BA domestic Club Europe – book with Avios today, check existing flights

As we revealed exclusively on Head for Points two weeks ago, British Airways will launch Club Europe business class on domestic flights from 1st April.

Some behind-the-scenes work was going on yesterday to get things ready.  No domestic flights could be booked for travel from 1st April.  Normal service was meant to resume at 8am this morning.

First …..

If you have an existing domestic sector booked, take another look at it.

You may find that it now shows Club Europe.  This is especially likely if you are connecting to or from a premium class flight in London.

Anyone with a standalone Business UK ticket should also be upgraded.

British Airways club europe domestic flights

Secondly …..

Take a look at your seat allocations over at

As of last night BA had not rearranged seating on existing bookings.  However, I would expect it to be done by the time you read this.

If you have an existing domestic booking and were sat towards the front of the aircraft, you are likely to have been moved towards the middle or back.  You may want to check and move yourself if you aren’t happy with where you ended up.

If you were moved into Club Europe, you should check to see if the window or aisle seat you have been given is suitable.  If you are travelling with other people, check that they are still near you – remember that Club Europe seating is 2×2 rather than 3×3 in Euro Traveller.

Thirdly …..

Avios redemption seats for Club Europe on domestic flights should be available from 8am today when the booking system reopens.

I would expect two Avios seats in Club Europe to be showing on every flight.  If I’m right, this is a great opportunity to bag yourself some seats for peak dates – Edinburgh during the Festival, anything you may need for Christmas, New Year, Easter or Bank Holidays etc.  Yes, you’ll be paying 9,000 Avios each-way but that is still probably a better deal than paying cash.

Cash tickets for business class – which we assume will earn 80 tier points return – are pricing at around £199 at  If you after a quick tier point run, they may be worth a look.  If you’ve got more time, however, you can get weekend breaks to certain European destinations for similar money and which are likely to be more fun.  A key difference is that these domestic tickets do NOT appear to require a Saturday night stay.

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  1. Derek Scott says:

    Here’s what’s been emailed out to Travel Agents today:

    “February 2017
    For travel from 1 April 2017, Club Europe will be introduced on all BA mainline and BA CityFlyer UK&I domestic services. We are also replacing UK Domestic with Euro Traveller as the economy cabin.

    This change aligns our cabins across the shorthaul network and enables customers connecting to or from a longhaul destination to enjoy a consistent premium experience throughout their journey. Domestic customers will be able to benefit from lounge access, more personal space to work or relax, complimentary food and drink, dedicated check-in desks, priority boarding and a generous baggage allowance of two cabin bags and two checked bags.

    The Club Europe cabin features a 2:2 configuration with the middle seat kept free. From 28 February, all UK&I domestic routes will start to show 2-cabin configuration, Club Europe and Euro Traveller. Once this conversion has taken place you will be able to see both cabins available to book in the schedule display.

    Existing bookings on UK&I domestic services

    The following changes have taken place for customers already ticketed on UK&I domestic services for travel from 1 April 2017:

    Original booking class: J,C, D, R, I , U
    New booking class: No change
    Cabin change: Economy to Club Europe
    Changes to itinerary: No change
    Changes to seating: Reserved seating will remain as booked or an equivalent seat booked in Club Europe
    Changes to baggage: Now eligible to 2 pieces. Ticket will still show 1 piece but BAGA keyowrd will be updating to show 2PC.

    Original booking class: Y
    New booking class: J
    Cabin change: Economy to Club Europe
    Changes to itinerary: Y sector will show UN status. J sector added as TK status
    Changes to seating: Reserved seating will remain as booked or an equivalent seat booked in Club Europe
    Changes to baggage: Now eligible to 2 pieces. Ticket will still show 1 piece but BAGA keyowrd will be updating to show 2PC.


    Original booking class: B, H, K, M, L, V, N, Q, O, S, G, X
    New booking class: No change
    Cabin change: No change remains in Economy (Euro Traveller)
    Changes to itinerary: Original sector will show UN status. New TK sector added with the same booking class
    Changes to seating: Reserved seating will remain as booked or an equivalent seat booked in Euro Traveller
    Changes to baggage: Remains as 1 piece


    Emails or SMS messages have NOT been sent to customers but please reassure them that their flight is not cancelled – the status has been changed to enable our systems to disclose the correct cabin they are travelling in. We will automatically revalidate the BA-125 ticket for the affected sector(s). Other carrier’s tickets will need to be revalidated or reissued for the ticket to match the itinerary.

    Reserved seating
    The Club Europe cabin is located at the front of the aircraft. Customers with seats already booked in the front rows who now have a cabin change into Euro Traveller will be allocated a seat further back in the aircraft. If the new seat is not suitable then any paid seating requests may be refunded and any free seating may be changed dependent on availability in the Euro Traveller cabin.

    Meal requests
    Please check if customers travelling in Club Europe have any advance meal requests.

    Paid for excess baggage
    Club Europe customers may check-in two bags (max 32kgs each) Customers already ticketed in J, C, D, R, I or U classes will now be eligible to 2 pieces, although their ticket will still display 1 piece. The BAGA keyword should have been updated to show 2PC. Domestic customers now travelling in Club Europe who have already paid for an extra bag may have the one extra bag refunded.

    For new bookings for travel from 1 April, U class is now for Club Europe on all domestics with the applicable Avios to pay. Customers already booked in U class will be sat in Club Europe, no extra Avios charged. X class customers are booked in Euro Traveller.

    Business UK fares
    These fares will no longer exist after 31 March 2017. All J class customers booked for travel from 1st April will now be seated in the Club Europe cabin (see table above) All Y class customers already booked for travel will be converted to J class and also seated in Club Europe. The Same ticketing terms and conditions apply, which match those for Club Europe Plus Flex fares

    Voluntary changes – for customers booked to travel up to 31 March who want to change their departure date for travel from 1 April
    Commercial fare rules apply with any difference in fare and taxes paid by the customer. For J, C, D, R or I class, these will need to be re-booked into a comparable Economy booking class and the itinerary re-priced. If you rebook into the same class as original then these will be re-priced into a Club fare. Bookings originally made in U Redemption class will need to be re-quoted into X, otherwise if they continue to be booked in U the higher Avios amount for Club will need to be charged plus higher APD.

    Read our ‘Club Europe available in the UK’ factsheet

    • Very helpful to see what BA have sent out directly, Derek – thanks. Esp the bit about not informing pax (although this does seem a bit stupid on their part given the confusion it has caused!)

      • Derek Scott says:

        The only logical reason I can think of for not contacting customers direct, is to avoid the contact centres going into meltdown as emails or SMS messages land. By allowing customers to find out as they check their bookings online in the coming weeks, it spreads out the impact, when they have to deal with spikes in calls each round of strike announcements will be causing.

        Crisis management, in effect!

        • Haha possibly – I like your faith that they’ve actually thought about passengers 😉

  2. Peter Taysum says:

    From the regions it looks like NCL AMS on KLM or PAR on Air France is looking much more attractive; if I’ve got to change I prefer AMS (though prefer Heathrow lounges)…


  3. the real harry1 says:

    BA is such a stealing cheat: ‘Reserved seating
    The Club Europe cabin is located at the front of the aircraft. Customers with seats already booked in the front rows who now have a cabin change into Euro Traveller will be allocated a seat further back in the aircraft. If the new seat is not suitable then any paid seating requests may be refunded and any free seating may be changed dependent on availability in the Euro Traveller cabin.’

    So a passenger has paid to sit at the front but has an economy ticket. He gets moved down back but BA don’t give him an automatic refund of the seat booking fee? Only on request means BA is acting like a thief.

  4. Justin says:

    For my upcoming redemption flights, long haul in First with domestic connections (X fare bucket) which ended up in the new Euro Traveller cabin after these changes: spoke to BA and they have moved us into the Club Europe cabin for no extra Avios or APD (although there was the £35 change fee).

    Seems you have to have to be a bit proactive though as if you were originally booked in X for your “free” domestic connection (back when it didn’t matter which fare bucket you were in), you won’t be moved automatically. I’m happy with my booking now.

    • Kinkell says:

      Personally, I think BA should be moving all their pax that are on connecting CW/F flights into CE automatically. not sure I want to part with £35 for complimentary G&T ! Status does get you a few perks which will do me, but I am narked about it!

    • Justin – I’m on the phone with BA at the moment with exactly the same scenario as you. Domestic X class connecting to a First redemption.

      Interestingly BA are refusing to do for me what they have done for you – instead they have charged me an additional 7500 avios to upgrade the domestic sectors into Club Europe (for me and companion on the Amex voucher). Worth noting no additional APD, no change fee.

      Complete lack of consistency – this seems to have caught the call centres out by surprise.

      • Justin says:

        Wow that’s worrying! The agent I spoke to did explain they were struggling with the changes and did have to put me on hold for 10 minutes while she found out how to handle the request – she specifically said she was finding out if the change would require Avios or not and came back saying not. It’s a shame these bookings haven’t been updated automatically, which should have addressed the consistency issue.

        There’s always the hang up and call back later option!

    • I tried to do that yesterday and BA didn’t have a clue what I was talking about and didn’t even know about the introduction of CE on to domestics. As it is only one leg of my return journey this time I really can’t be bothered to change this but my travels later in the year I may consider changing for a £35 fee. I just wish they would work consistently – fat chance.

      This is a copy of an email I received today:-

      We are making some changes to the experience we’re offering on flights within the UK that will affect your upcoming booking with us.

      From 1 April, we’re introducing our business cabin, Club Europe, and changing the economy cabin from UK Domestic to Euro Traveller to align with our short haul network.
      What this means for you
      Don’t worry, your flight will depart as planned but the name of your cabin will now show as ‘Euro Traveller’, e.g. on your boarding pass or signs at the airport.

      All other elements of your journey will stay the same, such as your baggage allowance, free seating, M&S food options and, if you’re a Member of the Executive Club, your Avios and Tier Points.

      We have already adjusted your booking and you can view it in Manage My Booking.

      If you want to make any changes to seats you paid to reserve, please contact us; if you’d like a refund, please apply online.

      If you have requested disability or mobility assistance, we will make sure your request remains unchanged in the system.

    • So, you spent the £35 change fee for what exactly?

      You would have lounge access before. So £35 for an empty seat beside you? Or for a drink onboard?

      Am I missing something?

  5. Artimus says:

    I just spoke to BA (11:18am GMT) and was informed that due to my BAEC status, the domestic leg of redemption ticket will be upgraded FOC to CW (no change fee or Avios required) to match the long haul ticket class of First.

  6. I had booked LCY-JFK in CW and then JFK-LHR in F as a redemption, including Domestic connections to/from MAN. The CW leg is U class and F is Z class, whereas the domestic connections were X class. Just checked MMB and as expected I’m in Euro Traveller for the MAN flights. Do you think there’s any hope of me calling BA and asking to be moved to CE? Presumably if I went to book the same redemption now, I’d automatically be in CE considering my onward class of travel, so it seems a little harsh!

    • Justin says:

      Yes – phone them and ask them to move you into Club Europe. Going by this thread, mixed reports and they may or may not charge a change fee but it worked for me.

      • Kinkell says:

        Right! I’m on it! I phoned yesterday and agent was having none of it! According to her I was staying in ET come what may.

  7. chris1922 says:

    Just to mix things up a bit, I’ve just called to move my long haul F redemption domestic shuttles to CE rather than ET, and was told it wasl possible, but additional taxes are due, cicra £88. No mention of avios or change fees. Sigh. No consistency what so ever.
    I’ll call again and try another agent I think.


    Just had a call from BA Customer Services saying that in fact they were wrong to charge me 7500 avios to upgrade – this should have been done free of charge as the booking was made before these changes came into place.

    So – if you have a domestic X class (redemption ticket) connection onto First / CW – you should get automatically upgraded in to CE for the domestic sectors with no additional avios, APD, or change fees.

    Hope this helps!

    • chris1922 says:

      Glad you’re sorted Adam, but I’m not holding my breath for when I call back. I’m also an X, and an O fare class for my two shuttles to/from an F redemption.
      I’ll report back later.

    • damian says:

      I have redemption flights GLA-LHR connecting to Boston next day (first class) in July, retunr flight BOS-LHR (club) then LHR to GLA.

      We have been upgraded to club europe on the return domestic leg, but still in euro traveller for the first leg GLA-LHR.

      I called and was told that my flights were the same as booked, they offered to check for upgrade with avios but then said there was no availability.

      Bit annoying as we would have been guaranteed lounge access in glasgow if in club europe. never mind – might try again in a few weeks.

      Seems as though different people getting conflicting advice

      • Artimus says:

        When I called, the customer rep did say she can provide the upgrade so long as there is availability and in your case there is none. She explained that in some cases, the automatic upgrades based on class have taken up all the CE seats. I suggest trying close to departure when some travellers might reschedule.

        • Kinkell says:

          Sorted! Phoned again.CS agent stated that it is now a standard instruction to any bookings made
          prior to introduction of the changes, where pax. have ended up in ET with CW,/F connections, will be upgraded to CE for free provided there is availability . Just my luck, no availability on o/b domestic, but now OK for I/b.
          I think I am a reasonably well adjusted Scotswoman, but by golly, the tartan knickers were in a real twist over this. It was the principle involved. Hope it all works out for everyone else

          • Damian says:

            So after being told there was no availability in Club Europe on that flight I decided to try a new cash booking and found i WAS able to book 4 seats in club europe….

            I remembered there is a dedicated first class customer support line and called them. What a breath of fresh air! Very pleasant gent on the phone completely understood the issue and sorted it all out for us. He was able to book us into club europe. Before he checked he was also able to reassure me that we would have had lounge access in Glasgow anyway even though our connection was the next day (as it was within 24 hrs).

            Absolutely delighted (And i had almost given up!)

  9. 2nd change of seats for same flight and again am grateful to my flights app as BA don’t give a toss what you think and certainly wont communicate changes to the passenger. Their attitude is typical of a bloated monopoly who knows its protected from competition and the rigours such competition brings. The UK populace, and especially this living outside the bubble of the southeast have been really badly served by what this carrier has been allowed to get away with and people do need to vote with the their feet.

  10. Any comment on what WTP connections should end up. Kids have connected to ET whilst our J has connected to CE. Not really a problem but know on a pod booking we had made at Xmas last year the connections were closed in J. I also have another’s J connection that has gone to ET that was from so may have hassle changing it, have lounge access anywhere but some consistency would be good!

  11. Phoned up customer service yesterday to ask for upgrades to Club Europe on our domestic connecting flights to Club World on a 241 redemption, but was told that Club Europe was fully booked on our flights. Checked availability last night on the BA site: wide open for outbound; fully booked for inbound. So I phoned again this morning explaining the situation, and the rep happily upgraded us to CE on the outbound. Not bothered aboun the inbound because we’re in the arrivals lounge at LHR anyway. Just have to see how we go on with out 241 redemption at check in now.

    • Kathy H says:

      Having read about other readers managing to change their 2-4-1 Avios bookings from ET/CE gave it a try and BA will not change my booking without adcol of Avios/tax and change fee. Yet again the lack of consistency is frustrating and annoying.

  12. My ticket from London Gatwick to Glasgow was automatically upgraded from Domestic to Club Europe. It turned into a farce. BA claimed it was an error and chose not to honour their mistake in their unapologetic style. I felt the need to write about about my sorry saga here:

  13. Darren says:

    Free Upgrade to CE secured!

    I have a 241 redemption booked from Belfast to Chicago CW via LHR, and back F out of JFK in Sept. Domestic legs were in ET (as booked before CE seats announced)

    Called exec club yesterday (Friday) to request free upgrade to CE on domestic transfers from BHD to LHR. Agent really didn’t understand the issue, but as I had mentioned ‘upgrade’ he put me through to reservations.

    Reservations agent was helpful and confirmed that upgrade was possible and that CE seats were available on my connections. Then put me on hold to check costs etc and came back advising they would need to calculate taxes payable.

    I advised of the ‘standard instruction’ as noted in Kinkell’s posting, and the refund mentioned by Adam (thanks to both!) and was then put on hold for c. 5 mins while they checked with someone, poss. supervisor.

    Advisor Came back to advise the upgrade to CE was fine with no charges, taxes, or avios, and apologised for having got it wrong.

    Only fly in ointment was that my First booking got cancelled and reinstated in the process so I had to remember to go back in an select my seats.

    Thanks to all for your info.

    • Kathy H says:

      Great result Darren – as per my above post I also mentioned the standard instruction and the refund of avios to make a case for my U/G but no no avail.

  14. Robbie says:

    We (gold and silver) had two 241 redemptions with domestic legs booked some time ago – one done online in CW is showing as U in domestic legs; one booked by phone is U in CW but has come up as X in domestic legs. Call centre now saying that U redemptions should book into U domestic – but if prebooked is in X for whatever reason (manual booking), change fee will be charged. So charge is £70 for a gnt and blocked centre seats. Not good. Not generous. And worst of all not consistent…
    Have just switched away from BA Amex card since 241 vouchers are becoming too much trouble.

  15. Has anyone confirmed how many tier point CE domestic flights earn?
    My booking LGW-GLA was offering cash upgrade for £70. I paid over the phone as it wasn’t working online, but now the booking is only showing 20 TP. I was expecting 40.

  16. Ben Hill says:

    Beware! The app has a glitch at present which is amending some standard Domestic bookings to Club Europe. I have flagged this with BA yet have been informed that it is I who is having trouble using the app!

    • John m says:

      My boarding pass for tomorrow is showing as Club Europe. Might try to get into the lounge in BHD in the strength of that

  17. I have 241 flight redemptions from gatwick to Grenada CW with domestic connections via Edinburgh, my flights were, as others, cancelled and rebooked as ET domestic. As an avid reader of HFP I took the advice of others and phoned although no joy with the first agent I asked to speak to someone else for further feedback and explained some of the examples quoted, they put me on hold for a few minutes and then they checked availability and both outward and return domestic legs were upgraded to CE with no further ado , so thanks everyone for posting their experience.

  18. I am also having same issue with flights booked using 241 in September – connecting flights from Edinburgh and refusal to change unless I pay for an upgrade with Avios and a change in taxes price.
    Not having any joy despite asking the agent to check a couple of times.

    I assume the only route now is to make a complaint to BA?

    I have also just booked a domestic club flight and was expecting to see 40 tier points for it but the booking is showing 20 points – not sure if this is just a temporary situation.

  19. I booked Heathrow to Dublin 9/3/17 for travel 13/3 Business Class using Reward Saver, confirmation came as Club Europe.

    I was refused entry to the lounge only explanation ” ticket not valid ” Ironically as I was waiting for flight BA asked for feedback on my experiance in the lounge !

    All others aspects: Fast Track, seating , service & food were matching Business Class.

    I have complained to BA & await their response.