Register now – TRIPLE AVIOS and TRIPLE OB POINTS on all BA flights, all classes!

So, how bad are British Airways forward bookings at the moment?  I was surprised that the current British Airways sale (covered here) was not as aggressive as I expected.

However, now we have a very serious statement of intent – triple base Avios on all British Airways flights, irrespective of ticket class or price.

If you are travelling to North America from Europe, flights on Finnair, Iberia and American Airlines are also included if you credit them to your British Airways account.

You MUST register in advance by clicking here.

Members of the On Business small business scheme will also receive triple OB points.  You can register for that offer here.

British Airways triple avios promotion

Let’s look at an example of how generous this could be.

Berlin to Hong Kong on British Airways, Club World, 8th-16th November

Cash cost: €1,737 (£1,454)

Avios earned as a Blue member (a status member would get more):

Calculated at this web page as (869 + 8969 + 8969 + 869) + a bonus of (579 + 5979 + 5979 + 579) + (579 + 5979 + 5979 + 579) = 45,908

That is a VERY generous incentive and a substantial rebate on the cost of the flight itself.

I expected this promotion to come with a catch (ie excluding non-refundable fares) but there isn’t one.  The only rule is that your flight must be BOOKED and flown between 6th September and 11th December 2016.

Will BA impose the rule on booking before 6th September?  Possibly, possibly not.  I have seen it work both ways in the past.

There is one issue you need to be aware of.  The rules say that you only get the bonus if your flight is booked, ticketed and starts in a ‘participating country’.  The list of ‘participating countries’ is not listed!  There is a chance that the German routing above would not count, although it should because American Airlines flies there and that flight definitely counts. (EDIT: BA has comfirmed to me that the offer is valid in ANY country where BA flies.)

Here are the other rules:

You get the bonus on up to EIGHT segments (ie four return flights or eight one-way flights) – this means, weirdly, that you may want to keep your BAEC number out of some short haul bookings so you can get triple Avios on later long haul flights

You MUST register via this page of

All cabins and all ticket types are included

Only base Avios are tripled, not any cabin or status bonus

American, Iberia and Finnair flights will count if they are for travel between the EU, Norway, Switzerland and North America, Mexico and Puerto Rico or an OpenSkies service from Paris Orly to Newark or New York JFK

Flights on BA franchises, eg Comair and SUN-AIR, are excluded as are BA numbered codeshare flights on other airlines

The offer is NOT restricted to UK residents,

I strongly recommend that you register now by clicking here.  You will also find full details on this page.  You could easily forget if you end up not having any qualifying flights until nearer the end of the offer in December.

PS.  If you’ve got a small business, remember to register for triple On Business points here.  If you are not an On Business member I wrote a two-part overview here and here.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. This looks appealing!!, I am assuming this works if I book my flights through a travel agent or an employee portal instead of booking direct on as long as I have already registered.

    • Usually. Some corporate travel agents sneakily ticket in third countries (eg if BA is offering extra commission for sales in India this week, they will have their office in India ticket you) but – as this promo is global – it isn’t a problem. I know people in the past who found their corporate TA had ticketed their flight somewhere random and thus disqualified them from similar deal.s

  2. We have a family holiday booked for October to SA, I have just entered myself and the wife the kids are not being accepted for the 3 x miles offer ! Any thoughts on this, please respond BA.

    • In what way didn’t it work? I wouldn’t expect a response from BA here by the way 😉

    • Any account can register. It is an IT bug if you can’t. This is pretty common with BA promotions like this. The call centre can normally do it for you, or try again another day.

    • Over 18s only – in the T’s and C’s. Very annoying, same issue with my kids.

      • Really annoying that kids aren’t eligible, but it’s always like this with BA’s promotions that require registration.

  3. Interesting clause in the T&Cs for onbusiness promo
    Please be advised that not all fare types are eligible for this promotion. To check you are purchasing a ticket for an Eligible Service for this promotion, when booking on, please click on the “Flight number” in the “Flight Operator” column of the “Choose your flights” page of, where the fare classes will be displayed.

    But they dont actually tell you which classes are ineligible – are we supposed to guess???

    • Another win for BA’s useless in-house team that write T&Cs! Of course with OB you always seem to receive a random number of points anyway…

  4. At first I thought half my flights would waste this bonus since i’m not based in the UK and all my long haul BA trips start with HEL-LHR and second long haul flight. So the first flight to LHR would earn 3x points as well but still count towards the max 8 flights and later in the year I might have more long haul flights but not get the 3x bonus.
    But then I realised if I book HEL-LHR on AY (either AY flight # or BA code share) then it will not qualify for 3x points, leaving me with 8x chances for long haul 3x points.
    I think those in Finland and Spain can benefit from this (IB or AY operated flights on a BA ticket) but others will suffer.

  5. OT but BA booking: looking to book for first time via avios site using my Lloyds voucher for 2 x ow INV to BKK or HKG in CW. Availability showing only for WT from INV although availability is there for all cabins if I just book from LHR via avios site. I checkeck and found same thing for departures from EDI. By contrast, on BA site availability in premium cabins is available from both INV and EDI. Is it normal for avios only to show WT availability from the regions online because the first sector is domestic, and would they be able to book me into CW fir the longhaul connection were I to call to make the booking? IIRC somebody has previously posted that I need to call anyway if I want to use the Lloyds voucher for two persons one way? Thanks.

  6. scottnothing says:

    Perhaps worth noting that as per the T&C and the promotion text the bonus Avios are calculated “before any cabin or tier bonuses”.

    So whilst status members will get their usual status bonuses the triple Avios promotion/multiple will not be applied to the bonus Avios awarded to Bronze/Silver/Gold members.

    Will be interesting to see if the reference to “cabin” is a misprint in the terms and conditions. If not, the bonus will be applied on the Avios earned on an equivalent ticket issued in the cheapest Economy bucket on your route – which would be bizarre.

    • scottnothing says:

      Ignore – I see others picked this up and grappled with the same poor drafting earlier today. :-)

      • The FAQs on the offer now state clearly that the triple avios are only awarded on the base avios before cabin or status bonuses are appled. So not such a good deal in Club World.

        • So BA might actually read HfP for feedback…
          But what’s the definition of base avios (the link to the avios calculator doesn’t really help).
          E.g. Taking LHR-HKG as an example:
          The economy flex bucket (100% of miles) is 5,979
          The economy lowest bucket (25% of miles) is 1,495.
          The busiess lowest bucket (150% of miles) is 8,969 (but this obviously includes the cabin bonus).
          So: if we book an economy lowest bucket fare is it 3x the 25% of the actual miles
          if we book an economy flex bucket fare is it 3x the 100% of the actual miles; and then
          if we book a business fare, is it 3x the 100% of the actual miles + cabin bonus + status bonus. Still not exactly crystal clear IMO…

          So if we book

  7. Martin Shapley says:

    Booked a CW return LGW – ANU for 05/12
    Booked a week ago- will this count?
    Also what is a birthday avios bonus ?

  8. Oh thank you Raffles, LGW->BCN quite weekend break with DH booked for November.

  9. “Will BA impose the rule on booking before 6th September?”
    That would seem harsh, considering you only put this post up on the morning of 7th September…

  10. So we’d have to book and fly before 11 December – but what if I need to fly out on 10 December and return on 15 December? Triple points on the outbound flight only?

    • I’m wondering the same thing. My outbound is before 11th Dec but inbound is mid January.

      Did you get in touch with BA to clarify?

  11. I registered for the promotion today, September, but booked a flight yesterday, 6 September (flying next Tuesday,13 September)

    Will this track OK?

    • Not clear. If there is a lot at stake and the pricing hasn’t removed you could ring and cancel for free under the 24 hour cooling off period and then rebook.

  12. O/T (sorry)

    Does anyone know how long it takes to have hhonors gold status confirmed after you enrol via the amex website with the platinum card?

  13. We have several BA flights coming up at the end of the month, but they were booked a couple weeks ago. Has anyone had success in convincing Customer Service to honour the promotion outside of the specified dates? Wondering if it’s even worth calling to ask….

  14. Does anyone know if the triple AVIOS offer will work, if opt to use AVIOS to discount the price of the ticket at payment stage?

    • Should do as you still earn avios on part pay with avios bookings.

      • That’s what I’m thinking… A bit of off-set maths to see if something becomes more affordable, given the triple AVIOS coming back.

  15. Tim nice but dim says:

    Hello i can’t see if there’s a restriction for this for the current sale offers on the BA Website, does a restriction apply or are the current sale offers included in the triple avios promo?

  16. OT Sunday Times Travel Magazine: just had an email from them confurming that they will award only one 4500 bonus per account even if I gift further subscriptions to different households. Disappointing but possibly we can get one bonus each for BA and avios accounts even after the change in terms, that remains unclear.

    • bummer for you – but early birds already got the original T&Cs honoured for BAEC a/cs, ie they honoured the fact that there was no limit on numbers ordered at that time and we already have the points sitting in our a/cs

      obviously still waiting on points like everybody else but confident they will again honour the earlier T&Cs before the change to limit 1 per household

    • @James67. Was this in regard to a new subscription under the amended Ts&Cs?

    • I did a subscription aimed at BAEC before change of T&C and then did a gift after they changed (Xmas present for little brother) aimed at and the avios have hit my account today so you might be able to get one per account rather than one per household…

      • if you use
        different email a/c
        different points destination a/c
        different house address – both for payment & mag delivery
        different credit card

        …how are they going to see it’s more than 1?

        • I might go for a couple more & send them to the Doctors Surgery for people to read whilst waiting! :)

          • Tom Murray says:

            That’s a good idea. If enough people read it and decide a holiday’s for them – then a) I’ll be able to get an appointment before my ailment cures itself or kills me and b) the punters you’ve sent will come back healthy. Win, win and also win for the original Avios :) TM

          • Was just thinking the same as I waited at the surgery yesterday! Better than some of the magazines they have there!

      • Good news, that was the unanswered question in their response to me.

  17. Hi,

    Anyone have an update on whether a flight booked before the promo was released will be valid?

    I booked LHR-SJC return 2 weeks ago. It was fully flexible so worst case i can just cancel this booking and create a new one! I tried calling BA but wait time was over half an hour so hung up!


    • If fully flex then you might be better to rebook and cancel – they’ve certainly been able to block bookings made prior to the offer start date in the past, presumably they want to incentivise incremental bookings rather than reward existing loyalty (grr!) – thankfully most hotel promos tend not to follow this process and only care about the date of the stay.

  18. A dull moment … on HFP!?

    • heh heh

      I suppose there’s some way to get Nectar points on top on Ebay as well? though I don’t do Nectar so won’t research that

      • I got withdrawal symptoms from lack of amex refers and. churns for a few months so last week I got the nectar amex for first time just to keep things interesting. One things I dislike in this hobby is spending on cc with nothing to show for it except the base spending points.

        • Tom Murray says:

          I referred Mrs M (and she’s got a different surname) earlier this week for Amex BAPP. Nothing heard. Will she hear by post or email and how long does it usually take to receive an application after referral?

          • Best thing is to just give her your referral link so she can make an application, the email is basically just that with some text round about it anyway.

      • I haven’t bought any but there are people selling avios on ebay. If you’re buying stuff on ebay and link it with a nectar card which provides vouchers for spending on ebay then, in a round about way you may be able to buy avios with nectar. Not tried it myself though so not a recommendation.

      • Yep, you’d get Nectar points too as they’re added via your eBay and Nectar accounts being linked rather than having to click through. I agree it’s generally not an exciting scheme (although the recent Pizza Express deal was excellent value) but purely as a bonus I always collect them if available, it just doesn’t sway my decision-making. The Nectar Amex also had a decent bonus when I took it out that was, even in pure cash terms spending at Sainsbury’s, a reasonable deal.

        • Totally agree – was 20k when I took it out too, then had a couple of meals at Pizza Express at huge discount plus a few other easy offers. Tided me over nicely whilst waiting for the six month clock to reset on some of my other cards! (I keep the Amex Plat long term as I make use of quite a few of the benefits)

  19. Ts&Cs for this exclude ‘inclusive holidays’ so I’m guessing flight+hotel bookings won’t get it.

  20. Can i register children with BA numbers for this?

  21. Sussex bantam says:

    Hmm. Dilemma. I will take several SH flights with BA before my next LH. I therefore will want to exclude my BAEC number from some of those SH bookings.

    However – I also really need the tier points. I’m thinking to initially exclude the SH flights but then once the LH avios bonus has posted go back and retrospectively claim the SH tier points. Anyone see an issue with this ?

    • not at all

      you get 6 months to claim, I think

      so you don’t need to give them your BAEC membership, wait until you get the big points, then go back & claim the small points

  22. Do I need to book through or any 3rd parties can earn the bonus too? Such as going through skyscanner and find the cheapest available tickets. Thanks.

  23. In your notes, you recommend not using the offer for e.g. Domestic flights that connect with international flights. I notice that iberia are also doing triple avios. So im assuming if you used up the ba triple avios with 2 international including 2 domestic, you could then use your iberia number (assuming you have one), to get another 2 international flights including 2 domestic connections?

  24. I’m trying to book a BA short haul flight for two and want to pay with my BA Amax card. However an additional charge of £10 appears! I remember reading on these pages that it was easily avoided by changing the billing address to outside of UK. It now seems unchangeable. Advice appreciated.

  25. Thanks Harry. That worked fine!

  26. Has anyone seen their triple points post to their BA Exec account? I registered for the promo before booking and flying. Recently travelled for business and returned on Wednesday, but only the standard avios have posted and none of the bonus. Understand from the BA triple points page that the bonus avios should post within 48 hours of completing your journey. Anyone have a more positive outcome so far on this promo?

  27. Bigglesgirl says:

    Any reason why the On Business link is sending me to a page where the offer doesn’t exist? Have registered on my own Exec account but need to register on my OB account too – have a CW business trip flight to the US in Oct I want to get credited!

    • Works for me. The link directly above the plane picture takes you to a page where, halfway down, it says: “Earn Triple On Business Points / You can Earn Triple On Business Points on your next 8 flights when you fly with American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia.” If you’re on mobile it may be different but on a desktop it is definitely there.