Now earn up to 20,000 Avios with your household, business or landlord insurance

Insurance broker Alan Boswell, which recently became an earning partner, has tweaked its earning rates.

You can now earn up to 20,000 Avios when you take out household, business or landlord insurance.

If your household insurance is due this month you may want to give them a call.

If you have a buy to let property, you can also pick up a large pile of Avios points when you take out landlord insurance.  You will also earn points if you take out business insurance for your company.

This is what you can earn as of 1st October:

3,000 Avios per policy priced below £200

5,000 Avios per policy priced between £200 and £499

10,000 Avios per policy priced between £500 and £999

20,000 Avios per policy priced above £1,000

The company is also now able to offer negotiated bonuses for very large policies.  They told me that they recently did a special Avios deal for someone taking out a £5,000 household policy for example.

There has been a cut in the Avios earned on very small policies, as previously anything under £500 would earn 5,000 Avios.  It was, not surprisingly, proving to be uneconomic to offer 5,000 Avios on very small transactions.

Because this is an offer, the points will be placed into an account.  You can move them across to British Airways Executive Club using the ‘Combine My Avios’ feature on either website.

Alan Boswell Avios

As a specialist insurance broker, Alan Boswell will give you best quote it can from the wide range of underwriters it works with.  This means that it is very likely that it will be competitive with your current insurance quote as you will be getting the lowest price from across a wide range of providers.

If you have a buy to let property, landlord insurance appears to be a tax deductible expense.  A business insurance policy is obviously also deductible.  This means that it would even be worth paying a little more than your current provider if you could secure 10,000 or 20,000 Avios on top.

How to buy

The system is a little fiddly, I admit.

For business and household insurance, you need to ring Alan Boswell for a quote.  The details can be found on this page of their website.

For landlord insurance, you can get a quote and purchase online via their website.

The value of the Avios should make them competitive.  I will continue to give them a nudge as this is one of those offers that you are likely to forget about until your have a policy renewing.

PS.  In order to stay on the right side of the Financial Conduct Authority, as I am technically acting as an ‘introducer’ of business to Alan Boswell by linking to them from this site, I am now adding the following disclaimer to Alan Boswell articles:

Disclaimer: Head for Points is a journalistic website. Nothing here should be construed as financial advice, and it is your own responsibility to ensure that any product is right for your circumstances. Recommendations are based primarily on the ability to earn miles and points.  In order to discuss and link to Alan Boswell on this site, Robert Burgess is registered as an Introducer Appointed Representative of Alan Boswell Insurance Brokers Ltd which is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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  1. William Avery says:

    Great find!

  2. They tried hard for us but was double our current insurer, so avios couldn’t tempt us this time.
    Also their landlord insurance ONLY covers building and contents, so no good for contents only.

    • Contents only landlord insurance is a strange concept.

      • A lot of properties are rented out fully furnished (hence the need for contents insurance) and, if you’re renting out a flat, the buildings insurance is almost always included in your service charges so you don’t need to take it out for a second time

        • Ah. You can probably tell I’m not a landlord! Too young and poor

        • I got excited about this article until I read the comments. Landlord insurance needs purchasing before end of the week and I’ve not even started looking! Rent out a flat though so don’t need buildings cover ………shame.

  3. I assume they allow you to take out multiple policies and still collect the avios on each?

    • They do, but give nothing on renewals in my experience. This seems to be a long running offer, so I’m tempted to leave and come. Ack next year!

    • Alan Boswell Group says:

      Hi, yes we do offer on multiple policies, although you may end up paying more that way rather than having them all on one. Either way contact us at and we can have a look at how to maximise your Avios

      • Adam London says:

        This isn’t in line with what I have been advised when I enquired about a second buildings policy that is due to expire this month.

        ‘As an existing landlord customer of ours, you would not receive further points for another landlord policy. The points are offered to new business quotes for landlord and household quotes only.’

        • Alan Boswell Group says:

          Hi There, If you drop me details of your policy to we can sort. We’ve rolled out the message but with over 300 staff sometimes it gets lost. Regards Simon

  4. Alan Boswell Group says:

    Morning all, Just to clarify here we can provide on contents only policies, it was in our terms and conditions initally that we don’t as premiums were small, but as we have amended the premium banding we are happy to do so now. Basically no matter what your insurance needs there are Avios to give out, but it’s obviously quite hard to articulate that in terms and conditions!

    The deal has been really successful so it will be continuing for the long term and we will be running something for renewals.

    Feel free to contact us at

    • Excellent. Thanks for the update. I’ll be in touch later.

    • Will amend the article, thanks

    • Lee Thornton says:

      I work for an early stage tech investor and called three weeks ago for a business insurance quote for a new company I’m setting up (need EL, PL, D&O, office insurance) and despite the agent’s promise to get back to me I’ve heard nothing since. I will call to chase when I get a spare 10 minutes but really shouldn’t have to!

  5. I have 2 policies with Alan Boswell and they have been very helpful, flexible and competitive for both policies. If you are taking out a 2nd landlords policy you will also have to call them for a quote as you have the option to merge the 2 properties or keep them as separate policies.

  6. Sussex Bantam says:

    I spoke to Alan Boswell about my policies – they were helpful and very friendly but unable to beat my current quote. They’re certainly worth a call

  7. Hi all,
    Just seen on Amex that there is an offer of 500 Avios / MR for a £10 spend in Tesco, by 3 Dec. Available for the first 50,000 members to sign up. T&Cs doesn’t exclude gift cards so these may work too. Should be an easy win for most people!

    • Not on my BA card offers.

    • Nice. My wife got the offer but I can’t see it in my offers yet. Good deal.

    • Sadly not showing on either my Plat or SPG cards 🙁

    • Which card is that on? 3 x Amex gold in my family and none of us have got it!

    • Not on my BA card or my 2 gold cards (own acct and supp card on husband’s acct). Shame.

    • Not on my BAPP card, though I use that as my daily spend card, which includes quite a few Tesco transactions each week so they might be targeting people who don’t use the card at Tesco….

    • T&Cs do exclude gift cards however Amazon said the same thing and I still got the previous points from a gift card purchase. Unfortunately this offer isn’t showing on my BAPP card.

      C. Transactions that are not eligible·

      transactions where you buy a gift card, store credit or a voucher.

  8. Jonathan says:

    before clicking the save to card button, can someone right click it, choose copy link address and paste the url in here please? I stupidly saved it to my card first and it is not appearing on my other card. Thanks

    • You only need the offerId which you can still dig out from your first card


      • Eatswood says:


        Not sure how to use this link to activate the offer?

      • This isn’t working for me. Obviously doing something wrong.

        • When you login in the browser address bar you can see…

          I just replaced it with:

          and hit enter.

          Also be careful the comment section seems to be stripping the offerId.
          It is offerId=8E23BF7359DF4F13BF0E4E69B6F19862

        • Thanks, Steve – appreciate it 🙂

        • But you can relax. It is for 50000 people. A few weeks ago where there were similar offers from WHS and Amazon my friends got the Avios even when they saved it to their cards after a week or so.

          I don’t think enough people bother to watch this offers and save it asap (or ever) to their cards.

        • I get ‘We’re sorry, offers are not currently available’ when I try that.

        • Thanks Steve. Your method seems much more reliable than mine.

        • Thanks but still not working for me. Definitely must be doing something wrong. I’ll have to play at home on the laptop.

        • the real harry1 says:

          Please don’t be blatant about it!

          Give it to me. Now!


      • RussellH says:

        My Gold credit card account now tells me that I shall get 500 Avios, not 500 MR points, which is, of course, what it should give….

        It will be interesting to see what happens.

        500 SPG points would be useful too.

        • With previous offers they’ve awarded the equivalent amount in the currency of the relevant card.

        • Didn’t work on my Amex platinum with the Everyday offer from the post office. Changed to redeemed in th offers section, but no MR added. Worked fine on my BA amex.

        • the real harry1 says:

          @BLT yep but what’s the risk here? £10 Amazon gc is always going to be worth £10, so might as well suck it & see

        • @TRH1 I guess the risk is it becomes obvious to Amex that the wrong offers are being added to the wrong card and consequences follow!

        • Offers now managed somehow to add to both BAPP and gold charge cards. Showing as saved to BAPP with 500 avios offer but same as you, gold card also shows 500 avios rather than 500 MR ……hmmmmm.

        • Yep that’s what happened before but it still posted as equivalent currency… (eg £5 on Plat C/back card)

        • the real harry1 says:

          @ Alan not really expecting you to explain your new outlook! 🙂

          going in a few days from telling us not to ruin the trick to asking for the trick answer lol

          symptomatic of someone who ain’t got the deal, I been there

          c’est la vie

        • Err I didn’t ask for the answer? Steve posted it after Jonathan asked so I did thank him though. I already knew the method…

        • the real harry1 says:


          but why didn’t you [help to] close down Steve?

          because you wanted the id lol

          anyway, no different to what I would have done – though I would not have been sanctimonious in the first place:)

        • Errm think you might have got me confused with some other folks posting? IIRC all I mentioned before was perhaps not to be too blatant about it but ultimately it’s up to Rob what’s posted here…

        • I’ll give them a go anyway and fingered crossed i get the 500 avios and 500MR on the cards.

      • PalCsaky says:

        This method worked a treat. Thank you Steve

  9. the real harry1 says:

    got it on both my cards 🙂

  10. Anyone got the offer ID for the Esso £5 off £50 that was recently around?

  11. Jonathan says:

    If anyone has the ID for MR version that would be useful too please.

  12. OT for the connoisseurs out there: Which product is better for the FRA-TYO route? ANA Business class or Lufthansa Business Class?

    • Colleague who goes to Tokyo 6 times a year prefers ANA, he takes them back from Tokyo tho as it allows a full day in Tokyo, and an early morning connection in FRA to get back to London.

  13. Just about to renew my house insurance, but at a max of £200, I’m probably classed as too “small” to make it worthwhile.

  14. Lee Thornton says:

    I work for an early stage tech investor and called three weeks ago for a business insurance quote for a new company I’m setting up (need EL, PL, D&O, office insurance) and despite the agent’s promise to get back to me I’ve heard nothing since. I will call to chase when I get a spare 10 minutes but really shouldn’t have to!