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The new look, one week on. Thoughts? Problems?

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It is now just over a week since I launched the new-look Head for Points.  And, given the scale of the task, the move and the new style seem to have gone down well.

Page views on the old site are now down to, literally, one or two page views per day, so all of the traffic has now moved over.

If you spot any teething issues with the site, please email me at rob at, comment here or PM me via Flyertalk.  Please do not assume that someone else has already reported the issue, because they probably haven’t.

I have, for example, removed the black ‘Follow’ button in the bottom right at reader request because it was misbehaving when used on some mobile devices.  I have also blocked the ads for zero-income credit cards, which only crept through because I obviously did not want to block credit card adverts entirely.

Affiliate links

I’d like also like to thank everyone who has used our Amazon commission link (see the bottom of the right-hand column).  I appreciate it.  Don’t forget the Hilton link as well.

Unfortunately, I have had to withdraw the British Airways link.  I put the link up even though our application had not yet been approved – which is OK – but BA has for some reason now decided to turn us down as an affiliate partner.  I will look at this again in a couple of months, but for now I have replaced it with our topcashback referral link.

Having problems accessing the site?

For iPad users – it is possible that you may have had messages saying “Safari cannot open the page because too many redirects occurred”.

This was caused by a conflict between the old and new sites and some diverts that were put in place.  You can stop this by either removing all of the cookies relating to WordPress and Head for Points on your device or, more easily, cleaning up your cache.  This can be done in Settings, Safari and then Clear Cookies & Data.  It will solve the problem, permanently, although it will also wipe some (not all) stored passwords on your device.

For PC users:  this occurs when your PC or router is not bothering to look up the DNS (location) of the site but is relying on the data it used last time. Unfortunately, that data sends your PC off to the old site, which diverts you to the new one, except that your PC then immediately diverts you back!

There are a number of solutions.The first and easiest is to turn off your router and turn it on again. If your router stores DNS information, this is likely to be the cause.  I helped someone with a case of this a few days ago.

As I said above, if you’ve got any comments on the new look, please let me know.

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  • James67 says:

    It all ‘feels’ good to me, have experienced no problems at all. I like it, thx Raffles.

  • Hayden says:

    I read other blogs when I read yours, and yours involves much more clicking than others. I would much prefer not having to click the story to read it, and instead just be able to scroll down on the home page with each story in full (particularly since some are short). I gather your readers visit you daily, and since you post 3-5 stories a day it wouldn’t look particularly cluttered if all stories were fully on the home page. My 2 cents.

    • Rob says:

      This is a fair point, and one I have thought about. If there was 1 post per day, I would probably have that post in full and the rest as headlines. However, with 3 posts per day at the moment it isn’t as practical.

      The 2nd reason I like having 12 headlines showing is that it gives people who come via Google (which is now a big number – the number of regular readers each day is probably equal to the number who come for the first time via Google) a balanced view of what the blog is about. If every post was about Avios it wouldn’t matter as much, but some days there are no Avios posts. Or there may be 2/3 posts relating to Tesco! Being able to see 12 stories on the front page gives a fairer view of what the site is about.

      (PS. It is not about ad revenue! The ads are not paid by the number of views, so there is no incentive to make people flick through the pages!)

      • James67 says:

        Research has shown that most people are satisfied with a website if they can see what they want with three clicks or less. HFP generally meets this goal. We can see a good number of posts at a glance enabling us to quickly determine what is of interest. One click gets us to the full entry where a scond click usually takes us to a promotion, news or whatever on an external page wherupon it is no longer a HFP issue. So two clicks gets us what we want to see on HFP; very good in my view. It is true that you often provide links to earlier posts requiring further clicking. When I was new here I found this helpful as I’m sure others do too. I think most of us are regular followes though and rarely use these links to earlier posts unless we wish to refresh our memory or see something we may have missed. On the whole I think they are useful and should stay in; it is the readers choice whether they want to click or not.

  • Andy Lea (@andyandy) says:

    Seems fine to me Raffles – easy to find items – I especially like the Categories section. I did not dislike the former site, but as you mentioned I cannot remember many details now – except the yellow which I found rather attractive – much to my surprise as I know for websites – “blue is the colour”

    My personal preference was for an “ad free” site although I fully understand why you have changed this aspect – the changing nature of the ads can be distracting for me as I try to tune them out of my vision.

    Keep up the good work – the above are minor niggles only. Give me content over format any day! None of this style over substance nonsense!


    Off topic I know but any news on the Tesco aluminium can recyclying for Avios – I was not able to find reference to it on the Tesco sites.?

  • whiskerxx says:

    The only thing I don’t particulary like is the font style of the topic headings

    e.g. “The new look, one week on. Thoughts? Problems?”

    Whilst large enough, I dont find it particularly easy on the eye

  • Richard says:

    This is a fantastic site, Raffles. Have you considered introducing a forum? I think it would provide an more engaging user experience. It would also generate additional traffic and ad/affiliate revenue opportunities for you.

    • Rob says:

      It is an option going forward. The issue is whether the admin and management issues surrounding a forum outweigh the ad revenue. If I can arrange an advertising deal with an agency which focusses on travel and leisure ads, it may be viable. However, I don’t think it would work on the back of Google AdSense ads because they do not pay hugely well.

  • Jamjaw says:

    Hi Raffles,

    There seems to be an email issue… I only got one email this am, but know there have been more than that. Could be my email server bouncing them, but that never happened on the old site!

    • Rob says:

      I got all 3 emails, so I think the others got bounced somewhere.

      • Jamjaw says:

        Ok – could you remove my email and will add another to stop them getting bounced! (If you can see my email that is!)

        • Rob says:

          Leave it another day. There was a video ad which ran in the Amex post today, as an experiment, which was probably what caused the spam problem. It won’t be repeated tomorrow.

          (And, separate point, I can’t actually edit the email list! WordPress has control of the list. You need to use the settings at the bottom of the last email you received.)

This article is closed to new comments. Feel free to ask your question in the HfP forums.

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