Buy Avios for 1p via a French deals website

I hesitated before running this article, because similar ‘buy Avios via a third party website’ deals in Spain via Groupon have proved a bit messy.  Not for everyone, but for a noticeable percentage of people who either never got what they ordered or suffered a long delay.

Given the price, however, I feel I should flag it up.  We can only hope that this is less error-prone than Groupon.

You can find full details here on the vente-privee website.


The first thing to note is that the deal is only on the French site, and the French site only operates in French.  You will therefore need to rely on Google Translate if you use Chrome, or something similar if you don’t.

You will also need to give a false five digit French postcode when you register as UK postcodes are not accepted.  It doesn’t ask for your address, only your postcode.

Here is the pricing:

2,000 Avios for €21 (0.91p)
4,000 Avios for €45 (0.97p)
8,000 Avios for €99 (1.07p)
12,000 Avios for €145 (1.05p)
20,000 Avios for €229 (0.99p)
35,000 Avios for €399 (0.99p)

What makes this deal more likely to work properly than the Groupon one is that Avios is providing the back-end redemption.

Once you are emailed your voucher by vente-privee, you go to this page of the Avios website (which is in English) and input your code number.

You will see that the Avios can be dropped into either a BA, Iberia, or AerClub account, although as you can move them around via ‘Combine My Avios’ it doesn’t make much difference.

You can buy up to 100,000 points.  The maximum you can buy of any particular quantity is 3, so you’d logically start with 3 x 2,000, then add 3 x 4,000, before juggling the other pricier options to get to your target.

In reality you can almost certainly buy more than 100,000.  Even if the redemption website kept track, which I doubt it would, you could send 100,000 to an Iberia account, 100,000 to a BA account etc.

Is this worth it?

I won’t be buying.  0.75p tends to be my floor price, as I’ve said before.  Over the last four years I’ve averaged 1.2p per Avios point redeemed so I’m not willing to pay 1.0p to buy them given that I wouldn’t be spending them for a couple of years.

That said, you may well get a higher value from your redemptions than I do.  You may also just be looking for a way of topping up your account quickly.  If you are, this may be a good way of doing it.  It is a decent price given that you don’t have to go to much effort to earn the points.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. JamesWag says:

    Combine this with the 25% off Iberia Avios redemptions to get a Madrid to Chicago return in business class for £510* + tax

    * assumes purchasing all necessary Avios at 1p per Avios.

  2. JamesWag says:

    I do have a French address that I could use to register (parents place) Vente-Privee but am wondering if I select La France instead of UK under Country (Pays) and fill it out that way some system check will show my Avios / Iberia account is not registered in France.
    Similarly I’m concerned that if I select UK and thyen enter a french postcode some sort of system account check will catch me out.

    Grrr…….why aren’t things just straight forward :-)

  3. Just to say thanks very much for your help with this. Used an address in France and it went through with no issues. Just counting down the days until the points arrive so I book my next trip.
    Fingers crossed they come through, cheers Ed

  4. Well, my points posted today from, took less than 4 days as promised.

    But on my IB statement it says “Avios By Subscription To The Economist Magazine” haha

  5. So… I’ve received them today, showing as Economist Subscription too. (I was quite confused as I had this too half a year ago)

    12k to many. I won’t complain :)

  6. Just got my avios as “The Economist” subscription – anyone got their avios on BAEC?

  7. So I bought 2k avios just to test on the 28th and these came through yesterday to my BA account with no issues. On the same day I bought a larger chunk and these have not yet arrived. Has anyone spoken to Avios yet and if so what did they say?

    cheers Ed

  8. I did this with a transfer to rather than BAEC and have yet to receive the points (today is day 5 after transfer). Anyone else in the same boat?

    • Hi Rhi, i am in the same boat and have contacted avios who worringly say they no nothing about this offer. I will wait a few more days and then if still nothing i will call amex and get them to sort it out.

  9. Werner says:

    Seems they are out of 2000 and 4000 batches for both IB and BA.

  10. Did anyone else who managed to buy avios through this offer get credited with extra? I bought 26k but have been credited 38k and have references next to the entries on my statement that match the references given when I completed the process.

    I was doing this to reach the avios super boost target but the super boost avios won’t credit until the end of April. All just a wee bit mysterious.

  11. Sandgrounder says:
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