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2,000 Avios for £8.74 – another Head for Points deal !

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2,000 Avios for £8.74 is not a bad deal!  And you don’t even need to leave the house for this one (should you be sick of visiting Tesco stores trying to find 3V cards ….).

You can even get something potentially more valuable for your £8.74, like a £20 Waitrose voucher.

Let me explain the deal

Mighty Deals is a daily deals site run by  Money Expert is a price comparison website which owns Simply Switch amongst other things.

Until Monday, they are promoting this offer:

Shell promotion

The headline is misleading.

It looks like you are paying £10 for a £20 Shell fuel voucher.  However, when you read the small print, you are not.  You are paying £10 for a Shell Drivers Club membership card which comes pre-loaded with 4,000 points.

Now, you can – if you want – redeem those 4,000 Shell Drivers Club points for a £20 fuel voucher.  However, you can also redeem them for:

2,000 Avios points

£20 Waitrose voucher (note: Waitrose only, not John Lewis)

£20 to exchange for gift cards at your local Shell garage

How do I order?

Mighty Deals is available on Quidco (10%) and TopCashback (15%).  I used TopCashBack and it tracked at £1.26 (15% of the ex-VAT price) so your net cost is (£10 – £1.26 =) £8.74.  Remember that you can now transfer TopCashback money to Tesco Clubcard, so that £1.26 gets you 126 Clubcard points which gets you an extra 300 Avios.

(If you are not a TopCashback member, this link allows you to sign up under me for their ‘refer a friend’ promotion, for which I am grateful).

You will need to create an account at Mighty Deals before you can order.  They accept Visa or MasterCard but not Amex or PayPal.

Once you order, you receive an email saying that you will receive your Shell Drivers Club card in the next 10 days.

Once you have registered your Shell Drivers Club card and set your earnings preference to Avios, your 4,000 points should transfer across at the end of the next quarter, which is 30th June.

If you select the Waitrose vouchers instead, you will also have to wait until 30th June for those to be issued.

What if I already have a Shell Drivers Club card?

I don’t know, to be honest.  Frankly, the Shell Drivers Club website is antiquated and is unlikely to spot or block duplicate accounts.  I have gone ahead and ordered with no worries.

The deadline for ordering this deal is Bank Holiday Monday.

PS.  Mighty Deals has, looking online, had issues in the past because it sold deals offered by merchants who were ‘dubious’.  You should bear this in mind, but also remember that Money Expert (the parent) is a respectable business.  Shell is also clearly a respectable partner.   Bearing this in mind, I still feel happy to promote this deal.

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Comments (79)

  • Michael says:

    As per the above I’m hoping its transferring them to my main account but not sure why its not instantaneous

    31/05/2013 Point transfer – -4000
    30/05/2013 Central points – 50
    29/05/2013 Central points – 4000

  • simon85 says:

    My balance now shows 4113 points. So they will transfer your points in to an existing account, just not instantaneously.

  • Sinizter says:

    Is there still a problem with registering the card to an existing Shell Clubsmart email address or has that been sorted now ?

    Me + rest of household received the cards today, but I have not registered any yet.

    • Rob says:

      Mine has sorted itself out. They will merge your 2 accounts automatically, neither will show the 4000 points when you can first access them and then 48 hours later they will turn up.

      Actually you get 4050 points. So, if doing Waitrose, switch back to Avios in July and those 50 points will go to Avios in October.

      • Sinizter says:

        Thanks. That’s a relief. I’ll register the cards one by one over the next week or so.

  • thesaver79 says:

    Do you know if you can transfer points to another card that is under somebody else’s name?

    Alternatively, can I specify a BA Executive club number that is not under the same name of the shell driversclub’s cardholder name?

    • Rob says:

      You can register the Shell card under anyones name, so if you want to send the Avios to someone else then register it in their name in the first place.

      No idea if you can send the Avios to a different name to the one registered on the Shell account.