Buy Avios from 0.85p in new Iberia Plus promo

Until 31st December, Iberia Plus is offering a 50% bonus when you transfer your Iberia Plus Avios points to another member.

This offers an interesting opportunity to pick up a few cheap Avios points and may also allow you to consolidate Avios from other family members into your account.

As usual, you can only take part in this offer if you have an ACTIVE Iberia Plus account.  This means that your Iberia Plus account is 90 days old and has earned 1 Avios point.  If you do not have an Iberia Plus account, I strongly recommend you open one now and get 1 point into it (an Amex Membership Rewards transfer, for example) so you are able to take part in future Iberia offers.

This is how the deal works:


You need to go to this page of the Iberia website and click on ‘Transfer’.  If you are not logged in, you may need to log in first and then click this link again.

The pricing goes up in chunks so I have only shown the most attractive option at each price level:

Transfer 6,000 Avios – receiver gets 9,000 Avios = €30 fee (£25, 0.85p each)

Transfer 12,000 Avios – receiver gets 18,000 Avios = €75 fee (£63, 1.0p each)

Transfer 18,000 Avios – receiver gets 27,000 Avios = €115 fee (£97, 1.0p each)

Transfer 24,000 Avios (max) – receiver gets 36,000 Avios = €160 fee (£135, 1.1p each)

If I wanted to do this, this is how it would go:

I would use ‘Combine My Avios’ to move 6,000 Avios from my or account to my account

I would pay €30 to transfer 6,000 Avios into the Iberia Plus account of my wife, effectively paying 0.8p for each of 3,000 ‘new’ Avios created

My wife would use ‘Combine My Avios’ to move 9,000 back from Iberia Plus into her or accounts

This deal won’t work for many people because it requires both you and your partner to have active Iberia Plus accounts.  If you do qualify, however, it is worth a look – even if you only buy 3,000 Avios for £25 by taking the cheapest option listed above.

Thanks to Chris.

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  1. We just acquired 3,000 Avios each using the small change left on the Moneycorp Explorer cards recommended by Rob in about August plus the £20 offer on each.
    I also discovered 755 Avios on wife’s Iberia account that I had overlooked.

    • How did you get the 3000 Avios? I still have the small change on my card…

      • I had the small change in Euros and the £20 extra from the offer. I converted the £20 to euros giving me EUR30 for this offer. I am now undecided whether to cancel the card in case there is another offer or keep it for when we go to US in June.

  2. The initial 700 Avios from the 3 day car rental have just posted in my Iberia Plus account – now waiting for the remaining 18,000!

    • th real harry says:

      how long will you wait before you put in a claim?

      30 days
      60 days
      90 days?

      • keeeeeoq..corwwww [heavy menacing breathing] …’I find your lack of faith disturbing’ *reholsters light saber and walks back towards Death Star*

        • th real harry says:

          I hope you get’em 🙂

        • 700 posted today for me also Squills.

          Can’t vouch for others but I’ll be getting the extra (due) 18k.

          Along with the recent 18k Avis competition win, and another 20k coming next week(Gold Card), the avios account(?) is looking good.

          The problem is what to do with the things (not to mention two 2-4-1’s) – we’ll see!

          Anyhow, must move on, Mrs Gummidge panicking with Festive Preparation- just the two fridges and freezers packed out with grub!!

          🙂 .

      • Promo said 8 (Eight) weeks.

        Let’s see what happens at the end of Jan….

  3. Iberia website saying “this service is not available” – anyone else having the same issue?

    • Just transfered 4 lots of 6000 – to my wife and back again twice. Seems to be working fine.
      Paid by Lloyds Avios Amex – a total of £104.04 for 12130 avios including the credit card rewards so I make that nearer 0.86p/avios at the (zero loading) rate applied today by Amex.

      Used 12,000 avios for £120 off 2 CW seats (the 2 for £2015 sale) over Christmas so just replenishes those for a fairly easy £16 saving. Every little helps 🙂

    • Not working for me earlier either.

  4. OT

    I need just under 30k Avios in a few days if anyone has any ideas 🙂

    I can’t get Iberia to work and my seemingly only options are to buy from BA / Iberia / Avios or to trade / buy from another party.

  5. Sending Avios to an Iberia account older than 90 days is enough to activate it. I just did it.

    I sent 4 * 6000 from Account A to Account B generating 12,000 bonus miles and then did the reverse from Account B to Account A (4 * 6000).

    The first 4 went thorough without issue in seconds. The last 4 (from Account B to Account A) needed me to reach out to Iberia.

    Price with Supercard was £25.56 (€30) * 8 = £204.48 for 24,000 Avios = 0.852p per Avios.

    Buying the same 24k Avios from BA would have cost £399 so a 49% saving there.

    OT BA now has different prices to book different seats.Price ranges from £77 for 5A/B etc. to £86 for row 3 and £95 for row 1


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