British Airways September sale starts TODAY

It is always risky writing about deals which are not yet launched as there is always a chance that they get pulled at the last minute or start late.  So, if it is not live when you read this, don’t blame me!  (EDIT: it is now live!)

The British Airways September sale is due to start today and runs until 20th September.  I don’t know the valid travel dates yet.

British Airways A350

Details are hopefully here.  I will do a full article on the pricing either tomorrow or Thursday, but the headline prices should include LA from £478 in World Traveller, Miami from £549, Orlando from £413 and Abu Dhabi from £399.  BA Holidays deals in World Traveller will start from New York at £449 per person.

Of more interest to the HFP market, Club Europe holiday deals will start at £259 per person with long-haul deals starting at £1,599 each for Club World to New York.

The home page for the sale is here.

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  1. I’m getting ” this offer has ended” when clicking onto the link

    • Not advertised yet but the sale fares are definitely loaded in the system. I’m in market for a couple of revenue fares to SE Asia next spring and BA prices this morning are substantially less across all classes than late last night. Don’t get excited though, their fares to BKK exEDI for example, even on sales with seats selected are over twice the price of best available fares across all classes available on the same dates with several other carriers.

      Discounts for avios are again available but not as generous as last time, i was offered £200 discount for 35000 avios compared to £300 for 30000 avios last time.

    • Ex Dub to west coast still quite high..wonder when this sale might actually kick in?? Looking for
      Dub-Sfo end of sept for 8 days…not looking good so far. Cummon BA..throw us a bone!

  2. Aeronaut says:

    See above…
    “If the link is dead, try again in a couple of hours – BA sales have a habit of not going live until mid-morning.”

  3. Simon Schus says:

    I was getting excited as I’m in the market for a few transatlantic flights in November and December, then I realised that I’m going to be starting those trips ex-USA to the UK/Europe rather than the other way around! I’ve usually been starting in the UK/Europe but I’ve moved over to the US for a while and I keep forgetting the sales aren’t the same.

    Maybe I can do some nesting and mix with an award flight over to the UK to begin the trip- we’ll see what comes up (and if BA run an ex-USA sale in parallel: I have no idea what happens with ex-USA sales and how/if they operate! Will have to do some searching around).

    • I’d also have a look at the AARP discount – lots of coverage on One Mile At A Time, decent discount for ex-US flights plus very cheap to join.

  4. Very OT. Gave the MIL 10 bottles of Mr Muscle last night which she (strangely) loved. Now there’s some very cheap brownie points.

    • Mr(s) Entitled says:

      Christ! I knew it was okay for the middle classes to pretend that Prosecco is the new Champagne but when did drinking Mr Muscle become okay?

      • You need to remember where you come from!! :)

      • When it came with bonus clubcard points :)
        I see BA are milking the publicity on the Olympics, flying the team home. Rightly so.
        At least they are doing something right 😉
        I know they come under a lot of flak on this site, justifiably on some of it. But they do do a lot right and as good as the ME3 are at giving a great product my wife still prefers to fly BA F. That may change after flying Etihad in October and hopefully she gets to come into one of the apartments ( I could only book 2)

        • My Dad is also looking forward to his Sunday Times Travel Mag sub starting which he got for his birthday. Shh!

        • How do the seats get distributed for a flight like this?

        • Agree its great when BA does these sorts of things!

          I do wonder though whether they did or didnt get the service cuts that were due yesterday…maybe we had some hungry athletes landing at heathrow? 😛

    • She might not have been quite so happy if she realised she effectively paid you to get them :)

      When I was doing the ELITE stuff with those chatty women, the free stuff was rather embarrassing & the house rather full – my wife actually issued an ultimatum not to get any more or else lol

      • Ha ha, that is a thread I steer clear of now too.

        Instead, I have tons of handwash due to the Cineworld Tesco promo in early summer…

      • Chatty woman says:

        Friendly wave from chatty woman.

        You can run but you cannot hide!

        • hi there, old squills is alive & kicking

          hope it was me who introduced you to hfp?

          must be a few elite on here

      • Please explain (if you dare!) Elite and chatty women ….. If there’s Avios to be gleaned and all that ….

    • What did you do with all the magazines that yo must have sscavenged?

      • Through them in the *bin* with all the unused printers purchased purely for points and no regard for the environment 😉

      • The mags were picked up in great quantities from the Tesco on Cheapside, taken to my work where I cut out the coupons and put the rest of the mags in recycling. My colleagues think I’m a bit loopy (but they are always asking for money saving tips…)

  5. GLA – PUJ 25/9-2/10 £1445. With an AI hotel it won’t be much over 2k

  6. I’m in the middle of my holiday in Krabi, Thailand and having flown over with Qatar ex Oslo for under £600 I think I will give this a miss.

    • Which cabin Clive? If business that is an awesome deal and beats my £852.90 Qatar business class return from AMS to BKK this November.

      • Ours is similar to HKT end of Oct, from CPH. Great value. We did cancel a BA F 241 to buy this, but putting the avios to v g use for RFS to position, and back and forth to DUB. Hope for a similar one not November too on QR. BTW it’s a1-2-1 config, same as BA F.

      • Hi Nick, Yes it was in business. Got the 787 out of OSL and the 380 on the BKK leg.

  7. I will be interested to see what they have to LAX. Typically ex OSL,ARN,CPH I can get roundtrip for 370GBP or DUB in Club for 1200GBP

  8. The sales page has just now load on my computer at 10.45am

  9. First mistake found – Santiago Business class fares showing on the Asia page!

  10. Will we see another part points payment ex UK deal? I bought two CW from Dublin to NY for 60k avios and around £1200. Thought that was a tremendous deal and was hoping to see sight of something similar.

  11. OT Iberiaplus store groupon points have posted. 5 per euro spent. Can’t remember what the rate was

    • Thanks. Mine has been ‘Approved’ but not yet in balance. I’ll look again tomorrow.

  12. Crash, crash, “system down”, crash. 12:22 today…. I’ll try a little later maybe…

  13. Sale is live now at 12:41

  14. I’m not one for bashing BA generally but their website is total garbage isn’t it….

  15. …sale looks great if you’re a couple with no kids…as soon as you add kids, it becomes more than what you’d pay for 4 adults…

  16. OT My wife is flying with my daughter (2yo) on short haul for just a couple of days. Hand luggage only is £60 cheaper, but not doable while handling a 2yo and a pram so she would like to fly with only 1 check in luggage and not pay for 2. Cannot make a separate booking because under 12 need to be accompanied.

    How to avoid paying extra for check-in luggage that’s not going to be used!?
    – Can you add 1 check luggage after booking hand luggage only flights?
    – Phone them?

    • You can add a bag after booking, though its around £30 one way so may not make a difference (price does vary a bit depending on route – check the BA website)

      alternatively, stuff as much as you can in the pram, as you can take this for no extra charge…

    • Use a courier as I do often these days…need advice?

      • Jude1234 says:

        We are wanting to do this for the second leg of our holiday to India next year. Which courier do you recommend?

  17. The fights I was looking at yesterday have actually gone up from £530 to £680. Awesome sale.

  18. Is there a chance that dub fares have not been loaded yet??

  19. wetboy1uk says:

    O/t – I know I have already posted this on another threat but getting a bit frustrated now – how do you book a vueling flight from cardiff to barcelona? Have tried the iberia route but cardiff does not cone up as an option for airport on their system.

  20. MATTHEW CULVER says:

    This is such a poor sale, I can’t find any compelling business class fare either to Asia or Australasia, and it’s not like their business class product is best-in-class.

    £1599 to New York, by way of comparison Vietnam Airlines is offering fares as good as £1660 to Melbourne.

    • TK J rtn EDI-BKK is around £1200 atm so may be worth trying your destinations from airport near you. Also look into Vietnam Airlines as posted by Rob yesterday.

  21. Seriously annoying, I was looking at PE flights to New York; a week ago the price dramatically reduced (from around £1,100 to just over £800). Now today it’s back up to £1000.

    • Eww who flies PE?

      • I thought there was a different web site for BA PE customers…………………………………. although don’t drench up a post when I said Air France PE was “OK” well it was actually

  22. OT: test/re-test, Newcastle Aspire lounge with Priority Pass (via Amex Plat): 1 adult and 2 children (8 & 6), no charge for ‘additional guest’…

  23. David2910 says:

    OT (it transpires 75% of my posts are OT): Alaska mileage plan. A lot of chat generally on eg insideflyer about how great it is even ex UK. I have much more faith in the collective view of this forum. Anyone on here with experience?

    • Only real upside is the ability to mix BA and Emirates flight credits – but you can’t IIRC redeem Emirates UK to Middle East, only ex-USA. Any BA partner has no Reward Flight Saver and will likely charge a US-style 25,000 miles for an economy European flight, so they are rubbish for short haul. Difficult to see the attraction and I don’t know anyone who uses it.

      The only merit to me is that you can credit Emirates flights to it and redeem for BA. However, a better deal is to book Emirates flights on the Qantas code share and credit them directly to BAEC.

      • The sweet spot is for CX J redemption between Europe and HKG (42.5k o/w can be purchased at $1,675 on regular sale).

    • Joe Deeney (InsideFlyer) says:

      Hi David,

      I’m not one to normally disagree with Raffles but I think he’s being a bit harsh on Alaska there!

      If you fly enough with OneWorld airlines to earn status then I agree that sticking with BA/AA is probably best, but if you can also earn Miles in other ways (Rocketmiles, SPG transfers etc) or fly a variety of different airlines in different alliances then Alaska Mileage Plan has great advantages.

      You can credit Miles to Alaska from AeroMexico, Air France/KLM, AA, BA, Cathay, Delta, Emirates, Fiji, Hainan, Japan, Icelandair, Korean, LAN, Qantas and a couple of odd little ones too. Being able to pool Miles from flights on all of those in one place is a lot more useful than having a few thousand stranded here and there in different programmes.

      The real point to Mileage Plan though (for me anyway) isn’t so much the earning but the redemption side. There are no ‘surcharges’ (except on BA and Icelandair) and you can get a free stopover on one-way redemptions (which can be extremely valuable).

      The award chart(s) take a bit of getting used to but the value can be incredible, eg:

      70,000 Alaska MP Miles and a few quid in taxes can get you from New York to Hong Kong (stopover as long as you want) and then to Johannesburg in Cathay First Class – that’s about 29 hours in Cathay Pacific First Class in total (aka A LOT of Krug…). It’s an extreme example, but BA would charge 280,000 Avios for the same flights!

      50,000 get’s you one-way in AA Business Class (no surcharges) between Europe and Hawaii with a free stopover somewhere in the continental US en route.

      Yan has already mentioned the brilliant pricing between Europe and Hong Kong.

      Asia to Aus/NZ is good too etc

      Alaska have regular Miles sales too (usually end up being about 1.5p each) which can make a lot of sense for people who would otherwise pay cash for Business/First.

      Avios can still be great (eg. Raffles’ Air Berlin post today), but for long haul Business/First Class the amounts required these days are very high (particularly on partners/ peak) and when you factor in the surcharges too, focusing on collecting with other programmes can provide much better value.

      There are definitely big gaps with Alaska as well (particularly for short flights and trips that don’t start/end in the US) so I wouldn’t want it as my only programme, but because there are plenty of ways to get relatively cheap Avios/Virgin FC Miles (Clubcard, subscriptions, credit cards etc) that you can’t get other Miles from, I tend to prioritise collecting Alaska, Virgin America, AA, Etihad, United, Asiana, ANA and Singapore Miles when I’ve got a choice.

      Being aware of the various sweetspots in each award chart and having Miles in a broad range of programmes (or being able to transfer to a broad range – which is why I value Starpoints so highly) can save you vast amounts of Miles/cash.

  24. Margaret says:

    Yesterday flights NY-LON on some dates next April were only about £75 extra in premium economy. Now they are about £160 more. I waited for the sale, so not happy. Are they likely to drop again next month? Their website is more than odd. If I return to Edinburgh instead of London with flights through London it’s £25 cheaper and I get the flights! I tried to change the NY-LHR flights and it initially dropped them and offered an outbound and 5 nights in a hotel for £965 for two people!

  25. Lego deal back on tesco direct, 1000 pts on £60 spend, 500 on £30.

  26. Looking for some advice on a BA tier points run, need 110 to level off, available either weekends between now and the end of my collection year Nov 8th, or the 1/2 term October holiday.

  27. I booked flights from LHR To JFK for next June on Sunday. The outbound are with AA return are with BA as we are coming back from Boston and I could not find a return flight direct from Boston to LHR on AA. I used the 10% via MBNA credit card link to
    Which is a good rate. Then when I get to the check out it tells me I nee to pay
    £36 per seat each pax each way, then £10 credit card surcharge.
    Should the AA Flights show on their AAAadvantage page or just BA as I don’t won’t have to pay for seats again?
    Flights for myself and o/h and seat allocation charges are all separate transactions, which I thought was odd?

  28. samson10 says:

    Is anyone else still having trouble actually getting to the sale fares? I click through to the ‘£359 Dubai’ page and it shows me a list of months with prices and then when I click the month I get a swirly thing for a bit and nothing else…