Black Friday with BA: 5,000 bonus Avios with Avis and BA flight and holiday deals

Like or not, today is Black Friday.  Be grateful that your inbox has not had as many deal emails as ours this week!

We have given over all three articles today to Black Friday offers.  If you can’t face it, don’t forget before you log out that you can book your ticket for the Head for Points Christmas Party at 10am today, with the 2nd batch of tickets on sale at 10am Saturday.  The booking links are in the article pinned to the HFP home page, or search the Eventbrite app for ‘Head for Points’.

Here we go ….

5,000 bonus Avios with Avis

This is the most generous Avios-related Black Friday offer out there.

Avis has launched a great Black Friday bonus points offer.  If you book a car rental with Avis this Black Friday weekend, you will get 5,000 bonus Avios.

The small print is relatively short:

This offer is valid on bookings of rental car group C or above in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa

You must book by midnight on 27th November and the rental car has to be picked up between now and 23rd March 2018

Remember to include the BAEC number of the first named driver in your booking as it cannot be added or changed later.

The 5,000 bonus points are awarded in addition to the usual 3 Avios per £1, with a guaranteed minimum of 700 Avios for a 3-day booking.  This means that you will earn at least 5,700 Avios.  The maximum Avios you can receive during this promotion is 10,000.

Note that the offer is not valid on Prestige, Van or Chauffeur Drive rentals.  Your Avios will reach your account within 8 weeks

Full T&Cs can be found on the website.  Note that you must use the BA discount codes and no other – if you book at these will be applied automatically.

British Airways Black Friday offers

British Airways launched their Black Friday deals yesterday and the offer is running until midnight on Monday.

Included are some good return fares to the US in Club World like BA’s newest route Nashville from £1,445, Las Vegas from £1,475 and New Orleans from £1,675.  New York is just over £1,515.

Travel dates vary:

Travel in Club World or First Class from London Heathrow to Austin, Nashville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Philadelphia, San Jose (California) and Toronto is available for selected travel dates between 30 March 2018 and 28 November 2018

Travel in Club World or First Class from London Heathrow to Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Delhi and Johannesburg is available for selected travel dates between 1 December 2017 and 6 March 2018

Travel in Club World or First Class from London Heathrow to Buenos Aires, Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Santiago, Nassau and Grand Cayman is available for selected travel dates between 25 December 2017 and 16 November 2018

Travel in Club Europe from London Heathrow to Malaga, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Bilbao, Billund, Bologna, Brussels, Basel, Budapest, Paris, Copenhagen, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Edinburgh, Rome, Frankfurt, Gibraltar, Glasgow, Grenoble, Gothenburg, Geneva, Hanover, Hamburg, Istanbul, Kiev, Reykjavik, Krakow, Larnaca, St Petersburg, Lisbon, Luxembourg, Manchester, Marseille, Munich, Nice, Newcastle, Oslo, Bucharest, Palma Mallorca, Palermo, Prague, Pisa, Sofia, Stuttgart, Toulouse, Turin, Venice, Vienna, Warsaw and Zurich is available for selected outbound travel dates between 1 December 2018 and 11 March 2018

There are also deals in World Traveller and World Traveller Plus with different travel dates.  There is too much info to copy over so you should take a look at the Black Friday booking page is here.

Remember that BA Holidays may be even cheaper

BA Holidays has also some good deals on luxury holidays to selected destinations:

  • Save £50 on holidays to selected destinations with a minimum spend of £1,250 per booking.
  • Save £100 on holidays to selected destinations with a minimum spend of £2,500 per booking.

If you find a good flight-only deal, I strongly suggest that you also get a quote for the same flight as a BA Holidays ‘flight and hotel’ or ‘flight and car’ package.  It may well be cheaper than just booking the flights on their own.

The BA Holidays home page is here.

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  1. OT – had a text to say my flight on 14th April next year from FUE to LGW is cancelled. It was a RFS economy one way booking, so as they will only cancel that booking I guess I will lose out if I cancel the outbound one way I booked (Avios and some cash) in CE 10 days earlier? I’ve already put a deposit on an apartment so would rather not not go now.

    Really annoying as alternative cash flights are so expensive. Singles back on easyJet etc are well over £200 each plus baggage. It’s actually cheaper to fly to Dublin on Ryanair, stay in a hotel then fly back the UK the next day (£300 for both of us).

    I assume there is no chance of getting BA to reroute us indirectly without incurring additional Avios and cash?

    • Forgot to add it is almost £100 cheaper if we gamble on 2 desperate Ryanair bookings on the same day, with a 2 3/4 hour layover..

    • the real harry1 says:

      you have the right to get re-routed at no cost to yourself

      indeed, BA owe you a duty of care for the time between original flight & new flight, ie free food, drink (not alcohol) and accommodation

      you’re not entitled to compo (as you’ve been given more than 14 days’ notice) but you can insist on being re-routed

      if BA don’t play ball, you can re-route yourself and claim costs back from BA – 100% certain you’ll win but you must get their refusal to re-route you in writing

      I think if you insist on being re-routed and suggest a new alternative, they’ll simply say yes

      • Thanks I wasn’t aware of that, just assumed as it was cancelled this far out, and only on a single we wouldn’t have much luck. I will have a good read up before I call tomorrow. Would they re-route on a low cost airline as they actually fly to closer airports? Or is that pushing it 🙂

        • the real harry1 says:

          effectively, you’re the boss – ie it is your convenience that matters

          Ryanair were recently instructed by CAA that they must re-route cancelled passengers wherever the passengers thought was most appropriate, despite Ryanair apparently having a preferred list of re-route airlines

          Ryanair complied with no argument

          you must of course be reasonable – but (say) timing mattered to you and you wished to arrive close to your original arrival time, and the only option were a Business fare on a rival airline – the next alternative being perhaps 5 hours later – I think you would win the point that you should be re-routed in Business

        • Harry, not quite. Ryanair agreed to pay other airline costs if they didn’t have a flight themselves either the same day or a day either side – and the CAA didn’t push any further which has been taken to mean they’re ok with that.

          To the OP, you have to accept a ‘reasonable’ alternative, but you are free to suggest to BA what that might be. Asking for a later/earlier BA flight would be fine, as in your case would IB via MAD – that would be BA’s most likely suggestion anyway given it’s all IAG. They don’t actually have any way to book you on a LCC so even if they agreed (which is very unlikely) it would have to be on a ‘pay and claim’ basis – LCC booking systems just aren’t integrated with those of legacy carriers.

  2. The Club World returns to Las Vegas at £1475 appear to be non-existent. The BA low fare finder quotes a minimum of £2048 during the window that your article quotes.

  3. Emirates are running a 10k bonus for virtually the same Avis deal listed in this post (up from from usual 500 skywards offer). The cheapest car hire I found on the system is at £51 for 3 days from London City Airport. 0.5p/skyward mile is not too shabby

  4. Thanks booked a getaway to the new Ikos resort in Corfu. BA beat even the no frills package companies.

  5. Stuart Pradhan says:

    Question around changes to sale fares (CW/First). If I change dates after the sale ends, is “fare difference” likely to be the current fares at the time of the change or would I be “ok” if the same fare class was still available, even at a different price?

    • It’s current selling price, with the small exception that if it’s after the first flight has been flown you can often change the return leg at your original date (subject to class availability and your specific fare rules)

  6. Regarding the Avis Avios offer, I have made a booking which is for 2 days and 4 hours but (as you would expect) is charged the same as for 3 days. Will this count for the 5,000 Avios? I hope so as it would seem pretty daft for me to confuse Avis by booking for exactly 3 days and then returning the car early.

  7. chris angrave says:

    I have just booked lhr – cape Town & return , Feb 2018. For some dates First Class was cheaper then business class! Result!

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