Hilton status match back – plus 40% off in Asia / Australasia / India / Maldives flash sale – plus US sale extended

(Edit, 22nd April:  Hilton has withdrawn the link for this specific offer from its website.  However, you can still request a status match via this page of hilton.com.)

Late last year, Hilton ran a hugely popular status match promotion.  Both my wife and I are now Hilton HHonors Diamond (top tier) until next March.

This promotion is now back.

This offer was emailed to selected people.  In the small print, it states that the offer is non-transferable.  It doesn’t seem that targetted though – the site even reminds you that you need to join Hilton HHonors first in order to do a match so it isn’t even just aimed at existing members.   It is also worth noting that Hilton has been consistently matching people in recent weeks who rang up and asked nicely!

You have nothing to lose by giving it a try.  They can only say no ….

The link to request your match is here.

Hilton Diamond 350

You will need two things:

A scan of your membership card in another hotel programme or a screenshot showing your status

Proof of a recent hotel stay with that brand, such as a scanned receipt or a screenshot from your rewards account showing recent activity

The offer runs until 30th June.

Status is valid until 31st March 2018 which is standard Hilton policy – the remainder of the current year, all of the next year and then a three-month grace period until March.

Even mid-tier Hilton Gold status is worth having if you are, for example, Starwood Gold.  Hilton Gold gets you free breakfast at most brands, plus an upgrade of some sort.  Hilton Diamond, the top tier status, gets you guaranteed lounge access at hotels which have one.  These are good benefits to have.

Full details of Hilton status benefits by tier can be found here.  The form to request your match is here.

And an Asia / Australia / India / Maldives flash sale now on!

As I mentioned briefly yesterday, Hilton is running an Asia / Australasia / India / Maldives flash sale until Monday.  See here for details.

The deals are valid for stays for the whole of 2016.

The headline saving is an impressive 40% off the standard flexible rate – albeit these bookings are non-refundable – so it is worth looking to see if any existing Hilton bookings you have should be rebooked.  It may also be worth cancelling redemptions and rebooking for cash if the rate is low enough.

Note that the offer excludes Hilton Tokyo, Hilton Osaka, Hilton Colombo, Hilton Colombo Residences and all properties in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Full details can be found on this special page of hilton.com.

Finally ….

The North America / Latin America Hilton flash sale, due to end this morning, has been extended by another 48 hours.  This offers discounts of up to 25%.

If you thought you’d missed out, you can still book here.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. I wonder whether there will be any opportunities for those of us who matched Diamond till Marhc 2017 to renew it until March 2018 without too much hassle?

    Would like to have it for another year but will only manage about 15 nights in Hilton this year

    • I think is what we’d all like to know. Small print however says match valid to 2017.

    • I’ve given it a go with my Accor Plat, will see!

    • If you cant status match then go Clubcard => Cat 1 Reward stays to hit Diamond (with a challange if you can get one otherwise its a lot of stays in south wales for you….)

  2. M HOCKENHULL says:

    We are Cunard Gold, do you think they would match this – it is a hotel chsins as such, only a floating one! We don’t have cards but I must have a final invoice from January which says it on the top

    • Hilton will match anyone who stayed a couple of nights in a Travelodge currently.

  3. When is the America sale up to?

  4. Janet Thomas says:

    I received Diamond status during the last promotion. Would I receive the benefits if I booked using Tesco clubcard vouchers?

  5. Have ihg gold through the free Visa card, are they likely to show any interest in a match?

  6. Slightly O/T with hIlton, but I was wondering if I could book a night as a gift for my sisters birthday under my own account for her and her husband – they would then get my Diamond benefits and I’d get the points. If I put her name as the other named guest, and gave her husband my credit card – would Hilton be any the wiser?

    • Fine in the UK and most countries, except those where the lead guest must show up with photo ID (eg Spain)

    • I think it depends on the place.
      In UK they never asked me for ID. In USA first thing is the passport and credit card as in Spain and Italy where local laws require that (in Italy your documents details must be sent to Police within 24hrs).

      • Although as an HHonors member I’ve not been asked for that – also with digital key at some properties you don’t even need to go to the front desk!

        • You must in the UK – by law hotel must get a signature at check in.

          • I was thinking about doing this for my parents in Dubai. It’s their 60th birthday and I was going to book them a few nights in the Waldorf on the Palm. I’ve got Hilton Diamond so they could get some benefits and I would get some points. Don’t want to risk sending them there though and there is a huge problem when they check-in.

          • Don’t worry they don’t offer Digital Key outside the USA yet I believe 😉

    • I think you’re talking about paid stays where it won’t work, but if you wanted to book them a reward stay, you can easily change the name on your account for that stay by booking on the phone with the USA call centre.

      Tell them you want to book a stay with your points for somebody else. Make sure you get an American accent as the other call centres can’t do it. You should call before 2100 UK time otherwise you get directed to the Mexico call centre.

      The other person will get all the benefits of your status and your name won’t be anywhere on the reservation, so it will seem to the hotel that they are the actual owner of the account. I haven’t got this to work with paid stays.

  7. I thought Gavin wants to match his IHG status to Hilton. how would they know?

  8. The Hilton Diamond Status Match never really went away… I matched to Diamond using Accor Platinum on 13th February 2016 by emailing a screenshot of my account to : HHonorMyStatus[at]hrcc-hilton[dot]com

  9. Not sure, certainly my treatment as comped Diamond (comparrd to past few years as earned Diamond) has been identical :)

  10. Annoyingly can’t see any reduction in rates at all in Maldives, when I’m looking for early November 2016 – it just displays a message saying that rate is no longer available (or similar).

  11. What an excellent hobby this is turning out to be.

    Just waiting for my transfer from Virgin FC to hit my IHG account, upgrade to Spire Elite. Complete my Accelerate Challenge, 160,000 odd points in my account.

    And now a status match with Hilton. Happy days. Just a pity I entered the game after travelling around most of the USA, never mind plenty to go at.

  12. Strangely they only accept .JPG files and not .PDF !

    If you have trouble with this, use the Snipping Tool in Windows and Save As to generate a PDF.

  13. rams1981 says:

    Hilton diamond after a match to Spire Elite has been great for me so far with 2 stays in Tokyo and Toronto

  14. Is the “upgrade to a preferred room” always an upgrade to a higher category of room, or can it sometimes just be a “better” room within the same category?

    And similarly, as a diamond, does one tend to get multiple category upgrades (perhaps not if the whole world and his wife becomes diamond after this promo)

    Just trying to figure out the “sweet spot” particularly as generally stay with kids, hence extra space of, say, a junior suite or suite would be a great benefit.

  15. I got Gold from matching my IHG Gold a few months ago. I’m now IHG Platinum – any point even asking? I’m guessing IHG Plat is more likely to just match to Hilton Gold than Diamond?

    • If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

      I’ve just asked to have my HHonors Diamond (due to expire March 2017) extended by showing my Accor Le Club Platinum & associated stays.

    • IHG Plat > HH Diamond.

  16. Craig Vassie says:

    Got the status match to Diamond thanks to Rob, and have just done a stay at the Stockholm Hilton, which just wasn’t that great! Best laid plans etc…..

    • Hey, please tell me as I am going to book it. Is it worth or not? otherwise I will stick to my Radisson!

      • Hilton slussen has always been great. Have stayed there 10times in the last six months. Had a nice upgrade to a room with a sauna recently

  17. sarahluv says:

    ooo. hopefully i’ll get accor platinum by june and I can status match again. (currently matched to gold)

  18. I would say this development has downgraded the AMEX platinum further, the best new development has Hilton gold but now it seems that Hilton Diamond can be kept until 2018 without paying for the AMEX platinum, they will be losing me at renewal.

  19. SpeedbirdABZ says:

    Wow! That took four hours from submitting my Accor Platinum details to the “Congratulations” e-mail from Hilton. Didn’t expect that. Thanks again Raffles!

    • SpeedbirdABZ says:

      Oh, only valid until 31st March 2017 though. Ho hum.

      • #firstworldproblems haha

      • Ah damn. Interesting that mkcol seemed to get it until 2018 too. Worth going back to them?

      • I’d go back to them and query the date. When i matched last year they messed up and set up a new account, i then asked them to combine with my existing account so i could apply the status to existing bookings. They upgraded my old account to Diamond and left the new account open as well, they seemed quite free n easy with it all!

    • Wow that is good! Still waiting one day later here. If everyone starts getting it quickly I might resubmit.

  20. does not seem there is any availability in the Maldives with the discounted rate?

  21. This offer didn’t really go away.

    I regularly stay in Hilton hotels and there has been a notice at receptions since the turn of the year that to get a status match just email a particular email address.

  22. Heather says:


    If you had got Best Western Diamond – what do you think Hilton would status match that to??

    • You could make a case for HH Diamond but they may see BW as a ‘lesser’ chain and offer Gold. Never know until you try.

  23. Does anyone know if they send a confirmation email to advise of the upgraded status / match ?

    I didnt have any stays in last 12 months with accor plat so made a £20 booking for last night at the ibis in bucharest. But does a ‘stay’ mean you physically have to check in ?

  24. Thanks Raffles! It matched my Starwood Gold status within days (less than one wee!
    It does state until March 2017 – not 2018. Any idea what I can do – I could not find the information online? Cheers!

    • I’ve had no reply when trying to extend my match to March 2018 – I note the Hilton website also no longer says 2018 as it used to – has anyone actually received it until then??