Get free Accor Gold status and 10% off ibis stays with an ibis Business Card

I haven’t covered the ibis Business Card on Head for Points before, so I thought it was worth a look at this potential money saver.

If you are a regular visitor to ibis Hotels, you might find the benefits help you make the most of what is generally an unexciting experience!

The ibis Business Card is not free.  There is a fee of €90 per year (£69).  However, the benefits may be worth it to you:

Le Club AccorHotels Gold status (click here for more details) – this may in itself be worth £69 even if you rarely stay at ibis Hotels.  

Gold is mid-tier status with Accor and usually requires 30 nights per year.  You receive free internet (although all UK Accor hotels offer this to everyone), an upgrade on arrival if available, a free welcome drink, late check-out on request and a 50% base points bonus (3.7 per €1 instead of 2.5).

10% discount on your room (flexible rates only according to a comment below)

10% discount on a room for a colleague

10% discount on breakfast

10% discount on your restaurant and bar bills, even if not staying in the hotel

Guaranteed room availability up to 48 hours in advance


There are also additional Le Club AccorHotels promotions which are exclusively for ibis Business Card holders.

At present, for example, you can receive:

500 bonus points on your first two night stay

1,000 bonus points on your second two night stay

1,500 bonus points on your third two night stay

Complete all three targets and you would have received 3,000 bonus points worth €60 of free Accor hotel stays.  This covers 65% of your ibis Business Card membership fee for the year!

You can find more details of this bonus points offer here.  You need to book and stay between 25th January and 28th March.

To join ibis Business Card, you need to fill in the form on this page.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see  our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

Bits: BBC on non-vanishing fuel surcharges, Club World pax to Vancouver can sit in First until March!
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  1. Headline says free, but it’s not. Lame.

    • The point is that it’s one of the benefits that go with having Ibis Business. People often say you get free Accor Platinum status with the Amex Platinum card, although you have to pay for it. You get free breakfast at Holiday Inn Express hotels, although you have to pay for the stay.

      • Hingeless says:

        and you get a free drink with Gold, you still have to pay for the room

      • Title is fair enough. I have to pay £13.50 for 1 month Travel insurance pack @ Barclays – but it also gives me 6 free Lounge passes. You could argue the Lounge passes cost just £2.25 each but they are to my mind a free benefit that goes with the insurance.

    • Sibo – some people may feel that you chose a rather curt manner to express your opinion.

    • I accept your point and I would be untruthful if I said that I didn’t know what I was doing when I wrote it.

      However …. Gold is free with the card – it isn’t a core benefit (you don’t get much as an Accor Gold at an ibis), the core benefits are the 10% discount on ibis stays and food.

      If the card itself was free then I would have capitalised the FREE in the headline …. there is a HFP style guide, if only in my head :-)

      You may remember IHG being banned last year from advertising the Holiday Inn Express breakfast as free, because – as no-one pay for breakfast at a HIX – technically (according to the UK advertising authorities) it isn’t free.

      • It does feel more advertorial than most of your posts, though. Are those affiliate links by any chance? 😉

        A couple of downsides you haven’t mentioned are the fact the 10% discount is only on fully-flexible rates, and that the 3K bonus point offer is far from eye-catching. Le Club Accorhotels regularly offers a much more generous 10K points for the same pattern of 3 x 2-night stays, with no Ibis Business card required. There’s no guarantee that they’ll do it again of course – but they did it three times last year.

        • I don’t get paid a penny if you take out the Business Card, I promise you!

          Didn’t know it was fully flex, I will add that in.

          The bottom line is that I know pretty well how many views an article will get before it runs and certain companies, of which Accor is one, do not generally excite, so I need to stir up interest however I can.

  2. I’m using the mobile site. I don’t see any Monday eat es for this weekend in London. Is it just me?

    • “monday rates”

      • No, none showing for me using a laptop. Maybe there is some delay.

        • The call centre were useless (as expected)
          I have sent accor hotels a message on facebook asking them to check

          • They tweeted me back to say they weren’t running it this week but it’d be back next week. Which is a shame as this is the first week I could do with it!

  3. Upgrade possibilities? Hmm. Don’t think I have ever had a whiff of an upgrade from Accor despite having held platinum for years.

    • Then you’re unlucky! I get upgraded every time, unless it’s an Ibis, where there is no real scope for an upgrade. Booked the basic room at the Pullman Bangkok last week, for instance, and was upgraded to the Executive floor with full lounge access. This is no exception, in my experience. You should, however, always ask politely for an upgrade at check-in, I find. Sometimes, the hotels don’t have record of your status, which I find odd. So they don’t know what level of membership you have. I find that they will always do their best once they find out that you’re Platinum.

    • I got an upgrade as a Plat on my Novotel stay before Christmas and I paid peanuts for it.

    • Yeah, I regularly get upgrades at Novotels, even on very cheap rates. Perhaps I’d get more if I It’s possible that if they have to choose between people with upgrades, they favour frequent stayers (like me) over people who’ve got a card through Amex or whatever.

      The main benefit for me though is late check-out, which I’ve absolutely never been refused. You can also have early check-in (technically instead of late check-out with Gold, but in practice I find the individual hotels will give you both).

      • …whoops, sorry, I mangled that somehow. Meant to say “Perhaps I’d get more if I queried it when I don’t get one, but I never bother”.

  4. Doesn’t 60 euros cover 2/3rd membership fee instead of 40% or am I missing something? (Still not out of bed yet)?

  5. Just to clarify, it’s a free welcome drink per person staying

  6. Does anyone know if of the major hotel groups match Hilton (Gold) ?


  7. Andrew H says:

    Everyone know about the Starbucks Gold offer? Register in January and put £5 on your card and you’re instantly given Gold status for a year.

    • I saw this in the shop yesterday. I felt it downgraded my own hard-earned Gold status :-)

      I was half-tempted to cover it since I know one of the US frequent flyer sites gets, oddly, massive readership for its Starbucks articles. Perhaps I pop it on Shopper Points!

      • Andrew H says:

        Indeed, I found it on one of the American points sites which surprised me as it was for Starbucks UK.

        I really need to cut down the number of FF sites I read (not this one I hasten to add), there are so many news sites it makes my head spin!

      • I have shed my Starbucks habit and have fallen off the gold-wagon :'(

  8. Could you theoretically pay to get the gold status and then do a status match with, say, Hilton? Seems like it might be worth while.

    • Yes you can. Unless they ask for your stay statement which may result in a challenge rather than a match.

    • Yes. Take a look at to see who matches Accor. Hilton would certainly have accepted it in their recent status match offer as those of use with Accor Plat via Amex got Hilton Diamond.

    • I wonder if Hilton would do a status match with Starbucks gold? 😉

  9. Andrew H says:

    O/T and strange goings on with Heathrow Express.

    Last September Raffles wrote an article about HE’s new pricing. Book 90 days in advance and you could book a one way ticket for £6.99 and a return for £11.90.

    I took advantage and bought a couple of returns for a trip being made next May (total cost £23.80 for two £11.90 adult returns).

    Saw this news article this morning which brings new prices into effect:

    So the bad news is, you can’t get 90, 30 or 14 day advance returns on *weekdays* any more. The new prices are £12.10 for a 90 day advance single, £14.30 for a 30 day advance single and £16.50 for a 14 day advance single. So the tickets I bought last month would now cost double – £48.40. That’s a backward step after the positive price changes last September!

    These changes don’t apply to weekends, however. The good news is that the weekend cost of a 90 day advance single has gone down from £6.99 to £5.50. A 30 day ticket is £8.80 and a 14 day ticket is £16.50. And even better, a 90 day advance single business ticket only costs £7.50!

    So it’s great news for weekends, bad for weekdays. I hope you all bought some 90 weekday advance tickets before today!

    Here’s a list of all the new prices:

    • Thanks Andrew. This was on my list to cover this week, the new pricing has been in effect for a couple of weeks.

      The problem was probably that the advance tickets were too popular with business passengers. With so many companies now booking non-changeable cheap economy flights for staff, there is little risk in booking a non-flexible HEx ticket to sit alongside it!

    • nationwide rewards…15% at the minute…

  10. See on Accor a lot of new hotels are listed for London, Strand Palace, Atheneum and a few others.

    • Andrew H says:

      Has the Happy Monday offer finished? No £25 room hotels coming up for London or Manchester this weekend.

    • They’re so-called partner hotels – loyaltylobby (and possibly HfP!) covered this some time ago. As far as I can remember, there are no benefits for Le Club members when booking these hotels!

      • I just saw Strand Palace today as well. It is a stupid, stupid system – Accor trying to flog other peoples hotels via their own website even though there is nothing in it (at all!) for the guest.

  11. Didn’t see it mentioned above – but I did notice a poster at the Leeds Ibis City Centre I was at last weekend that the 10% discount was on fully flex hotel stays, but sure I saw 5% extended to sale fares as well? Not the £1.25 I would have saved would have made it worthwhile.

    • Yes, you get 5% off sale rates – but I was assuming that was the standard 5% extra discount that Accor gives all Le Club members.