New Amex Platinum hotel benefits launched! But a shock exit too ….

Back in October, I wrote about the new deal that American Express had done with Hilton HHonors to offer status as part of the American Express Platinum benefits package.

It had been slowly rolling out globally but had not yet reached the UK.

However, a development has occurred!

If you go to the Platinum cardmembers website, you now get taken to this page:


Do you see what I see?

Hilton HHonors – Gold status (gets free breakfast)

Shangri-La Golden Circle – Jade status

Melia Rewards – Gold status

I will do another article next week looking at each of these in detail and explaining what benefits they bring.  They definitely add value to the Platinum package.

But here is a shock ….

Amex giveth but Amex taketh away ….

The following message appears on the Platinum website if you look closely enough:

Enrolment to receive the American Express benefit of 1-year complimentary Le Club AccorHotels Platinum tier membership will end on 15 April 2016; after which Cardmember requests cannot be accepted, and Cardmembers will not be enrolled or upgraded to Le Club AccorHotels Platinum tier.

Yes, after 15th April you will no longer be eligible for free Accor Platinum status.  Your existing status will continue to be valid until it expires, of course.

I never took great advantage of this, but my wife used it successfully at the Sofitel in Sochi.  Even on my last Novotel stay I received two free drinks, an upgrade and bonus points.  I would rather have Hilton Gold than Accor Platinum, but at the same time I wouldn’t swap Accor Platinum for Melia Gold.  This was, after all, the only top tier status that came with Amex Platinum.

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Double Heathrow Rewards points until 31 March (registration required)
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  1. Accor plat made the Sofitel T5 the choice of airport hotel, but Hilton was missed much more when it went. I rated Accor less than the others, barely any difference on Ibis or Novotel hotels, then again a free drink once in a while, but certainly no brekkie.

  2. Chewbacca says:

    Diamond status via HfP link is still working in and got Diamond status the other with Hilton (though took 4 emails n asking to be escalated to manager)

    Is Hilton Diamond on par with Accor Plat, do you get free breakfast and lounge access? I just aplied for Hilton platinum if I spent the required £750 in the next week or so (have various reneweals to allow me to do this) would I get the points in a few days for the free night? I need to book two nights in New York in late Feb. I’m amex Platinum and see good Avios on Kaligo as well, any recs for good central hotels in NY, was thinking Waldord Astoria or not worth it and look at something cheaper? Or go mad and book Peninsula for £600 and 20,000 avios?

    • What’s this link you talk of?

      • Chewbacca says:

        It’s the daily article that Raffles did about Hilton match status which I think was due to end late Jan, search Hilton should bring it up. Still works though if you email them, though must screen shot the Accor or which ever status into a word doc and then when they say they cant see attachment ask to escalate to a manager, then gets done in 30 minutes!

    • Free night cert will take 6 weeks or so to arrive.

      Diamond is lounge access, yes.

      • Chewbacca says:

        If I made the £750 spend do you think it worth calling if I said I wanted to book something in the Hilton hotel chain or it takes 6 weeks irrespective end of?

      • Chewbacca says:

        BTW Raffles thank you, flying to US in late Feb on business in BA and returning in first on BA. Your articles and this site allowed me to build up the points…. Just blew them all so now need to rebuild :-)

  3. When my German Amex Plat sacked me for living in the uk I didn’t replace it but Accor Plat continued to be renewed even though I stayed only very occasionally. Lets see what happens this march when the next renewal is up!

  4. Just got an invite from Amex to upgrade to Platinum from Gold
    Not sure if I will bother as the travel insurance won’t cover me because I have high blood pressure
    Need to think about it because £450 is a lot for an annual fee with 20,000 membership rewards points thrown in.
    When you renew the Gold Amex does the lounge pass automatically renew as I have not had
    any information about it renewing.

    • Yes it renews, but you only get 2 visits for free per year. I renewed gold amex briefly to get the 7500 bonus points (10000 for newer cards) but I struggled to use the lounge club visits as I very rarely fly non-alliance airlines. Ended up using them in Dubai instead of going to the BA lounge, which I heard is rubbish (and I still haven’t been to)

  5. A shame about Accor, however, if my understanding is right, bonus points count towards status so this year I have earned it on my own anyway, hopefully they will keep the offers coming, and maybe they will further improve their platinum offering as the numbers drop off.

  6. We don’t have the Amex Platinum but have taken out the Hilton Honors card. Once you spend the 10k and get gold status how long do you keep it? Is it only till the end of that calendar year and then you have to start your spend all over again from January?

    • ankomonkey says:

      I hit the spend in April 2015 and got gold until end of March 2017. I doubt it’s a standard 2 years though, I think I just got lucky in whatever cycle they work on. I have no idea what would happen status-wise if I spend £10k on it this year – extension to March 2018 or absolutely nothing…

    • I’m currently working towards this… As far as I’m aware you should get Gold until March 2018 whether you hit 10k now or in December – I could well be mistaken though!

    • Nick is right.
      If you achieved Gold this year, it doesn’t matter which month, you will have the status for the rest of the year + the whole year following year, until the end of March 2018.

  7. Yes, Accor brg all the way. I think I’ve only paid for one of my last 5 stays at the Sofitel Gatwick. Be warned though that kids are no longer allowed in the lounge in the evenings.
    They did give us extra complimentary drinks in the bar instead though so no complaints.

    • ” Accor brg all the way.I think I’ve only paid for one of my last 5 stays at the Sofitel Gatwick ”

      Has the Accor BRG changed, I thought it was on the lines of match price plus an extra 10% off.

  8. Hopefully the Hilton Gold will still be there and the benefit are still as good when I needed…
    Last time around The Hilton Gold was only for one time only. I saved mine and waiting to use it when necessary. The year that I wanted to register for it, Amex removed the offer without notifying anyone…I was very annoying as I planned to use the benefit and have deliberately not to do an extra 2 nights mattress run at Hilton to re-qualify Gold….

    • You can usually get gold for 3-4 nights per year if you wait for the right offer.

    • Agree, I was caught out by this too but then had a run of stays and managed to complete a Diamond challenge instead 😀

      • Yes, luckily Hilton has been nice to me. They offered me a Diamond challenge and reinstated my Gold status at the time:-)

  9. I got my Accor Platinum status through the Amex Platinum card. I didn’t keep the Amex Card past 4 months, so got a pro rata refund of the £450 fee.

    3 years on my Accor Platinum status keeps renewing, even with no stays or points credited to Accor. I had my new card through last month. So my guess is that it won’t be an immediate removal of your Accor statuses, I suspect (like me) it will keep rolling over for several years! But I do agree with the point of the article, which is commenting on the degradation of Amex Platinum offered benefits.

    • I am hoping this too! Although I don’t use Accor hotel much, but it is nice to have the status for occasional stays.

      I guess it really depends their system…
      There were various promotions for Accor Platinum in the past, I signed my mum up and her status was renewed for 2 years without the needed numbers of stays. Then one year she received an email saying her platinum status will be renewed, but a month letter another email informed her that she has not stayed the required numbers of nights, therefore she will be dropped to Gold…and she is now only the basic member!

  10. OT but amex: anybody else having problems with amex online travel bookings? When I enter the dates it removes my destination when attempting to book a hotel. This has been happening for over a week already.

  11. Has anyone actually managed to enrol? The form doesn’t work for me, just goes back to the same page. Can’t even put my full Melia account number in because mine ends with a letter and the form only accepts digits. The form states the wrong status levels, and misses it entirely in one place. I suppose even for a £450 premium product you can’t always get your content editors to do a proof read….

    • I would give them a few days. It isn’t officially announced yet after all.

    • Gin and Tonic Please says:

      I managed to get it to work today, after failing over the weekend. The enrollment page has changed this morning, asking you to confirm more details (title, address, etc), so I assume they’ve got their back-end sorted now.

      Also, on the Melia point, it works if you just drop the letter off the end of the account number. Works on too, so it’s not an issue. I actually wonder whether the letter is only put on at registration in order to designate an unverified account.

  12. Mine shows HHonors Diamond btw!

  13. As I got the Hilton Diamond status through status match (was a gold as I had put through £10k on the Hilton Visa last year), the loss of Accor Platinum is a definite dis-benefit.

    AP was very handy in Asia- on one trip to Thailand, one Mercure upgraded me to Executive floor & lounge access, one Novotel upgrade to Junior Suite (with free bottle of wine and snacks). Breakfasts thrown in at both. Couldn’t ask for more.

    • No need for Priority Pass so Platinum benefits for me are now down to the car hire and travel insurance. Time to ditch it and research decent insurance.

  14. So Hilton Gold status is back, Q: is it just going to be for 1 year then back down ( like last time we had it ) or is it going to be like the Accor platinum keeping the status year after year even if you never stay?

    • Permanent

      • I received a letter and a brochure from Amex through the post today informing me the changes to the hotel benefits.

        However, I have noticed on the Hilton Gold section, it did not mention the “complimentary continental breakfast”. In my opinion, this is one of the most important benefits of the Hilton Gold status, not to mention it on a official document is rather strange… unless Hilton has planned to change the Gold status soon?

        • Sloppy Amex writing, almost certainly.

          Remember, Amex does not mention the hotel benefits AT ALL on the Platinum website (the marketing website, not the members site).

          • DeltaCharlie says:

            What about the Shangri La Jade top offer of “priority upgrade to the next available best room category if the reserved room type is not available at check-in”. Is this the best they can offer…. And other benefits of free wi-fi, how is this a status benefit in 2016? Accor will be greatly missed by myself.

          • Ah..True!! Hopefully this is just another case:))

  15. So with the Golden Circle Jade, you should ALWAYS book the hotel 73 hours before you need it hoping that the room level you would have booked is then sold out forcing them to upgrade you!

  16. I was trying to book the Sofitel in Heathrow the week before last on the Accor app on my phone and it didn’t work. I then realised my last platinum membership had expired a few days earlier, so I called Amex Platinum first to ask whether I needed to renew my membership for Accor platinum, or if it would automatically renew. I was told it would automatically renew, but that there were changes coming.

    I called Accor direct to book the hotel and queried my membership – and I was told I have platinum membership ‘for life’ – not quite sure who to believe, but I will certainly be sad to see the Accor Platinum membership go – and it’s certainly something I will have to bear in mind when/if I renew my Amex Platinum as I can’t really see the new benefits much of a match.

  17. Starting too fall out of love with the Hilton Brand. Checked in to the Hilton NEC on Wednesday night and promptly checked out. Executive room with threadbare carpet, shower that trickled, shower tray that filled with water, broken toiletry tray and I mean it didn’t have 1 single metal bar in it, cheap toiletries but worst of all was the toilet paper. It brought back memories of school. It was worse than single ply happy shopper stuff! Oh and no spirits in the executive lounge!!

    I spoke to the manager who seemed ashamed. At £269 a night I expect a LOT more.

    So i promptly booked a room at the new Genting hotel over the road. WOW. Superior room, same price. Nespresso coffee machine, two complimentary bottles of Prosecco in the fridge, two complementary A5 note books, nice toiletries and lovely soft towels. Of course the rooms etc are only three months old, but the extras were way beyond anything the Hilton are offering.

    Went and spoke to the manager at the hilton the next day and told him he needs to go and spend a night over the road, because if he doesn’t up his game he’s going to be running a very quiet hotel. He agreed.

  18. And why pay £450 for hilton gold when you can pay £18

  19. Hi, I have just successfully applied for a platinum card and received it, and also a supplementary card for a friend at a different address which has arrived here.
    I see from other posts that this is normal.
    But what I am wondering is will the priority pass come here too, or will it go to the address I provided for the second card holder?