2,500 Membership Rewards points when you spend £250 at Amex Travel

An interesting promotion has popped up on the American Express Travel website, for anyone who has an Amex card enrolled in the Membership Rewards programme.

Amex is offering 2,500 Membership Rewards points (worth 2,500 Avios amongst other things) if you spend £250 on flights, hotels (pre-paid) or car hire before 1st August.

The Amex travel home page is here – you should see the ad for this promotion on this page.

Amex Travel promotion

I am not sure if booking hotels via Amex Travel counts as a third-party booking or not and therefore takes away your chance of earning hotel points, stay credit and elite benefits.  It probably doesn’t, since Amex is not a rooms wholesaler like Expedia.  However, you may want to be careful here.

The best thing to book is probably a flight, since it will have no impact on the miles you will earn.

This is effectively a 10% rebate if you value Avios points at 1p and spend close to £250, so it is worth seeing if you can find a way to use it.

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  1. Tim_t says:

    I booked a holiday inn stay under the previous Amex promo and I did not get points or stay credit.

  2. Phillip says:

    Am I reading the T&Cs correctly, that for the first £250 you only get the bonus MRs (no base points) and that spend over and above that only gets 1 MR point for every £1 even though it’s booking travel?

    • I wasn’t sure about that either! I think they may be trying to say that, but then you wouldn’t technically be getting 2,500 bonus points, only 2,250!

  3. Sean Brennan says:

    Lovely! I have to hire a car for 10 days. That should do it!

  4. Thomas says:

    Looking at the small print, it says “…you will also receive 2,500 Membership Reward points when you spend a minimum of £250 on your Card on eligible prepay flights, hotels, car hire and experiences at travel.americanexpress.co.uk on your first booking” – does this mean the “first booking” must be a single booking of £250 or over?

    Just want to make sure the “first” booking in that case is one over £250.

    Unrelated to this – my Marco Polo card expired last month and I did not get a new one automatically. I contacted AMEX and they very quickly came back and informed me they had agreed to extend for another year, and I got my new card about a week later. So if anyone is in the same situation it looks like they dont do automatic renewals but worth contacting them (via the AMEX website).


  5. Paul C says:

    Earlier this year I booked the Westin Boston Waterfront through Amex travel website, their rate was less than half the best SPG web rate, and it did earn Starwood SPG points and counted as a night’s stay in the scheme.
    Interested to know if the same applies to Hilton bookings.

  6. Paul C says:

    Reading the Ts&Cs, does ‘first booking’ mean first booking within the promotion period, ie: you can’t get multiple 2,500 bonuses through this promotion; or does it mean ‘first booking’ ever and so those who have used the service before would not earn the bonus at all?

  7. I’ve never booked through the Amex Travel Portal before but I note that there is also an additional 1 MR point/£1 spend. Does this mean that if paying via the Amex Gold, you would get a total of 3 x MR points (3 Avios) for each pound spent plus the additional 2,500 MR points bonus (Amex Gold has double points on travel spend already)? If so then that’s really not a bad deal.

    I assume the 1 x extra MR point is a long standing thing?

    • Logically, yes, I’d say you should ….

      • Simon says:

        Not sure if it’s isolated to my account but my AMEX Gold has stopped giving me bonus points on travel spend recently, Hotels.com and Easyjet which were giving me the bonus are no longer.

        I cancelled a Hotels.com booking I made a few months ago which did give me the travel bonus and they didn’t take back the travel bonus points that were awarded for the refund so I’ve only missed out on a few points.

        The Hotels.com bookings are still give me an outbound spend bonus that combined with the low number of points means I haven’t followed this up with customer services, I’m not sure if AMEX are aware some sterling transactions give an outbound spend bonus depending on where the retailer is based.

  8. Louie says:

    Do we know which airlines Amex can book?

    • Any legacy carrier, plus budget carriers who pay to be in the ‘distribution systems’ eg easyJet should be there.

      • Louie says:

        I’m thinking of a trip to Dalaman later in the year, so have the choice of Easyjet, Thomas Cook, Monarch or Thomson (lovely!). Nothing came up when I did a search on Amex’ website. I’ll ring before booking if the trip is confirmed.

  9. I just booked a BA flight (economy) through Amex travel to get this promotion. I tried to upgrade it on the BA website to plus, but it said that only the agent can do it (even though the website says that I can upgrade agent booked travel). The flight was the same price as on the BA website. Am I stuck with the class I bought?

    • If you are trying to upgrade using Avios, you can only do it from Economy if you have bought a fully flexible fare. If you want to be offered a cheap cash upgrade, then you might have locked yourself out – my wife never gets offered these on all of her corporate agent-booked tickets.

      • I rang amex and they could upgrade me for cash – it cost a bit more (~10%) than it would have to book through BA directly (including amex’s £20 ‘change fee’).