15 free Avios per day (and earn 15,000) with Iberia’s Partners Gym promo

Iberia Plus has launched an interesting promotion called Partners Gym.  The aim is to get you to collect Avios points with as many of Iberia’s partner programmes as possible.

Iberia Partners Gym

To get started, you need to log in at this website using your Iberia Plus credentials.  (If you are not an Iberia Plus member yet, you can join at iberia.com – assuming the site is working properly …..)

There are two parts to this promotion – one is easy but not very worthwhile, the other is generous but very difficult if you live in the UK!

Part 1 – earn 15 Avios per day until 31 January for logging in to the site

If you go to the site above and link to either your Facebook or Twitter account, you will earn 15 Avios per day.  (With Facebook, remember that you can set it up so that when you ‘share’ the promotion it is only visible to you and not your friends.)

I’m not sure this is worth the trouble, to be honest!

However, everyone should do this once.  Why?  Because you need to earn at least 1 Avios in Iberia Plus to activate your account.  Only once your account is ‘active’ can you move Avios back and forth and to book redemptions via iberia.com (where the tax, for Iberia flights, is 75% lower than using ba.com).

So, do it once, bag your 15 Avios and keep your Iberia Plus account active.

Part 2 – collecting with Iberia partners

Iberia is offering you a bonus – which won’t arrive until the end of March – based on the number of different partners from whom you collect Avios points between now and January 31st.

The bonus is:

  • 4 partners = 150 Avios
  • 5 partners = 750 Avios
  • 6 partners = 1,500 Avios
  • 7 partners = 6,750 Avios
  • 8 or 9 partners = 9,000 Avios
  • 10+ partners = 15,000 Avios

If you live in Spain, this should be doable.  Most of us, of course, do not!

And that is the problem.  Whilst Iberia has 70 partners, a lot of them are only available in Spain.  You could – if you stayed in a lot of different hotels across a lot of different chains – possibly get up to 10.  The same goes for someone who does a lot of car hire.   Transferring Avios from American Express Membership Rewards is the only easy one to get, as would be buying some Avios, albeit at a poor price!

This is annoying, because it is very generous if you can hit 10.  Below 10, though, it isn’t really worth the trouble given the number of hotel and car hire transactions required – plus the time it will take to ensure that they all post in your Iberia Plus account.

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  1. I’ve been doing this for the last few days to get the 15 Avios but nothing in my Iberia Plus account so far to show that it’s working, they may take a while to be credited.

  2. Given the widely reported (and personally experienced) hassle of trying to get Iberia to post Avios for partner spend I’d be dubious about ever getting these bonus points or even the actual earned Avios – much more reliable to just bank the basic earned Avios with BAEC or Avios.com.

  3. 55 days x 15 avios = 825 avios. Not bad for 30 seconds work per day. T&C state fb and twitter avios will be credited weekly.

  4. Hello,

    Is a Copy of last action. And after 3 months all avios hot posted.

    Si worthwile of You get 10.

  5. I like the invitation to “Sing up here”…. Seems some proof reading of the English site by a native/fluent English speaker wouldn’t go amiss :-)

  6. free avios, thanks raffles!

  7. No sign of the new Shangri-La update or has that finished?

    • All done! It was only 6 weeks. Now to wait for the points ….

      • that’s why, i was trying playing again this turdsday and today and could not find the way! let’s see what comes up, I hope i only missed week 4 then..

      • I’m sure I was playing from the start but it doesn’t feel like 6 weeks. Thanks though.

  8. I participated in the last Iberia promotion called “El Guante” in Spanish and the Dual in English. This program ran from June to the end of July and the maximum reward for transacting business with 10 partners was 15,000 Avios. I spend a lot of time in Spain and actually managed to accrue Avios with 11 qualifying partners, prior to the end of the promotion 31st July.

    To date despite emails telephone calls and a letter to Iberia Plus in Madrid, containing copies of all the transactions, which also appeared online on my Iberia Plus account. I have not received a single Avios!

    I did receive an email reply in October saying that I would receive the points within the next few days. Since then despite sending several emails all correctly acknowledged by their automatic system, I no longer get a reply!

    I have even emailed the Iberia CEO and requested that someone deal with the issue, but alas nothing.

    I am also owed nearly 8,500 Avios from Hilton having elected to choose Iberia as my chosen partner for double dip. All accounted for on my honors account but they have not been credited to my Iberia account. I contacted the honors helpline and they confirm having transferred them to Iberia.

    I am have now deleted Iberia as my double dip partner and elected for additional honors points. So I am reluctant to participate in any further Iberia promotions. If anyone is able to assist me or suggest a way in which I can obtain my Avios I would be most appreciative.

  9. Sorry, feeling a little dense this morning (and don’t use facebook very often). How do you link this promotion to your facebook account?

  10. Matthew Felgate says:

    15 Avios points per day seems pretty good.

  11. pazza2000 says:

    OT; I’m waiting on the IB Avios to post from from a Hilton stay 6 weeks ago. Hilton insist they have sent across the Avios to Iberia and this issue is at their end, however are following it up for me. Also, of less concern, I have an e-rewards > Iberia redemption that is also about 6 weeks outstanding, where by in the past it has taken 1-2 weeks.

    • Ditto re the e-rewards > Iberia redemption. Again, no problems in the past.

      • pazza2000 says:

        Must be an issue at IB’s end, for both e-rewards and Hilton to suddenly stop carrying across.

        • likewise, e-rewards to iberia from around 6 weeks ago – previously have posted within a couple of days

          • Did an e-rewards to avios transfer last week and the points appeared today, so the issue would seem to be at IB’s end as pazza2000 says.

      • The e-rewards points have now arrived in the Iberia account. Just very slowly this time!

    • What's the Point says:

      I too had the same problem with a Hilton stay not posting to Iberia. Chased Hilton twice after the 30 day period and the points appeared on my Iberia account 5 days later. I wish I knew how Hilton can get hold of someone at Iberia plus so quickly!

  12. Not wishing to bore everyone after my rather lengthy diatribe about the not receipt of award following Iberia Dual competition last June. Likewise I am awaiting credit for e-rewards, which used to be posted within 10 days.
    I opted for Iberia as opposed to BA for the double dip to get 50% more Avios, as with e-rewards, but with this sort of agro it really isn’t worth the bother.
    what I fail to understand is why they will no longer respond to my emails. I really have lost all faith in Iberia Plus. As to when, or if I manage to obtain the 15K Avios that I “won” in the Dual, remains to be seen.
    I do not intend to give up!

  13. avidsaver says:

    Hi Raffles – Possibly a little off topic BUT having read your previous advice about the advantage of having an “active” IB Plus account I’ve taken advantage of this current offer and just opened one! My question is……after 90 days how fast do avios transfer to IB Plus from Avios.com and BAEC? Many thanks.

  14. avidsaver says:

    Thanks Jonny – good to know that it’s instant – may come in handy!

  15. Any idea how quickly these points will post. I need to check availability for a Vueling flight but it won’t let me do that; probably as I have no Avios. (Not that I could then book it until I become an active account eligible for transfers.)

  16. gnarlyoldgoatdude says:

    This reminds me of the wonderful US Airways Grand Slam promotions, the last of which ran in 2011. Partners were bunched into groups of 4, so after 4 hits you received a bonus. It was relatively easy to earn 50k+ by making hotel transfers, hotel stays, renting cars etc. (all of which potentially cost a lot of money). The real trick was to minimise the cost of each hit. There were lots of genuinely free hits (e-rewards transfer, e-miles transfer, audience rewards, receiving transferred miles, spending miles on magazine subscriptions).

    Anyway, the US Airways deal had a good number of opportunities for members outside of the US. The Iberia deal on the other hand looks quite tricky.

  17. I opened a IB plus Account just over a week ago (could be useful someday) and realise I will have to wait 90 days before It will work with BA Exec and Avios etc. However, I started the “Partners Gym” link with Facebook to earn 15 avios per day (also over a week ago) and nothing showing in IB Plus account. I understand the T&C’s say they are added once a week. If they don’t show, does anyone know how you can chase them up? Many thanks.

    • Given Iberia’s Email support I think you will have to hope IB post them automatically …..

      • avidsaver says:

        Thanks Rob. Having looked around the IB site I guessed that may well be the case. Fingers crossed. If I don’t manage to get at least 15 avios credited will the IB+ account still be useable after the 90 days are up?

  18. Anyone had any avios post yet?

  19. andy stock says:

    Been on this everyday now and 0 avios points added to my Iberia account.

    • Roger Carpenter says:

      Zero here still too.

      • avidsaver says:

        I’ve been on the IB site for the past 12 days and, yes you guessed it, zero avios!! As Rob has pointed out, not easy to chase up as there appears no email support for this kind of issue! It’s a crap website!

  20. Same here..

  21. I’ve had no Avios posted to my IB account either but lets be patient. I received my 15 Avios to activate my account with a different promotion that Rob posted on HFP some months back so hopefully this one will be OK too. All Shangri-la (1200) points got put into my account for the GC competion so lets be confident of Rob on this one too. I am.

  22. What's the Point says:

    I have given up emailing Iberia Plus.
    Use their Twitter feed to get a rant off your chest, although I only get these types of replies:

    “Please know that they will answer your email in the order in which it has been received. Kind regards”

    They are referring to an email I sent to Iberia Plus 6 weeks ago……

  23. Zero points and I’ve been doing this almost every day since this was posted.