Generous Mercure promotion – 40% off + £40 voucher or 2,300 bonus Avios

Mercure, one of the Le Club Accorhotels brands, is celebrating its 40th birthday this year.

As part of this promotion, they are offering discounts of up to 40% PLUS either a £40 Accor voucher or 2,300 bonus Avios when you stay with them this Summer.

Mercure promo

Here is how it works:

You need to book at a participating Mercure hotel between 22nd June and 18th August, for stays from 12th July to 8th September

There is no promotional code for Mercure – this special package will show automatically when you try to book if it is available

You will earn 2,300 Le Club Accorhotels bonus points for a stay in the UK and 2,000 Le Club Accorhotels bonus points for a stay elsewhere

You will need to be a Le Club Accorhotels member first. There is often a promotion going on which enable you to join immediately at the elite Platinum level – this Flyertalk thread will tell you if there is one at present.

You have two choices as to how you take the bonus.

The 2,300 bonus points from a UK stay gets you a £40 voucher towards a future stay at any Accor Group property, including Novotel, Sofitel etc. The 2,000 bonus points from a European stay gets you a €40 voucher.

If you prefer to take Avios or other airline miles, you should set up your account to automatically send your points to your airline account. If you don’t do this you will be in trouble, because the minimum transfer if you do NOT have automatic transfer is 4,000 points and you won’t get to 4,000 points on one stay unless it is an expensive one.

You should set up your Accor account to transfer to Iberia Plus and NOT to British Airways!

The conversion rate from Accor to Iberia Plus Avios is 1:1. Your 2,300 bonus points will therefore get you 2,300 Avios points, plus the base points you would earn from the stay anyway.

(The conversion rate to BA Avios is, oddly, 2:1 – see here. This means you would only get 1,150 Avios as a bonus. So, send them to Iberia Plus and then use ‘Combine My Avios’ to move them across.)

You will probably pay around £80 for a UK Mercure property outside London at the weekend, so a £40 rebate (if you take the voucher) is not a bad deal – and neither is 2,300 bonus Avios.

(To see our complete list of all current hotel promotions for the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Simon says:

    Interesting. So where is the absolute cheapest Mercure property located?
    Some of the rates aren’t that great, compared to other sales. For example, Warwick is £55.30 on the 30-day advance rate, £81 on the ‘40%’ off rate.

    • sandgrounder says:

      I’ve seen one in Bolton for £42 in this promo. Free night in Bolton anyone? Anyone?

      • trickster says:

        Might be useful for the Cbeebies Mr Bloom event for anyone with young children (if available that weekend)!

    • sandgrounder says:

      I’ve seen one in Bolton for £42 in this promo. Free night in Bolton anyone? Anyone? :—)

    • Jamie says:

      I need to be inbolton one night this summer. Might try and take advantage of this deal

  2. Brian says:

    Hi Raffles,

    Is the title of your post correct, or shouldn’t that be ‘2,300 bonus Accor points’??

  3. Brian says:

    Oh, sorry – didn’t read as far as the bit about Iberia – I just saw your first bit mentioning the 1,150 Avios…

  4. David says:

    There seems to be a BA Avios triple point offer from Accor, which I only noticed yesterday from an FT posting.

    For the summer period this would seem to make auto converting to BA 50% more attractive than IB.

  5. Volker says:

    NOTHING beats this fantastic blog.

  6. Ignore Bolton and head a few miles away to Wigan. That is £38.50 for a night on this promo at the Mercure Wigan Oak.

  7. Blenz101 says:

    Are you sure that just by selecting autoconvert you can get the Avios, my account has often ended up with rogue points when I don’t have a lot of stays planned.

    In my account the wording under autoconvert says

    “Option 2: I would like to convert my Le Club Accorhotels points systematically into points for other loyalty programs
    * Points will be transferred automatically to the selected partner as soon as my account has the required number of points
    * My points will be credited to my partner account within 6 weeks following the transfer
    * I cannot receive other Le Club Accorhotels rewards”

    This reads to me as though you may still need to hit the 4k points before a conversion is triggered?

  8. Nick Burch says:

    The Mercure Letchworth Hall is quite easy to get to from London (if coming by train, but a ticket to Hitchin with PlusBus, then it’s a 10 minute walk from the bus stop), and can sometimes have good weekend rates. It has a great Nuffield health centre attached, lots countryside around, just a shame that the hotel experience there is often so poor… (Bad customer service, Le Club Plats given the worst rooms in the hotel etc!)

    • Andrew says:

      Unfortunately doesn’t seem to be offering this rate (looked there, as not far for me)

  9. “You should set up your Accor account to transfer to Iberia Plus and NOT to British Airways!”

    No you shouldn’t, until 30th of September if you’re staying 2 nights or more you’ll get 1:1,5 with BA, which means that you’ll get a bonus of 3450 Avios rather than 2300.

    • sandgrounder says:

      Is the triple points offer combinable with other promotions?

  10. Andrew says:

    Was all ready to stack up a whole series of these, when I noticed in the T&C of my first booking “The bonus points are restricted to one booking per member during the offer period.”

  11. Simon says:

    The Swindon Mercure is £43.20 on the promo – great if you don’t wanna go too far north.

    Does anyone know how long the vouchers are valid for if you want to use the £40 discount?

  12. dlwcmotd says:

    Does anyone have any experience of whether Mercure are any good at honouring your status if you haven’t made your booking direct with them?

    Just looking around to book a room and the best rate I can find, amazingly, for the night I want appears to be through the Amex Platinum Travel Service… .its almost £50 cheaper than the best rate from anyone else. Obviously as an Amex Platinum holder though that means I have Le Club Platinum status and I dont really want to miss out on those benefits, although the £50 saving more than offsets them so its a no brainer really.

    • Not with Mercure, but with Sofitel (still Accor) I gave my Le Club Accorhotels Plat number when checking in for an overnight stay at T5 due to a misconnect (paid for by BA) and I received an upgrade, free drink and points – so certainly well worth a shot!

    • I’ve stayed at two Mercures recently; one in DE did upgrade me but the one in FR said they were not obliged to (which seems to be the case after checking). Seems it’s just Sofitel, Pullmann and maybe some others in the Accor group that give upgrades for Plat card holders.