Some interior photos from BA’s A380 Frankfurt flights

I have run a few posts recently about the delivery of BA’s first A380 super-jumbo.

The first aircraft is currently flying back and forth between London and Frankfurt most days, although the outbound is generally the hugely impractical 6.20am departure.

Head for Points reader Dan took one of the first A380 flights last week and sent me a few pictures.  Note the brown colour of the Club World seats, as opposed to the traditional blue.

Here are a run of pictures – BA’s welcome letter, the plane, World Traveller, World Traveller Plus (upper deck), Club World (upper deck), First, the staircase to the upper deck and a snazzy panorama of central London.

More photos from early travellers on the A380 are available in this Flyertalk thread.

This Flyertalk thread discusses the potential pros and cons of the new brown Club World seat.  This includes the more robust footstool, the higher % of seats with access to side storage, the automatic lowering of the privacy screens, the lack of overhead lights and the uneven flooring.

A380 letter


A380 plane


A380 WT


A380 WTP


A380 Club


A380 First


A380 staircase


A380 panorama

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  1. Morning Raffles,

    It is the 06:45 hugely impractical departure (from personal experience!)

    • Thanks, have edited. Should have double-checked that.

      • KilburnFlyer says:

        Does this mean the A380 flying back from Frankfurt to Heathrow will be the BA0903 at 11:10am?

        • Yes, that is why the aircraft is timetabled with an almost 2 hour turnaround.

          It is not on the route every day, though, and they only sell the usual short-haul number of seats in case they have to switch.

  2. Really cannot get excited by BA late entry to the A380 party. They have been flying for 6 years now!

    Dissapointingly it is economy that looks like the most improved cabin with upper deck club looking particularly in appealing.

    Not something I will rush to book.

  3. Heard on radio this morning that BA are doing a special A380 flight from EDI today for their frequent flyers, going on a tour round Scotland – anyone want to give up their ticket?!

  4. Just looks like any other cabin interior from these pics…

    • I never said they’d made a special effort with the A380!

      • Aye…was just being critical of BA…not you.

        • I think, realistically, they had little choice. If they were replacing all the 747 and 777 aircraft with one new type, it would have made sense. As it is, the fleet will be a mix of A380, 787, 777 and 747 for at least the next 10 years so they need to have the ability to switch products around.

        • James67 says:

          Apart from the quietness of the aircraft the only other plus I see woth BA a380 is the uniformity of seats across the fleet. So at least no grumbles of disappointment on that front if planes go tech or rostering is changed. Still, I think I would have been happy to run the risk of a few grumbles to try something new and market-leading from BA. They used to lead at one time, now they just give the impression of tagging along behind.

  5. Colin A-B says:

    Anyone heard where & when the 787 is doing its trial flights before going into full service?

    • James67 says:

      I live in dread of accidently stepping aboard it in GLA one day soon. The common denominator in most of its troubles seem to me to be its electrics. I would feel much happier if it were grounded again until a full assessment of both its electric wiring components and construction are assessed. I get the feeling 200 people are going to have to die first before the issues are seriously addressed. I know I may well be overeacting but I am just following my feeling and at the moment I do not want to fly this aircraft.

      • richie says:

        do you realy beleve that this aircraft is unsafe? do you think the caa would let it fly if it was dangerous..
        ps im not being critical. just asking?

        • James67 says:

          The 787 is currently flying many hours every day and in the vast majority of flights without reported incident. Therefore I have no reason to believe it is not fundamentally sound and safe. Afterall, it did pass certification processes that are undeniably rigorous despite rumblings of discontent in some quarters as to the relationship between Boeing and the FAA in particular having become too cozy..The issue I have with it is that the number of reported incidents is sufficiently high to make me personally feel uncomfortable to fly it at this time,. Particularly because the majority of the incidents seem to be related to electrical wiring in one way or another, and electrical problems and fires are not a good feature on an aircraft. It seems to me to be most likely just good fortune that the more serious incidents have occured when the aircraft were on the ground rather than in the air.. It is entirely possible that that the reported incidents are within the norms of those to be expected for a new aircraft, I do not know, I’m no expert but it would not surprize me if they were. Despite this, I would prefer not to fly it at this time but would be quite happy to do so within the next year if it can get through the next 4-6 months without further major incidents. All my life I have loved aircraft and the 787 is no exception, I hope it will be a success and I look forward to flying it when I feel comfortable to do so. I am sure it will be a huge improvment on the 767s and 757s it will largely replace.

  6. Olybeast says:

    787 starts trials to Stockholm on the 8th or 9th of August

    • It is scheduled on the BA780 and BA781 rotation between London Heathrow and Stockholm Arlanda tomorrow (Friday 9th August) – Ed

      • richie says:

        saturday aswell? im looking for somewhere to go for the weekend…. the frankfurt flights are pretty expensive.

  7. A BA 787 was flying very low over Edinburgh city centre at lunchtime today.

  8. Lady London says:

    + 1 on the concerns on the 787 Dreamliner. There’s a worrying number of incidents reported. And recent coverage indicating some airlines may not be reporting all incidents. I hope I never find myself on one anytime soon. (And I’m a big fan of Boeing!). And I really hope it does not take some big incident with loss of passengers to prove those of us that are still worried about this aircraft, to prove any point here.

    • James67 says:

      Following your comments I did some searching. If reports are true then it seems there was also a fire on a Qatar plane about two weeks ago. Only info on blog sites though, cannot see anything official so probably just rumours.

  9. In FRA now and just seen her land, shame I am not going to be flying on her. Off to Tunis with LH.