Get 3000 Flying Club miles with Virgin Money International Money Transfer

Virgin Money International Money Transfer has been quietly added to the Virgin Flying Club website as a new partner.   If you try this service now you can get 3000 Virgin Atlantic miles when making your first transaction.

Virgin Money

Virgin Money promises a best price guarantee on all international money transfers, although as this guarantee excludes internet specialists such as Azimo and TransferWise you should treat it with a pinch of salt.

In order to get ‘the best price on the high street’, you need to register an account with Virgin Money and provide the quote you received from any high street bank in writing within three hours of receiving it.  Virgin Money will then give you a matching quote.

You need to be a Virgin Atlantic Flying Club member and make your first transaction by 30th November to qualify for the 3000 miles.

The minimum transaction value is £1000 and the miles will be credited to your account within 60 days.

This is not necessarily a ‘no brainer’ deal.  The miles are worth around £30 at best and you need to transfer £1000.  If the Virgin rates are close to Azimo then you may come out on top but you should definitely do the maths first – the banks are not known for their great rates.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

The Virgin Money page is here.

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  1. I need to transfer about $2500 so i registered and got a quote. You have to register to get a quote. Azimo quoted a rate of 1.24587 with a £12 fee v Virgin’s rate of 1.2284 with no fee. TransferWise rate was 1.2518 inclusive if fee. The Virgin site does say that quotes outwith trading hours will have a margin addded but ignoring this the difference to Transfereise is about £30

    • Actually looking again transferwise and azimo were about the same overall so in this example i would spend about £18 more to get the 3000 miles.

  2. A price-match guarantee that excludes the competitive competition isn’t really much of a guarantee.

    • No worse than any airline or hotel best rate guarantee though.

      Had a quality BA BRG claim copied to me recently. Reader made a booking late at night and then pretty quickly afterwards found a cheaper price. He sent the screenshot to BA but because it had ticked over midnight his claim was disqualified because the competing quote was not from the same day.

      • Had a dispute with IHG BRG this week, booked a stay, friend booked exact same stay on for less, just minutes after me. Raised a BRG claim which was rejected within minutes even though the cheaper rate was still showing, IHG came up with a quoted rate that couldn’t be found on website, sent them another screenshot and asked for their screenshot. Had a variety of excuses given ranging from not accepting screenshots, using real time verification, and finally ‘IT problems’ and that they were too busy to provide more detail. Ironically this was my first cash stay with IHB in 2016, could be the last cash purchase i make for a long time.

        • Interestingly had a BRG claim with Accor recently which despite their slow response, the difference plus the 10% off was refunded to my credit card about a week or two later, with the stay still yet to happen!

          • IHG Customer service has become appalling and they have a reputation for refusing BRG claims, in my case i was very specific with the claim, they were for identical rooms, identical terms, identical currencies (!). Yet they seem to have invented their own rate on which i couldn’t find. Best use of IHG Spire was the status match to Hilton Diamond. I also value Accor status highly, will be a shame when it expires.

        • I had exactly the same dispute with Hilton last year for the Hilton Phuket. I dragged it out for around 2 months and was amazed at the variety of excuses they came up with (each one of which I had a perfectly rational retort to). It was a point of principle more than anything else, as it was only around $40 difference, but could not believe they cared that much about withholding $40 from a Platinum status holder with a legitimate claim. The cherry on the cake was how disappointing the hotel turned out to be.

      • Particularly stupid response from BA given the customer can cancel their BA purchase in the first 24h anyway!

  3. “Sorry, purchasing Starpoints is not available at this time”

  4. the real harry says:

    Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Rail looks set to be granted a further, uncontested 12-month contract to run west coast intercity trains

  5. Slightly OT: I’ve just completed my 6th £75 monthly ISA installment as part of the Virgin Money stocks and shares ISA offer earlier this year. Do I need to call them up to cancel? I can’t seem to find the option on their online system.

    • I just set the payments down to nothing and cancelled the direct debit. Within a couple of weeks, I had confirmation of the same in writing also.

  6. Interesting, with Branson advertising (and have a stake in) Transferwise.