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If you can read this, the move to our new server must have worked

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Welcome, hopefully, to the new look Head for Points.

I write this, of course, a day or two in advance, not knowing if the move to our new server will work properly or not.  Perhaps no-one is reading this ….

The site certainly looks different.  I hope you find it OK.  At least we have a pretty logo.

In terms of content, absolutely nothing has changed.  All of the links across the top are the same, and all of the lists down the right hand side (Recent Posts, Categories, I Also Recommend etc) are still there.

There are two obvious changes.

Firstly, there are three advertising boxes on the right hand side.  I have designed these to be as unobtrusive as possible.  At the moment, they are pulling in ads from Google Adsense (it is possible that you may just see blank spaces for now whilst Google analyses the site).  However, I hope to replace this with advertising from an agency in the medium term.  No-one ever got rich by running Adsense, but it will offset the running costs of the site.

Secondly, there are three affiliate links at the bottom of the right hand column – for Hilton, Amazon and BA.  I will explain this slightly odd choice of partners in a separate post later in the week.  Please note that the BA link is not working yet although Hilton and Amazon are.

Please let me know your thoughts below. In particular, if you notice any problems with broken links, please post.   As with all major website revamps, it will probably feel a bit unfamiliar for a few days and then you will forget the old version ever existed.

I won’t know until after this post goes live if the email, RSS, Facebook and Twitter feeds are working OK ….

There is a bit of a backlog of deals to write about, so there should be some interesting stuff to come over the next few days.  If you have any Avios-loving friends, now is a good time to share Head for Points with them.

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  • Coffeebean09 says:

    It’s looking great. Well done and thanks for all the information over the last few months.

  • The_Pope says:

    Site looks great and ads don’t bother me, however I suspect your monetisation will be limited with the 250 x 250 square ad. I’m surprised you didn’t go for the standard 300 x 250 MPU.

    I work in advertising so let me know if you want any advice on the monetisation side.

    • Rob says:

      Hi. Yes, I agree, but the template is designed to work with 250-wide ads. I will see how it goes, and if necessary the theme should be tweakable to fit in a 300-wide ad. 250×250 is, I admit, not on the Adsense ‘preferred sizes’ list.

  • BicesterTerrier says:

    Welcome back. Like the look, although funnily enough I don’t recall what the old one was like. It’s a fickle old world.

    Looking forward to future posts!

  • ups says:

    Mobile view isn’t there, is that coming later?

    • Rob says:

      Yes, it is a Jetpack option but not yet enabled. Thought I’d get the main site working first!

      • ups says:

        Cool, no worries!

        Now I noticed I didn’t get the email notification of your reply – even though I had checked the option. Perhaps another thing to look into?

        Also, will there be an option to register so we don’t have to type the name/email everytime?

        • Rob says:

          Hmmm. Thanks, I will look into this. I may have to get a different plug-in installed. Give me a bit of time.

          • ups says:

            Odd, this time I got the notification. I also got an email after my reply to confirm subscription (it was a link). I went ahead and confirmed the subscription anyway, but not sure if it was meant to be this way? Are you still using wordpress (the software, not the host) for your blog?

          • Rob says:

            Yes, still WP software, so Gravatars still work, albeit the self hosted version is a bit different to the free hosting version.

          • ups says:

            Right so I’m getting notifications just fine now, they are coming from as before.

          • Rob says:

            Good stuff. I think things are still settling down a bit. The DNS changes are still not complete either … about 2% of visitors today have still been sent to the old site.

      • ups says:

        The mobile view is back but with an annoying big sign up box to follow the blog. It can’t be dismissed and doesn’t always move out of the way, blocking content.

        • Rob says:

          Yes, I turned on mobile view.

          OK. You need to help me out on this as I don’t have a mobile which works with the mobile view option.

          Is this the same black ‘Follow’ box which pops up in the bottom right corner when you view the blog on a normal PC?

          • ups says:

            Yes – funny enough I didn’t notice it on the PC because it is really unobtrusive (and collapsed by default). However on mobile it is expanded (and doesn’t collapse even if you click the +).

          • Raffles says:

            OK, I will kill it tomorrow as a trial – will need to rethink if sign-ups tail off, though!

          • ups says:

            I never saw it before on the mobile view, so wonder if it’s something you just need to get fixed?

          • Rob says:

            The black follow button is not part of self hosted WordPress – it is only part of the free hosting version.

            However, someone has written a bit of code which can be added to self hosted WordPress to recreate it. Clearly, though, this bit of code was not tested properly with mobile view, and I cannot disable it just for mobile users.

            That is why it acts differently to how it did before,

            Will disable it this morning.

  • Rocky says:

    Welcome back loving the new site layout

  • trickster says:

    Luma credit card ad – “the new card for poor credit” will you be reviewing this in your next credit card update?! 😉

    Seriously though, new site is looking great, and the ad’s aren’t distracting. What’s more I can access it from work now!

    • Raffles says:

      I have just activated the option to pre-approve ads, which will let me chop Luma, hopefully!

  • Rob says:

    Email sent

This article is closed to new comments. Feel free to ask your question in the HfP forums.

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