Bits: Heathrow protest today, Etihad sale, update on 40,000 Nectar points deal

News in brief:

Heathrow anti-expansion protest today may cause delays

British Airways has issued an advisory warning due to a protest against Heathrow Airport expansion which will take place today, Saturday.

To quote:

A peaceful demonstration against airport expansion is expected to take place at Heathrow Airport on Saturday 1 October.

Heathrow Airport is working with the Metropolitan Police who will manage any protest activities in and around the airport or terminal facilities.

Roads around Heathrow may see a period of disruption around the middle of the day and customers travelling to/from the airport may wish to allow extra time for their journey.

Etihad A380

Etihad launches 96 hour sale – with bonus miles

Etihad is running a sale this weekend which runs until Monday evening.

As well as some decent prices in Business Class, the airline is offering 15,000 bonus Etihad Guest miles for every Business Class flight.  Economy flights will attract a 5,000 mile bonus.

Whilst Etihad Guest was devalued sharply last year, the ability to top up your account via American Express Membership Rewards, the UK Etihad credit card, the HSBC Premier credit card and Heathrow Rewards makes their miles flexible.  You can also redeem across the full Etihad Airways Partners alliance.

Here are some headline business class fares from London.

  • Abu Dhabi £1,500
  • Bangkok £1,550
  • Mumbai £1,552
  • Johannesburg £2,191
  • Perth £2,600
  • Melbourne £2,600

Whilst these are not the cheapest deals seen this Winter, you need to remember that I rate the Etihad A380 Business Class Studio as the best seat on the market.  Heathrow will be operating a 100% A380 service from November.

These deals can be booked for travel until June 2017.  Full details are on the Etihad website here.

Amex Nectar

Update on the ‘40,000 Nectar points’ credit card deal

Yesterday I wrote an article about the attractive American Express Nectar credit card promotion which launches today.  If you are targetted via the Nectar app or website, you will receive a whopping 40,000 Nectar points for signing up.

Full details of the card are here although you should not sign up via this page.

This is worth at least – in the worse case scenario – £200 to spend at Sainsbury’s, easyJet, Expedia etc.  However, if you use your points wisely during special offers, you could get as high as £400.

I missed out a key point in the early version of the article yesterday which was the version emailed out.

Anyone who is targetted will receive the 40,000 points as long as they have not had a Nectar credit card in the last six months.  That statement was correct.

However … the terms and conditions state that you only receive the first year of membership for free if you have not had any Amex-issued Amex cards in the last six months.  That will disqualify 95% of HFP readers, who will have a BA Amex, Amex Gold, Amex Platinum, Starwood Amex or similar.

You WILL still get the 40,000 points but you need to be resigned to paying the £25 fee.  This is still very small in contrast to the sign-up bonus, however, and is refundable pro-rata if you cancel the card.

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  1. Ah.

    Singapore Airlines Geography

    Joining Krisflyer for the purpose of Star Gold, but their compulsory “Province” list for the UK does not include my County (or Notts, Cornwall or Northumberland for that matter). And it does include “North England”.

    Someone has been reading the Daily Metropolitan.


  2. Douglas Grimshaw says:

    Ref nectar – How to know if targeted? Nectar account offers 40k, but when clicking on link to Amex shows only 20k?

    • That is correct. As long as you apply that way you will get the extra 20k from Nectar.

    • Singing Dwarf says:

      Anyone fancy posting a direct URL for the offer – should be able to get this from your account.

  3. just signed up for new nectar account.
    only 20k on offer.

  4. wetboy1uk says:

    I am not seeing the 40,000 points offer either. How do you knwo if you are targeted for it?

    • It will show on the Nectar app or on their site when you log in.

      • wetboy1uk says:

        Should the nectar page show me 40,000 or 20,000 points? ie is it 20,000 from nectar and 20,000 from amex or will the nectar page confirm it is 40,000? Getting a bit confused as my nectar page is only showing 20,000

        • Well on Nectar App and website for me it showed 40000 points but on Amex Application site it only says 20000 points, but in the end it should all work out OK.
          I also have email from Nectar saying 40000 points so can show that to CS if need be.

        • wetboy1uk says:

          where on the website did you find the 40,000 points showing up?

        • Log in and see you personalised offers on the first page. It is either there or it isn’t. Or download the app and scroll through the offers tab.

      • Would be nice if somebody could please post the URL to the offer showing on their Nectar page, so that those without it can see if it works for them…

  5. Simon Branson says:

    this is poorly worded there is no 40k offer. This would mean £800 on double up which is inaccurate.

    • There is 40k on offer for me. As nectar points are generally valued at 0.5p, double up means 1p so 40k = £400. Where do you get £800 from?

    • Most of us have a 40k offer showing in our Nectar accounts. Not all of us, but most of us.

      • What evidence do you have for that !?!

        • Yes, got it on two accounts

        • That is based on the number of people who have posted on here that they don’t have the offer, which isn’t many.

        • For those who don’t have it, is there any way of forcing it? Would Nectar CS be able to add it?

        • Oh! Matron! says:

          I don’t have it either

        • Thats why I posted asking for a URL the other day. I wondered if it would work for others that way.

        • Its just on the original post that you said “it seems very widespread”.

          I just wondered how you knew that, when nobody had had the opportunity to post that they did not have the offer on their account?

          Did you get insider information from Nectar/Amex about the scope of the offer – or were you making a rash assumption?

        • I think you’ll find it was already discussed multiple times in the comments here on HfP the day before Rob wrote the article…

  6. Applied but not sure why (I have 2 credit + 1 Charge card from Amex), the online decision process said….cannot approve online…wait for 10 days….

    Will wait and see.
    During application it also said first year is fee free however only showed 20000 nectar points as bonus.

  7. I’m near the end of my 6 months cool-off period for a new BAPP or Amex Gold.
    Would taking this Nectar card prevent me from getting the bonus on any other Amex cards ?

  8. No it should not.

  9. Jumble Tales says:

    No targeted offer for me either through Nectar App or web site, unfortunately.

  10. Received an important communication from Etihad today.

    They are doing some sort of ‘upgrading’ (in fact, streamlining and downgrading) of its loyalty programme benefits which DIRECTLY affects me as I am flying with EY from Singapore on 15 January 2017. This may be interesting to your readers I guess.

    “Alexandre, we have some exciting news to share with you!
    From today, we’ve aligned the tier benefits you receive as an Etihad Guest Silver tier member when you fly with any of the eight Etihad Airways Partner airlines: Etihad Airways, airberlin, Alitalia, Air Serbia, Air Seychelles, Etihad Regional, Jet Airways and NIKI.

    So you will now be able to travel the world with confidence to over 400 destinations, knowing that you will receive a more consistent level of service and recognition when you fly. As part of the alignment of tier benefits, you will be eligible for priority check-in whenever you fly with any of the eight Etihad Airways Partner airlines.

    However, from 15 January 2017, lounge access for Etihad Guest Silver members will only be available in Abu Dhabi, Mahé (Seychelles) and Belgrade. Until then, you can continue to enjoy the same lounge access benefits as before.

    The list of standardised Silver tier benefits across all eight Etihad Airways Partner airlines is shown below. For more detailed information on all of the benefits and privileges available to you from 4 October 2016, click here. “

  11. Seen the nectar 40k offer on a advertising banner when clicked it goes through to the Amex regular 20k offer and no mention of the 40k offer.

  12. Catman99 says:

    I applied for the Nectar Card and I’ve spent £600 but it is showing 0 points on the summary page, although if I drill down to view transactions I can see the points I have earned on my spend. They don’t seem to have been transferred to my Nectar Account and they are not showing at American Express. I presume I must have put my Nectar Account number in when I signed up, does it just take a while to show?