Google Street View tracks down some 3V cards in Watford!

Come on, bear with me, its August and there’s not as much as usual going on! (And I haven’t counted this in the ‘two posts a day’ I said I’d run during August!)

Reader Christopher sent me this Google Street View screenshot from inside the Tesco Extra in Watford!

Click here (This links works on a PC. I cannot get it to work on my ipad, not sure about other hardware.)

3V card

Fourth row from the bottom, first on the right working out from the centre column. A big stack of 3V Virtual Visa cards!

Wonder if they are still there?!

(PS. If you are new to Head for Points and have absolutely no idea what this post is about, please click ‘3V Virtual Visa’ in the ‘Archives by Category’ menu in the right hand margin. You can read some of the recent posts on how to generate free Avios points with 3V cards.)

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  1. Eastwood says:


    Has anyone found any of these cards within London Victoria and London Bridge area? Or towards East Croydon, Purley and Crawley? I have been hunting for these cards as I have a VATA bill of £3600 to settle and have been looking flat out for these cards with no luck at Tesco Purley Extra, Tesco Goodge Street. Any help or tips would be appreciated.


  2. I just found them in Leeds, they had so many of them. Booked a cheap flight with them.

    • What's the Point says:

      Would you care to divulge exactly which store in Leeds? I need to source a few more to feed the habit!

  3. lyndon jones says:

    I have a question re the visa cards that can be bought for £50 ? Can you buy them, achieving the clubcard points bonus and then pay for tescos shopping online. ?

    • Yes, those cards can be used for anything – they are not restricted to online shopping like 3V. However, you pay the £3.95 fee on £50, but earn 150 points. This is best done if you need to meet an Amex spend target, although buying Avios for about 1.1p is not bad.

  4. thanks. already reached my target. waiting for the next card to come through now

  5. what if you bought two of these cards for say £50 each and my bill was £86 for example. What would happen at checkout online ? would it credit my card ?
    next question, can I use the 3v cards to pay at tescos online for shopping ?

    • Does Tesco online allow you to use multiple credit cards for the same transaction? That is the snag you usually find with 3V, unless you pay them the fee to merge balances together.

  6. Anyone still finding any of these in West Yorkshire?

  7. Nick Burch says:

    It seems the 3v fairies have been out in Oxford! I managed to pick up 20 at lunchtime at the Oxford Magdalen Street Metro (leaving about 10), and another 10 just now at the Cowley Road Metro (leaving 6ish). Hopefully the other Oxford based HFP readers can enjoy the ones I left 🙂

    Both times the person on the checkout asked a bit about why I was buying so many. I explained that they showed up as visa debit, so avoided any credit card surcharges for paying online, and they seemed interested + happy. No problems paying with a credit card either, but the till objected when going above 300 quid’s worth so the order had to be split (as others reported). 250 in one go was fine though.

  8. Tescos online shopping do not accept 3v vouchers. Just found out.

  9. What's the Point says:

    I left around 10-15 3V cards on the shelf at Tesco Burnage Lane, Manchester on Thursday afternoon.

  10. can anybody assist as to what you put in the checkout section online where it asks for “name on card” when paying with 3v cards ?

    • I just used my own name, as you have you have to register first anyway. No problems for me.

      Just popped back to Buckingham……empty. All other cards except 3V.

  11. Mr Bridge says:

    the tesco helping hand deal is back on this week, buy two 3v cards and get £5 of next weeks shopping, buy 2 more 3v cards and some other bits and bobs.

    423769, 423769 423769, sorry just cant seem to stop typing those digits

    I feel to blame for the hiding technique which i posted on HFP. now someone else in my local tesco is doing it!
    I only did this when it looked like tesco were ending the deal with 3v, but now tesco are officially stocking them, its time to stop hiding them, otherwise they wont get refilled!!

    £50 on amazon vouchers via HFP today.

  12. Found £500 of cards in a local tesco in N. Ireland last night…bought them all 😀

  13. What's the Point says:

    423769, 423769, 423769, 423769, 423769.

    That’s a pretty bad inside joke, that only the hardcore 3V’ers will understand.

  14. Firstly, i must say that since coming across this blog, i have managed to increase the rate at which i am able to collect miles, thanks Raffles, also the knowledge gained from some of the posters has come in handy. I have a couple of questions, if anyone is willing to help:

    i) I have had my Amex SPG for a couple of weeks now, but no sign of my SPG membership number/pack, shall i go ahead and create a new account with SPG, as i want to convert my points to Emirates miles soon

    ii) having deposited 3v cards into a Direct Saver NS&I, when trying to withdraw into my nominated account, the available balance is just £9, it has been over a week since the deposits, so its not as if the card transaction has not cleared

    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

    • Yes, create one and ring Amex to input it. This bit is key.

      • Thanks Raffles, just done that, joined SPG and provided Amex my membership number. I am being told that it will take 14 days for verification. My first Amex statement is due on the 13th Sept, by which I will have hit 20k points spend. I suppose my SPG account will not be credited in time to transfer the points to Emirates Skywards for my return flight on the 24th Sept.


        • Probably not. Emirates transfers go across from SPG every Saturday, by the way – I’ve just done a few myself. If you transfer Friday they should arrive next day, do it Saturday and you will wait a week.

        • Although I collect Avios (probably because it is easier to do so, with the likes of Tesco CC & BA Amex) Emirates is my carrier of choice. Do you have any tips on maximising Skywards collection (apart from the MBNA cards). I know I can transfer Amex MR to SPG to Skywards but it means 2 avios for 1 skywards mile.

        • No, not really (although via SPG it is actually 0.625 per Amex point, assuming you transfer out of SPG in chunks of 20,000).

          One thing I looked at was Emirates partner airlines – ie whether transferring to them would get me cheaper redemptions. There are some opportunities, but partners don’t have access to Flex availability and I am wary of moving miles to carriers who can’t get access to all seats.

          There is a post in a few days about a redemption I have just booked with Emirates.

  15. With regards my NS&I query above, i gave them a call and have been informed that the funds are available to withdraw 7 working days following deposit by debit card.

  16. Good to know. Work took me down to Plymouth today and happened to drive past a big tescos there. Thought I’d pop in and see if there were any 3v Visa cards there. 16 of the beauties. Into my nsi saver account they go.