well as you can see I’ve been playing too and also can’t sleep :-) My main question was how did you get it to return from SFO but arrive into JFK from TLS but still keeping the same fare?

          Just to let you know I played with flying out from Lyon (LYS) as they have better connection waiting times from MAD than to TLS for my trip (AUS). At the moment I’ve been charged 879.58 in Euros. But I think the currency sign for GBP which I selected for the booking is incorrect, so I’ll only know when I get my credit card statement as to what is correct. I’ll keep you posted…

          • courtster says:

            You know, I’m not sure myself – but the booking is a standard return as opposed to a multi-leg.so I didn’t select anything special.

            I’ve just tried doing another booking, and the same routing is available 30/3/14 – 9/4/13.

      • I was about to write the same thing. I did not even realise the multi city option was available!

        I also spent several hours to get as many TPs as possible, but tried to avoid B763 if possible. In the case of two-connection flights, US domestic flights are mostly IB codeshare for cheap fares or only either of inbound or outbound is cheap, I ended up with a simple one, CDG-JFK-SFO all on B763. 700 (140+210+210+140) TPs & 31,036 Avis for €1,048.22 is not too bad.

  13. “You need to fly FROM Paris (Orly or Charles De Gualle) ”

    You can fly to/from any French destination Iberia fly to, and it’s easier to avoid AA if you
    choose some other place than PAR

    “If you go Paris – Madrid – New York then you may or may not get a flat bed, depending on what plane Iberia puts on. ”

    ALL Iberia flights to all (all 3) destinations in the US are with A330

    • Thanks, very helpful. I liked the IB A330 flat bed, albeit narrow, so it may be a better option than an AA routing.

      • Madrid – Miami Service operates up to 11 weekly, increased from daily in W12. All flights operated by A330-300

        Madrid – Chicago Service operated by A330-300 only

        Madrid – New York JFK eff 31DEC13 IB6251/6252 operated by Airbus A330-300 only, replacing mix of A330-300/A340-300/A340-600


        (In addition I believe MAD – LAX will resume end of april)

  14. As you probably know, i’m by no means a flying expert – I did think it’s worth mentioning the following though, even though I’m guessing everyone here is an Avios chaser 😀

    An (admittedly, probably not as attractive) alternative to chasing BA silver is to go for AA Platinum (oneWorld Sapphire), which could most likely be easily attained through the AA Challenge – http://www.flyerguide.com/wiki/index.php/Challenge_(AA)

    Bear in mind this would have an additional cost of at least $240 or whatever they charge for it now-a-days.

    I believe through this method, if you don’t attain it the following year, you get a soft landing to OneWorld Ruby (AA Gold / BA Bronze) – that used to be the case… unsure if this is a standard approach to status by all OneWorld airlines either so apologies if it is.

    You’re also likely to earn enough AAdvantage miles for a one-way US trip too.

    I haven’t done the math on any of the above, but on the basis that a flight to West Coast USA in economy is enough to satisfy the requirements for the AA Gold Challenge, then I’m thinking Business would easily allow you to do the AA Plat Challenge (10k miles within a 3 month window)

    • I think AA has scrapped soft landings? Don’t quote me on that though.

      Remember that BA status now lasts for all of your current membership year plus all of the next one. This means – if you qualify for Silver a month into your membership year – you would get 23 months of status, and then a year of Bronze (still get seat selection at 7 days out) after that.

      • Yep, I think it was a month or two ago that the loss of soft landings was announced for the AA programme.

  15. “Changing the return date after departure should not involve repricing”.

    I fly to the US regularly for work. When the trip only involves one week I tend to stay until Sunday morning so that the trip includes a Saturday night, as this massively reduces the fair.

    In the past I have found that if I try to bring my return leg forward ONCE I have arrived in the US the price doesn’t flex much compared to changing it before I head out. Are you saying there is something official that once an outbound leg has been flown a ticket cannot/will not be repriced? That’d be a lovely little trick for me to get cheaper TATL tickets!

    • In general, and this is a major generalisation, fare rules will say:

      “Change before departure: Use current fare. Change after departure: Use fare at time of purchase.”

      However, in your case it wouldn’t help because the old fare rules would show that you needed a Saturday stay to retain the price, and you would be breaking that.

      • Lady London says:

        Raffles, thanks for the reminder that these fares were still available. Ermmmm re your comment to Macca, I am guessing Macca is able to work it with b2b.

        • Lady London, not sure what you meant. Unfortunately as my company bills my airfare to the customer they won’t let me purchase Biz tickets as most customers travel policies dont allow it. So it’s always Economy for me :(

          • Lady London says:

            Just a little more explanation Macca. Corporate travel agents may feel restricted in being even a tiny bit creative but in your situation could you try to sell them the benefits to your company of arranging your tickets b2b. No, this does not mean business to business but back to back. Basically get yourself to US on a Monday. On a Friday start a new return ticket from the us to the uk and back. which of course will span a saturday. rinse and repeat. you need to be doing enough trips to work with. Useful savings combined with preservation of your home life, if you want that to be in the UK, can be achieved.

            • Ahhh, I see. Cunning! Unfortunately my company is also so disorganized when booking work (due to customers always changing deadlines) that I tend to get at most two weeks notice of a trip. So I often don’t know about my next trip out when I am returning from a current trip. I guess I could always book a ticket that had a return date 2 months out then pay the £100 change fee when I know my next trip. I’m always going to different places though, so not sure how a return ticket price would handle, for example, JFK>MAN>DFW when booked in this fashion. I will look into it though, thanks for the tip!

  16. Offer seems to have gone, was through as far as paying with expedia.fr when price changed indicated.
    Cant find deal on iberia site anymore – gutted was going to be 1st business flight for family,
    maybe next time

    • courtster says:

      I can still see these prices on ebookers.fr for a few dates I checked in March…

      • courtster you are officially my families hero of the day !!!!.
        Was convinced after expedia booking falling through at payment then iberia site no longer showing the offer that it had been pulled.
        Have confirmed booking through ebookers.fr to seattle from paris orly on BA flights all the way,
        I sincerely thank you and all the others who contribute to this site.

  17. courtster says:

    Chickened out of my mad 6 leg journey above.

    Managed to bag the following through ebookers.fr a couple of hours ago:

    ORY-JFK Openskies Bizbed
    Overnight in NYC
    JFK-SFO A321 Business fully flat
    LAX-JFK A321 Business fully flat
    JFK-ORY Openskies Bizbed

    Not quite the 700 TP, but 560 will do for us and we can enjoy the new A321. Will do a POUG LHR-ORY-LHR for the positioning flights to make up some of the difference.

    Thanks again for all the tips on here :)

    • You may not have booked your ‘mad’ six legger but I did, so thank you very much for the idea!

  18. The offer definitely seems to have gone now. I’m annoyed by my dithering!

  19. Yep gone – I booked yesterday – now a happy bunny.

    Also managed to get a BA flight from MCO to LGW on the return journey so can dump the LHR-MAD-France legs… (depending on how my TP’s are looking for the year!)

  20. Raffles,
    thanks for this fantastic heads up! Like many of your posters above, I too was dithering about taking the opportunity of a pricing anomaly and thought I had missed it last night when I could not get the fares up. However, despite Iberia website’s best attempts to foil me at every turn, I finally managed to book a CDG/MIA/MCO/MIA/CDG on American for £895 per seat! Got it done by midnight last night – JIT!

  21. courtster says:

    Grr, the BA LHR-ORY-LHR flights are not very well timed it seems. I can’t deal with a 4h45 layover after a LAX-NYC-ORY!

    Looks like we’ll be getting the Eurostar. Never tried it before due to always trying to maintain Silver – any tips to maximise price and the experience?

  22. Just wanted to say thank you for posting this. Forwarded it to mr compass31 and I’m pleased to report we have a Spring holiday in SF to look forwards to (and a tier points bonus for me too.) Just have to organise getting to/from CDG.

    Great site!