Bits: BA premium flights and holidays sale, CityJet to launch flights from Southend

News in brief:

British Airways Luxury Sale now on

We have been a little slow in covering the latest British Airways  premium sale, apologies.

The prices don’t look too exciting, but it’s well worth having a look to possibly find a good deal.

Until 8th November – so you still have a week to book – you can get :

Club World flights to New York from £1,475

Club World holidays from £1,478 p/p

Club Europe holidays from £271 p/p

It looks like you can book as far ahead as September 2017 so it’s well worth thinking about the next Summer holiday.

The BA Low Fare Finder tool remains the best way to see what deals are available.  Apart from the New York deal above, there is also Boston £1555, Montreal £1435, much of India for £1700, Muscat £1498 and Beijing £1799.  That is about it under £2000.

All prices are based on two people travelling together and include business class flights and accommodation.

CityJet 350

CityJet to launch flights from London’s Southend airport

The Irish airline CityJet and Stobart Group are currently discussing the possibility of new routes from London Southend Airport starting in April 2017.

The proposal is that CityJet will operate up to 18 new routes from Southend on up to four aircraft.

In 2012, with the arrival of easyJet, Southend Airport saw initial success but further expansion seemed a bit difficult.  Rob visited the airport earlier this year and was impressed by the modern terminal and the direct train service from London Liverpool Street.  There is even a decent airport lounge which accepts Priority Pass!  Now with CityJet as a potential partner, Southend Airport is targetting an increase in passengers from 900,000 last year to up to 1,5M a year.

Though the discussions remain ‘at an early stage’ it looks like a formal agreement can be released as soon as next month.  More information can be found here.

Meanwhile, I flew CityJet out to Amsterdam from London City Airport yesterday.  I will write about that next week.

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  1. OT someone has mentioned here that to achieve a target spend on Amex to trigger BA 2-4-1 voucher they would consider buying fully flexible 1st class ticket. Has anyone tried this? The bit that interests me is when you receive refund back on your card how do you transfer it back to your bank account?

    • the real harry says:

      that would be easy enough but I personally am not really in favour of this method

      obviously Amex can’t keep your money when you close an a/c

    • RR, might be better buying gift cards for your food and petrol purchases In advance. Pay some bills at the co,op pay point etc with Amex. DVLA, post office, Amazon. Only bill l can’t get on Amex now is SKY. That’s definite spend you know you will have anyway? Yes they will refund you when you cancel your card, by cheque or BACS. Refundable flight, the last option usually. Of course, people’s plans change.

  2. Cuchlainn says:

    OT – NECTAR AMEX offer email ( targeted ?)
    Email this afternoon for 30K ( 20K welcome bonus & 10K sign up ) Nectar points for sign up in Nov, spending £2,000 in 3 months – not on my Nectar app, my Nectar online a/c or my AMEX offers ??
    More bizarre is that I signed up for the 20K+20K Nectar AMEX card in the October offer !!!!

  3. Win Griffiths says:

    As i have stated before it is time to put a stop to all of this special fare & perks nonsense , fares should be set at a reasonable rate for all of the travelling public , not this we are better than you nonsense , we own a Business, or we get employer perks by travelling on our Employers expense account , all points earned via Employers expense accounts should be turned into the Employer for re-distibution to the Employees that never get out of the Work place other than the usual yearly Holiday , and as far as I see Britain has so many Holidays , it is no wonder that nothing really ever gets done, every time you call a Major Company especially BA all you hear is this person is on Holiday .yet no one is monitoring that missing persons account , now blastant Discrimination with Excess Baggage charges for India what next ? Disgraceful way to run an Airline !!!!!! the people posting here sound like trhe spoiled entitlement group that I find so obnoxious when travelling , and have spoiled travel for everyone these past ten years .

    • Win Griffiths says:

      Please forgive any typo errors never was a touch typist & low visoin now does not help >

    • I couldn’t disagree more with your post, specifically that points earned for work travel should belong to the employer. I see these points as compensation for having to be away from my wife and life in London. Many people (including some of my colleagues) don’t bother with loyalty schemes. Should they then be rewarded with the fruits of my hard work from tips gained on HfP?

      • kasiM Dabalou says:

        He thinks you should be on an 11 hour red-eye flight from Vancouver down the back with your knees getting crushed by the reclining seat in front (travelling in your own time), with a screaming kid either side of you, and one beyond you constantly kicking your chair mercilessly for good measure. And that it would be preferable that your catering options are non-existent….

        And for you not to be compensated in any way by the company you work for, as ‘Britain has so many holidays’ as it is that your trip away for business was just a holiday and should be booked as annual leave. Forget the lounge as well, and any status, if you travel for work, you should be slumming it with the rest of us, forget hassle of going through security x many times, your work travel is a holiday – be grateful for all the hassle when security want to re-scan your bag and get you to empty it for the sake of looking professional (LHR T5).

        I hope you had a great holiday.

    • the real harry says:

      nobody is better than anybody else (at birth) but we make our own luck – in the UK – by studying, getting smart etc, finding a good job & developing a well-rounded personality

      so it strikes me as somewhat antediluvian that you should argue that people who have made their way up by hard work & study, such that they should be in positions where their company pays for their expensive travel on serious business – whereby they earn points – & give up their weekends & other time – should have to donate those points to a pool (or ‘cesspit’) where lazy so-&-sos can get some of those points just for ‘being there’ or ‘turning up’

  4. Lady London says:

    I can recommend the Holiday Inn which is right at the entrance to the airport. Well run, decent pricing, also 15,000 points. Get there early if you’re parking though, the hotel carpark can get totally full and even hotel guests sometimes can’t park.