Amazing ‘50% off Avios redemptions’ sale on Iberia – Europe plus New York, Miami, Chicago included!

Iberia Plus has launched an amazing HALF-PRICE sale on Avios redemptions! This applies to both Economy and Business seats.

There are some excellent deals to be had here, even though you need to change in Madrid.

Business Class from Madrid to New York is just 40,000 Avios plus €172! This compares with 80,000 Avios and £500 for a similar British Airways flight booked on Avios!

(The taxes figure is not reduced – €172 is the standard taxes number for a long-haul Iberia redemption booked via It is shocking, frankly, that if you try to book exactly the same redemption on the same plane via they will charge you £500!)

Note that the Iberia website, on the promos page, still shows the December offers with different discounts. However, do a dummy booking and the deals below will show.

Let’s look at the small print:

Book by January 7th

Fly by April 8th

Valid on ALL European routes flown by Iberia and Iberia Express

Valid on the following long haul routes:
New York

You must book via This means that you must have an ACTIVE Iberia Plus account, ie one that has been open for 90 days and has earned at least 1 Avios.

As long as you have an active Iberia account, you can transfer over the Avios you need from or BA using ‘Combine My Avios’.

You have one decision to make when booking. If you book from London to, say, New York on one ticket then you incur UK Air Passenger Duty at the long-haul rate – your taxes rise to €360 return in Business. If you book London to Madrid on a separate ticket to Madrid to New York, your taxes will be a lot lower. However, you then lose your legal rights to be put on another flight if your inbound flight is delayed. To be honest, I would be happy to be on separate tickets on the basis that both flights are on Iberia, but you may think differently.

When it comes to seat, you may be lucky and get the new Iberia fully flat seat, which I reviewed here:

Iberia new business class seat

You may also be unlucky and get the old sloping seat. However, at these prices, you can’t really complain.

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  1. Two points
    1) check if two one ways are cheaper for taxes
    2) try and book your flight from the same terminal at Madrid t4s to t4 is a schlep, the lounge in T4 is poor, and some of the UK flights leave all the way at the end of the T4 terminal

    We did this last year on the SJO to MAD flights for 25k and circa €30 per person

  2. Maybe the ‘Unmissable Sale’ on Monday will be more interesting than 1st thought??

  3. Could someone explain in detail?

    If I want to book Lhr to JFK, must I book 2 separate tickets?

    Lhr to mad return and the mad to JFK return?

    • No, you can book it as one ticket. However, the tax will be roughly £100 higher than booking 2 separate tickets as you will have to pay long haul Air Passenger Duty in the UK.

      Booked separately, you only pay short haul Air Passenger Duty (or, if you book via for LHR to Madrid, none at all as it is rolled up in the Reward Flight Saver fee).

  4. What’s the easiest way to earn 1 avios in Iberia? Or am I stuck crediting a short flight to them?

  5. Anyone having difficulties searching for availability? Mine keeps coming up with:

    ‘We have encountered some difficulty in dealing with this booking. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask you to please try again after a few minutes. If the error persists please contact us.’

    Any suggestions?

    • Same for me… Tried a few route/date combinations yesterday and got the same response. I’ve got 15 avios in there, do you need enough to cover the flights with IB?

      • You don’t need enough to cover the flights, I’ve got 240 Avios in IB and have had search results come back ok, I’ve also had the above error though. IB isn’t the best website.

      • EvilGazebo says:

        No, it’s not the lack of Avios. I’ve had this intermittently for weeks. Just did one search OK but now all failing. Same in different browsers.

        • I get this all the time.
          Does availability show up on BA or AA? Can you find it there and then phone to book?

        • Any way of fixing this I.T wise, as I’d quite like to check for these flights. Thanks

          • What's the Point says:

   is a terrible website to check/redeem Avios availability. I have tried on/off for around 5 months now, and almost constantly get the same error message as Chris.
            Plus another message about the return flight has to be after the departure date (something wrong with how they have the date selector set up I reckon)

        • I’ve finally sussed the problem with searching availability on the Iberia site. The problem occurs when you login then use the link on the Iberia plus drop down menu to search for flights using avios. The error is because it converts your dates to US format (ie 06/27/24) and then the search fails. The solution is to login, then use the standard book flights on the menu or homepage and select ‘pay with avios’ or something similar. Then the availability loads. Hope that helps!

  6. At moment almost all my points sitting in tesco and MR. Were something like this slso to appear at BA would I most lijely be faster trabsferring clubcard or MR points to take advantage of it? Would you agree that unlessany BA redemption sale was better than 20% discount it might be a better to sit tight and bet on s transfer bonus to generate avios that could be used without sale restrictions? Given I have no specific travel goal in the short term that I wouldn’t be happy to pay cash for, sitting tight seems to make more sense for me personally unless I am overlooking something obvious

    • Clubcard points go across faster than Amex, unless you have previously done an Amex transfer.

      First- time Amex to BA can take 4-5 days, subsequent transfers are 1-2 days.

    • The cynic in me thinks that after the forthcoming Avios sale with lots of avios spent we might see a Clubcard/Avios promo again. Although the Iberia offers looks great its not much use to me as i have flights booked for Feb and doing another before April doesn’t appeal.

      As a guess i expect the Avios sale will be along similar lines to this, so if there is the potential to redeem avios for a flight then it may be worthwhile to convert Clubcard/MR points now, reason being availability will drop day by day whilst waiting on points showing up in Avios/BA account.

      • Londonbus says:

        I agree. Clubcard sale for Avios in 2012 ran in Jan/ Feb and Jun 2012.

        The Clubcard quarter ends on 25 January. Its 18 months since the last promotion (50% bonus on transfer) – what are the chances of another one now?

        • Thanks all, I think I will sit tight in hope of tranfer bonus. CVs comme t encasulates my dilemna of past year. However, I would hope that BA might drpfeed availability throughout any award sale so that members dont get frustrated with seats dring up on first day but probably wishful thinking on my part. Ironically BKK which I usually use as my entry point for Asia might now start showing good availability due to political unrest just at a time I don’t need a flight.

          • This will be the first year that i won’t be going to BKK during chinese new year (via KL), i also had the same thoughts about bargain hotels/flights! But was also surprised to see what good value IHG hotels are in BKK when redeeming points.

          • I have found Hat Yai to be a very pleasant and enjoyable city to spend Chinese New Year. Can take a daytime VIP bus north through Malaysia from KL or fly with Air Asia. Beach at Songkhla is huge and white with few western tourists. Also some nice countryside around to explore.

  7. I have 24k in there. I am going to transfer a few more and try again……

  8. EvilGazebo says:

    Gutted as I have 4 x one ways to MIA in C already booked. Could theoretically save 100K avios rebooking but no availability. Curses!

  9. I hope there’s another clubcard promo, I’ve got £800 of vouchers waiting for conversion :D.

    (Unless someone has hacked my clubcard account and nicked them !!)

  10. We’ve used Iberia Avios sales before. They do turn up regularly, although not always as generous as this one. My son went to Lima last year. Booked one way on the early 6:20 flight on BA to Madrid, then a discounted one way to Lima. Using the early flight means you have plenty of time to transfer and the likelihood of delays is small. For the return, simply book all the way to London as there are no tax implications and you are protected for the connection. Also, you can book both short hauls in economy if you wish to save some Avios. When we checked him in at LHR they checked his bags all the way to Lima (although they failed to turn up there).

  11. Have just priced up a one way in Y MAD to Chicago in March. 10k Avios plus €102 or 5k avios + €152. with a €25 change penalty

    That can’t be correct, can it????

  12. olybeast says:

    I can’t get it to bring up business class. I am checking during half term mind you. Also I’m getting 30k return for economy?

    • I had a play about and could definitely see plenty of business seats to Chicago and fewer to NYC. I could also see the 10k o/w Chicago pricing that Susan mentioned – fantastic deal, wish I could commit to it just now!

  13. Looking at MIA to MAD. Economy and blue class tickets available. Do business class awards show up on the same screen if available – I can’t see any at all.

    • They seem to – I was certainly seeing Blue/Economy/Biz columns when searching for Chicago, but only on some dates for NYC.

      • What's the Point says:

        Thanks Matthew for advising on how to search correctly!
        I can see Madrid – Chicago one way in Business on the 28th March for 20,000 Avios and £94 in taxes.
        Its a great deal, but we are already going away that week so can’t take it up.

  14. Silly question, but I have just joined Iberia, if in future I want a redemption for two people I assume I dont need to have my wife as an IB member? Pretty much like BA i guess

    • Its a bit trickier – IB lets you create a list of friends and you can only redeem for those. You need full passport details to add someone to the list.

      • Thanks Raffles (sorry I reposted below in error) guess it may just be easier to join my wife

  15. I have just joined IB for future Avios bookings, I assume I don’t need to join my wife as I can book for her using my Avios, like BA Exec Club, is this correct?

    • Yes but you need to have been an active member for 90 days before you can transfer in you avios as I understand it.

    • I think it is worthwhile to create an account for your wife. I did for mine and currently doing the gym promotion on both our accounts and it came in useful to get the 50% bonus for points transfer!!

  16. Am I the first HFPer to actually book flights. 2 X MAD-MIA business begining of April. Seats 1E &1G booked, looks like the A330 ( have had these change to old 340 near to departure but for a day flight I would not be bothered in the slightest ) For the return we will look to book a repositioning cruise back to Europe after a few weeks in Mexico.
    Once again a BIG thanks to Raffles We will toast you with Cava when we board in Madrid.

    • Probably a wise move – I was looking at MAD-MIA returns and while I found some availability for the MAD-MIA leg, there was nothing in my (fairly wide) window from MIA-MAD. I get the feeling you may have the luxury of a little more time than me though…

  17. I suppose that CDG-MAD-JFK/ORD will also be 40k return and low taxes.

  18. Has anyone had luck transferring BA avios to IB? I get a technical glitch error on Ive had both open for 3 months.

    • General Mayhem says:

      Yes – I have never been able to transfer points using the BA or Avios websites. But have been able to using the Iberia site. You need to find the “combine my avios” link on iberia – it is well hidden.

      I thnk it is now on “iiberia plus” “my account”” “buying and trasferring avios” – then at the bottom of the page is a link in red “Don’t forget you can combine your Avios with those of other OW customer loyalty programmes.” – click that and it will bring you to the “combine my avios” page..

  19. pazza2000 says:

    Just curious, has anyone snapped up an IB redemption under this sale? I flew LAX-GLA (via MAD) on IB last year and swore I would never again, the taxes saving did not justify the detour and lesser J product. Although with ex-UK taxes rising, & it being likely that Avios/BA have no intention to offer a J/F sale, I am tempted again…

    • Yes, I did.

      I got returns MAD-JFK for my wife and I (booked under separate IB accounts). Only problem is that for the outward leg my wife is in J and I am in Y. There is no availability for either and upgrade, or a downgrade! I am going to see what comes up, but would be interested if anyone else has any experience in how flexible IB can be in these sort of circumstances…

      • pazza2000 says:

        May I ask what taxes you paid, and how your getting to MAD out of interest? JFK looks like it has good success rate with the new biz product, shame you’re in separate classes on the outbound.

        • We paid c£140 in taxes each. Will probably try and snap up a BA redemption to MAD in the RFS £1 sale next week.


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