30% off UK and European Hiltons for public sector workers

A reader mentioned this offer in an email to me last week and, as some people may have never seen it before, I thought it was worth another outing.

Hilton has a very attractive discount code for UK residents who work in the public sector.

If you work in the public sector then you will save 30% on the best flexible rate at many Hilton Group properties. That is NOT ‘up to 30%’, it is a guaranteed 30% saving. The only exception is the budget Hampton chain, where the discount is 20%.

(The discount will be smaller than 30% if you compare it to the Advanced Purchase rate of course – but it should still be lower.)

The promotion is designed to run on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, although some hotels may load the rate for other nights as well.

The Hilton definition of ‘public sector’ is ‘organisations that have a direct report to a UK Government Ministry (including the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland Assemblies), are entirely funded by UK Tax Payers’ money, are non-profit making and operate entirely for the public interest and have no commercial interests whatsoever.’

Hilton Public Sector discount

You can find further details at this website.

To book, go to the main Hilton website and – on the first booking page where it asks for a city – click ‘Add Special Rate Code’ and enter Hilton promotional code PR11PN.  Not all hotels participate but many do.

At present, because of the current Hilton sale, the discounts are not as strong as they often are.  As an example, for 16th-18th September, when I do actually need to be in Sheffield, the Hilton is £65 per night and includes breakfast.  You can get an identical rate in the Hilton sale.  Once the current promotion ends, however, this will become a valuable addition to your booking arsenal again.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Felix Flyer says:

    Worth mentioning that the rate also includes full breakfast. Just booked Hilton St George’s Park at Burton for £74 which was £5 off the sale price. Only cash back route I could find (if it works) was Virgins Shops away for 6 miles per £.

    • Estore on Avios site are doing Hilton for 8 Avios /£1 – although my recent booking didn’t track so I have just submitted a claim. Still showing on their site today.

  2. Danksy says:

    Beware – You may be asked for proof of public sector employment. We’ve used this rate 5 or 6 times and twice have been asked to show we are public sector employees – luckily my wife is so we were ok!

  3. Slightly OT.

    Just at the Doubletree Dunblane Hydro.

    I’m HH Gold. No in room welcome gifts, ie nuts/jellybeans or drinks vouchers.

    Was told it’s a Hilton wide instructions since June 1st, and each hotel gets to decide if they will follow it.

    Obviously here at the Dunblane they have decided to do so. Bit of a shame

    Still, nice gaff here tho, Great looking historic building + good breakfast…

    • Yes, removed from many hotels at the direction of Hilton.

      Not a decision made by hotels – this has been forced upon them.

      Lounge has gone at Doubletree Milton Keynes and globally some hotels have renamed the lounges to exclude diamonds.

      Getting to be a poor chain now :(

    • Dunblane Hydro is one of my favourites, very grand place built at the time of the hydro style of hotels (such as Gleneagles). Branding it as a Doubletree seems a downgrade to me, lots of room to put in an exec lounge, and it has its own Livingwell gym. The decor in the dining room where they serve breakfast has a great olde world feel to it, if you get in early you can get one of the tables by the window and the view over the grounds.

      Stayed there a few months ago and got the jelly beans etc. But have also done stays this year at Hilton Gatwick, Hilton Reykjavik and Doubletree Hyde Park and got nothing from them (at Hyde Park you don’t even get a smile out of them).

  4. One question I have is – do you still collect Hhonora points for stays booked with this rate code?

    • Yes you do. The stays also qualify towards status and promotions.

      • Totally OT. Did anyone have to send a photo of both sides of their driving licence to Supercard, and if so, did you hear from them again before receiving your card? Also, how long did you wait? Thanks.

        • @mkcol says:

          A friend of mine did & it took about a week to confirm was ok & poss another week or so to get the card. They were good at responding to Tweets, so give that a try.

        • Yes I provided my ID then they came back and asked for the back of my licence then I got an email saying I had Made it! the card arrived in the post a few days later .

      • Thanks for confirming

  5. I used this rate last Friday at doubletree Milton Keynes and got a room for £40.25. I then got after an email to the hotel and upgrade to a king bed suite which was very big. I qualify for the rate by the way and have never been asked for it but always carry wage slip in the case or in the car

  6. @mkcol says:

    Irritatingly I can’t login to HHonors this morning to credit a booking I want to make to my profile :-/

    • Pierre says:

      Had a similar issue yesterday, called them and apparently my account was closed by someone due to fraud. The lady on the phone couldn’t find why and what fraud so she reopened it. Might be a glitch

      • @mkcol says:

        I actually couldn’t even get to the login page, just kept getting a “Bad Request” error.
        Then went into an ‘incognito tab’ and it all worked fine.

  7. Brian Porter says:

    The PR13CB rate no longer works. Any replacement?

  8. Would TfL be eligible for this?

    • Unfortunately not as TfL is not entirely funded by UK tax payers – they receive a government grant but most of the money comes from fare-paying passengers.

      • Raffles says:

        I get a feeling you’d be ok flashing a TFL ID.

        • When I used to do work for various government departments the department name was omitted from passes for security reasons.

          • Ditto, my government ID does not say who I work for either for security reasons (not MI6 by the way!).

            Never been asked for ID either. In general most government hotel rates will inc Breakfast – the government standard is min 3* inc b’fast. Allowances vary but theoretically limits are £90, / £110-“£120 in London and to book the cheapest hotel that meets the standard. Anything in excess of the cap tends to need approval.

            For balance though i’ve been known to stay in YHAs a fair bit on business, Travelodges etc for a tenner. Perhaps we should ask Raffles to do a review on YHA one day (i’m happy to volunteer an article if you cant stomach it…!).

      • There is no part of the generally ackowledged “public” sector except, perhaps, the armed forces, which is entirely funded by the tax-payer: Local and central government, hospitals and universities and museums charge fees for various services, schools use PTAs to supplement grants.

        • I suggest that if you work & have ID, this will be fine

          • I have got into an enormous number of nightclubs, assemblies, cheese & wines, private clubs etc by flashing an unconnected card with my photo on & being very pleasant.

            • Genghis says:

              Working a bit of the Harry charm?

            • The unconnected card says ‘let harry in or his bodyguard will shoot you’ then my bodyguard smiles a big toothy grin

            • sorry just getting the imagination running wild ready for my Heathrow Rewards competition entry

              we were waiting for our bags, late? – oh god it was so long, but a lovely girl was there, then I met her honey eyes, I fell in, we couldn’t resist our desires – and to a wild round of applause just did it there & then on the belt, one way to deal with waiting for late luggage, I suppose, our daughter was born 9 months later so we named her Fragile

            • Genghis says:

              Do you write for Mills and Boon?

    • Richmond says:

      I used the rate when working for TfL. No one asked for a badge at the hotel but always had it, just in case.

  9. There needs to be more offers like this to us poor public sector workers! Airline status, perhaps 😉

    • Seems strange to me.

      Many public sector people are the ones with Job Security and gold plated pensions, who can probably afford to ay the full rate.

      Transfer the discount to self-emplloyed people :-) .

      • Good to see you’ve got time to post here now, BoJo 😛 Sadly public sector pensions are by no means ‘gold-plated’ and have been massively hit in recent years (esp by the tax treatment of final salary schemes). For preceding decades these employees also received subinflationary pay awards and no bonuses as they were told they had decent pensions.

  10. Trying to secure a heathrow hilton T5 for September on a Monday night, cheapest is £150! Anyone know is this the normal rate for that Hilton?

  11. Kinkell says:

    Does anyone know if the rate applies to retired NHS staff? I could brandish my SPPA pension slip.

    • Yes it does

      • James67 says:

        How do you know that Harry?

        I called Hilton some time ago and asked if I could book rate for a relative who was a retired university lecturer. I was told rate only applied to serving, not retired, public sector employees. They seemed quite happy about university employees though despite the fact universities are not entirely funded by public funds.

        • At the end of the day, assuming the rules don’t address this, it is down to:

          a) whether the hotel asks for any ID at all
          b) if they do, whether they accept whatever ID you have showing you are retired public sector

          You’d probably be OK, especially as the room is prepaid so the hotel would be faced with refunding you if they refused to let you stay, but you’d have little recourse to Hilton afterwards.

          • James67 says:

            My interpretation was similar, I think interpretation of rules is likely very loose and down to indivudual hotels. However, I still steered my family away from it because I didn’t want to be the cause of any potential hassle. I have told others with cpear eligibility about it and they have been very happy so thanks again Rob as I first heard about it here in HFP.

      • Kinkell says:

        Thanks, Harry and others.

  12. Would this apply to trainer teachers or university students?

  13. That was trainee teachers.

  14. I plugged this code into their website for a Hilton hotel overseas and all it did was to remove all discount and sale prices and push the most expensive headline price as the only available option for each room category.

    I doubt many would be caught out by this but do beware.

  15. Alan C says:

    Used the rate for years and only asked once at Dunkeld for ID. Regarding nuts and jelly beans. Seemms like the latest benefit to go! As Diamond all I get now at non exec lounge properties is a drinks voucher! Used to get snacks and a bottle of wine up until a few years back. Stayed at CDG and got nothing. The lounge was out of serving hours too.

  16. Peter Taysum says:

    I’ve used this a lot as NHS staff. I show my ID on each occasion and staff look bewildered and politely thank me and ignore it. As Rob says, with current offers it’s not as good, but still slightly better but when current offers go its great. Often works for none-weekends. When searching use code PR11PN AND select “govt worldwide rate”. As pointed out above it always includes full breakfast (it’s part of the T&Cs of public sector workers).

    It stacks with current “double points” and “double triple quadruple Avios” Iberia/BA and you get benefits (I presume we’re all Gold as Rob has told us all how to get this).

    HELP Does anyone ACTUALLY KNOW if Iberia will limit at 1000 Avios? I have bookings. Need to change: NOTE changing online DOES NOT WORK you have to tell the Hotel when you check in, as it maps against preference at time of booking.

    For emergency services (includes NHS) workers there’s NHS Discounts called BLUE LIGHT CARD. Which I think (may be wrong) allows you to get discount even if you’re NOT emergency services. Cineworld annual “Unlimited” card for 30% off and I’m going to see if I can pay with Cineworld cards from Tesco for 300 Tesco CC points per £100, was just emailed. There’s also new Restaurant Cards including Wagamama and Yo!Sushi which is worth knowing about. Slightly makes up for loss of “free” VISA cards (slightly!)

    Thanks for the reminder to go via Avios, I was doing topcashback which was great and HAD to go to Tesco CC *sighs* I’m about to rebook all of my bookings (if possible) and then cancel the old ones for AVIOS

    I’m likely to do 18 nights in three months, should I email HH for a “Diamond Challenge?” I won’t make Diamond otherwise…

    OT Just got amazing flights with £150 off for 15000 pp so Thesaloniki for £88 quid each return from LGW for 160 TP and am looking at how the fares work for holidays with the “up to £100 off”

    Thanks Rob Very happy boy!

    Esp as was skint and had to fly “cattle” albeit with Gold benefits recently. Tip; DO NOT FLY IBERIA cattle IF THERE IS A BA FLIGHT INSTEAD as you have to pay for drinks etc. Outbound LHR to MAD seat was EXIT and offered free drink as Gold, marketed as BA operated by Iberia they had the list with One World Members). Way back seat was NOT exit I should learn to go to the desk and check, as this has happened with BA too occasionally and even My Flights didn’t pick it up (which it usually does, brilliant app, glad it’s back working). When were complaining of BA I Eric cattle far worse, and their seating plan doesn’t work booking online in my experience, and BA (say they) can’t access it either…

    Oh, HELP again. I status matched Al Italia. If travelling on KLM how can I access seats in advance, the KLM website doesn’t let me. When I phoned up the very friendly lady couldn’t/wouldn’t understand me…

    • Hi Peter, yes, I’ve warned multiple times on here about airline preferences with Hilton. Changing between point or miles works but airline choice is locked at time of booking and you need to ask reception staff to do it.

    • The IB cap is enforced in base and bonus (ie max 1000 each).

  17. I wonder if this thread is still live. Not closed yet, so it could be.

    Does anybody know whether membership of the CSMA Civil Service Motoring Association qualifies? Membership sees less rigid – something like anybody who has ever worked for the Crown.

    CSMA recently changed their marketing name but membership cards are widespread.