Good Accor promotion – €120 of credit or 6,000 Avios for three stays, however cheap

Accor hotels, which owns Novotel / Ibis / Mercure / M Gallery / Sofitel / Pullman etc, has launched a new, generous, promotion.

Given the generally weak offers launched by Carlson, Hilton, IHG and Starwood for Q2, this is worth a look.  The only snag is that you need to book your stays before 31st May.

You will earn €120 of Accor hotel vouchers or 6,000 Avios (or other airline miles) if you complete three stays of 2+ nights at Accor properties before August 31st.  Even super-cheap weekend rooms booked under the ‘Happy Mondays’ offer will count!

You MUST register for this promotion at this website.

Existing bookings made before yesterday do NOT count.  ‘Points and Cash’ bookings do NOT count.

Accor bonus

The bonus is dropped into your account in the form of 6,000 Le Club AccorHotels points.  Your first stay comes with 500 bonus points, your second comes with 2,500 points and your third 3,000 points.

This means that two things happen which are not explained on the promotional website:

If you reach 10,000 points (from a combination of the bonus and the base points from your stay) you will be given Gold status in the Le Club Accorhotels programme.  This page on the Accor website shows you the points you need for each tier and the benefits received.

Instead of taking the €120 of vouchers, you can convert your 6,000 bonus points (plus base points) into airline miles.  For the main programmes I write about, the conversion rates are:

Flying Blue 2:1 or BA:  2:1

Iberia Avios:  1:1  (so don’t convert to BA!)

Emirates:  2:1

Etihad:  2:1

Miles & More:  2:1

By converting to Avios in the Iberia programme, you are effectively ‘paying’ 2 Eurocents per Avios compared to taking the Accor hotel vouchers.  The hotel vouchers are therefore a better deal unless you have no plans to use them.  In all of the other airline schemes you are paying 4 Eurocents per mile which is very poor.

Remember that each stay must be for at least two nights and you need to book by 31st May, even though you don’t need to complete your stays until 31st August.

You can find full details of the offer, and the link to register, on the Accor website here.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. yetyom says:

    I am unable to register for it. Error says I am not eligible for it. Don’t know why. Anybody having the same issue?

  2. BigDave says:

    well this is pants as I have two stays already booked for may and july, being able to add one more (even being a matress run) would be nice, but I don’t see myself hitting 3 more 2+ night stays all of a sudden.

    • Same here. We prefer to go away in September when it’s cheaper and quieter – and are going to make a couple of bookings – but with this offer you have to complete your stay by the end of August.

  3. Jason Cousins says:

    Does this new promotion fall under their new rules of bonus points not eligible for status?

  4. Sebastian says:

    This is a great promo if you need to stay but not so great for a mattress run. I mean 2x£25×3 = £150, so even on the cheapest Happy Monday you’ll not be up. That said, if you can do the Happy Monday’s route and you need the rooms it’s great.

    • Agreed. I am not fully sure what the point of these offers is, since not many people are in a position to book 3 months ahead and it only drives leisure stays, not short notice business trips.

      • I think it’s pretty straightforward! A lot of people will be looking to book summer holidays around now and are likely to be swayed into booking ACCOR hotels as a result of this offer. While it’s obviously better for us customers when chains do it like IHG, with the entire promotional period also open for booking, it makes sense for the chains themselves to do it this way.

        I would imagine that people booking short-notice business trips might have other factors to take into account that are more important than a few bonus points.

        • In my experience, and if given lax corporate travel policies, a large % of switched-on business travellers are out to maximise their personal benefits as a trade-off for being made to shuttle around at unsocial hours, away from their loved ones.

          I am far more likely to inconvenience myself on a business trip by staying out of the way to maximise points than I would on a family trip, where I would face the wrath of the wife and kids if the hotel was too far away / too old / lacked key facilities.

      • Callum says:

        If it only drives leisure stays, the obvious conclusion would be that they want to drive leisure stays!

  5. O/T . New to this game and looking to join Avios do they ever give bonus points for new member
    signing up?

    • No. Very very occasionally there may be a promo for joining and taking a flight within a set number of days but even those haven’t been seen for a year or so.

      • Thanks Raffles ….i will go ahead and join just did not what to miss out on any points going..

  6. slightly o/t but if i recently completed a stay at a sofitel property (booked via can i retrospectively sign up and be awarded points (generally, not in relation to this promotion)?

    • Some schemes let you claim retrospective points from before you signed up, some don’t. It varies by loyalty scheme.

      In your case it doesn’t matter since stays booked via are not eligible for earning points. You need to book direct or via a standard travel agent, not Expedia etc.

  7. James67 says:

    As with everything accor, I’m confused how to keep my account and points active. I know I have to stay once per year but do they mean once per calendar year, once within 12 months of my last stay, or do they have a membership anniversary year? Thanks

    • AndyGWP says:

      From memory (my points were recently due to expire), it was 12 months from my last stay :)

  8. Alex W says:

    This is typical Accor. The wife and I have 3 existing Accor bookings (only because no Hiltons available…) that will not qualify for this bonus.
    IME Accor also rigidly enforce that you get no points unless you book direct.

    Compare and contrast with Hiltons, their offer applies to existing bookings. I also have a 100% success rate getting points if booked through work’s travel agent.

    Throw in Accor’s poor customer service IME, and I still have no intention of using my free Accor platinum status unless I have no other option.

    • Accor would also give points through a corporate travel agent, just not a wholesaler like Expedia. The difference is that a travel agent just gets the usual 8%-10% commission on your booking whilst Expedia takes 25% and often, with independent hotels, up to 40%.

      • Sussex Bantam says:

        I can confirm this is correct for Accor having done that very thing this weekend !

        • Alex W says:

          Good to know, but I’m still not going to risk it with Accor unless no other major hotel chain is available in my intended location!

          • Sussex Bantam says:

            Your choice of course but just for the record my free Platinum status got me room upgrade, free drink at the bar, free mini-bar and late check-out. We were quite happy !

      • Although be very careful – I had to fight hard to get points for a booking made via Trailfinders. Unbeknownst to me the TF rate was some special deal that was no cheaper for me but clearly got TF a kick-back that then made it ineligible for Accor points – they also refused to issue points on F&B spend on top of this, which seemed particularly mean. After much to-ing and fro-ing I eventually got the hotel to issue F&B points – by mistake they did this twice so partially recouped points for stay as well!

      • Accor refused points for a recent booking made at the group rate by a corporate travel agent.

        • I have heard some issues recently of people who use corporate travel agents controlled by Expedia (eg Egencia) because the hotel sees it as an Expedia booking – even though it may well have been booked at a standard rate and not from the wholesale allocation – and denied points.

          The whole hotel loyalty business would fall apart if rooms booked by corporate travel agencies were non-qualifying, for obvious reasons.

  9. I’m not eligible for the offer either… I wonder if this is because I’m still arguing with their customer service for the 1,050 points they invalidly removed from my account waaaaay back in December…

    Have to agree on the very very poor customer service. They send me an email every month saying they are escalating the issue. Since mid-December!

    • Melvin says:

      I have also logged a complaint with Le Club AccorHotels which they are failing to comprehend or deal with.

      If I was young and hip then at this point I would send a link to my post on their Facebook page but as I am not, here is what I initially sent:
      Dear Le Club AccorHotels,

      Thank you very much for my 1st year anniversary email received today, how thoughtful of you to remember.

      I was initially excited to see that you are offering me a ‘special gift’ but my euphoria quickly turned to disappointment when I realised your ‘loyalty’ offer consisted of 500 bonus points in exchange for a stay at one of your hotels!

      ‘Gift’ (noun) – a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present.

      You would not offer a friend a present but then say that the condition of accepting the gift is for them to give you something in return.

      By all means offer me a bonus point deal if you wish but don’t dress it up as a ‘gift’.

  10. Thanks Raffles for highlighting this offer. Couple of points to make:

    I am a leisure traveller. I don’t have any “credit card” loyalty status.
    However, I have taken part in Accor promotions in the past – in fact, Raffles first alerted me to Accor’s “generous” promotions a couple of years ago.

    However – the two points I have to make (the bits above were just preamble!) –

    1) This offer is nowhere near as good as their offers in the past – if I remember correctly, it was up to 10,000 points for just 3 1 night stays? And even after that, they did 2,500 Avios per stay – and even when they “changed” their offer to “2 night stays” – didn’t they still use to offer 10,000 points?
    2) Making suitable use of the points once you have them is so hard to justify – generally they’re unusable on most “advance/non refundable rates” – so if price is important to you (and you don’t mind booking a non refundable rate) then using the points will be difficult.

    However, I do take on board that there are other ways to make use of the points – e.g. Avios.

    However, overall, I think this is an offer to be cautious about if spending your own money!!

    • Brian says:

      It’s not a question of being ‘cautious’ – Accor isn’t marketing this as a way to get stays for nothing and, as others have pointed out, there is no point in doing mattress runs for this promotion. They’re offering bonus points – if you have stays which you need anyway and which you can just as easily do in an Accor hotel, go for it. If not, don’t.

      The fact that it’s not as generous as previous offers simply means that Accor obviously doesn’t need to make it as tempting as before. So there is nothing untoward or sneaky about it and nothing to be ‘cautious’ about.

  11. I can use the 3000 pts for 2 stays to get me to Gold status, so a 2 x 2-day Ibis Happy Mondays matress run might be worth it for me.
    My question:- will it be OK if I book 2 nights, but only check in for the first one? Or will they discover a missing person 2nd night and flag it as a single night in their system? Anyone know?

    • You’ll be fine. They won’t know until the 2nd day that you’re not there and that is your check out day anyway. To be certain, perhaps ring the hotel AM and say you had to dash out to a meeting and the key is in the room and can they formally check you out.

      • Thanks – I’ve used “coffee in the room and ruffle the sheets” before for a single night with Accor, IHG and others. In fact it is a uesful way to take a rest break on a long journey anyway, esp. witha free welcome drink. But I was not sure about longer stays.

        (Now, I wonder if they would notice anything after a week? A fortnight?!!)

        • I think, for a longer stay, I would speak to the Manager and make it clear what I was doing.

          There are reasons to do this. For example, Hilton Diamond challenge. Ask and they will offer you 18 nights in 90 days for Diamond. Reward nights count so you could head to Newport and check into the Hampton (Cat 1) for 18 nights. Total cost would be 90k Hilton points. Depending on where you are going and what Diamond benefits they offer, this could be worth it.

    • Brian says:

      Accor generally offer online check-in. If you take them up on this, all they require you to do on the day of check-out is leave – you don’t need to go to reception. You can even leave the key in the room. As long as you haven’t run up any incidental spend, you’ll be fine and your invoice will be emailed to you.

      So if you are not intending to stay for the whole period, just make sure you opt for online check-in and put the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door when you leave…

  12. I am signed up to autoconvert points to iberia. On my points statement, 2000 points were deducted on 11th last month with – E-Voucher : E-Reward. How long should it take for the points to appear on my iberia account?

    • It depends. They seem to get posted to IB in batches. Could be tomorrow, could be a fortnight, based on past experience.

  13. JamesW says:

    I’ve been looking in Hamburg for a weekend in June and after I registered for this offer nearly all of the hotels went up by around twenty euros a night :-( Suspicious.

    • My wife was back at the Reichshof last week and said it is much improved from the disastrous stay I had when it opened (Hilton Curio). Park Hyatt still the best modern luxury option in town. Le Meridien isn’t bad.

    • Brian says:

      Try using a different computer and not signing in to see if your suspicions are correct! If it’s of any use, both the Ibis and the Sofitel are decent bets. I prefer the location of both to the Reichshof and the Park Hyatt, as being closer to the centre (which I view as the Inner Alster for my purposes). Ibis is a decent budget option and you might be lucky enough to get a room with a view of the water. Sofitel is very elegantly done, I think.

      • JamesW says:

        Thanks Brian, very good suggestion.

        Also thanks for the info on the hotels, I’m not really needing the level of the Sofitel but am toying with booking that as its not really that much more than other options. That said, the difference in price between an Ibis & the Sofitel would pay for an evening meal and a few drinks.
        Which Ibis are you referring to ? As there are 8 in the area, 5 more centrally to choose from !!

  14. Peter says:

    Hi Raffles
    I tend to book direct with a Novotel and actually placed the summer bookings yesterday, and then saw your email afterwards. Do you think that although I registered a couple hours after my bookings it will be ok? Or should I go and sweet talk the Reservations clerk at the hotel?
    Timing! As perfect as always :-)

    • Does it say you have to register first? Or does it just say you need to book on the 3rd and register on the 3rd? I reckon you’re OK.

  15. JamesW says:

    I’m guessing this won’t combine with, say, quadruple miles for staying in a new hotel ??

    • Yes, it should do.

      • JamesW says:

        Sadly one of the Ts &Cs (of this stay more earn more promo) seems to state otherwise but might be lucky and get it, one of those unknowns I think. By the letter of the rules it probably won’t combine :-(

        12. The offer cannot be combined with any other Le Club AccorHotels promotional offers and does not apply to groups.