Activating your Mighty Deals / Shell Drivers Club card

Anyone who ordered a Shell Drivers Club via the Mighty Deals promotion a couple of weeks ago should now have received it.

The registration process in unfortunately a little painful, so let me try to summarise what will happen (or at least what happened to me).

If you already have a Shell Drivers Club account:

Shell will find it if either the address or email match.  They will automatically merge your accounts after you register the new one.

Within 24 hours of registering, if you log in to the site you will see both accounts merged.  The same points total will be visible whichever account number you use.

The 4,000 points will not be visible, though.

However, within 48 hours, the 4,000 points WILL appear.

If you do not already have a Shell Drivers Club account:

Your life should be easier!

Register and wait for your registration to be confirmed.  You can the log in and see the full site.

Your 4,000 points may or may not be immediately visible.  If not, they will appear within 48 hours.

What reward option should you select?

This is not as simple as it could be, because Shell gives you an extra 50 bonus points for registering your card.  Your balance will therefore be 4,050 points, not 4,000.

The logical options to choose from are:

2,020 Avios points, or

£20 Shell fuel voucher, or

£20 Waitrose voucher

Personally, I have gone for the Waitrose voucher.  1p per Avios is a bit toppy for me because I have a lot of them.  You may value an Avios point differently.

You will notice that I put ‘2,020 Avios points’ above.  That is because your full balance is converted in multiples of 20, so Shell will send over 4,040 points which gets you 2,020 Avios.  You will have 10 points remaining.

If you take the Waitrose or Shell vouchers, you will have a balance of 50 points.  You can still turn this into Avios!

Once your next statement has been generated (after 30th June) and your balance reduced to 50 points, change your earnings preference to Avios.  There is no minimum conversion level for Avios, so 40 of your 50 points will be turned into Avios at the next statement date, which will be 30th September.

Remember that Shell only issues vouchers or Avios quarterly, and the next cut-off date is not until 30th June.  You will not therefore receive your Avios points or your Shell or Waitrose vouchers until July.

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  1. Nick. says:

    I has not arrived yet. I thought on the confirmation email it said you’ll receive it by 10th June.

  2. Now here’s a question. I got two of the drivers cards through mighty deals, registered both and seems that shell didn’t mind as they had already merged the accounts when I first signed in. I have a total of 8100 points showing.

    However, as you pointed out, when you have merged accounts you can use either number to sign in. When I registered the cards I set one for Avios and one for BAEC (to try and avoid shell spotting the duplicate) and now, depending on which I log in with, the are still different but with both numbers showing the 8100 points.. Should I switch one so that both accounts are set to the same redemption option?

  3. I’ve registered the card and my accounts haven’t been merged. I’ve used same details for both. it’s been five days. I guess they haven’t merged all the accounts yet.

    But I have another problem, my partner also ordered a card, but he is unable to register it. When entering details, it says the card has already been registered. He’s emailed Shell, but no reply yet.

  4. Simon says:

    I signed up and choose Waitrose Vouchers as my reward. Will they be sent to be automatically in July or do I need to take an explicit action to redeem the points?

    • Will come automatically. You then need to log in once they’ve arrived and change to Avios to get your 20 Avios points in October.

  5. Although you’re right in saying converting the 4000 Shell points to 2000 Avios is 1p per Avios since you can also get £20 in Shell or Waitrose vouchers, in reality, its 0.5p per Avios since the 4000 Shell points only cost £10 from MightyDeals in the first place.

    • No it’s not!

      What you paid originally is irrelevant! The deal on the table is that I can have 2000 Avios or £20. If I don’t think I will get a fair bit more than £20 of value from them (illiquid asset, time value of money etc) I should take the vouchers.

      The £8.74 is a sunk cost and has nothing to do with the implied value, unless you live nowhere near a Shell or Waitrose.

      • In that case, then you are right.

        I have a Waitrose literally 60 seconds from my front door where I probably spend £5,000 a year, so the voucher is as good as cash to me – hence the 1p valuation on the Avios.

        I am running a similar post on Clubcard vouchers next week, looking at other options which may or may not be better redemption options than Avios. All comes down to similar arguments.

        • richie says:

          when i started reading this post i knew someone would come with the argument that its 0,5p per avios . and i do agree that yes this is correct for the odd person who doesn’t buy fuel or live near a waitrose , however the majority of the population need to eat and buy fuel. so therefore for 80-90% of us the cost is 1p per avios.
          Raffles i am interested in this future post you talk of as i have over £700 of club card points from this last quarter. i did have a few more however i used a few restaurant vouchers and £100 in goldsmiths(4x and 3x respectively) . Iv looked at a few options including royal Caribbean, bridge the world, cosmos. and for travel the best value for me still looks like business class redemption’s through avios.
          royal Caribbean redemption is also a good option (cruise only- using ex club for flights) however the other holiday company’s only take full brochure price when using Tesco- which make the deal loose appeal somewhat.

        • That is roughly the conclusion I reached, although I hope to get input from readers too. The post should run in the next few days, probably next Monday. (It is not time sensitive, so it will run on a ‘no news’ day!)

  6. Grandmaster says:

    So my question is, assuming price-parity, now I have this card, should I buy my petrol at Shell or Tesco?

    • Shell is 0.5 avios per litre unless you go for v-power fuel. Tesco offers 1.2 avios per £1 spend, unless you have a Tesco credit card when it is doubled (even if you don’t actually use it to pay).

      So unless you use higher grade fuel and don’t have a Tesco CC, Tesco is the better deal everything else being equal (and ignoring any offers). Tesco also offers more alternative uses for CC points and you can bank points waiting for the next conversion deal (up to 2 years before the vouchers expire).

      • Thinking about it…. Tesco is the better option anyway – even buying premium fuel only gets you 1 avios/litre at Shell as opposed to 1.2 avios/£1 (probably 1.7-1.8 avios/litre) at Tesco, and that’s assuming you don’t have a Tesco credit card.

        The only case where the Shell loyalty scheme is better is if you’re looking for an as-good-as cash return, and would use the Shell points for fuel or regular Waitrose spend. Even then you may do better with some of the Tesco reward deals, though not by using them against your normal Tesco shopping (unless getting double points on fuel with a Tesco credit card).

      • Nick. says:

        Hi. How do you get double cc points without using a Tesco credit card for fuel? Do you swipe the credit card and pay in a different way? i.e Amex (meaning more points)

        • Exactly that. Present your Tesco credit card as the Clubcard and then your Amex card for payment. If your in the first year of membership on a Gold Rewards card that gets you the equivalent of 5.4 Avios/£1 spend in total. If paying at the pump it will ask you if you want to pay on the Tesco card. Just respond no to pay on another card.

  7. MrTee says:

    Does anybody know if the Waitrose Vouchers are ‘named’? Do they come in the form of ‘Shell Vouchers for Mr **** **** or are they basic John Lewis Gift Vouchers?

    I personally buy Shell’s Premium fuel every time. It gives double points which is useful for Avios and does increase my motorbikes ‘mpg’ by about 3 – 4 between each fill up – unlike the Tesco Premium stuff which actually decreases it!!

    • MrTee says:

      and if they are Waitrose Vouchers – can I use them to buy John Lewis Gift Vouchers?

    • Don’t know, but even if they were named it wouldn’t make much difference. You could always pay the balance in cash if you were worried about the credit card name not matching.

      The John Lewis thing is something I had considered. Normally, John Lewis and Waitrose gift vouchers are the same thing and can be used interchangeably. Because Shell specifically calls them Waitrose vouchers, I have assumed in my posts that they are special vouchers and not the standard JL / Waitrose gift vouchers. But I could be wrong.

      • SteveORStephenHeHe says:

        As an employee of Waitrose, I can confirm if you receive a ‘Waitrose Voucher from Shell” you can elect to buy a standard John Lewis Gift Voucher with it.

        (That is if your voucher is a standard Valassis voucher – not from the new MyWaitrose print at home voucher company)


        • So you are saying that you can use the voucher in a Waitrose to buy a normal W/JL voucher, but that you can’t use the voucher directly in a JL? There is a key difference if you have a JL near you but no Waitrose!

  8. SteveORStephenHeHe says:

    In our training we are told any form of payment is acceptable for technically anything such as;
    i) Credit Card for Gift Vouchers
    ii) Gift Vouchers for Gift Vouchers

    • In theory, don’t JL have a policy of offering change in cash when buying something with a gift voucher that isn’t to the full value of the voucher?

      In practice it can be a bit hit and miss, but if they refuse and you make a fuss they usually back down.

      • Yes, up to £20 I believe. This is not necessarily true of the Shell vouchers, though, which may not be standard JL / Waitrose vouchers.

        • But if you can buy a standard voucher with the shell voucher you could 🙂

          Not that I’m suggesting it’s worth going to that much trouble to turn your £10 cash into (almost) £20 cash…. personally I’m taking the Avios as to me they are worth ‘spending’ 1p each on.

        • SteveORStephenHeHe says:

          Well I had a customer buy £500 worth of gift vouchers in 10x£50 denominations – he then bought a bag for life with each gift voucher and we gave him £49.90 change (Cash) each time. As a supervisor I stopped him after the fifth go but there was nothing to stop him going to another Waitrose, OR John Lewis down the road… It cost him £1 which was alot less than a cash withdrawal!

          I looked through the rule book and it turns out Shell Vouchers are a valid form of payment and you can use it (only in a Waitrose) to buy John Lewis Vouchers!

          (You can also use Sterling Travellers Cheques until Jan2014!)

        • Steve,
          (You can also use Sterling Travellers Cheques until Jan2014!)

          Seems like a valid Manufactured spend.
          i.e. one can buy Travellers Cheques with Amex and then use these at Waitrose to buy Giftcards to be used like the guy in the above example?

  9. Sweet!
    All 6 Shell cards registered now and a total of 24,300 points balance is displayed.
    So for a £60 spend, should I get £120 in petrol vouchers or 12,120 Avios?

    • Richie says:

      Depends on what you want to do.. For example if you plan to fly to Brussles tomorrow that would cost you 9000 avios plus 30pounds -when the cash price is nearer 300. So obviously that’s a great deal. Totally depends on you own situation

      • Thx Richie.

        Apparently, you get another 50 points, when you select the “Modify your chosen reward” option.

        From the Shell website:
        “Select your Shell Drivers’ Club reward by ticking the appropriate box below and you’ll receive 50 bonus points.”

    • Cliff says:

      Max, did you use a different email for each of your registrations? I did 5 of these, have only activated 2 so far using the same email address to see what happens, and same home address but just a slightly different way of writing my name. When I sign in to each account it shows 4050 in both, so are they not supposed to merge by now, its been just over a week since I did this.

  10. At this point, we the point now safely in my Shell account I can only wish I had bought more cards!!! I ‘just’ got two cards and registered one in my name, and one for my wife but both got merged into my previous Shell card account, I wonder just how many cards some users bought!

  11. Not specific to this deal (and hardly an earth-shattering number of Avios we’re talking about here given the rubbish accrual rate!) but does anyone know how long it takes from receiving your email from Shell entitled “Congratulations! Celebrate with the Avios you’ve earned” and them actually showin up in your account? It’s been nine days now and still no sign of them. My previous 50 Avios sign-up bonus came through OK a few months back, although they put it into a new a/c and needed to merge them (why they don’t just ask for your existing a/c number I don’t know!). Ta.

  12. Steve says:
  13. OttoMH says:

    Wonderful to stumble across your site, Raffles!

    Currently collect Shell Points but I was wondering if anyone has actually done an analysis of the most ‘points efficient’ fuel provider and CC combo?

    Shell is 20 points / 10 Avios so approximately £15 for 10 avios (V-Power) + 30 avois CC bonus (2.67 avios per £1)
    Tesco is 1 point per £1 (M99) so 2.4 avois / £1 plus CC bonus (4.4 avios per £1)

    Any more efficient ways?