HFP EXCLUSIVE: Get an extra Hotels.com Rewards free night credit on your next stay

Hotels.com has offered Head for Points readers an exclusive promotion code.

And, unlike many Hotels.com promotions, this one is valid on virtually every hotel on their site – including all branded hotels.

When you make a booking at Hotels.com by 8th September, you will receive one free extra credit in Hotels.com Rewards.  The minimum stay required is 2 nights, the maximum stay 28 days.

Hotels com logo

If you book a stay of two nights, it will count as three nights towards the ten you need for a free night.  A stay of three nights will earn four credits etc.

If you are working your way towards a free night but are a little short, this offer could push you over the line quickly and release the ‘locked in’ value you have built up.

Why we like Hotels.com Rewards

A lot of people end up, by choice or by default, splitting their stays across a number of different hotel chains. They do a lot of nights, but never enough to build up status or a decent number of points.

For these people, Hotels.com Rewards is a better way to go.

Hotels com Rewards Review

Hotels.com will be familiar to most readers. It is a huge hotel booking portal covering pretty much every corner of the planet.

You won’t find Hotels.com much cheaper than booking a hotel directly. When a property is part of a bigger chain with a ‘Best Rate Guarantee’, you can be certain it won’t be cheaper. However, the majority of the properties on the site count for ‘Hotels.com Rewards’ (285,000 hotels, which is about 10 times more than all of the ‘big seven’ loyalty schemes combined!)

Hotels.com Rewards (their home page is here) – previously known as Welcome Rewards – is an idiot-proof loyalty scheme:

You earn 1 credit for every night you book, whatever the chain

When you have got 10 credits, you get a free night

The value of the free night is the average price you paid for those 10 nights

Your credits don’t expire as long as you have one stay every 12 months

There aren’t any catches when you redeem.  You can pick any property on Hotels.com that takes part in Hotels.com Rewards (ie most of them) and you can pay the difference if you want to book a hotel which is more expensive than the value of your free night voucher.

There is a lot of upside here:

ALL of your stays (assuming the hotels you book are in Hotels.com Rewards and most are) will count towards free nights. No more ‘wasted’ stays.

Your free night can be used to book any room on Hotels.com. Most reward schemes restrict the ability to book club rooms, suites, family room etc. That is not a problem with Hotels.com Rewards.

When travelling, you are free to stay at the hotel which is most convenient for where you need to be – no need to mess around with badly reviewed properties or out of the way hotels purely to find one in your favourite chain.

The only snag is that Hotels.com bookings do not count for points or stay credit in the loyalty scheme of the chain where you are staying.  You may get your status benefits but it is down to the goodwill of the hotel.  If you are booking independent hotels, or hotels chains where you do not collect their points, Hotels.com could make sense.

How do you get your extra Hotels.com Rewards free night credit?

The good news is that this special Head for Points code can be used at virtually any hotel that can be booked on the Hotels.com website.  There are no restrictions on what chains can be used.

Here is the process:

Stage 1:

Visit Hotels.com via this link, or any other link on this page.  The code will only work if you visit the Hotels.com UK site via a link on Head for Points.

Stage 2:

You must log into your Hotels.com Rewards account before booking.

Stage 3:

Select your room, which must be:

  • a pre-paid one
  • for a TWO-NIGHT or longer stay
  • completed before 31st December

Stage 4:

Enter the code RWD1H4PA17 when booking.

If you don’t see the price breakdown with the bonus free night highlighted, as in the picture below, it hasn’t been applied properly.  This could mean that you’ve visited Hotels.com via a third party and not via a link on Head For Points.

Hotels.com rewards night coupon

The last day to book is 8th September.

You can only claim one free night credit per Hotels.com Rewards account.

What is the small print?

You can find the full T&C’s on this page of the Hotels.com website.  There are no major exclusions or issues, however.

The last word ….

We’d like to thank Hotels.com for making this offer available to Head for Points readers.  If you collect Hotels.com Rewards free night credits, or you think that this is a good time to start, an extra credit will give you a good push towards your next free night.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Good luck with this.

    I have twice tried to use a promotion that would give me double or extra reward nights. Despite following all the terms and conditions twice they failed to post.

    Customer service often use the call back when the 90 days have passed route and it’s possible after a few attempts to find a good agent who can credit the nights on the spot. Those that were credited were for £0.00.

    I was alarmed at this at first but if you do the maths a credit of a number of nights at £0.00 makes no difference to the average room rate for 10 nights.

    Anyway, I wish you luck with this promo. I’ve had my fair share of bad experience as a good member for 7 years already. To be fair I’ve also experienced some amazing customer care but there is a lack of consistency and a real lack of hierarchy and ownership when it comes to following things up.

    • The good news with this one is that we know whose heads to bang together …..

    • Yes it does…

      10 nights at £100 = £100 average
      9 nights at £100 + 1 night at £0 = £90 average

  2. Hi Callum,

    I can’t go back that far as I have somewhat 47 free nights redeemed and 5 still to take.

    However, I can remember distinctly that the £0.00 night didn’t alter the average of the other nights. Not sure how they calculated that perhaps over 9 nights instead of 10 but I would have been onto them if I thought I was duped!

    Rob, you must have some good contacts as I find hotels.com senior managers very elusive and not contactable in any way. The staff in the call centre in Manila often pretend to be senior managers but they rely on advice given by associates in the US who aren’t customer facing so it’s annoying at times!

    • Quite, I am still getting standard email responses saying they can’t be held responsible for not displaying my hotel taxes! Going to try calling them later.

    • I’m surprised with so much business through them you have problems. One example of excellent customer service I’ve received. Checked into hotel in Orlando to find no balcony as specified. Reception said fully booked and nothing they could do. So called hotels com and they said did I mind waiting, they called reception and got same story, so with no prompting the offered me full refund on the 4 nights if I’d stay in that room, or they’d start making calls and find me a balcony room in the area, paying any difference. So tired at that point I took the full refund. $ days later it was on my credit card account.

      • I’ve heard several stories like this, of Hotels.com agents being able to resolve problems on the spot like this. It’s one of the reasons I use them quite a lot.

        Most hotel problems I’ve managed to get resolved at the property, but a couple of times I’ve had things clearly advertised in the booking (e.g. free breakfast) not turn up. Hotels.com resolved it within 5 minutes on the phone. Contrast that with a similar problem via Expedia, which involved so many phone calls and emails back and forth that I gave up and claimed it off Amex.

        Doubly surprising since Hotels.com is owned by Expedia. I guess they’re run separately though

  3. Hi Rob. I can’t get your code to work. There is a message saying ‘Sorry, this discount code can only be used in certain regions’ (I am in London). Also at the bottom of this frame there is a message saying. ‘Only 1 discount or deal per reservation’. The hotel I am trying to book (Aquarius hotel in Laughlin, NV, USA, 15th to 17th September 2017) includes a special offer of a 25% discount. Is that why I can’t use your code?

    • I can only assume, yes, that’s why. The code is definitely working OK.

      • Rob, I just tried this again, doing exactly the same as last time and it worked fine. I did not get the message saying ‘Sorry, this discount code can only be used in certain regions’. I did still get the message saying ‘Only 1 discount or deal per reservation’. Thank you for this great exclusive HFP offer.

  4. Slightly, actually very OT. When calling BA, I can discuss bookings on my wife account provided she clears security first. Is this the same case with avios?

  5. So with this offer one can buy 10 consequite nights at the same hotel and get 11th reward night.

    Or buy five times 2 consequite night at the same hotel and get 5 reward nights?

  6. I’m glad you highlighted this as many travel and miles bloggers do not and look down on these intermediaries. The reality is that you get 10% off hotels if you use hotel.com and its free night every ten feature. And I’ve never had any difficulty using them

    And I really don’t have any loyalty to hotels chains, which are mostly much of a muchness. Where I stay is governed more by location and price

  7. Thanks for this Rob. Just booked a room for two nights for a colleague at a HIX. For info for the others: the “third night” is showing in my profile as being the same value as the first night of the two night stay. Coincidentally this is also the highest priced night.