It’s back – buy up to 100,000 Avios, from 1.08p, via Groupon!

(EDIT 18th October: this deal is no longer available)

It’s back! You can now buy cheap Avios points simply by heading over to the Spanish version of Groupon.

The fall in the £ in recent months means that this deal is not as good as it was last December, where you were paying as little as 0.7p per Avios.  It is still worth a look though.

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This is an Iberia Plus deal.  This means that there are two hurdles to jump:

You need an Iberia Plus Avios account (easily fixed by going to if you don’t have one)

Your Iberia account will need to be 90 days old before you are allowed to use ‘Combine My Avios’ and send your points across to your British Airways Executive Club or account

EDIT:  I have deleted a chunk of text about getting additional points via the Iberia e-store site as this deal is specifically excluded from earning points.

Click here for the Avios page you need on the Spanish Groupon site.

It is best to use Google Chrome to open it.  Chrome should offer to translate the text.  If it doesn’t, right click on your mouse and a translation option will appear.

There are five price levels.  The 2,000 Avios deal is the cheapest but the prices are well above previous deals:

2,000 Avios = €24 (£21.62) = 1.08p 

4,000 Avios = €59 (£53.14) = 1.32p

9,000 Avios = €119 (£107.18) = 1.19p

15,000 Avios = €189 (£170.23) = 1.13p 

20,000 Avios = €249 (£224.26) = 1.12p 

34,000 Avios = €429 (£386.38) = 1.13p 

If you buy using a new account, you can use code QUITATE10 to save €10 on a purchase of €25 or more. 

You can buy a maximum of five packages AND 100,000 Avios per Iberia account.  However, you are restricted to just one of the ‘2,000 Avios’ packs.  The maximum number of Avios you can buy is therefore (20,000 x 5) 100,000 points for €1245.

You can pay by Paypal which may be easier – I did during the previous promotion – although you get legged over on the exchange rate.  All other credit cards are accepted including American Express.  If you do not use a 0% payment card, remember to factor in the 3% FX fee to the prices shown above.

About 30 minutes later you will receive an emailed voucher.  If you don’t, the voucher will also be showing in your account on the Spanish Groupon site.  There is a link in the voucher to a page on the Groupon site where you need to input the codes.

You are told that your Avios will take 30 days to appear but, in reality, they have historically turned up quicker.

The big question ….. is it worth it?

For most people, probably not.  It isn’t the most straightforward promotion ever.  The exchange rate is moving around daily.  Paying over 1p per Avios point is also far above my comfort zone.

If you need to top off your account or if you have a very specific use for them – where you know you will receive well in excess of 1.1p of value – you may think differently.  Double check your maths first though.

Thanks to Simon.

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  1. Are the prices really higher or is just the pound weaker?

  2. A bit of both. 4K avios in July promo was €49 (I paid €39 with the discount code) + PluStore + spend on Lloyds Amex made it around 0.8ppa. I’m not a buyer at these current prices.

  3. I got mine last time around, but my wife’s never ,ever appeared, and this, despite numerous chase ups to and Iberia. Never again.

    • Lady London says:

      Value is neutral at best for me, and I still haven’t got my points from the earlier Groupon promotion so I’ll pass.

  4. I have 159,000 avios in my account and I’m tempted to do a transaction with someone, could do with the cash as having an operation

  5. I would be interested if broken down into smaller amounts.

  6. Last time we ended up with 10,292 avios for £99.62.

  7. There’s no reason why you should get legged over on the exchange rate when using PayPal. You can always change an option to get charged in the currency of the transaction during checkout.

  8. But PayPal Germany still legged me over, despite paying in euros with a euro based credit card. Tempted to forget the PayPal route this time.

  9. OT- dragonpass offer from Telegraph

  10. JamesWag says:

    Off Topic re. Le Club Accor. Figuring out how many points one needs to renew / upgrade.

    Does anyone know of a way on the Accor website to easily determine how many points you are away from renewing or upgrading your status ?

    I can’t seem to find such a thing.

    The only way I can see is to manually go through and add up the points earned in the relevant time period, but then I am not sure which points count and which points don’t. OR do all points count regardless of how they were earned or added to the account ?

    • Award Wallet is your friend here.

      Will tell you how many points you’ve earned in the last 12 months and the number required for next level.

    • For now, until the end of the year, all points count towards status.

    • JamesWag – log into your accor account. top right, there is a grey box that says ‘welcome to your account **name of account holder**’ – click on it, there will be a drop down with how many points you have, and how many you are away from the next tier.

      Underneath there is a blue button which takes you into further detail about your account.

      Under ‘My loyalty card’, click on ‘my points history’ – – it’s a points earned statement – any stays with points that are older than a year will be discounted from your current balance

  11. I cant seem to move my Avios from Iberia Plus to BAEC….. Is this just me? The combine my avios site says this: “You can only move Avios from British Airways to Iberia Plus – you cannot move your Avios back again.” Is anyone else facing this issue?

    My iberia plus account is almost 4 years old now, do the first opening rule isn’t the reason…

    • Often you need to use as an intermediary. Also try logging into and move via that rather than into iberia to move from there. You get the option to move avios both ways.

    • Iberia told me that you can’t move from IB > BA if your BA account is a household account. Do it via Avios – when you log in go to ‘Combine my Avios’ and from there you can both extract the points from IB to Avios and then move them to BA.

  12. This could be a fitting use of my £45 Curve rewards!

  13. Hello,

    Just saw this condition posted on IberiaPlus store. So does it mean there will be no more extra 5 Avios/1€ when buy this Avios promotion on Groupon?

    * We do not offer the 2,000 , 4,000 , 8,000 , 12,000 or 20,000 Avios that you might buy through this promotion:

    • Had this in ToC in the previous sale as well, IberiaPlus store points tracked and paid as normal.

    • I have just had the email from the Iberia Plu store confirming that it has recorded the purchase from Groupon and the number of Avios that will be awarded @ 5 per €1 from my purchase on Friday, so hopefully they will appear in 40 days in addition to the actual Avios purchased in the promotion.

  14. Does anyone know how long does it take to have the Avios on Iberia once it’s redeemed ? Roughly.


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