‘The Duel by Iberia Plus’ – can you really earn 15,000 Avios?

I posted last week about a new Iberia promotion that allowed you to earn a whopping 15 Avios points (!). There was a reason for this, though, as earning 15 points would ‘activate’ your Iberia Plus account. This means you can transfer Avios to/from British Airways and so book Iberia redemptions at the lower levels of taxes charged by Iberia Plus.

The full English version of this promotion has now been launched – ‘The Duel by Iberia Plus’. See here for full details.

Iberia promotion

Basically, the more Iberia Plus partners you use between now and the end of July, the more bonus Avios you will earn:

150 Avios when you use your card with 4 Partners
750 Avios when you use your card with 5 Partners
1,500 Avios when you use your card with 6 Partners
6,750 Avios when you use your card with 7 Partners
9,000 Avios when you use your card with 8 or 9 Partners
15,000 Avios when you use your card with 10 or more Partners

You have probably already noticed the flaw in this promotion. It is very, very unrewarding unless you can reach at least 7 (different) partners!

What partners are there?

Well, there are 26 hotel chains and car rental companies on the list. A lot of these are local Spanish groups, though. And, of course, you may be losing out in the first place by crediting hotel stays and car rentals to Iberia rather than taking points in the relevant scheme.

(It seems that you can get an easy credit from Melia by buying 1,000 Melia points for €8 and transferring them into 15 Avios!)

Of the Financial partners, only an Amex Membership Rewards transfer is possible for a UK resident.

Of the Shopping partners, only making a purchase at Bicester Village will earn you Avios.

None of the Leisure and Health & Care partners are any use here. There may be a way of buying a cinema ticket online and earning a nominal sum of Avios for it, but again you are spending money which devalues your eventual bonus.

Of the ‘Other’ partners, Sheffield Centre offers 50 Avios if you order their language courses brochure – but its not clear if they will post it abroad.

I can only see this working well if you are doing a large amount of business travel, in Spain probably, and can reach the required number of partners primarily via hotel stays. For the rest of us, I don’t think it is worth the trouble.

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  1. Gabbai says:

    Forget the 15,000 Avios for a moment. I am more interested in 15 as I have hundreds of thousands of Avios and I would like to add the ability to use them on Iberia if that ever works out best. I logged in to this competition site five times [over five days] and issued a Facebook challenge. So far I haven’t see any points. How long will it take before they show up?

  2. I did this the first time and registered with the site. They are supposed to email you an IB Plus no. but I never received one so I can’t log into the site to get my avios anyway!

    • You should receive your card in the post shortly if you didn’t get your number ( I forgot if they sent me an email or not )

      • Thanks John, will check when I return from abroad. And I will also chase up the avios I’m still missing from the last Tesco Clubcard conversion!

  3. bobmcbob says:

    On the final page when you put the your IB number in, the send button does not seem to work. Anyone actually got the 15 points from this yet?

    • Nope, did it on day 1 and still nothing. I haven’t dug down into the T&Cs to see if it says when they should come as I can’t speak Spanish!

  4. Followed the instructions and submitted the IB+ number on both the Spanish and English version….but still no Avios credited.

    • Craig says:

      It will take months for these Avios to post, both the bonus miles and the Facebook miles.

      Last year the thing ran in April and May and the bonus miles arrived in August.

  5. Lady London says:

    I can confirm that Sheffield Language Centre didn’t post the points to at least one UK member on their last promotion through Iberia signalled through HfP. What they did remember to do, however, was to send their promotional email to the member’s email address.

    • Craig says:

      LOL. Considering the company primarily sends Spanish kids to England in the summer for English lessons I can see why they wouldn’t post points for English addresses.

      I would just go on Google and find something like a PO Box provider in Spain and (without actually opening an account) just use that address. I’m sure the brochure will go in the bin.

  6. RogerWilco says:

    7×15 Avios just posted

  7. Gabbai says:

    I emailed Iberia Plus and asked when I would get my points and the reply was “In accordance with the information you have supplied,we inform you that the promotion you mentioned will be charged when the promotion ends.” Has anyone seen how long the promotion is due to last?

  8. Daniel says:

    For information: I joined Iberia Plus on 10/6/13, and followed the instructions for the promotion as per the instructions on this site (very nice blog BTW) the same day.

    I had checked on 20/6/13 and still “nil point” – today I checked, and the lovely 15 avios are showing on the account.

    The points have a credited date of 13/6/13 – so 3 days after I did the actual promotion – then seems to take somewhere between 10-17 days to show up on your account.

    Will now do this for my other family members so that we are prepared, should the need arise to transfer to avios. Thanks again for the tip.

  9. oliver says:

    So I’ve been doing this everyday and 5 x 15 points posted at once. so I guess you get them in lumps when they feel like crediting them