£1,000 Club World BA flights to Hong Kong are back!

They’re back!  It is not clear why British Airways is doing this – perhaps to match fares from the Middle East airlines.  I’m not sure what other explanation there can be for this astonishing fare to Hong Kong which is currently available from all British Airways departure points in Germany.

This is NOT a fare mistake.  It is a published fare with detailed fare rules.

For the next week, British Airways is selling return Club World tickets to Hong Kong from Germany for roughly £695 plus taxes and surcharges.

British Airways 350

There are NO advance purchase requirements – you can fly tomorrow if you want.  The only rule is that you stay away for a Saturday night.

You do NOT need to fly directly to Hong Kong.  You can also fly from Germany to London to Singapore, Shanghai, Bangkok, Chengdu, Beijing or Kuala Lumpur, and then connect to Hong Kong using another oneworld airline.

Free stopovers are allowed, although APD will be added if you stay more than 24 hours in the UK.

You can start from any German airport served by BA.

If you try to book this ticket on ba.com it will price at around €1,403 depending on routing.

Last time this offer ran, you could get it even cheaper by booking it via Expedia.  This is NOT the case this time – the cheapest fare is on ba.com.

Here is the interesting bit ….

Tickets must be booked by July 17th and you must start your trip before August 16th.  However, you only need to fly from Germany to London by August 16th – if you don’t mind paying the Air Passenger Duty (another £150 or so) then you can have a stopover in the UK of up to 11 months if you want!

Here is an example with a huge Summer-long stopover in London at €1,600:

rsz_hk (2)

Have a play around at ba.com and see what you can find.  Note that availability over Christmas is very slim as the required fare class is rarely available.

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  1. Can you book these flights through BA holiday club?

    • Jonathan says:

      Not via the website – the “customise your multi city holiday” link only allows UK departures.

      You may have more luck calling the BA team directly.

  2. Sorry but what is the big deal about flying BA for £1000 ex-EU to Hong Kong with all the Qatar deals available?? Am I missing something?

    • Agreed. BA £1,000-£1,300 tickets ex-EU have become a norm anyway. For the same price I’d rather go via DOH and pick up some Krug for the trouble too.

    • These are basically direct if you build in a London stopover. Qatar tix are London to Copenhagen to Doha to Hong Kong and back ….

  3. Yes Qatar is a more superior experience in business but with the opportunity to UUA to first might attract some people. Also as a gold card holder on BA you would earn probably around 20,000 more avios flying with BA. Also fare rules are more lenient so can’t get creative for more tier points

    • If you want tier points then you would do a DUB to HNL run for the same price in any one of the numerous sales they do throughout the year.

  4. No idea what I’m doing wrong but there’s no way I can fathom to get an extra Asia stopover for anything under €4500…..can’t fathom out how to do the lhr stopover either. Managed to get the right price when I slavishly copied Raffles dates as per the pic but that’s it!

  5. SimonB says:

    So, If I want to go to Singapore, will the fare appear (availability allowing) if I choose the following routing:
    TXL/LHR (pre 16/8)
    LHR/SIN (20/8)
    SIN/LHR (27/08)
    TXL/LHR (May 2016)

    Or do all routings need to go via HKG?
    Really annoying with BA.com sometimes that you choose flights and then get a cost.
    Sorry if I am being dumb,,,

    • No. Must be:

      Saturday night in HK

      Because SIN to HKG must be on Cathay or Dragonair, ba.com will not price it. Need to use Expedia or a specialist agent like Propeller.

      I cannot get this to price under £1,803 – not sure if that is as low as it will go with the Cathay sector or not. Seems a bit high even with full APD.

      May be cheaper to book direct to HKG for £1,000 and book a separate cash or Avios ticket to SIN from HKG.

  6. Thanks for this great heads up but I’m getting a price of €8075.30 (for 2 passengers).
    Please could you assist, using BA.COM it’s not giving me an option to choose another airport for the first & last leg, the dates are flexible but my HKG dates are not flexible.

    16/08/15 TXL to LHR
    31/01/16 LHR to HKG
    13/02/16 HKG to LHR
    20/02/16 LHR to TXL

    • whiskerxx says:

      Have you tried using the Matrix as described by Gavin above?
      Using that for your itinerary I get a total cost of €3320 for two people.

    • dutch_122 says:


      you also can call BA and book over the phone, I just priced it for €1660.36 per person.
      BA.com is not the best tool or otherwise contact propeller travel.

  7. Thanks for the replies, I just spoke to my brother in law, he said before the 16th August may not include the 16th August.

    • I have booked my original dates for TXL-LHR, LHR-HKG, HKG-LHR & LHR-TXL, the reason why the price was so high was that BA25 (A380) 18:40 departure was twice the price of BA27 (777) 21:00 departure.

      Thanks for all your help.

  8. Thank you!

    I just bought flights for my parents to come to see me in Hong Kong at Christmas. They will be going to Berlin in August for a nice long weekend.

    In this case I don’t think they will take the return to Berlin from London but I was thinking of pushing it till next August so they can then have an outgoing flight to Berlin when BA does another offer next year!

    Btw when my father checked in the UK for some reason the offer was coming up near £4000 but from the HK website I found it for £1161 each. A bit over the £1000 but still a great deal.

    • Anthony Dunn says:

      That’s because the website has added on the GBP150 Air Passenger Duty owing to the fact that the London “stop-over” is over 24 hours. Even so, this is still a bargain in comparison with the standard BA LHR-HKG-LHR pricing of over £3K.

  9. A puzzel for you all! We are looking to travel around China for 2 weeks. I know that we have to leave German to London, then onto China.

    Does anyone know how long you are allowed for each stopover?

    Also if you book to fligh into Beijing then 2 weeks later flight out of chengdu, then onto Hong Kong for another week. Then could we flight from Hong Kong to Singapore for a few days then back to London.

    We are looking to start the China leg in March 2016!

    Can anyone help?

    • You should def contact propeller travel for that itinerary but you can also play around with dates on ba multi city or matrix.

  10. Londonbus says:

    Playing with ITA Matrix and factoring stopovers in London (outwards leg – 3 months), Shanghai (outwards) and Bangkok (return) I’m geting this coming up at £1,200. outstanding!

    • Hey everyone,

      We are always happy to assist with these, done (well, many) already. You can send your ITA breakdowns or just requirements.

      We are a bit slower in responding to queries as had to handle hundreds of flight re bookings due to ash cloud situation (on top of regular weather issues in US) but tthe teamteam the are working around the click (literally) to catch up.

  11. What is the minimum time recommended for a stopover/transfer in Berlin? Would there be enough time to arrive at 10.05am on an award flight and then start my Teg-Lhr-Hkg flights at 12.20pm?
    Online it says minimum connection time 45 mins, just wondering if there was any personal experience!