1,000 Membership Rewards points for adding a Plat supplementary cardholder

American Express emailed me last week to offer 1,000 Membership Rewards points (= 1,000 Avios, amongst other things) for each new supplementary cardholder added to my Platinum charge card account.

Full details and the application link can be found here.

It is not clear if this is a new offer or a continuation of the one they were promoting earlier in the year.  Either way, there is no deadline stated for applying.

Each Platinum cardholder can add up to five supplementary cardholders for free.  One of these will receive a Platinum card and will be eligible for their own Priority Pass, can access Eurostar lounges and can claim their own Club Carlson Gold card and other hotel status cards.  A Platinum supplementary cardholders cannot have their own Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Gold card, however.

The other four supplementary cards will be Gold cards.  These four cards still benefit from the Platinum travel insurance but do not receive any of the other benefits.  (It is possible to make these additional cards into Platinum, but there is a £175 charge.  This is not worth the money.)

Remember that the more supplementary cards you have, the more times you will be able to take advantage of any new generous Amex / Foursquare promotions that come along!

Amex Platinum

Because these are charge cards and not credit cards, Amex undertakes stricter checks when issuing supplementary cards than is usual, so don’t bother trying to get a supplementary card for your dog!  I couldn’t even get one for our nanny last year, as she wasn’t on the electoral register – Amex insisted on receiving copies of her passport and other documents which was simply too much trouble.

Even if you are planning to cancel your Platinum card in the near future, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get it on this deal and earn some extra Membership Rewards points whilst you can!

Bonus points will added within 30 days of the new card being approved.

(To see our complete list of all current credit card bonuses, click here to visit our ‘Credit Cards Update’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Martin says:

    Just a small bit of pedantry – the supplementary cards can optionally be a green Amex card – handy, perhaps, if the person it’s for already has a gold card in their wallet.

  2. Johnny5a says:

    Do they have to live at the same address? I’m thinking of getting one for my mum.

  3. Johnson says:

    Is this not a way for Amex to head off people who may be inclined to cancel their platinum card and then get their spouse to then sign up to take advantage of the big initial sign up bonuses?

    This way- you get 1000 points, but the wife will never be eligible for the big 30k or 50k bonuses??

  4. xcalx says:

    Having the Platinum supplementary card does not stop you from receiving the large sign up bonus. As long as you have not applied for an Amex issued card in the last 6 months.

  5. Schnuzz says:

    Are supplementary card holders entitled to the free night at Melia hotels offer?

  6. gnarlyoldgoatdude says:

    I’ve just revisited the BA Amex supplementary card post on HFP, for which extra cards were meant to yield 500 bonus Avios. My points, coincidentally, for our nanny’s card, never arrived, so I am chasing Amex.
    Any other experiences?

    • jonny says:

      I was offered some points last time I phoned up, if I added a card holder, forget how many and haven’t done it yet. but there is definitely a bonus for BA card holders too.

  7. xcalx says:

    Has anyone been getting 3 points per £1 spend on the Plat . My last 3 transactions have all received 3 points per £1 all were in the Small Shop promo at restaurants

  8. I know I’m posting slightly off topic (again) but does anyone know how often the MR to Avios bonuses generally appear?
    I need to move a pile across/out and have had the Gold Card for a year but not received the offer- I’m signed up to marketing mails but from reading other comments it seems like some people get the offers regularly??

    • Seems to be every 8 months or so. Last one finished in February.

      • Johnny5a says:

        we never seem to be targetted or ever received any emails about these bonuses

        • Are you opted in? Check online. You need to change settings for EVERY Amex you have – opting in for BA Amex email does not get you Plat email by default

        • Johnny5a says:

          just checked under “Marketing Preferences” for my card and Mrs J5a’s cards – we’ve checked Yes to everything

  9. Danksy says:

    It’s a weird coincidence that I searched out the previous link (march?) when they were also giving 1000 avios , and signed up 4 family members !!