Superb Heathrow Rewards deal …. 1000 Avios / Flying Club / Miles & More for £10 spend!

Since BAA WorldPoints relaunched as Heathrow Rewards last year, the sign-up bonuses have been pretty weak, to be honest.  Now we have a real return to form.

In conjunction with Virgin Atlantic, Heathrow Rewards is offering 1,000 points to new members who sign up and spend £10 in a single day at Heathrow before 31 May.

1000 Heathrow Rewards points can be converted into 1000 Avios, 1000 Virgin Flying Club miles, 1000 Lufthansa Miles & More miles or a £10 Heathrow shopping voucher.

Heathrow Rewards

Here are the rules:

1. Offer is only available to new members of the Heathrow Rewards programme who join using the above link or register their card and enter promotion code VAFEB14 before 31 May 2014.

2. 1000 WorldPoints will be awarded when you spend £10 in a single day before 31 May 2014. Excludes Bureaux de Change purchases. One offer per member on the first £10 spend only.

The link to sign up is here.

If you are already a member, you have a couple of options:

You could sign up again under a different post and email address (work vs home etc).  As long as you send the miles to a different scheme to your other Heathrow Rewards account (eg to BAEC instead of you should be OK.

You could sign up someone who is in your BA or household account, as you would still benefit from the miles once they had been transferred to their airline account.

Do try to take advantage of this promotion, as Heathrow Rewards bonuses do not get any better.

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  1. Flashware says:

    When trying to sign up my wife (Using UK as the country) we get the following error: Invalid country for this postcode/ZIP, please update.

    Have tried xxx xxx and xxxxxx, neither work. Odd….

  2. AviosNewbie says:

    Same problem.

    But Raffles, even if I do sign up for my wife, how do I get the points in her name? I am flying through T5 tonite alone – do I just give my wife’s Heathrow Rewards number while paying?

    • I set up my husband’s account and travelled alone. I just wrote down his card number. When paying with my credit card I just showed them the piece of paper with his card number. No questions were asked. His points were posted within a week.

    • Yes, they dont care about the name on the card.

      If flying today, sign up now and post them the receipt ( or email a scan) to retroclaim, or get them to type number into the till. You can also download the card to Passbook on an iPhone.

  3. Tim Millea says:

    Setting off via Heathrow tomorrow, is it possible to pick up a temporary card there?

    • If you have an iPhone the virtual card may do.

      • You can print off a temp paper card via the Heathrow Rewards website. From memory it is in your account details, on the left menu bar.

        • Flashware says:

          I think you can also just keep the receipt and then retro-claim.

          • Agree that might be the simplest way, certainly in BAA Worldpoints days they were very efficient at dealing with retroclaims.

        • Many thanks. After registering and logging in, on the right hand side there is a box labelled “My summary”. The first item is the card no. which is an active link. Click on that and there is the option to print a ‘virtual card’. Done and thanks again.

    • Sign up today and retroclaim your purchase. Or get them to type in your number manually.

  4. Doesn’t work for me either so I’ll take that as an omen telling me not to spend money at Heathrow.

  5. Did try joining the rewards scheme through a Google search link without the promo code and exactly the same thing so obviously they don’t want British residents shopping at Heathrow.

  6. AviosNewbie says:

    I signed up with an US address for my wife

  7. I just tried again out of curiosity and changed the country to USA whilst still entering a normal British address and it worked fine.

  8. I have just joined using a UK address, maybe they fixed it?

  9. Skydivemacca says:

    When following the link it says only 100 points?

    Have they downgraded the offer due to popularity?

    • 100 points is the normal bonus. As long as the Virgin code is in the Promo Code box (should be autofilled) you will get them automatically.

      • flieduk says:

        How long is it taking to post? I did some last week and they have still not posted. TIA

        • I would have expected them to post by now.
          Email customer services and get them to do it manually if the purchases themselves have tracked ok.

          I did that with the Dec 2013 offer and they were adjusted manually within 24 hours.

        • Transactions post overnight from World Duty Free and usually within 48 hours from everyone else. If its longer than this then email a scan of your receipt to Customer Services and they will do it manually (or post it in).

  10. I had the same issue with postcode while accessing on my mobile
    It worked correctly on Chrome Desktop, even got 100 bonus points for the sign up

  11. Skydivemacca says:

    Have joined anyway, so it seems like the site is functional again, however there’s no mention of 1000 points>

  12. I’m running out of email addresses for this – can anyone please advise whether you can still merge different accounts (of family members ;))? TIA

    • Skydivemacca says:

      I’m trying to register my wife. All the details are different except the postal address. It won’t let me do it, as it’s saying one account per customer, despite it’s a different person – It’s citing the postal address as the issue.

      Has anyone got round this?

      • The way around it is to either register her at a business address or possibly change her address to something like 1a Any Street rather than your actual address of 1 Any Street.

        • ankomonkey says:

          I’ve done this by adding a comma at the end of the address line, changing upper case to lower case, adding an extra space, etc.

      • Office, parents, next door neighbours …. it can be changed later I’m sure.

        • I don’t think it can be changed later as the site still won’t allow duplicate addresses. (I’ve tried).

          However you can call up customer services & merge accounts (and therefore combine orphaned points) later. So if you use an office address for the latest card you should be able to merge it later with your “main” one once they have tracked & close down the card with the dummy/office address.

      • I signed up my other half. Used different email addresses but same postal address. No problems encountered. Since I was flying that same day I made a note of his card number and used it when buying duty free. They typed it in on the till.

        I also used the “recommend a friend” facility. (Find it on the homepage of your account on the left side tab). When I signed him up I filled out my card number in the section “recommended by” and after “he” spent over £30, I received 300 bonus points :)

        I’ve since recommended more friends. Easy way to get some points!

        • Do let me know if ‘recommend a friend’ works alongside the 1000 points. The reason I do not offer my own number for referrals is that I am worried that it will cancel out the 1,000 point deal.

          • I used recommend a friend for the recent 500 point on £30 spend before Christmas. The referral points tracked fine but i had to contact Customer Service for the 500 points to track. They did post the points the day after my email but it didn’t track automatically in my case.

          • I used it when it was a much smaller 500bonus points. My partner received the 500 bonus points without any problem. I did have to email them with both our card numbers to get my 300 points from recommending him.

            • So it may be that they can automatically deal wih one promo/referral but not the other (and it seems on a whim as to which they recognise each time!) but they are still willing to give out the eligible points to both referer & referee if you contact customer services!

    • AviosNewbie says:

      I think you might use different combinations of a gmail address using a period = =

    • Your own domain name costs less than £5/year. Then you can have practically infinite email addresses, should there be any benefit in them.


  13. Is the BAEC/Avios account permanently associated with the HR account? In other words, is there any way to transfer to the same Avios account from multiple HR accounts?

    If an account that has been used to transfer points to Avios has been closed, can the Avios membership number then be associated with a different HR account?

    Hope that makes sense.

    • See your point, not sure about the answer. Remember that you can transfer to BOTH BA and, in any event, and then merge the points using Combine My Avios.

  14. Raffles do you think that a £10 top up of a pre-ordered Vodafone SIM card at the Vodafone store in Heathrow T5 would work to trigger the points? Have no plans to spend money at Heathrow any time soon so looking for ways that I could trigger the 1000 points and get something of equivalent value back for it rather than just buying something extra I wouldn’t have ordinarily have bought and effectively wasting it just to trigger the points. The obvious option would be to buy Euros via currency exchange, but they are on to that. Another option might be to buy (albeit expensive) groceries at the M&S Simply Food.

    • Should do, ask Voda first. As long as they swipe your card and the total is £10 you will be fine.

      • FormalHall says:

        I often by my pay-as-you-go top-up at WH Smith at Heathrow (even the landside ones), and it always points correctly with Heathrow Rewards points, so perhaps you could get a voda sim there if you are uncertain the voda store will bill you the required £10.

    • The real question is why are you using Vodafone PAYG??

      • FormalHall says:

        I don’t, I by O2 credit to use on giffgaff. I use PAYG because phone companies are seemingly unwilling to give contracts to people who have been in this country for less than 3 years (although Amex was happy to give me a gold card!)

        • Are you on the Electoral Roll? That plays a big part. I was able to get a mobile contract after 1 year living in the UK after having moved from Australia.

  15. Does anyone know if the spend can be for Heathrow Express tickets?

  16. This should work with buying i.e. gift card at Boots or WH Smith you can thenuse everywhere!?

  17. The official heathrow parking says you can collect Heathrow Reward points through their website. If I purchase parking for the summer – does anyone know if the points go on straight away (as i pressume the payment is taken straight away also) and therefore count towards this promotion?

  18. Does Heathrow Rewards encompass every shop in Heathrow then? I don’t really know how it works.

    • Yes, everything, landside and airside, plus the car parks and Heathrow Express.

      • I probably spend more money on the short term car parks than anything else (picking up friends and family)!

        Hope I can get some Heathrow rewards for that!

        • Parking is probably the easiest way to get the points if you are local or passing. Park up for just over an hour – go get a coffee and leave. Parking costs exactly £10 for 1-2 hours in the short-stay.

          • Parking is also the best way to spend the points. You get 2p per point, versus 1 Avios per point. If, like me, you spend a lot on Heathrow parking, you effectively get 2% cash back on your spend, and this sign -up bonus is worth £20.

  19. It seems to only be allowing one sign up per address? Cannot add wife?

  20. Frankie McPolin says:

    They seem to only be offering 100 points now… not 1000 :-(

  21. Frankie McPolin says:

    No need to reply Tim. I guess the T&Cs are stated when you log into Virgin – I don’t have a Virgin account. Thanks for explaining though

    • As long as the Virgin code is in the ‘Promo Code’ box on the signup form you’ll be fine. What is even better is that the promo runs until May, so if the bonus doesn’t hit you can still point them to the promo and they can’t deny it ever existed!