Earn triple Avios – SEVEN per Euro! – on Accor (Sofitel, Mercure, Novotel etc) stays

Le Club AccorHotels, the loyalty scheme for Sofitel, Ibis, Novotel, Mercure, M Gallery and Pullman, has launched an interesting ‘triple Avios’ promotion with Iberia Plus.

The offer runs until 31st December.  Registration does not seem to be required.

Full details can be found here.

Sofitel St James 350

This is what you have to do:

Change the settings on your Le Club AccorHotels account from earning points to earning miles

WARNING:  If you already have a pot of over 3,000 Accor points, they will be converted into Iberia miles immediately.  If you want to save your existing points for a hotel redemption then do NOT take part in this promo.

Select Iberia Plus as your preferred airline – NOT British Airways!  (You will obviously have to open an Iberia Plus account at iberia.com if you don’t have one.  New members of Iberia Plus must wait 90 days before they can transfer Avios across to British Airways or avios.com)

Book and stay – existing bookings made before 1st October do not count – before 31st December for a stay which completes by 31st December.  Iberia Plus must be selected as your earning partner at the time of booking.

You can repeat this an unlimited number of times

The landing page says:

members must book the stay only from this offer page

However, when the read the small print, it is less restrictive:

member must book online in this page, on accorhotels.com or our participating brands websites or through the Accorhotels.com mobile application and via Accor call centers. All other reservation channels will not be eligible for this offer.

The ‘triple points’ is based on what you would earn as a ‘Classic’ base level member, ie 2.5 points per Euro.  This means that you would earn 7.5 Avios per €1 spent which is a very attractive rate.  Status members would earn even more.

(Note that the earning rate is lower at Ibis, Ibis Styles and Adagio.  You only earn 1 per €1.  At Adagio Access you earn 0.5 per €1.  This means that a ‘Classic’ member would be earning 3 Avios per €1.)

This deal could work out very nicely.  Let’s imagine that you are spending £500 at a Novotel for a week.  That would be €568 which would earn you 4,260 Avios.  A status member would do even better.

Even better …. double up for the next week!

Accor has another very attractive promotion running at the moment.

Until 12th October, you can earn up to 10,000 Avios (or 10,000 Accor points) for booking up to 4 x 2-night stays at Accor properties.

Details of that promotion are here.

You have until 26th December to complete your stays under the 10,000 points promotion but you MUST book before 12th October.


Whether or not the current ‘10,000 Avios for 4 x 2-night stays’ deal is of interest, this new promotion for triple Avios will work for anyone who stays at Accor properties.

Full details can be found on the Accor website here.

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  1. THe previous 10k offer said it could not be combined with other offers.

    I should have 2 weekends on that offer from September which have not appeared, and I am wondering if my use of the MasterCard Accor Free Breakfast offer in Asia has pole axed it.


  2. I made use of this promotion last time out. Oddly my auto-convert cancelled itself, ended up with triple Accor points, which appear to count towards status as well.

  3. Great timing, need to make a week long Novotel booking later this morning!

  4. Ah, this explains why i received an automatically generated email from Accor a few days ago, notifying that they had “as per your request” switched off the automatic transfer of my Accor Points to Avois.

    It was NOT at my request!

  5. Anyone had their a/c locked before, the Xmas pts promo caused it, been trying for a month to get mine unlocked and missing points added for a stay 5 weeks ago, over 5 phone calls and still nothing, definitely think I’ll be focusing on Hilton from now on..

  6. Quite confusing.

    Looking at my offers page on the website there seem to be no fewer than 4 offers with Triple Points all covering the period to the endish of December.

    1 – For Platinum members with a stay covering a weekend.
    2 – This one – Welcome Back x3 into Avios.
    3 – Auto x2 or x3 when booking through their website when logged in.
    4 – Staying at new hotels (such as the Mercure Hyde Park which is already offering £99 nights).

    T&Cs seem to say you only get the most generous one at once.



  7. Me I will be staying in a Accor Hotel in Munich while diddling my *G.

  8. OT – did everyone’s 502 virgin miles for £1.50 train journey post okay? I’ve checked my account and was awarded 3 miles.

    • Posted fine after I chased at COB 31 Aug

    • I’ve also had the 3 miles and sent an email about the bonus – still waiting on a reply.

    • I got my 5 miles for a £2.20 ticket from Wolverhampton to Sandwell and Dudley, but not within the promised time frame of 31 days from the date of the journey. Ticket dated 18 July. I complained to CS on 15 Sept (after 3 weeks on holiday). The 5 miles arrived shortly afterward.

      CS’s reply was was they would have to refer the issue of the bonus 500 points to a separate dept. Their e-mail said that they would only be in contact again if they were not able to award the 500 points. These did arrive by the end of September, and indeed, I have not heard from them since.

      The system seems to work better for their advance purchase tickets, which are supposed to post points within 5 days of the journey, and IME do. This is presumably because advance purchase tickets are only valid on Virgin trains, while the £2-3 tickets for short journeys that HFP readers have been buying will be flexible tickets valid on any train.

      • I have had a similar experience. Contacted customer service weeks ago. Received 3 miles last week. Still no word on the 500. Really disappointing and becoming a regular thing with these 500 mile bonuses from Virgin (I had a similar issue when they awarded 500 miles for a shopaway purchase last year).

        They put far more effort into making people aware of the offer than they do on delivering the rewards. Virgin really need to get their act together.

        I’m hoping ba and avios.com are far more efficient at delivering the 1k bonuses.

  9. tall trader says:

    Euros are a bit expensive for british pound holders right now !!

    By the way, do you expect an avios devaluation as a result of the weak £ ?

    • The £ is only really weak against the USD, sure it has fallen against the euro but only back to where it was in 2011.

      Why would a weak GBP necessarily cause an avios devaluation? Oil is still quite cheap, BA can put up “fuel surcharges” whenever it wants, and it is getting more revenue in GBP from US- and eurozone-origin tickets.

    • …which means of course that it’s a good time to SPEND Accor points, since 2000 points = 40 euros converted to local currency. I’m tempted to cash out my stock of points on a booking and then switch to Iberia after that, but it just all feels a bit too likely to go wrong.

      (Nobody seems to have done this calculation yet, so I think that using the Iberia offer you’re paying about 0.6p per Avios – assuming that you’d otherwise use the points on Accor bookings.)

      • Sussex Bantam says:

        I’ve “parked” my existing points by booking a flexible room for next summer. Once this promo has ended I will cancel the room and should get the points back into my account. I say “should” because, whilst the T&C are very clear, nothing is ever straightforward with Accor.

  10. “Even better …. double up for the next week!”

    Are you absolutely sure that they will work together ?
    I wouldn’t want to miss out on the €200 Euros worth of Accor points (10,000).

    • No, not absolutely sure of course. It is up to you whether you want to use this one or not.

    • You can’t get both the “€200 Euros worth” and the Iberia bonus using the same stays – because you have to set up auto-convert to get the Iberia bonus, and then the bonus points would go to Iberia as well.

      So even if the doubling-up does work, it probably isn’t worth it if you’re specifically targeting the 10,000 bonus. If you value Avios at 1p, then by letting the 10,000 points go to Iberia, you’re getting £100 of Avios instead of €200 of Accor credit – meaning you’re down about £75 at today’s exchange rate.

      As I’ve said above, I think the Iberia promotion lets you “buy” Avios (by giving up Accor credit) at about 0.6p per Avios. Using the same 1p valuation, that’s a 0.4p discount. So you’d have to earn almost 19,000 Avios through the Iberia promotion before you’d got £75 of added value and broken even.

      In other words, in your case, don’t do it.

  11. Due to book a Novotel and was going to do it via hotels.com as get 8 avios per pound at the moment via Avios e-store and would also get it put towards hotels.com rewards night. Any reason why should book through this promotion rather than hotels.com?

    • Not sure about the Avios angle, but I normally book Accor hotels through cashback sites. For example, TopCashback currently offers 15.75% cashback on Sofitel/Pullman/MGallery, 12.6% on Novotel/Mercure/Adagio, and so on.

      As the booking is made directly through the Accor website, I don’t need to worry whether status benefits will be honored and the cashback has always tracked and paid (though it does take time).

      Further, there was an Amex cashback offer recently for certain Accor hotels / brands, but I think you need to book directly through Accor.

    • I often compare (quidco+hotels.com price+reward value) against (quidco+accor price+accor points value) and they tend to come to about the same – in which case I prefer to book through accor to be more sure of status benefits.

      • Lady London says:

        Are you taking into account the 10% price reduction given for being an Accor member in your calculations?

  12. I think one of either QC or TCB have a 10% cashback and you *still* get the hotels.com bonus night scheme.

  13. I think I might just fall short of hitting the 25k accor points to renew Platinum, even using these offers. Any easy ways, besides hotel stays, to generate or transfer in some top-up points (it looks like they aren’t an Amex MR partner)?

    • Most of my Accor points have come through e-Rewards, though it does seem that you need to have hotel bookings as well to get / keep the status (not so unreasonable, I suppose).

      But I am retired and have the time to do their often appallingly designed surveys.

    • Amex MR to Finnair to Accor – but 7:1 out of Finnair …..

      Can’t you book a 2-night Happy Mondays stay somewhere locally (£25 per night at the local Ibis) to trigger part of the 10,000 Avios bonus?

      • Will already be maxing out that offer… if it’s few enough points, might try the Finnair route – thanks for the info!
        Seems this is the last time it might be attainable since the earning criteria tighten up in the new year…

  14. OT buying an iphone 7 sim free. What’s the best way to earn miles/cashback through this purchase? can’t seem to find anything

    • Curry’s giftcards from tesco, then maybe use the estore too?

      • TGLoyalty says:

        It would be if Currys were selling it, seems you can’t use the gift cards at carphone warehouse?

        possibly Argos or now John Lewis?

        • Thanks guys. Sadly no one has stock other than Apple so went direct with no bonuses as it’s for a present needed this week.

  15. I’m booked into the local Mercure on Saturday night, but I had to book weeks ago to make sure I got in (no chance for Happy Mondays, due to all the people staying for the ball). I guess I won’t get any extra points, but they might make a mistake!

  16. Slightly OT:

    Am I remembering correctly that LCAH to Iberia avios conversion was at 1:1 rate?
    I just tried to cash out my Accor points to Iberia and the conversion rate is now showing the same as BA Avios (4000 LCAH points = 2000 avios)

    • It certainly used to be the case – and I think it’s what Rob is basing the numbers in this article on. Maybe they have quietly changed it…

      • I wouldn’t be surprised. There is an announcement on their page that the hotel vouchers now have a 6 month expiry too so changes must be happening.

        • It will be bad news for anyone currently doing their 10,000 bonus point promotion and expecting 10,000 avios.

        • The 6-month validity has always been there, I think – certainly it was when I last got a voucher about 2 years ago. If your points aren’t going to expire, there is little point in taking the vouchers.

          • I just re-read the announcement and it says “Any Le Club AccorHotels Rewards partner vouchers ordered will be valid for 6 months.”.

            I’m not sure what a rewards partner voucher is as I only redeem for avios or hotel credit.

            • They have a few “partners” where you can get the same 2,000 pts = 40 euros rate as you can at their hotels, but it’s not a very exciting selection. Last time I looked there was a car rental partner, and that was pretty much it.

              The thing about hotel vouchers expiring is a red herring, because nowadays there’s really no reason to order hotel vouchers. You used to have to do it back in the days before you could burn points online at the time of booking. Now there’s no need to, and the points themselves don’t expire as long as you stay once every 12 months.

    • It’s still offering me 3,000 points = 3,000 Iberia Avios (though I haven’t followed it through to completion, because I don’t actually want to do it). Are you sure you’ve successfully selected Iberia? The Accor website is terrible and error-prone.

    • Oooh, does that mean going the other way doubles up ? 2,000 Avios = 4,000LCAH (80 euros) ?

      “Am I remembering correctly that LCAH to Iberia avios conversion was at 1:1 rate?
      I just tried to cash out my Accor points to Iberia and the conversion rate is now showing the same as BA Avios (4000 LCAH points = 2000 avios)”

  17. OT, but Iberia related – anyone else received/looked at the 6 bottles of Rioja deal? Email on Monday offers 6 bottles for £45 (usually £90) and 450 Avios. That’s 10 per £?! It also says Avios x4??

    • I saw it but haven’t had time to follow up on it. I thought it looked like good wine and wondered whether you get 450 avios per case. If so, I’d stock up on a few for Christmas.

  18. OT. Just bought lots of gift cards from Tesco Surrey Quays. There were many Amazon (of all denominations) and JL £50s. The cashier (young lad) had to check the policy with his supervisor but she came over and said everything was hunky dory. I asked what the policy was but she couldn’t explain it. Hmm.

    However the young lad managed to top up my Xmas saver after I tried at Monument earlier and the manager hadn’t even heard of it.

    Overall, a successful trip.

  19. How do I ‘Change the settings on your Le Club AccorHotels account from earning points to earning miles’? I can set up auto-convert but I can see anything to change earning points to earning miles. Can somebody provide some steps as to where I’d find this?

  20. OT – any idea of best way to get most avios on buying glasses (more specifically an eye test and new lenses getting made to fit). I was thinking Boots gift cards?

    • Tesco Opticians?

    • let me know if that works. I normally go to Specsavers for glasses, but buy contact lenses in bulk online. Boots have just opened a new opticians in town, so are now a viable alternative.

      • Quidco seem to have a £20 cashback at Specsavers, which may beat any Avios.

        • Scrub that – can’t find it.

          • Thanks all, Boots is my best bet I think. I want an eye test and then new lenses to fit some frames I bought in Asia so needs to be an in-store transaction i think

  21. Totally OT: Is the Galleries First in T3 still operating and is it any good ?!
    Layout, Food (Breakfast) & drink wise ?

    I love the T5 First Galleries.

  22. Does anyone know how to actually change their settings on Accor to earn Iberia points? I’ve been clicking on all the obvious places on their website and getting nowhere. I thought I had it when I got to this page, but the link for ‘take advantage now’ doesn’t seem to work.

    I can’t see any options on my settings page either.

    • I was sure that I’ve done this before, so I just looked, and I can get to the change partner option as follows:
      I logged on to my account, dropped down the ‘my account’ at the top, and selected ‘Access my Account’ that takes you to the dashboard:
      https://secure.accorhotels.com/gb/profil/dashboard.shtml (you may be able to use this link to go there directly, I don’t know).
      Then on the left side, select ‘My loyalty card’ and then ‘My Rewards’ from the fly-out, that should put you here:
      Scroll to the lower right section, and select ‘convert points automatically’ and select partner, or ‘change partner’ if you have previously set one up.

      Let me know if this works…