Bits: £30-£50 of free Gett taxi credit, 25% bonus on TopCashback conversions to Avios

News in brief:

Get £30-£50 of free taxi credit when you download Gett

Gett, the taxi app which operates in London and various other cities across the UK, is currently offering up to £50 of credit to new members when they are referred by a friend.

The credit comes with a catch – it comes in the form of 10 x £5 credits and expires after two weeks.

(EDIT: it seems it is ‘up to’ £50 and some people receive 10 x £3. This may be if you are outside London. I referred myself as a test on Sunday and got 10 x £5 so the kids get a taxi to school all week!)

However, if you take a lot of short taxi rides on a regular basis (or could be tempted to do so if they were free or virtually free!) then this is a good deal.

If you are already a member of Gett you could sign up a friend or partner and then delete and reinstall the app on your phone using their log-in details.

Details are on this page on the Gett site, together with my refer a friend code GTEWGXS if you don’t know anyone who can refer you themselves.

25% bonus on TopCashback transfers to Avios

TopCashback has launched a new two-month bonus when you convert your cashback to Avios points instead of taking it as cash.

The bonus is 25%.  You will receive 125 Avios points for every £1 on cashback you send over to TCB.

This means that you are effectively buying Avios points for 0.8p each.  This is a good deal in my view.  If I had to do ‘something’ to earn Avios – such as buying some LEGO for bonus Clubcard points and reselling it – then I would be looking for a lower price than 0.8p.

However, as this is a ‘no work’ job, and as I know from the last few years that I will get an average of 1.2p of value from my Avios redemptions, I am happy to convert my existing cash balance over.

If you are currently using Quidco for your online shopping you may want to switch over to TopCashback as part of this deal.  If you use our refer a friend link here you will receive a £7.50 bonus, which would transfer into 937 Avios, when you have earned your first £10 of cashback.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. You may find that some of your earning partners exclude conversions to BA. Tesco car insurance, late rooms, jet2 are just a couple of examples. I’m sure there are several others out there.

    • Crafty says:

      Which is a slight pain, but at the end of the day, cash is pretty good too.

  2. krys_k says:

    Missed the earlier 25% bonus, transfered aroubd £50 recently (what with the withdrawal of the Tesco Clubcard conversion and their seemingly random and unfair rejection of TCB referrals I thought it prudent to get my existing referrals fees into Avios pronto) and now the 25% bonus is back!

  3. Oh blast. I’ve just transferred from TCB £260 over to Amazon credit last week. Typical.

  4. Ugh, I made a TCB transfer on the weekend at the non-promo rate 😐 They haven’t processed it yet so maybe I’ll get lucky?

  5. Gett is offering UP TO £5 off next 10 rides. I received £3. Still good though. Thanks Raffles.

    • Eh? How does that work? I referred myself as a test on Sunday and I got £5 x 10. Just took the kids to school in one for a net cost of 50p.

    • 3£ off for me as well…initial screen say up to 5£, but only 3£ appeared on my new account…

      • Are you living in London? As all you need to give them to sign-up is a mobile number I can’t imagine how they decide who gets £5 and who gets £3. All I can imagine is that they take your location when you sign-up and London people get more?

        • I also got £3 only so I sent them an e-mail 8 days ago and asked for a clarification,
          but I never got more than an automatic reply which says “we will be in touch in the next 24 hours.”

          – “If you are already a member of Gett you could sign up a friend or partner and then delete and reinstall the app on your phone using their log-in details.”

          Are you really sure about this?
          That certainly won’t work with Uber, they somehow register your device so new credit card, phone number and e-mail is to no avail.
          And they won’t tell you until you actually try to order an Uber!

          • You can definitely do this with Gett, because I switch account each time I hit the referral cap :-)

          • Uber definitely track mobile numbers and credit cards and spot re-use – not sure they log device ID though, but clearly the first one limits things a little bit (credit cards not an issue for us on HfP!)

          • But the mobile number linked to an Uber a/c does not need to be the mobile of that phone. Even better actually as you never get annoying calls from drivers …. Same with Gett.

          • Indeed not, although depending upon pickup location you sometimes need to be contactable by driver – also Uber sometimes won’t let you place a booking until you’ve entered the confirmation code that is sent by SMS.

          • Never had that in probably 500 rides!

          • Weird – I had it whenever I tried to setup a new account when I was travelling in the USA – they might have higher security for repeat signups there.

        • Uber will most certainly track the device ID.
          How exactly it’s I don’t know, here’s some theories regarding Android.

          “How does Uber restrict only one sign up on one phone device?”

  6. Madmiler says:

    Double tell-a-friend bonus for TCB referrals – £15 cashback available for plus members

  7. Julian says:


    I cannot agree with your extremely overly enthusiastic exhortation to convert TopCashBack Cash Redeemable Money (that can be paid out to my bank account as cash at face value right now) in to Avios at the fairly poor rate of only 125 Avios for £1.00 (i.e. one Avios cost 0.8p to buy) compared to the previous TopCashBack deal (which I missed the conversion of a whole year’s £50 worth of TopCashBack to Tesco Clubcard points on by only three weeks because when they ended that scheme last year I was still 3 weeks away from complying with the you can only transfer £50 Cashback to Tesco once a year rule ) of 240 Avios for £1.00 of TopCashBack CashBack payout via conversion in to Tesco Clubcard Vouchers at £1 of Cashback = £1 of Tesco Clubcard Voucher. So hence 1 Avios only then cost 0.4p of TopCashback payout rather than the current 100% more expensive 0.8p per Avios

    Whilst there are always truly exceptional high value rates of Avios redemption in to BA flights (in my experience as high 25p per Avios or £2.50 per good old fashioned Air Mile is sometimes possible if using part Avios, part cash pricing and it is the mid summer on a near full up flight when BA have ramped up the last couple of Economy (Euro Traveller) seats to 90% of the highest possible Club Europe cash price cost for that route and yet bizarrely an Avios redemption seat in Euro Traveller from an Avios booking cancellation suddenly becomes available) for those who book very late before departure these are most certainly not the norm.

    The norm is that most of the time standard redemptions on Avios booked early gain about 1p per Avios value but with the ratio decreasing all the time due to constant ongoing degradation of the BA product (eg first the free food goes on European Economy and a free bag on any short haul Economy ticket covered by Avios is surely bound to follow while the worth of Club Europe has also lately gone down around 25% due to the worsened seat pitch) and with many non flight redemptions (eg wine, car hire etc) actually being at 0.5p per Avios. Also BA reserve the right at any moment to devalue all Avios massively at the mere stroke of Wee Willie’s pen as with the sudden change from needing double to triple Avios to make a long haul redemption in to Club World. Plus they also reserve the right to steal completely the remaining Avios balance of any fairly infrequent Avios collector who is not paying attention to the balance on their Avios/BA Executive Club/Iberia Plus account.

    Surely BA’s own new Part Pay With Avios deal at only 0.5p per Avios again tells you what rate of Avios value IAG are most keen on trying to enforce long term (since long term they will probably change the whole Avios scheme to work just like NatWest YourPoints did and so abolish all the flat rate pre specified Avios conversion amounts in favour of an Avios point simply lowering the current cash fare at a standard low rate per Avios).

    So for all those reasons I think your current exhortation to convert in to Avios from TopCashBack at a rate 50% lower than that which they offered until only 9 months ago, and also 60% higher in cost than any Avios are worth under Part Pay With Avios) is wholly irresponsible and sadly I feel only driven by the commission that TopCashBack will almost certainly pay you (from anyone who uses the Click Thru link in your article on this subject and makes a CashBack redemption of some kind).

    In summary I think you should still actually be slating TopCashBack for having halved the available conversion rate in to Avios in less than a year rather than praising this latest rather cumudgeonly deal.

    • Julian says:

      So now my comments are subject to moderation. I wonder why that is exactly???

      • Er …. because the software guesses at what is spam? De facto I don’t see it before it gets blocked so I can’t block it on the grounds on ranting :-)

    • Eh? This is so bizarre I’m not sure where to start.

      First, do you have the foggiest idea how TCB works? They will be paying 1p per point to Avios, so they are taking a massive hit by offering 1.25 per penny.

      Secondly, Tesco dropped TCB and not the other way round. Do you know why? Because everyone who did converted from TCB to Tesco immediately converted out to Avios or restaurant vouchers. Tesco lost a lot of money and gained no custom.

      Thirdly, if you can’t get more than 0.8p per point then you are doing something wrong. As I said, my last 5m redeemed Avios got me 1.2p each and that is articificially depressed because only 1/3rd of my long haul trips use a 241.

      Fourthly, if you can’t get better than 0.5p then you are reading the wrong site because none of the economics work. You would be a fool to have a BA Amex if you’re getting 0.5p per point (Amex Cashback pays 1.25%). You would be a fool to convert Heathrow Rewards vouchers, swapping 1p of cash for 0.5p of Avios. You would be a fool to convert Tesco vouchers, swapping 3p of Boost deal for 1.2p of Avios. I could go on.

      The Avios CEO is a mate of mine, I know exactly what he thinks about fixed value redemptions and, trust me, it isn’t going to happen. One word – Nectar.

      If you want to sell your Avios pile for a little more than 0.5p per point – which, to your thinking, would be a good deal – I can get you 1,000 potential buyers by lunchtime, including me.

      • Genghis says:

        :) Brightened up my morning!

      • If the Avios CEO is a mate of yours, why don’t you ask him about the missing Aer Club points, that others are still commenting about. Maybe not a close mate???

        • Oh please…let it go.

        • You think I should bother the CEO of AGL, who runs a business which made £135m profit last year, ablut 250 missing Avios?

          • I’m sure he wouldn’t mind it being brought to his attention. Especially when it involves an issue with their system, seemingly affecting everyone – that may cause him a larger issue further down the line. Why would a ‘mate’ think that bringing that to his attention is ‘bothering’ him?

          • Would you go to see the headmaster of your kids school if you saw a chip in the paintwork on the front door?

            I am guessing that I effectively have a number of ‘golden tickets’ which I can redeem at any point in order to get Gavin to help me with something. I am not redeeming one for this.

          • To be honest I really don’t care about the 250 points.
            Clearly it isn’t the fault of HFP that people haven’t received them.
            But I am disappointed that HFP has not given any guidance regarding approaching Aer Club or Avios, and basically doesn’t appear to care at all that a number of readers have had issues.
            As to claiming that the CEO is a “mate” and then following up with a comment about not bothering him with such a small issue – well I guess your definition of “mate” and mine are somewhat different.
            Let’s hope HFP doesn’t go the same way as BA

          • This is ‘mate’ in the business sense, ie we meet up every few months and have off the record chats about life. Obviously. But you really need to get over this one, because this is teeny tiny small fry compared to some of the problems you are going to come across if you play this game properly …..

        • I got mine the afternoon I tweeted them about it

        • Sundar says:

          Aer club did send my wife 250 avios for a newly created account. Mine(already existing) however did not receive as of the last time I checked, so potentially this may be for new customers without any issues…I commented on this sometime back.

          • @Rob. No but I might mention over a drink that the decorators were slacking if it was on every door – if the headmaster were my mate.

      • Very happy to buy a pile of Avios at 0.5p per point!! Even hotel bookings – one of the worse value-per-point options – works out better than that.

        (And I’ve used Avios to pay for a hotel before. I didn’t have the cash for the trip I wanted, so wouldn’t have been able to go at all otherwise. Sometimes value is not just about the pence per point return.)

        • Couldn’t agree more with the point made about “value” being more than pence per point.

      • I’ll give you 0.6p per Avios if you like :)

    • Pierre says:

      I got a solid 1.3p / avios value over the last 3 years, only looking at short-haul RFS redemptions. If I add the long-haul Companion Voucher redemptions, that value rockets upward! And since I would value CV over RFS redemptions if I ever ran short of avios, and would focus my redemptions there, there’s an argument that 1.3p / avios is a very conservative estimate of the value I am getting.

    • Sussex Bantam says:


  8. Personally I think 0.8p is now the official cut off as sanctioned by the buy on board Percy Pig exchange rate.

  9. Nick_C says:

    Valuing Avios is a very personal thing. What are they worth to you?

    I tend to value them at 2/3rds of a penny. But could they be worth 0.8p?

    Suppose you wanted to fly to the West Coast with a friend in Business Class, and your only collecting options were with your BA Amex card and buying extra Avios at 0.8p.

    If you spend £10K a year on your BAPP, of which £1140 is on BA’s ridiculous fees and charges on a redemption, you will get 16,700 Avios. They will cost you £195, plus the £50 cashback you would have got if you had used a cashback credit card, so £245.

    You buy the rest of the Avios you need – 108,300 @ 0.8p. Cost £866.

    So the total cost of your two return flights in J is £2252 (all figures rounded to nearest pound), or £1126 each. I would say that is good value. You would expect to pay that for PE flights as a cash customer.

    On that basis I would say it could be worth buying Avios at 0.8p. And I’m sure many people wish they were freely available at that price.

    Even if you don’t value Avios at 0.8p, it could be worth buying them at that price to help you reach the level you need for a redemption. My Avios to date have cost me 0.285p each, but I’m about to buy 9400 through TCB at 0.8p. This will push my average cost to 0.302p. I’m happy with that. It will give me the flexibility to choose peak travel days for my next redemption should I need to.

    Thanks again Rob for your excellent site. I’m an infrequent flier with no business expenses, but I managed to collect 135,000 Avios last year, largely due to this site.

  10. I can only comment on mine amd friends experience with TopCashBack.
    If you actually succeed in getting paid out the full amount they advertise for a purchase and convert to Avios at 125 / £, then fine. However, our experiences are that for the MAJORITY of our purchases :
    1. When the track (and to be fair, most do), the % earnings are less than advertised, especially when they run a promotion with enhanced cashback. We did start retaining copies of screen shots of promotional rates at time of transactions as evience after a number of denials and claims by them that promotions did not exist or apply.
    2. Tracked cash is very often less than the advertised % even taking account of removal of VAT and/or service charges (eg hotel spending).
    3. The uplift of 1% or 5% , depending on your TCB membership level is often omitted or not applied correctly.
    4. When the amount moves from pending to confirmed and finally to paid, it often changes downward with no explanation.
    5. Actually getting paid out can last ages and in some cases over ONE YEAR. It is only stubborn persistence and refusal to give up when all one gets from TCB agents is ‘cut and paste’ platitudes repeatedly, that yields results. Their biggest claim is always that it’s not their fault and that the supplier or ‘affiliate’ is to blame…….

    Because of all of this hassle and disingenuous behaviour by TCB, we have started using Avios eStore and BA Gate365. Avios eStore has so far been 100% accurate and timely and we hope this continues. Furthermore, the Avios earning rates compare well with TCB conversion to Avios – sometimes one is better than the other and vice versa, but even if eStore earns slightly less, if TCB don’t pay or reduce what they advertise there is little point in using them.

    • Nick_C says:

      There are two separate issues here. Should you be using TCB at all? If you do use them, is it worth buying Avios at 0.8p instead of taking cash?

      I’ve had problems worth TCB, Quidco, and Gate 365. But I’ve found cashback with TCB is usually better than Gate 365, and TCB are better at dealing with problems than Quidco.

      I’ve had over £2K from TCB over 6 years with a success rate of about 93%

      You shouldn’t think of any of these sites as offering guaranteed rewards, but you have nothing to lose by using any of them

    • Do you work for Quidco?? I haven’t had your bad experiences at all. My TCB account to date shows >£2500 received, and £220 declined. Most of the ‘declined’ was correct, i.e: I was not entitled to the CB because I had tried my luck and used another voucher too. (Which sometimes gives a double bonus!)
      And I do not even follow their suggestions and delete other cookies, etc. As long as you end up going straight from TCB > retailer, it works 99% of the time IME.

      • It does seem variable. I’ve definitely had more issues with TCB than Quidco, although they both have their moments! In general I find Quidco more willing to resolve matters in my favour, TCB seem to just wash their hands of things. When they work though the payout amounts tend to be decent and they have some retailers that Quidco don’t.

        • TGLoyalty says:

          I agree. Quidco pay out less though so quite possibly they reserve some margin for customer relations?

          TCB even had me waiting a month for a gift card payout as their supplier let them down. For me thats their issue I shouldn’t have had to wait

          • Agreed – although can also make use of cashback guarantee with Quidco to not lose out on higher rates :)

      • Sussex Bantam says:

        Just checked mine – £2958 paid out, £344 declined. The declined are almost always those where I changed my mind on a purchase. The only thing I have trouble with is insurance where it seems impossible to get a payout – otherwise virtually everything works…

  11. An off-peak return to Munich/Berlin/Paris etc is 8,000 Avios plus £35. If you’ve paid 0.8p per Avios, that makes the return flight £99, which is cheap. Granted, it may be possible to get one for a similar price in a sale, or if you book way in advance, but there is no flexibility involved, as there is with redemptions. I’d say that 0.8p is absolutely fine – as long as you’re also getting Avios from elsewhere for less.

  12. Decisions, decisions….

    I have £526 in my TC account (65700 avios) do I take the miles or the money?

    • Nick_C says:

      Only you can answer that. But decide. I wouldn’t like to have that much money sitting in a cash back site. Well known names can go bust, and unlike banks there is no protection if a cash back site stops trading.

      • Indeed, and TCB have been known to reverse money that was payable! Personally I’d take it as cash or vouchers that you’re going to use (with increased bonus).

      • the real harry1 says:

        yep don’t ever leave that much money with TCB – they do actually rescind confirmed payables sometimes (as mentioned above, also happened to me)

        I personally love the idea of generating TCB cashback ‘for free’ or a little cost then converting the cashback into ‘free’ Avios – so for me it would all go to BAEC or, where possible (you may need to split out your payouts as some won’t allow Avios)

        yep I know that technically cashback is just money but I still enjoy the fun of getting so-called ‘free’ Avios :)

  13. Rachael says:

    This might be a naive question but if you have a Ba or Virgin account and shop on their sites via Gate 365 and Shopsaway you get airmiles anyway, so what is the point of using a cash back site for shops that both these airlines use ?

    • Genghis says:

      Not sure I fully understand the Q but not everyone shops online and sometimes in store is just easier?

    • The earning rates can vary, that’s all.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        The gate365/avios estore can claim them back after they have posted to your account too, not sure about Virgin.

        8% back on Quidco/TCB vs 8 miles/£ I’d take TCB/Quidco overtime as I know once its claimed/paid out its mine

        Each all have exclusives too – shops away with Virgin Trains for example or Waitrose etc

    • Nick_C says:

      The rates vary between sites.

      Take Holland and Barrett for example. Currently, TCB will give you 12%, Quidco will give you 5%, BA will give you 10 Avios. Using TCB would give you at least 12.6 Avios, 15 if you are lucky (if the 25% bonus is running when you are ready to cash out).

      But for Argos, TCB and Quidco give 1% on click and collect, while BA give you 3 Avios. BA is the better deal here.

      Check two or three sites each time and then decide.

  14. the real harry1 says:

    O/T GBP – looks like £ started its bounceback today, big implications for those in our points game – worth following how it evolves IMV

    • Lol slight hyperbole by the reporter there – the GBP only ‘soared’ insofar as it regained some of the ground lost from the announcement of Article 50 being triggered tomorrow…

      • the real harry1 says:

        my point would be the UK inflation scenario has about-turned after several good years

        interest rates can only go up (nowhere down to go!) so [that’s the main reason] I reckon we’re looking @ $1.40+ again by Xmas

        despite Brexit etc, GBP becomes another safer haven currency than many options, never going to be a Swissie in my lifetime but it might shortly be seen as an Aussie dollar or an alternative currency similarly regarded, so carry premium value despite our rubbish economy currently

        • Sussex bantam says:

          Harry – I think you’re wrong on exchange rates. Want to bet ?

          20gbp to the winners favourite charity ??

      • Newspapers have their own definitions of surge and plunge – anything more than 0.5% usually.
        But I hope so; we are off to US in June.

  15. the real harry1 says:

    O/T Tuesday evening/ gone quiet

    anybody going anywhere good for Easter? We’re going out – surprise surprise – to our place in the sun (Europe this time Genghis lol) – fares x4 currently selling @ £2500 so we got a laughable 3.93p* / Avios :)

    • Genghis says:

      Are there two places in the sun? ✈️

      • the real harry1 says:

        how did you do that, thou artful dodger?

        • Genghis says:

          iPhone emojis ✈️☀️
          That’s how the kids speak these days isn’t it?

          • the real harry1 says:

            ah I get it, bit slow on the uptake, obviously

            I’ve got a motorway mobile phone (he says, trying to join in, I’m just like these younger fellers really), I keep it in my glove compartment

            and I got a text message once

            probably need my kids to update me on this kind of stuff heh heh

          • Brian W says:

            “Motorway Mobile”………that made me chuckle Harry :)

    • I’ll be working!

  16. caerdydd says:

    ( so the kids get a taxi to school all week!)
    Is there a bigger divide between the Londonistan bubble and the rest of the country than that statement ,so Rob have you given your chauffeur the week off!!

    • We don’t own a car though ….

      Although that would be hugely more expensive than a combo of a) taxis and Uber, b) Zipcar – which is 30 seconds from our door and c) Hertz – which is 10 minutes walk away.

  17. I have around £250 with TCB which I keep on standby in case I need to top up avios for a specific redemption. I’d rather bank with TCB than avios (because it is more flexible) but I agree it is risky leaving a cash balance unclaimed. I am slightly reassured as TCB have been trading quite a few years and I have banked over £1000. TCB has also been a useful way of triggering recent collecting bonuses for new partner collecting (got 1000 avios with BA and avios) and the avios ‘boost’ promo. I am undecided about spending £250 to get 0.8p avios. We mainly redeem 241 long haul in First and will easily get the value, but we have sufficient avios for 2 redemptions. We have 3 x 241s but this chunk of avios would be the start of the final push not the top up. I would be hoping TCB run the promo again, this is the second time. If they don’t I can take the cash and buy avios from BA if I have to.

  18. Recently joined TCB after one of your articles (just signed up but havnt used it yet) but didnt know you had a referral link which could have given me extra points, Anyway of reversing this and rejoining under referral link?

  19. Referred my partner for GETT and she was given £50 credit as a lump sum to use, (not in form of 10x£5) and it expires in June. Thanks for the heads up Rob!