BREAKING: British Airways ‘buy on board’ menu published

Now showing on …… full analysis tomorrow. The obvious question seems to be ‘Where is Colin the Caterpillar?’.

Note that “Club Europe (short-haul business class) customers will continue to be offered a full, complimentary menu, which is being improved and revamped from spring 2017 as part of the changes to short-haul catering. Further details will be released on the changes nearer the time.”

London City and Stansted flights will retain free food and snacks until next Summer. Despite rumours, there is no word on free items for status passengers.

This is a cut and paste from the website:

London Heathrow and London Gatwick

From 11 January, we’re upgrading our food offering in our short haul economy cabins (Euro Traveller and UK Domestic) on flights to and from London Heathrow and London Gatwick.

We’re proud to be partnering with Marks & Spencer, another iconic British brand, to offer you a new ‘M&S on board’ menu that will replace the complimentary service currently provided. You will be able to select from the seasonally inspired menu and buy your food and drinks in one easy transaction.


M&S on board sample menu

Enjoy delicious sweet and savoury treats from British food favourite Marks & Spencer when travelling in our short haul economy cabins, Euro Traveller and UK Domestic, to and from London Heathrow and London Gatwick.

Here are just some of the exciting food options you can look forward to on board.

Fresh food

Classic Fruit Salad £3.10
Includes pineapple, melon, mango, apple, kiwi and blueberries.

Yogurt with Summer Berry Compote and Crunchy Granola – £1.95
Reduced-fat Greek-style yogurt, blackberry and blackcurrant compote and granola with sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

Mature Cheddar Cheese Ploughman’s – £3.00
Farmhouse cheddar cheese with vine-ripened tomatoes, pickle and lettuce on malted brown bread

Aberdeen Angus Beef and Red Onion Chutney Bloomer – £4.75
Soft onion bloomer with Aberdeen Angus beef, red onion chutney and tangy mustard.

Bacon Roll – £4.75
A soft white, buttered roll filled with succulent smoked British bacon. Served hot.

Mozzarella and Tomato Focaccia – £4.75
Buffalo mozzarella, juicy vine-ripened tomatoes and fragrant basil pesto dressing on pesto focaccia. Served hot.

Spiced Chicken with Quinoa and Rice – £4.95
Spiced chicken with quinoa, rice and a smoky tomato salsa.

Savoury snacks

Oriental Snack Mix – £2.00
Sesame-coated roasted cashew nuts, edamame soybeans, and roasted corn with puffed brown rice all with a soy and five-spice seasoning.

Hand Cooked Crisps – £1.00
Salt and Vinegar, or Lightly Sea Salted.

Nut Assortment – £1.60
A selection of almonds, brazil nuts, cashew nuts and hazelnuts.

Wasabi Peas – £1.60
Roasted green peas with a punchy wasabi flavoured coating.

Something sweet

Percy Pig – £1.85
Soft fruit-flavoured gums made with fruit juice…an M&S classic.

Salted Caramel Hazelnut Millionaire Biscuit – £1.45
Made without wheat and deliciously gluten free.

Chocolate Pretzels and Candy Popcorn – £2.45
Milk chocolate-covered toffee popcorn with popping candy pieces.

Super Nut Fruit and Seed Flapjack – £1.45
Soft, chewy all-butter flapjack.

Drinks menu

Choose from a wide range of hot or cold drinks when travelling in our short haul economy cabins, Euro Traveller and UK Domestic, to and from London Heathrow and Gatwick.

Hot drinks

Java Republic Coffee – £2.30
Twinings Tea – £2.30
Cadburys Hot Chocolate – £2.70

Soft drinks

Pip Organic Orange & Apple Juice (200ml) – £2.70
Vita Coco Coconut Water (330ml) – £2.70
Folkington’s Elderflower Presse (250ml) – £2.20
Appletiser (275ml) – £1.80
Harrogate Still or Sparkling Water (500ml) – £1.80
Coca Cola or Diet Coke (330ml) – £1.80

Alcoholic drinks

Spirits (5cl mini bottles) – £4.50
Assorted range including Bombay Sapphire, Johnny Walker Red, Smirnoff Red, Baileys Irish Cream, Bacardi and Jack Daniels.

Mixers (150ml mini bottles) – £1.50
Assorted range including Schweppes tonic water, slimline tonic and ginger ale.

Red or white wine (187ml) – £4.50
Prosecco Bottega Gold (200ml) – £6.00
London Pride (330ml) – £4.00
Becks Lager (330ml) – £4.00
Magners Original Cider (330ml) – £4.00

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  1. Just flown LHR-YYZ in PE. Main meal, a choice of beef or chicken curry, seemed significantly bigger than normal. I opted for the chicken curry which was tasty and contained a lot of chicken. Club kitchen available with some fruit and small chocolate bars. The male crew serving the new ‘afternoon tea’ of muffin or muesli bar seemed embarrassed to be doing so. Overall, for a flight of just under the 7hr block system, I was quite happy.

    • I’m sure (well, I hope) the embarrassment was mostly in your head. I’d question the mental stability of someone who gets visibly embarrassed because their company, not them, decided people can get by with a meal and snacks during the exhausting process of sitting or lying down for 7 hours!

      • Being embarrassed because your product is being gradually diminished by cost cutters is not a sign of mental instability.

        I’m sure there’s a reasonable number who would like something a bit more substantial on a 7-8 hour transatlantic flight before landing, esp as BoB for long haul is limited to sweets and crisps.

  2. Prices seem reasonable (and actually, lower than expected). Would be fairer if flight prices came down £10/return to make the net effect zero, but suspect that rather defeats their purpose!

    • I doubt they come remotely close to spending an average of £10 per person on catering… I know they rarely spent above £1-2 on me.

  3. The world is crumbling around me.

    I’d be very surprised if they offered anything extra to status card holders…

  4. Prices seem OK.
    However not much of an offering!

    I would have thought that the “Basic” and “Premium” options they currently have would have been ideal for a food/no food split.

  5. I think the BA staff will get commission from selling the items. So I’m hearing from a crew member.

  6. I know you have column inches to fill, but does a (already reported here) change in catering to a service of sandwiches, drinks and sweets really require 2 posts today and then “full analysis” tomorrow? What exactly is there to analyse!

    • Indeed he could analyse the refugee problem or Trump’s thread to humanity. In a blog that covers flight related topics.

      • Indeed, because there is absolutely nothing whatsoever happening related to travel and the only alternative would be to discuss Trump…

    • Yes.

    • There is usually some small print that comes up after a few hours.

      The practical reason is that the 2 articles I added today (whilst sitting in a Starbucks, done via an iPad) do not go to our 7,700 email subscribers so I need to write something for them.

    • Callum – Plenty to analyse and an interesting debate on the further deterioration of our national airline as evidenced by the substantial number of readers of this blog who are contributing. Post Brexit – at a time when we need to be showing that we offer more – our national carrier decides to offer less. Sad.

      • Well I don’t share your passion for sandwich discussions but to each their own.

        Ditto to your interest in the exact same discussion being repeated for the last however many years. “I don’t really like getting less for the same price” – you don’t say? That’s news to me, let’s say the same thing over and over again for the next few hours !

        (At which point someone like me will correctly interject that you don’t have to read it, and I won’t, it was just an observation and not a suggestion that it be stopped!)

        Though I would strongly object to BA having any responsibilities over Brexit – and that Brexit requires a free bag of crisps while flying.

        • You must have a passion given the number of posts you have on the topic

        • People love to comment on this one though. I don’t see the problem, it’s not being print so there are no trees being killed. Also you’ll still get your three articles a day tomorrow. Today you’re just getting five articles for the price of three…

          I very much more appreciate this post than all these posts about SPG, IHG and Marriott points; places were I have never stayed in and most likely will not stay in either, if I can avoid it. However, I don’t mind them being on the blog. This imo is a major change in BA policy and it warrants a discussion. :)

  7. I think I rather get a nice sandwich from Pret for those prices.

  8. Hmmm….

    2nd bag wrecked in 2 years, silver member, treated like trash by idiot in “customer relations” that didnt know his job and argued with me, then when proven wrong blamed K2, who subsequently lost my bag and delivered back someone elses broken bag instead….

    Now add all the extra rubbish on that they have done to the airline and the race to the bottom….


    I know Virgin/Delta have their problems, but, I honestly cannot see how I could be any worse off flying them….instead, even starting off as a lonely red with no lounge access…

    My company used to use BA wherever possible, use BA AMEX and had many travellers on a weekly basis in business…..since the start of the race to the bottom, our BA cards have been removed for standard green ones and a de-regulation of whatever is best for the traveller has been put in place…


    • Barry cutters says:

      Virgin/Delta dont fly in europe

      • Maybe not, but Scandinavian do…..

        • Barry cutters says:

          yes but not to many places from the UK,,,,,,,,,,,

          • “SAS offers more Scandinavian destinations from UK than any other airline. Our global network also includes Europe, US and Asia. Book flights from London Heathrow, Manchester, Birmingham, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Newcastle & Bristol.”

            So, maybe not quite exatly direct for exactly where you want to fly, but its more than worthwhile – either that or a low-cost carrier, probably still better than BA after January.

          • Nor do BA!

  9. “Club Europe (short-haul business class) customers will continue to be offered a full, complimentary menu, which is being improved and revamped from spring 2017 as part of the changes to short-haul catering.”

    I guess that means ‘enhancements’ there too? Maybe one complimentary dish with the option to pay for extra?

  10. Al Watershed says:

    I’m not one of the redeem for business/first/long haul people, I travelled for charities in economy and that’s how I started the points hobby… I spend my avios mainly on European Reward Flights for the fixed 17.50 OW tax.
    Anyway… the free food and drink (G+T!) was a major benefit, as well as the included checked baggage. I see a lot of people saying that they have flights booked and want the contract they entered into honoured, which I think is totally fair enough, I would! I have a slightly more tenuous query though… for years now I have got the credit cards/spent on AMEX to make bonuses/transferred from Tesco… all the usual stuff.
    Considering we all, you Rob and BA itself consider Avios points to have real value and that value has been blatantly reduced, have we got any leg to stand on to say that we’ve been missold Avios themselves? I’m sure there’s T+Cs that cover them but just wondering….
    Essentially I feel I’ve been mislead… I have 180k avios that I wanted to spend on reward flights and now it may be cheaper/better to go with Easyjet. Will they reduce the amount of avios required to redemption? Doubt it. Had I known before I could have chosen a cashback card for instance.
    Any thoughts?!

    • Q: Have you been missold Avios?

      Contact Aviosclaims4u on 0800……


    • My thought is you’re being ridiculous and have absolutely no claim whatsoever. Certainly not legally and, in my opinion only, certainly not morally.

      I’d also question why the recent increases didn’t affect the value of your avios yet losing some crisps and alcohol does?

      • I thought you felt all this talk about the ‘upgrade’ was unecessary, more than one post on the subject etc? You seem very engaged for someone so critical of the subject matter earlier?

        Have you tried reading the BBC website? They have loads of newsworthy articles on different subjects daily to keep you going without content repeat.

        The OP is being anything but ridiculous. The change matters to him hence is comments.

        You clearly never fly BA nor understand the subject matter.

    • I think you will struggle to get much value from booking economy redemptions per Avios point much better for CW.

  11. Barry cutters says:

    you could buy 240 gin and tonics.

  12. Am I the only one feeling rather short changed after my existing booking is downgraded without notice? Fully understand the plan however there needs to be some compensation (even a few Avios) for those who booked months ago…

    • You are not the only one. BA really are behaving like moral scum here, They are claiming on twitter that because the food is currently “complimentary” (they can’t spell “Complementary”) they are free to remove it. A moment’s thought and you realise that from a logical, moral and legal perspective that argument is bollox.

      Wouldn’t it be easy for them to send you an email to those with existing bookings saying, we have introduced BoB which mean that we will be offering a better, wider range of catering on your up coming flight but that you will have to pay for it with card or avios. We realise that when you booked F&B was included in the ticket price so in recognition of that we have credited your account with 1000 Avios which is enough for you to buy a G+T or a sarny and cuppa.

      Charging for a cup of tea. FFS. This puts them below US domestic and SAS in terms a poor offering!

      • “Complimentary” is the correct spelling, meaning “with compliments”. The word “complementary” means something else.

        i do agree, though, that it’s a bit off to sell a ticket with food and drink included and then move the goalposts.

      • I find that wasabi peas and cold lager are complementary

  13. I won’t pay for the food or drinks but anyone know if airlines/BA have to offer water for free to all flyers?

    • I read it somewhere at flyertalk -free tap water!! Not sure if it is a joke or not, but I think I will pass if this is the case!

      • I assume “tap water” on a plane is water from the potable water tank used to boil the kettle with. What that tastes like cold I do not know.

  14. Wow … what a crappy menu! Even Virgin Trains has a better offering!!

  15. Alan Small says:

    Totally agree with comments about flights already booked. There are several factors that are relevant when booking a flight, & one of them is what you get included in the ticket price. Simply removing something that was clearly stated as included at the time of booking probably isn’t legally wrong (due to some get-out clause in the small print no doubt) but its certainly morally wrong! I think a £10 food voucher should be issued for each flight to all customers who booked before the change was announced. Anyone written to Watchdog yet?

  16. Well, I’ll just carry a “f&B combo” then:
    Hip flask to fill up in the lounge with a wider range of drinks
    Small water bottle to fill up as well
    Tupperware container for food.
    I expect that staff will have to refill the sloop more often following the changes.

  17. NOOOOOOOOOO – No more free alcohol. I can’t cope.

  18. Prices seem reasonable but Percy pig bad choice of name of menu

  19. Percy Pigs – “bestofbritish” and made in Germany!

    (Tap) water will be available free-this has been confirmed. Yes it’s safe to drink.

    Anyone with an existing booking will be given a ‘gesture’ but ONLY if they actually bother to complain. Anyone who is still not happy with this will be given a refund-BA doesn’t want to test this with court cases and has approved this already.

  20. When I go to pay for my bag of Percy Pigs will BA add a blanket £5 card surcharge to my Amex card? Jokers.

  21. i have a flight in february from bhd to lhr to sin in first class. bhd flight is just classed as domestic although booking says business. do i have to pay for a coffee ?

  22. So if flying a UK domestic connection to/from a CW international flight what services should a CW ticket holder receive??

    • Answering my own Q.. Sounds like its complementary even for connecting long haul Y pax.

      “If you have a booking in our short haul business cabin Club Europe, or are travelling on a long haul flight, you will continue to receive the existing complimentary food and drink service.”

  23. Well – it’s not great is it. The booze element is likely to **** off a few. Especially if you are already booked to fly post Jan 11. But long term how many passengers are BA likely to lose due to selling M&S sarnies? Love this site as I do, I’m not sure how many of your general Y passengers buy into the points lark (I didn’t for many years), and its such a rarity to be given food on shorthaul these days that I’ve come across fellow travellers who have been surprised (and delighted) to be given a snack and a drink on BA. Then again I’ve flown with a couple of vegans who were very unimpressed by their offerings and complained bitterly. I flew Iberia the other day in economy. I quite liked Iberia – there was no gnashing of teeth and rending of garments due to lack of free F and B. I wasn’t aware that Iberia was particularly cheaper to fly than BA. We will all growl about this. Some might flounce off to Easyjet for a bit. But long term I don’t think it will mean much. I could be wrong but then again I wouldn’t cancel a flight over a missing packet of nuts and a miniature.

  24. Would it be illegal to sell my home made food to others on board? I can massively undercut those BA prices

  25. Tesco’s Egg & Cress sarnie is £1, shall I bag a dozen and flog onboard for 250 avios each?? #FreeEnterprise #BeatBAatTheirOwnGame

  26. I’ve just travelled back from Crete with BA. Paid £500/seat in Economy for 3 of us, including a 2.5 year old. Food was shocking and inedible. It took them two hours just to serve some terrible sandwiches on the way out. Lots my son’s buggy too and still trying to ‘trace’ it 3 weeks later. I would have flown business but the 3 across seating in economy works better for us with a toddler when there are 3 of us.

    But apart from being able to use Business check in at LGW through my Silver status, the benefits of flying BA were nil over the cheaper charter carriers.

    BA should really reconsider a premium economy class for short haul, same as business now but 3 across seating. Families would love it and surely the pricing should be more sensible. it is what economy used to be on BA.

    • The question is: Why do (did) I book flights with BA? And not Easyjet?

      The answer is: I don’t believe in the ruinous strategy of low cost carriers. The mess at the gate while boarding with Vueling, the stupid menu card of Iberia and the poor service with Eurowings… I don’t care whether I pay £200 or £220 for a ticket – it doesn’t matter. But I enjoy the G&T very much, just one. A little bit of something glorious, above the clouds.

      BA should not compete with the low cost carriers – increase prices instead. Less passengers, same revenue and much more quality. invest in your product, don’t ruin what you have build so far.

      • As the poster below describes you must be a tool to book Crete with BA when u compare it to the Aegean offering.

    • I just flew back from Crete…. on Aegean. A half-decent cooked meal and drinks service! I nearly fell off my seat in shock compared with BA short-haul.

      I remember the BA ads in LGW a couple of years back, taunting EZY and others with BA’s boasts about gin and tonics. BA, now the Ryanair of Heathrow…

  27. Anyone remember “The Friendly Lemon” ?

    On BA’s YouTube channel..

    • We believe that when travelling to Europe, the journey is just as important as the destination. Flying is something to be enjoyed and not endured. That’s why we have put special thought into helping you make the most of your time away.

      Don’t forget to watch the other adverts in this series and meet the Happy Jumper and the Relaxed Trainer!

      This is the Lemon that says kick back, recline your seat. Go on. A bit further.
      There he is, happily floating his way to Nice in a complimentary drink.
      One of the many benefits of flying with us to Europe.
      This Friendly Lemon is delighted, when we say, To Fly, To Serve.

  28. Could have at least made it Hendricks and Fever Tree if they are going to make me buy it :p

  29. I flew BA short-haul 7 times already this year (paying twice for Business), all for leisure trips.

    The reason I was always happy to pay 30-50 quid more return over horrific air (ryanair) or EZY was the superior offering of BA, including a few drinks and a crappy snack – it made the flight pleasurable, everyone enjoyed the fringe benefits and no-one bothered to eat their way through a crappy Tesco sandwich or a stinky curry beside you, as everyone enjoyed the same catering.

    As now BA is trying to race to the bottom, and offer the same service as a low cost carrier, I no longer need to pay extra to fly BA, and will choose the cheaper low-cost carriers. A great pity BA..

  30. I’m for BOB … Liking a choice of something more for once.

    Someone at BA has clearly made a mistake here. Who on earth thought it was wise to have such specific pricing. If it wasn’t bad enough to now have to deal with payments for food and drink. Staff need to have a float with lots of coinage to hand out for change. Why not round things a little more to reduce problems with giving change.

    I’m actually surprised at this considering they need to pay for change … And BA is all about the enhancements at the moment.