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Get a £10 saving on Heathrow Express (or any trainco), today only

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Here is a decent freebie worth grabbing if you can. is giving away 30,000 £10 vouchers for train booking website on Thursday 11 October (ie today!).

There are no nasty conditions.   There is no minimum spend to use the voucher, it doesn’t matter if you are already a redspottedhanky customer and you have until the end of 2012 to book.

You can book tickets on any standard train company including Heathrow Express, although Eurostar and Megatrain are not bookable via RSH.

15,000 vouchers will be available from 11am and 15,000 from 3pm.  The link will be here (EDIT: deleted as now dead).

Given that this has been promoted in the MSE newsletter, which goes to literally a couple of million, demand will be high.  However, factor in those who forget, those at work, those who aren’t bothered etc and your odds are OK!

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  • Trevor says:

    Got mine 🙂

  • Raffles says:

    Yes, very straightforward, got one for me and one for my wife. Helped that I had the relevant RSH e-voucher webpage open to plug the code straight in. £10 credits already showing online.

  • pazza2000 says:

    I managed to get 2 of these also. This (11am) batch now appears to be claimed. Unlike previously, this time we were given unique e-voucher coodes; so I assume no rush to enter this into the RSH website?

    • David says:

      Yes, this time they are unique, They have just said there will be a tool online today to enter your email address and get a reminder of your unique code (if you got one).

      Sadly I only managed 1. Was refreshing constantly until it appeared, Then each time after doing the Capatcha it said ‘all codes have gone’. Thankfully I kept trying, managed to get 1 before they pulled it.

      Was amazed there were not a 50 posts here already saying it was impossible. Wonder if they will have to switch to a ballot type setup in the future if this popular.

      At least this time it didn’t bring down the RSH site too….

    • Trickster says:

      Couldn’t get the damn thing to work here. Must be all you greedy people getting two!
      Will try again at 3pm!

      • gagravarr says:

        I couldn’t get on the site between 11 and 11.02, then it took 3 tried to get the captcha right… Got one for me, but failed to get a second for my housemate. Clearly a lot of people managed it, as the RSH registration website was having trouble until just now!

        Raffles – Have you thought about doing a UK train ticket booking post, comparing things like RSH loyalty points to the East Coast rewards?

        • Trickster says:

          I was doing it in my iPhone and was really struggling with the captcha. Switched to PC, and just kept getting redirected on the get code button, plus had no captcha option.

          • Raffles says:

            Yes, there was definitely something wrong with Captcha – it took me 3 goes both times.

          • David says:

            They also (although much less frequently) serve you building/house numbers from Google Street View.

            However what is far more annoying is when the bit of text their autodigitise is having trouble with in the book is a full blown multiline equation. Just hit the spin symbol for another offering, don’t even try to enter ‘(captial) Sigma over Omega ^ 3 / Pi… etc’

            However the explosion fo captcha has resulted in huge improvements in automated reading, so that now many computers are better at it than humans.

          • john says:

            I don’t see why I should help Google with digitising books or house number plates. You can generally tell which one is the real captcha and I just enter anything for the other and they don’t check this.

        • Raffles says:

          Yes, a post on UK train companies is on the list. I am waiting until I try to redeem my East Coast points, since I want to discover how easy it is to get reward seats. In theory, if East Coast reward seats are easy to get, you are looking at almost 20% back on your spend (£900 spend on F tickets = 1,450 points = 2 x First Class return worth at least £180). Nothing else could touch this. But I haven’t tried to get seats yet, and bookings for non-East Coast services on their website earn less.

          • gagravarr says:

            East Coast Reward tickets need to be booked at least 7 days in advance, and are booked train only, no changes or refunds, so it’s probably best to compare them to Advanced Purchase rather than normal walk-on tickets. Still, trip in first all the way to the North East or Scotland isn’t to be sniffed at!

  • xcalx says:

    We managed to get the four we needed for an upcoming trip to London. Strangely we got 2 of the codes after the “all codes have now gone” appeared

  • pazza2000 says:

    What is the ‘fastest’ way to jump on these at 3pm?

    • trickster says:

      Re-load the page straight after 3pm!
      I reckon it will be unresponsive for the first couple of minutes while they update as experienced at 11am. Then go for it, and get the Captcha right!

      I’m intrigued by a comment above by john – do you only need to get one word right?

      • pazza2000 says:

        …and to repeat, do you simply change the email/postcode

      • David says:

        Google knows the answer to one of the words (usually the one that is geometrically deformed). It does not know the answer to the word that is blurry, badly spaced, etc.

        • john says:

          Actually to clarify what I said above, based on experience Google sometimes expects your entry for the house number plate to contain (mostly) numbers.

          I did read somewhere that they give the same image snippet to 3 people for “verification”. Possibly if you’re the 3rd and what you entered is wildly different from the other 2, it could get rejected. (I expect it would get sent to a 4th person if the first 3 responses were close but did not match.)

  • john says:

    If anyone is reading, there are loads still available. I decided to stop after getting 10! I started at 3.15pm and cleared my cookies in between!

    • Trickster says:

      Got one! Was about to go for another but it said all gone, so not sure how (or why?!) John got 10, at 3.15pm

      • zero says:

        “Strangely we got 2 of the codes after the “all codes have now gone” appeared”

        I also experienced this. I got one at about 5 past, then got error pages for a while. When the site started loading properly again, it said all gone. I had read the comment above from xcalcx, so thought I would keep on trying anyway. I think it was about 15 past, it gave me one, then I kept on going and it kept on giving me new codes too! Stopped after getting 5 as I felt guilty :p

  • pazza2000 says:

    Appear to all be gone.

    The two I received earlier were stackable, creditting to an account with an email different to that of what I used to sign up for the e-voucher.

    • Raffles says:

      Putting multiple vouchers onto the same RSH account may leave you exposed to a future audit …. not sure I would have done this. Setting up numerous different accounts is a different matter!

  • ups says:

    I must have tried over 10 times but the captcha didn’t work. Very strange.

This article is closed to new comments. Feel free to ask your question in the HfP forums.

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