600 easy FREE Avios with ‘Rewards For Thoughts’

One of the less known avios.com partners is market research group ‘Rewards For Thoughts‘.  They are offering a generous 600 Avios points just for signing up.

Note that this is an avios.com and NOT a British Airways Executive Club promotion.  You will need to join avios.com to take part – this means UK addresses only.  The Avios points you earn can be transferred over to BAEC via the ‘Combine My Avios’ option online.

Avios Rewards for Thoughts

It seems simple enough.  Once you sign up via this link, you will be emailed consumer surveys on an occasional basis.

You will earn 25 Avios for every short survey you complete and 50 Avios for every long survey.  The points will post within five days, they promise.

To be honest, I doubt this is worth your time for such a small number of points but you could always do them on the train in the morning or in front of the TV!

However, when you complete your first survey you will receive a bonus of 600 Avios points.  This is more like it!

Whether or not you cancel your membership after the points post from your first survey is up to you.  I definitely recommend joining and completing one survey.

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  1. Mikolaj says:

    It works, I’ve done it some 2 months ago, the points arrived with no problems. Other surveys are a waste of time but the sign up is all right. When you unsubscribe you don’t get any more emails.

  2. When you go to the website it allows you to choose either avios or baec as your rewards programme. I signed up for both a few months ago and got both.

    • Be careful if you continued to complete surveys for both programmes as they will close your accounts down – happened to me when I signed up for both when they first started! Not worth to continue after the sign up bonus.

      • Tilly71 says:

        I signed up to both programmes and still earning points a year Later?

  3. Not worth my time after the sign up bonus. Even conpleting te first one was the most annoying survey experience, where they ask loads of personal questions and disqualify you at the end if you dont meet some obscure criteria (but they got most answers free). Im out :)

  4. Daniel says:


    As bad as other similar sites… collect 95% of data then disqualified you…

    Just avoid

    • Simon Fisher says:

      I have to agree…there have been countless times I have answered a shed load of questions and then been told I didn’t qualify or the survey had been oversubscribed. (Who’s the fool I suppose!)

      It happens far to frequently to be anything other than a borderline scam! These are not just the standard name/sex/age questions but also detailed questions about mt opinions or back ground that go far beyond the usual qualification ones.

  5. BigDave says:

    uk only and unless you use aprogram like Fake GPS or a vpn on your tablets the surveys seem to to suss out you’re not in uk either, even if you do supply a uk address.

  6. simon adlington says:

    I will second Daniels comment. Got disqualified on 3 surveys after completing most of the information. Just avoid.

  7. e-Rewards is better I find, 750-1500 easy avios/month, just do a few surveys while watching the TV now and again.

  8. please avoid this

    Just not worth the data you will give them

  9. Andrew says:

    At present I get 1000 or 2000 avios a month from erewards. I use both the Web and the app versions.

  10. Frenske says:

    I am member of RfT.

    You will never get Avios rich this way. I have earned about 2200 Avios since I signed up February 2015. I only pick the surveys that gives relatively a lot of Avios per duration and when I bored.

  11. Surely if you value your time it’s better to just buy Avios!

    • Genghis says:

      Agreed. I gave up on these surveys quickly after I completed a handful and they then decided at the end of the survey I didn’t for the profile.

      • Genghis says:


        • Alan Small says:

          Joined a while ago, but lately their surveys have been a waste of my time. Nearly al of them let you get 90% through then say ‘THIS SURVEY IS NOT FOR YOU’ and kick you out! When I joined this was a very rare event, but not now.

  12. OT/

    Have a hand baggage only flight tomorrow from T5; rest of the party have already chosen their seat, of course with my fare there is no option to pay, is there any way round that at the airport check-in machines? (I remember reading something, maybe not HBO fare thou)

    • Yes – I think you need to check in but not issue a BP, the machines then let you pick a seat? Or something like that!

      • that’s it
        check in online T-24 – DON’T print boarding pass or get them emailed to you or save to pdf
        at airport go to self check in machines and you can select your seat for free on HBO
        I did this in May to get a free exit seat on an Avios redemption

  13. Simon Fisher says:

    The number of people complaining about the same experience I have had, (let you get 90% through then say ‘THIS SURVEY IS NOT FOR YOU’) makes me begin to feel there is a bit of a scam going on here….. They need to change their ways it would seem.

    I would certainly NOT recommend doing any surveys after you have joined and got the joining bonus, based on my experiences recently.

    • Agreed – these surveys for Avios are a waste of time **unless** you happen to be in the demographic group they want – and you never know in advance. You normally answer 80% of the questions, they get most of the data they want, then they say “not this time thanks”. Another 15 minutes wasted…
      Scam? probably not, but a dodgy business model that cons you and me!

    • +1 had the same bad experience! I kept getting the message that this survey is not for you after answering 90% questions. I also got emails telling me survey is 10 minutes, but after you filling all the details the survey suddenly change to 20 minutes. There have been a couple of times I was offered 30 minutes survey for 50 Avios!! I found it a bit dodgy, so closed my account last year.

  14. James67 says:

    How long do the 600 bonus avios tke to post and are they transfered automatically or do we need to move them manually like erewards? Thanks.

    • Frenske says:

      These points are added automatically

    • they usually post almost immediately but you can only get Avios whereas with erewards you usually get a choice of various airline/hotel points (seems like a random selection across my multiple accounts).

      • James67 says:

        Thanks, I signed up, did 1×25 avios survey and no sign of those or 600 bonus overnight.

  15. Nick_C says:

    I’ve earned 6300 Avios in 4 months through RFT. That included the 650 sign up bonus and 714 for a long survey that took about an hour (comparing insurance quotes). For me its worth it, but I have time on my hands. The reward rate isn’t great, probably about 200 avios an hour, but I actually enjoy doing the surveys!

  16. Mr Dee says:

    I’ve tried to do 4 surveys today to get the signup bonus and all of them told me I was not eligible for the survey half way through

    • Then just lie, thats what I did, if its a tampon survey, then even if you are a man, for the purpose of this survey, YOU USE TAMPONS.