BA On Business promotional code for 3,120 bonus points (worth 15,000-ish Avios)!

On Business is the other British Airways loyalty scheme!  It is aimed at companies, not individuals, and earns your business On Business points for every flight that you book.

It is important to note that the traveller ALSO receives their usual Avios when they fly.  On Business points are an extra bonus.  They can be redeemed for free flights, upgrades or Marriott hotel vouchers.

Redeeming for BA flights is an EXCELLENT deal.  Whilst you need to pay full taxes on European routes, availability – in ALL classes – is excellent.  This is because On Business rewards come from revenue tickets and not from the Avios availability ‘bucket’.  1 OB point gets you roughly the same flying distance as 5 Avios points.

On Business

Rather than repeat what I have written before, I recommend newcomers to On Business read the two part introduction that I wrote in December – Part 1 and Part 2.

There is currently an excellent sign-up bonus on offer.  It offers you 3,120 OB points via a special On Business promotional code.

Technically, this promotion is linked to BA’s new services from Leeds Bradford Airport.  However, you don’t need to be registered in that region to use the code.

To join On Business (you need a Companies House number), go to this link and add promotional code OBLBA1.  You will also still qualify for the usual new member bonus of triple points on the first six segments you credit.  You MUST sign up with an email address that is a company address and not a Yahoo / Gmail etc address, or your account will be blocked.

It is not clear when you receive the 3,120 points – whether they appear immediately or whether you need to credit a flight to the account first.  On their own, 3,120 points are good for a return flight to most of Europe.  In any event, you cannot redeem On Business points until TWO different people have credited flights to the account.

The closing date for signing up under this promotion is December 31st.

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  1. Hello,

    This is only for new accounts?

    Need to Check what promotion is better. This one or the double or something like that promo I had before. Have different companies 😉

  2. I’ve held back registering for this because I wanted to wait until I had higher earning flights booked to take advantage of the triple points on first 6 sectors – but I think I’ve just realised it doesn’t have to be the next 6 sectors I have booked – just the next 6 that I add the OnBusiness number to – so I can pick the 6 highest value earners (and loose out on the miles for the cheap domestics in the meantime).

    Do you know if the triple points apply to the first 6 sectors for EACH member – or just the first 6 sectors in the account as a whole?

    • Account as a whole

      • And am I right in thinking it only applies to BA flights? It’s just I’ve got my AA TP run in F coming up, but assuming they don’t count will apply the number to my BRU-LHR-LAX return.

  3. Requesting says:

    just signed up, bonus points posted immediately. thanks for the tip! 🙂

  4. lady london says:

    Can you just credit flights booked on BA flight numbers or any One world flight?

    • BA and flights from revenue alliance members on those routes, ie JAL to Japan, AA to the US etc. Explained online in more detail.

  5. Am i right in assuming that points from different on business accounts can’t be combined?

  6. Stephen F says:

    Just joined and received the 3120 points immediately too! This blog is great.

    So, if I book 2 flights for a “business trip” To France say, I effectively get the third free? Can I book the cheapest non flexible flights and still redeem the points? Seems there are Europe flights in Sep Oct around the £110 mark return inc taxes.

    This is a good scenario whereby we can have a trip in the short term whilst saving Avios for our major trip in a couple of years via Amex/Clubcard/Exec Club etc..

    • Yes, you get points even for the cheapest economy seats. Use your points sparingly, though – they are priceless when there are no Avios seats somewhere on peak days, as OB redemptions are usually bookable.

      • Stephen F says:

        We don’t travel much as have young child now, a weekend break will be nice for us. Dates and seat availability not mission critical I suppose either, as we travel so infrequently. I intend to use the free OB points as a free ticket as I would never really earn anymore on the account through flying…

        If anyone wonders why I watch the forum and collect miles, it’s for a special trip we are saving for rather than regular travel/upgrades.

  7. I suppose the question I’m currently asking myself, is, are those miles worth £40?

    • (and a bit of paperwork)

    • OB points can be hugely valuable. If you read my US trip report series recently, you may remember I had to do Dusseldorf to London and London to Frankfurt, which was booked with a weeks notice for a Sunday in July. No Avios seats, cash return would have been around £400 even in Economy. Managed to get the exact flights I wanted with OnBusiness points with no trouble.

      • I looked into what it would take to register a company at Companies House. The £40 seemed worth it at a one-off, but it wasn’t until I saw I would have to submit company reports annually (with a charge each time) that I’m finding it a little less clear.

        That and the HMRC implications too (currently PAYE so avoid any hassle)….unless you have any tips?

        Don’t suppose OB check the company number once registered?

  8. Just to add regarding formation of a company. You can form a company and keep it dormant, that way you don’t have to file much (just dormant accounts and annual return) . HOWEVER, if you don’t file anything having registered you could be fined as a Director!

  9. I can confirm the 3120 bonus points appear immediately in your account!


  10. Yes, but I’m planning a longhaul for the new year… presumably as BAEC member I’ll still get tier points? Also in the small print it seems that you can accrue points for flights booked on Iberia!

    • You get your normal Avios and tier points when you credit a flight to OnBusiness – it works on top of Avios, not instead.

  11. Stephen F says:

    OK I have the points and wish to redeem for return flight in Europe.

    3 of us traveling, same route same flights. Can we somehow redeem the points on this first booking? Is it possible to book 2 x tickets (different names same flight) crediting On Business account, then login and book the redemption flight for thrid person for free using the points (subject to flight availability I know).

    I have a horrible feeling that we have to save these points for a second trip?

    • You can’t redeem, in theory, until your account has earned flights from 2 different paid travellers. So, unless you want to send a couple of people (doesn’t have to be the same people who will redeem) on a paid ticket up to Manchester or somewhere this weekend, you are stuffed.

  12. Stephen F says:

    Thanks – not such a great deal for me!