It’s back – the only FREE and fast Avios reward finding tool you need!

Those of you with long memories may remember the short lived “Avios Flight Finder” app.  This was an official app from Avios Group which was meant to be a quick way of checking reward seats on British Airways flights.  The problem was that it used cached data, and the results it showed were not accurate.  It was eventually withdrawn.

Smartphones were less common at that point (2014) so Head for Points reader Tim created “BA Redemption Finder”.  This sat at and was a desktop site.  It used the same data feed that Avios was using for its app, so it suffered from the same issues over accuracy.  However, it was lightning fast.

When “Avios Flight Finder” was withdrawn, Tim’s site died as well.

Now it’s back, using the BA app data feed.  “BA Redemption Finder” is, easily, the quickest way of checking Avios availability for British Airways flights.

The best bit is the site is free.  It is a website not an app, but is optimised for both mobile and desktop.

It is simplicity itself.  Type in where you want to fly from, where you want to fly to, how many seats and what cabin and you will see – instantly – full availability for the next 355 days.  On mobile it looks like this:

BA Redemption Finder

Here are some results for two Club World seats from Heathrow to Tokyo – on the actual site, you get the full year on one scrolling screen.  The left column is outbound, the right is return:

BA Redemption Finder 1


BA Redemption Finder 2

It gets even better.  You can set up email alerts.   Set a date range, route, class and number of passengers and you will be notified when seats become available!

There are a few issues with the site, but none are major:

It cannot handle connections, only direct point to point searches

It does not show oneworld partner airlines – so it is best used to check availability when you want to use an Amex 2-4-1 voucher.  If you are not using a 2-4-1 voucher you should use instead as it will show you Qatar, Finnair, Royal Jordanian, American etc as well.

There is still a slight delay on the data feed, but very modest – Tim said no more than an hour

It does not show the extra economy Avios seats made available to BA Gold members

These are mainly trivial points, however, in the context of what is an amazingly fast and usable site.  It will take a while for me to be certain how accurate it is, but on the few checks I’ve done so far it has been fine.

You can take a look at BA Redemption Finder here.

The site is totally free to use.  Tim is happy to accept voluntarily monthly donations, and in return your availability queries will be checked hourly instead of daily – increasing the chances that you can grab any seats which open up.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. This is good.
    Where does it get the data? I want to build something similar for travel inspiration.

  2. Jonathan Martin says:

    Excellent news – I’ve signed up for £3 a month. About the price of a fancy coffee in my local Costa – yet the pleasure I’ll get from this site is far greater 🙂

    • Tim Rogers says:

      Thanks so much for your support Jonathan – it means a lot and helps to guarantee the future of the site.

  3. Great site. Well done to Tim 🙂

    Does anyone know how to find out where BA fly first class. Need to use a 2 for 1 voucher and first would be better than business.

    • Tim Rogers says:

      Hi Lee! Thanks so much for your appreciate of the site – the best thing about running this is all the stories I hear about how it’s helped someone find their dream trip.

      I’m not sure of an official list of routes on which First is available – I’d love to see it if anyone knows about it, as at the moment I’m having to deal with the error BA gives me back when I try to search on a route which lacks First.

  4. the real harry1 says:

    Tim Rogers – if I may be so bold to ask – how did you get the feed? & a word about your background in acquiring the skills needed to put this together would also be fascinating


    • the real harry1 says:

      btw about half-way thru 1984 (Orwell) but nothing sinister in my question

    • Tim Rogers says:

      Hi there! Good question.

      As some eagle-eyed HFP readers have noticed, the data is the data that’s used in BA’s Flight Finder, both in the app on iOS and Android, and on the website. But my version works much, much faster, and email alerts make it more useful and save returning to the BA site many times a day to check for new seats.

      I’m a software engineer by trade, and this is just a spare time project I’ve been working on to help the HFP community and hopefully make our shared hobby that little bit easier!

  5. Richard Thomas says:

    Great work Tim, I have signed up to the monthly contribution in the hope it will help you with costs of future enhancements.

    • Tim Rogers says:

      Thanks so much Richard – I really appreciate it! Do just let me know if you ever have any ideas, questions or comments – I’m always looking to make the site even better,

  6. Al Nicol says:

    Well done TIm, always great to see new travel tools. The data seems the same as at BA’s ‘Flight Finder’ on their website (which also gives full year availability). Is the email alert the cool feature here, or is the data more accurate/faster?

    • Tim Rogers says:

      Hi Al! Glad you like the tool, and hope it proves useful for you.

      The data does match up with BA’s Flight Finder tool on their website. For one, it’s a lot faster (95% of searches are done within half a second, whereas the BA site seems to usually take 5-10 seconds), but the real secret sauce is the alerts, which are a big improvement on having to religiously check the BA site.

      If you have any questions or ideas, do just drop me an email at

      • Hi Tim, we tend to be more date than destination driven, due to school holidays etc. Could it therefore be feasible to have the ability to input dates (and class) to see what destinations come up..?

        • Tim Rogers says:

          A few people have asked about this, so looking into it is definitely on my to-do list! Watch this space.

  7. Great tool Tim but is this a quirk ?

    LHR-SYD requires by necessity a change in SIN these days but your tool shows availability for X dates which isn’t there.

    Ok, so I read the piece about it not handling connections but which piece of the LHR-SIN or SIN-SYD is giving the “false” positive ?

    So I check LHR-SIN and that isn’t available. Then I check SIN-SYD and that isn’t available either.

    So neither of the legs on the dates where the tool shows availability are actually available for redemption. Cash fares are available.

    I was looking at first class.

    Any thoughts ?

    • Tim Rogers says:

      Glad you like the tool! I’ve added it to my to-do list to look into this. I’ll get back to you once I know more.

    • Tim Rogers says:

      I’ve taken a look and can see that these results look a bit questionable.

      The results I get back are supposedly for the whole route, and aren’t split up into LON-SIN and SIN-SYD.

      I’ve taken a look at 25th December outbound and 25th January inbound in Business, and that example seems to genuinely be available. Can you give an example of a date, number of people and cabin where it seems to be wrong? That way, I can ask BA about the specific issue. Might be best if you email me at

      • What WOULD be interesting is if you reversed the process, which is something the BA app can’t do.

        Eg …. where I can get 2 Club World seats departing on 14th February?

        Would be very helpful around school holiday periods.

  8. Dave Barron says:

    Useful and simple to use tool – well done Tim.

    Now what’s the chances of something similar for Virgin Atlantic redemptions?!?

  9. 1nfrequent says:

    Really pleased to see this site back again – used it when it was first up and I found it very useful. Best of luck with it, Tim.


  10. Good evening Tim.

    Can you consider adding an avios availability search, for other oneworld carriers to your program?

    I would also love to see an option, to base searches on a specific aircraft.For example when BA run 2 different planes on the same route.



  11. Tim – this is excellent work. Kudos for making this as simple and quick as possible.

  12. Superb! Thanks Tim (and Raffles for sharing), managed to grab a rare JNB rewards flight.

  13. johnny_c-l says:

    Great tool, found it really easy and quick to use. Well done Tim.

    Would be fantastic to also see route availability if travelling on fixed dates too if that’s a possibility?

  14. I don’t get it… the first rule of redeeming avios is not to redeem them on BA metal and this tool only seems to search BA metal (from the description). This would even be useless for, say, AA redemptions since there will be ridiculous fuel charges on BA metal. Sure, I could see how this cold be of very limited use for some, but that’s a bit too much praise, no?

    • If you’ve got a BA Amex 241 voucher, you’ll be redeeming on BA metal. Even without a 241, because redemptions are priced by sector, any non-BA redemption is likely to be more expensive (in Avios, if not taxes) than a partner redemption.

    • I wouldn’t say that not using on BA is the ‘first rule of Avios’ at all. RFS can be decent value (albeit nowadays manly just for those near London) and BA 241 is still a decent offer. Plus if using GUF2 or Lloyds certs you need BA availability. Plus Avios by far the easiest rewards currency to earn. All in all makes this a pretty useful tool, I’d say.

  15. Thanks Tim (and Rob) – good to see this back!

    And the email alerts work. I’ve just booked YVR in J for May 2018 after being alerted to a return flight becoming available.