Bits: New BA First Liberty washbags, trick when earning Avios with SriLankan

News in brief:

New Liberty washbags for British Airways First Class

If you are flying in British Airways First Class from the end of the month, you should get the latest version of the Liberty wash bag which features a new print.  They contain lip balm, moisturiser, pulse point (to help customers sleep), toothbrush and toothpaste, socks, a jersey eye-mask and ear plugs, provided in association with Aromatherapy Associates.

Here is the female one:

Liberty bag 3

and here is the dull looking male one!

Liberty washbag British Airways first class

Earning Avios with SriLankan Airlines

As a member of the oneworld alliance, you can earn Avios and British Airways Executive Club tier points when you fly with SriLankan Airlines.  You can also redeem Avios for their flights.

A reader pointed out a quirk recently which is worth knowing if you have any SriLankan flights booked.

As of 1st May 2017, Iberia Plus is more generous than British Airways Executive Club for economy flights.

Flights in Q and O earn the same in both schemes – 0.25 Avios per mile flown

Flights in V, S and N earn 0.5 Avios per mile flown in Iberia Plus but just 0.25 Avios in BAEC

Flights in L and R earn 1 Avios per miles flown in Iberia Plus but just 0.25 Avios in BAEC

Flights in B, P, H, K, W, M and E earn 1 Avios per miles flown in Iberia Plus but just 0.5 Avios in BAEC

Flights in Y earn the same in both schemes – 1 Avios per mile flown

So … if a) you are flying Economy with SriLankan and b) your flight is not in Q, O or Y and c) you don’t care about losing the British Airways tier points, you should credit your flights to an Iberia Plus account instead of a British Airways one.

You can move the Avios across to British Airways afterwards using ‘Combine My Avios’ so they won’t be orphaned in Iberia Plus.

You can learn more about BA’s earning rates on partner airlines on here.  The Iberia Plus page showing the earning rates on SriLankan is here.


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  1. Bariummeal says:

    I have been collecting the biz class washbags on Etihad – they look a bit like the ladies washbag you mention but 5 different versions. Got all of them now, and they are beautiful as well as actually useful as made of wet suit material.

  2. Barry cutters says:

    BA flight to Poland and on a Qatar plane today, lovely way to travel short haul.

    • the real harry1 says:

      enjoy your carp tonight 🙂

      slightly muddy, most say lol

      • Barry cutters says:

        Christmas day is the worst- No Meat!!
        I have to get the mother in Law to make me salmon
        Carp isnt a bad tasting fish, its just the millions of tiny bones that i cant handle.

  3. Clive says:
    • Clive says:
    • JamesB says:

      Probably a brexit insurance policy,

      • Clive says:

        Well it’s a way for Delta to control Virgin – they own 49% which is the maximum. AFKLM buys 30% and they buy 10% of AFKLM – so they effectively own approx 52% of VAA without breaking the ownership rules.

    • Just had the email from Flying Club. I can’t see this as beneficial ultimately. Time to cash out FC miles?

      • Commented in the Virgin thread, but I wouldn’t mind if I get my VS status recognised on KLM and could spend some of my KL miles on VS!

      • JamesB says:

        Made a similar point on the VIrgin article: with business fares going east on KLM at around £1500 it is hard to see how redemptions might offer value, particularly if the FC miles required increase to reflect those of FB and SM. Furthermore, such a move may open the door to a further BA devaluation so there could be potential for loss-loss rather than win-win. Still, I think I’ll collect FC miles for a while and move them to Hilton if it looks like a bad move.

  4. HAM76 says:

    Has BA really removed the eye gel from the First amenity kit? Can’t spot it on the picture.

  5. the real harry1 says:

    latest (FT)

    BA offering staff travel back to strikers, in exchange for cancellation of further strike action. All crew have just been emailed

    • Mycity says:

      O/T. AF/KLM buying 31% in Virgin, how long before Virgin are in Sky Team

      • Aliks says:

        Yes indeed – I just got the email from Virgin as well. I’ve been saving my virgin miles to redeem on a flight to China, but maybe better to hang on and see if there are some better SkyTeam options coming up.

      • Andy S says:

        wonder if flying blue status is merged with vfc or vice-versa!

        reminds me, rob was advertising for someone to cover flying blue stuff a while back, i guess no-one suitable applied!

        • I didn’t get anyone who was obviously suitable, although there were people I could have trained. I wasn’t convinced the volume of content made it worthwhile. I would have taken, say, a Dutch blogger who wanted some extra £ from letting me run English versions of his coverage.

  6. Ruth4325 says:

    O/T could anyone advise how to add a domestic CE leg to a BA CE city break? I see a break I want from LHR to Bologna but want it from Edinburgh. Must I price it separately (therefore a lot more expensive) or can they do it over the phone?

    • BA Holidays website is London-only in my experience so you need to call, hopefully they can help although be prepared for not such a great discount!