Have you been asked to join the 'Avios Advisory Hub'?

A few weeks, Avios sent a few people the following email, inviting them to join a special private community to discuss the future of Avios points:

Advisory hub

Needless to say, I didn’t get one.  (Although I am happy to send the guys in Crawley my daily consultancy rates if they want a chat!)

But did you?  And if you did, what is the discussion like?

We’d be keen to know ….

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  1. John smith says:

    For those that have signed up and dont realise, the NDA you agreed to at signup prohibits any such disclosure, either openly or privately.

  2. mickey mouse says:

    just give a fake name and email address and who will know

  3. John smith says:

    Nice set of morals there

  4. Phil says:

    I got the invite but didn’t get accepted

  5. Well the talk so far has been about making Avios ‘more British’ and less European to reflect current trends. So instead of Avios we could have Air Pennies (and Air Pesetas for Iberia Plus). Also about switching airlines to either Easyjet or Ryanair in return for a double conversion rate from Avios to Air Pennies. However, Luggage, food and drinks would all be extra Pennies. There is also a proposal to convert the BA and Iberia lounges in to queuing areas for members only.

  6. Colin MacKinnon says:


    My group had a different take.

    The concern was that once Scotland votes for independence, there will no longer be a Britain (certainly not a UNITED Kingdom)

    So one thought was to rename BA as AA (Avios Airways) to link it even closer to the scheme – and the same could happen to Iberia. Removes those nasty national nuances. Spain is also going through a break-up process with the Catalans and Basques.

    It would also help with AA code shares etc across the Atlantic.

    • Mike says:

      (Great) Britain is an island, which won’t cease existing. There’s no reason why BA could not operate in two countries, like SAS.

      • Alan says:

        Getting off topic, but I’d also point out that based on polls to date it’s probably more likely that Scotland votes no rather than yes to independence!

      • If only the Romans had been into water transport instead of walls, we could have had Hadrian’s canal and Scotland would have been an island.

  7. AAH member says:

    On a more serious note, I am part of the AAH. I’m not going to disclose any of the details, due to the NDA as mentioned previously, but in general terms, nothing really revolutionary or exciting has really been discussed so far. We have been asked for our opinion on the scheme, and the type of responses received have not been any different to the opinions voiced on FT (or on here for that matter). We haven’t been informed of any planned or possible changes to date.

    I have however realised that in my 12 months in the scheme so far, I have learned a lot from FT and this site. I have been sharing some of that information (and yes, I have plugged headforpoints!) with the other users. It has made me aware of the fact that most Avios collectors really don’t seem to know that much about the scheme and how to get the best from it.

  8. AAH member says:

    PS but we do get 750 Avios a month if we are in the top 100 posters (easy). The first month it was a £5 Amazon voucher, but many people were unhappy with this arrangement!

  9. That’s odd. I was told that if I came up with any bright ideas I would be made chief executive. I didn’t really fancy that, Too much water under the bridge.

    Now, I am resigned to luxury travel. I long for the days of Dan Air and British European Airways.