Another £5 RedSpottedHanky voucher for everyone

Our Hailo promotion this morning was a little too successful, with all of the £15 vouchers being claimed by 9am.

I have therefore pulled this promotion out of the comments section of our last RSH post as compensation for those who missed out.

WH Smith has teamed up with train ticket booking website to offer 20,000 x £5 vouchers for train travel.

(It is worth remembering that you can book Heathrow Express tickets via RSH, for collection from a MAINLINE ticket machine at Paddington, not the HEx ticket machines.)

This is what you do

Visit this website (EDIT: deleted as now dead)

Enter your first name, email and the location of your nearest WH Smith store

Enter voucher code VOU172RGSDHK (this is a generic code)

The site will confirm your submission, and within two days you should be emailed your £5 evoucher code.

Your £5 credit must be redeemed by 31st May, although if you wait until the last minute you will be able to book for a train 12 weeks beyond that date.

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  1. Sorry, I mangled it! Now corrected.

  2. Thanks for this but everytime I click the link it just goes to redspottedhanky saying thanks for entering.. is it the right link as I have not entered the code yet? Thanks

  3. Ah nice one!! thanks again for saving me some cash!!!

  4. Voucher code doesn’t work – have I misunderstood instructions?

  5. David Butcher says:

    My code didn’t work when I cut and pasted it from this site but works fine when I type it in.

  6. For me it said thanks for registering if you qualify you will receive the code in an email. Still no email…

  7. Nice one, thanks Raffles (Owain and Simon). Since I missed the Hailo offer, nice to get the same value (over 3 accounts) elsewhere that I am more likely to use.

  8. Wow another £5 within a week of the last voucher. Signed me and the OH up – always nice to get a free trip into London!

  9. £10 code for those with an email address (like the one that ran during autumn last year). Go to:

    And enter the code STBE-DF3K-49DB “while registering”. I have gone straight to my personal details in my account and added this as the code in place of the one from last autumn. Hopefully it’ll work.

  10. Hi Ian, I have a but the link you’ve provided doesn’t work; it just goes to the RSH homepage. Can you recheck it please?

    • Link should be correct, but try link via studentbeans page above.

      The idea is you enter the code while registering, then they send a validation a few days later to get the evoucher code (like last time). However, if you have already used your address to register before then you should log in, go to personal details, and add the code in the bottom field. It doesn’t say whether this will work or not, but it doesn’t say that it is exclusively for new registrations…

  11. Does anyone know if you can use a voucher in account 1 to pay for train travel in account 2 and use account 2’s voucher at the same time? I’m guessing not as you can’t input voucher codes, only tick them?

    • No, you can’t do that. You can use multiple vouchers in the same account on the same ticket.

      However …. you could split a return into two singles and buy each ticket from a different account. Or split ticket – if going London to Edinburgh, for example, price up London to York (bought on one account) and York to Edinburgh (bough on another account). As long as the price gap is not huge you may still be on top.

      • And if planning to travel in a party of several people, then obviously you can book tickets for each person via a different account. The only issue is you’re unlikely to be reserved close to each other, but moving around has never been an issue.

  12. My sun vocuher still has not posted :(

  13. For those that haven’t seen it: £10 to spend with Transpennine Express if you register for the offer via Facebook…

    • That’s quite a good one, it seems you can buy tickets for any train route (not just Pennines)

      • Just had the email from TPX with the voucher. Unfortunately it seems quite restricted.

        Only valid on Advance fares on TP services costing £12 or more. Must be booked by 13th March. Unfortunately, none of the journeys I’m looking at fit the bill.

        Thanks anyway.

  14. I have the sun discount code from when they gave away 3000 £9.50 but the code is too short to enter into RSH, where do i need to enter it?

    • You put all 5 daily codes into the special website. RSH then emails you a long hyphenated code. You paste that into the Personal Details page at, click return and then wait 3-4 days. Your voucher should appear.

  15. This promotion is currently on hold due to high levels of traffic! Hopefully it will be back online soon…

  16. OT: apologies for going off topic but is anybody else experiencing difficulties with award searches at BA? I have tried BKK, SIN, HKG and KUL to LHR in December and it is only showing me availability on BA and/or JAL. I know it’s December but even so there was masses of availability last wee week across carriers including MH, QR, AY and CX which is now either gone or not showing. The appearance of JAL isw itself odd because I have never previously been offered flights from se Asia to UK via Japan.

    • I have (been offered JL)

      From HKG I often get random CX flights to other Asian countries connecting to a BA flight, eg ICN, PEK and places in India. This is in business class only

      I suppose you are aware of the ghost CX availability issue which seems to be reposted on FT from time to time whenever somebody encounters it for the first time

      • NNo, have not heard of the ghost CX issue. For whole if December I only saw availability on all reported departure points for BA and/or JL. . Despite being December I doubt availability on all other carriers has been wiped out in a few days.

  17. Actually looking on FT it seems like a generalised error with the BA website right now

  18. There’s another £5 free for all Sun+ subscribers – in the form of a £5 Morrison’s voucher which will be mailed to you.

    Go here

    Log in. Input your Sun+ account number & address details etc:

    Thank you. Your free £5 Morrisons voucher will be sent to you within 28 days.

  19. Anyone received the email with the £5 voucher as of yet?

  20. Been over 2 days…did anyone received the code to their email. Is it some specific store/location name that we need to give. Please confirm

    • there’s a pretty good chance that you needed a unique store code…was always worth a try…when it went ballistic I think rsh/whs probably twigged 😉

  21. Just got mine

    Here is your unique validation code, register / sign in now and add this code to your account to be allocated your £5.00 e-voucher.

  22. Just received an email now:

    Congratulations – WHSmith Validation Code

  23. Got mine too!

    About time I got some train trips booked!

  24. Mark Cowell says:

    Yep me too (x 2 of course!). Thanks guys

  25. Must have about £500 of RSH stuff lol

    Last few days

    • Hmm nothing for me as yet on either my or my wifes email or in spam box and registered early Wed morning. Yet when I tried to register again on the page an hour ago it came back with a message saying that I had already entered and been issued with a prize? So not sure where the email is. Maybe they are staggering sending them out…

  26. Look in the old spam

  27. Repeat:

    There’s another £5 free for all Sun+ subscribers – in the form of a £5 Morrison’s voucher which will be mailed to you.

    Go here

    Log in. Input your Sun+ account number & address details etc:

    Thank you. Your free £5 Morrisons voucher will be sent to you within 28 days.

  28. Free money 😉

  29. 2 free pints of beer with Sun+ Perks

    Sadly nothing within 50 miles of Chez Squills but best of British for the rest of you 😉