Excellent Qatar Airways prices on new route Prague (Cape Town £1237 etc)

Qatar Airways is launching direct flights from Prague to Doha on 21st August.  There are currently some excellent prices available on long-haul routes via routes in Business Class.

These fares may expire tonight with the end of the current sale. They might also last longer, but if you want to be certain I would act today.

Some of the best deals are:

Prague to Bangkok – CZK 38,286 (£1299)

Prague to Cape Town – CZK 36,435 (£1237)

Prague to Tokyo – CZK 39,590 (£1344)

Prague to Malé / Maldives – CZK 40,875 (£1387)

Prague to Hong Kong – CZK 37,972 (£1289)

Prague to Shanghai – CZK 41,271 (£1401)

Prague to Singapore – CZK 45,602 (£1548)

We found these prices are for flights at the end of August but there should be similar fares later on.  Availability is there but you may have to dig.  Other bargains are almost certainly available although I couldn’t find anything exceptional to Australasia.

For some odd reason, the cheapest fare is often a Business Saver (grey) one and not a Business Promo (red) one.

Any fares which are part of the current sale are for travel by 10th December.


Remember that these flights earn Avios and BA tier points.

As you’ll earn 140 tier points per leg, these trips will add 560 tier points to your account, which is 90% of your British Airways Silver card sorted.  Remember that you do need four British Airways flights as well as 600 tier points to reach Silver, however – it can’t be obtained purely on partner flights unless some are codeshares with a BA flight number.

The only downside is that the Prague to Doha flights are operated by an A320 which means the first 6 hours of the trip won’t be with flat beds.  You will get the seats below:

Qatar A320

It looks like Prague will be a destination to watch for future Qatar Airways sales.  After all, it is easily accessible from pretty much every airport in the UK and, if you decide to travel out a day earlier, there are few better places to spend a night.

There doesn’t seem to be a Czech Qatar Airways home page at the moment so you should book via the UK site here.  Remember to tick ‘Premium Only’ on the flight search page.

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BA launches new City routes to Paris, Prague and Reykjavik - bookable now with Avios
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  1. Definitely the seats pictured Rob? We did the QR A320 on the Pisa route and got the newer, very comfortable lie flat (almost?) seats which appear to be prevalent on any A320 European routes. It seems they send the older style biz on routes to Pakistan, Nepal etc.

    • Oops, sorry, just saw I should’ve directed my comment to Anika …. apologies!

      • The press release put out when they launched Prague said it was an A320 with 12 business class seats, which means the plane above.

        • When I flew to Helsinki last year on an A320 with flat beds there were also 12 business class seats? Three rows of 2-2?

          • Agreed; the A320 on the Pisa route (both ways) had 3 rows of 2+2 with the new seats so defo not necessarily the above seats, sorry Rob!

    • And to Vietnam! Stu. However, if it’s a day flight it’s not a problem. Even if you do check your aircraft before booking, you could be unlucky with a last minute aircraft change. But usually to destinations like KUL, HKG, HKT, SIN, you get the good planes. Most often, we get the 777 or 380.
      Agree, PRA is lovely for a city break, usually our first choice, so this will certainly interest us in our ex EU planning going forwards.

      • Genghis says:

        Parana airport in Argentina?

        • Being Lazy! Trust you to spot it…
          Agree with comments further down, QR J not worth it unless it’s sub 1k, or you are chasing your new TPs target for silver etc.
          And yes their website is so much harder to navigate now. It was a very easy to check options before. Just rubbish IT and ESP rubbish cs.

    • Seat maps are showing the 320 version with non-flat beds. I was surprised as well but then on second thought not – most of the flat bedded A320s are also the ones with sharklets fitted, which means greater range. These are currently needed to operate the routes to mid-Africa like JKO thanks to the circuitous route around unfriendly airspace…

  2. Those seats look well ropey. I wouldn’t want to pay much more to fly in those.

    • I wouldn’t fly in them period and sure as hell wouldn’t go via anywhere to get that old tin can.

  3. Pascal says:

    Odd if they use those seats. The lie flats from PSA were actually quite good and not a crazy difference to the proper long haul one’s. But these?

  4. Not seeing any flights from PRG in September / October using Matrix.

    Need to get to Bali towards the end of September and return mid October.

    But setting to PRG only it routes me via LHR on BA – no Qatar flights.

    Currently cheapest for me seems to be from Athens – although I did notice that for one flight it ends up in LHR for just £100 more – so worth doing change of airport allowed.

  5. This blog post from elsewhere was quite interesting re Qatar and airspace https://thepointsguy.com/2017/06/flying-qatar-airspace-closures/

  6. Lhr to Doh is about 6.5 hrs……PRG to Doh can’t be 6 hrs.

    • …..and furthermore, those seats are fine for a short medium haul day flight, the service is still top notch.

  7. William Avery says:

    I am not convinced given the equipment. Assuming I have to slum it in an A320 to get to Prague (with now through luggage check) and then 6hrs on that? I know this enduring fixation with Qatar but I don’t get it for this route unless they’re going to go sub £1k.

    If it’s an excuse to visit a great city both ways then fair enough.

    • You sound like you don’t collect tier points…

      • And tier points are good for what exactly ?

        Only useful for BA tin when so many others are better.

        So you get more Avios, which you can use (mainly) on BA tin :)

        I get status and value it but I wouldn’t chase it around the globe going via who knows where, having to collect and recheck bags etc. and add days to travel due to the potential for delays and no help for missed departure.

        Isn’t travel supposed to be enjoyable, not a strenuous effort to circumnavigate the globe ?

  8. Optimus Prime says:

    Has the RSS feed stopped working? I see only articles until yesterday on my Feedly.

    • Doubt it, the emails went out and they are driven off the RSS. You can check at headforpoints.com/feed

      • Optimus Prime says:

        Got them now, timestamp is just from 13 minutes ago. Strange…

  9. Why do you find it odd that the cheapest is Business Promo, that’s normal. ‘Business Promo’ has always been used for the sale fares, the change and cancellation fees are usually higher than Business Saver.

    • Which is the red one?! The red one was pricier than the grey one …..

      • Red is Business Promo (i.e. sale) and Grey is Business Saver. So the article has them the wrong way around.

        I agree odd that you saw Red pricier than Grey though.

  10. Mikescores says:

    Hello All
    Hoping this is a silly question. In Qatar airways ; how do I find all offers from one country – previously the countries were a drop-down and a list of fares and dates appeared. Looked at them regularly, not only when a sale was announced. Now cannot find it (have replaced my computer)

    • They have messed about with their website. I’m not sure it’s possible. For most countries you can’t even get a full list by going to that country site now.

  11. Adrian says:

    From what I can see on QR the seat maps are identical for the recliner and the flat bed planes so until they start flying we may not know. https://www.qatarairways.com/en-gb/fleet/airbus-a320.html, as Matt says above they are 3 rows of 2×2

  12. It looks like they are using an A320 with flatbeds in August, then recliners from September onwards. Could change at anytime though knowing Qatar.

    They both have 12 seats so it’s not possible to distinguish that way.

    • It’s A320 followed by 777 last I checked. Was actually £750 when I did a dummy booking. The trouble is visa issues and not being able to leave the airport at DME so can’t use it as a good city stopover

      • I’ve seen this deal but I consider it risky. Imagine the Qatar flight is cancelled and you are rebooked for 2 days later. You cannot leave the airport in Moscow so you would literally be living in the departure terminal. No thanks ….

        • With a fuming wife and the kids !!!!

          No way from me either !

          • What use Avios??????
            DPS to HKG x4 in J on Cathay Dragon for 17,000 Avios pp plus tax of £17pp.

            Me VERY happy!

  13. Aceman says:

    Can someone with decent internet (stuck on slow internet in Japan countryside!) kindly find me the best QR jump off point for DEL? Mid September…

    Will need to find somewhere to book urgently!

  14. Any recommendations for Prague airport hotels?

    • Plenty of really pretty places in the old city. very quaint,,and cute.,great street market, food stalls etc. Really get to experience the city that way. Short bus ride into city. Have you been before?

  15. Just checking in for flight to Tokyo tomorrow. We were booked on QR38 which appears to be no longer and we have been moved to QR40 without any prior notice. This leaves us with a 7 hour wait at Doha before flight QR812 to Tokyo. I seem to recall some extra benefits being discussed on longer stopovers in Doha? Also any ideas on what to do in that time other than the business lounge?

    • Bad luck there.,after you eat something, head straight for the bendy black beds in the quiet area. They are OK for a few hours sleep. They will provide you with a blanket etc. Very helpful staff hanging around. Hope you get a good plane on the Tokyo leg.

      • Many thanks. I thought I’d heard talk of hotel rooms being made available but maybe thats for longer stopovers. Tokyo is due to be on an A350.