1,000 bonus Avios per Friday / Saturday / Sunday with Hilton

Hilton HHonors has launched a rather attractive promotion in conjunction with Iberia Plus which is worth a look if need a hotel over a weekend this Autumn.

You will earn 1,000 bonus Avios for EVERY weekend night (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) you spend in a Hilton Group property before 16th December.  All brands are included – Hilton, Conrad, Hampton Inn, Waldorf-Astoria etc, although Hampton and Homewood Suites only offer 200 bonus points.

These points are on top of the usual 750 Avios points per stay that you earn when you credit a Hilton stay to Iberia Plus.

Hilton Iberia promo

To take part, you need to register here.  Some people have reported difficulty with registering – if it doesn’t work, try a different browser.

To earn the bonus Avios, you need to set your Hilton HHonors earning preference to either ‘Hilton Points & Fixed Miles’ (in which case you earn 750 base Avios plus the bonus) or ‘Hilton Points & Variable Miles’ (in which case you earn 1.5 Avios per US$1 plus the bonus).  You do NOT get the bonus Avios if your account is set to ‘Hilton Points & Hilton Points’.

Remember to set your airline preference to Iberia Plus and NOT to British Airways Executive Club!  You will not receive the bonus if you select BA.

The rules say that stays must be booked after registration.  My feeling, though, is that stays you have already booked will still qualify.  That said, if you have a flexible booking and the price is the same then you may not want to take the risk.

The rules also say that the bonus Avios may take six weeks to appear in Iberia Plus.  From there, you can move them to BA or avios.com using ‘Combine My Avios’.

(To see our complete list of all current hotel promotions for the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. It might be worthwhile mentioning that if you are set up to double dip points and fixed miles Hilton gives 750 avios for Iberia vs 500 Avios for BA!

    • True. Have written about this before, but you’re right – it is always worth banging home that crediting Hilton stays to BA is a mistake and you should send them to Iberia, even without this promotion.

      • I didn’t realise that – thanks. Had switched to points + points to boost balance for a trip, but at 750 (using my account set up after the Iberia promotion a few weeks back) it’s difficult to justify.

        • Generally I find points + points a poor deal unless on a long or very pricey stay. With 1000 VS miles on offer (which can be converted back to 2000 HHonors points) I find points + fixed miles generally better value.

        • Maaaark says:

          Do you generate points on redemption stays? Have 8 days in Maldives coming up which at the rack rate would be rather expensive!

        • You receive points on incidental spend on reward stays – so for those I switch back to points + points, as you won’t receive miles.

  2. William Hughes says:

    Help please. I’m staying at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando next month for 6 nights. It was booked at the beginning of the year. Any chance I could claim points?

  3. William Hughes says:

    Actually, if I’ve read the T&C’s right, it doesn’t apply to North America. Rubbish.

  4. As the Hilton Honors website doesn’t accept my BA number when specifying Iberia I presume I need to go and register a account with Iberia and then combine the Avios later ?

    • Yes. Iberia Plus is a totally separate scheme.

      Note that you will not be able to move Avios to BA from Iberia until your Iberia account is 90 days old, although that is unlikely to be a major inconvenience.

  5. I booked a mattress run under this promotion for this coming weekend after seeing it on the LoyaltyLobby blog the other day. Had issues registering at first (told me “the promotion was over”) but tried later in the day and managed it successfully. Although the T&Cs state it’s not to be used in conjunction with any other offer, I am hoping I will also get the Q3 “Triple Your Trip” bonus for a weekend booking. Will report back when the points credit…

    • You will get this – I’ve seen a screenshot from another reader who registered before I wrote about it, and got everything.

      • Indeed, this is how Hilton promos have always worked at least for the last few years 🙂

  6. With the current triple your trip promo, I’m favouring points and points (particular for Fri/Sat/Sun stays) as the two nights I had in Amsterdam last week – Thursday in the Doubletree on a double points rate, and Friday at the airport Hilton – netted me a total of 33k+ points!

    • Although you can still do triple my trip with points and miles 🙂 Given VS is effectively 2k HHonors and p+p only gives 50% bonus, I do p+fm for any stay where the eligible spend is under $4k total (or a redemption)

  7. Are you sure its 1 point per dollar? I have found other information to that effect! Hilton even say its 1 point per 10.

  8. Hi Raffles

    Sorry if this is a silly question::

    Can I earn Hilton Honours points and Iberia Avios from the same Hilton booking ?

    Is it as simple as adding my Iberia card number to the Hilton Honors website ?

    thank you

    • Yes you can – Hilton call it ‘double dipping’. As well as adding your IB card number you also need to change your earning preference from points+points to points+miles (likely fixed miles unless it’s going to be a massive spend). If it’s for an existing booking though I’d recommend reconfirming your IB number at checkin and look for it on the statement at checkout, where it will also show your expected earnings.

    • As Alan said, you need to add your Iberia number AND set your earnings preference to ‘Points + Fixed Miles’ or (if you have a pricey stay) ‘Points + Variable Miles’. You do not want ‘Points + Points’.

      Hilton is the ONLY hotel scheme that allows you to earn both miles and points.

  9. Hilton still saying a 1000 point limit for Variable, had no joy getting it fixed yet. Beware!!!

  10. Nick Burch says:

    It seems you just need to have registered before checkout. I signed up yesterday having seen this post, then checked out of a Sun-Weds stay. I checked online this morning, and I’ve got “IBERIA AVIOS WEEKENDS FIXED MILES OFFER 0 0 1000” for it! (So that’s 1750 avios for the stay, yey!)

    Just a shame Hilton didn’t bother telling anyone about this themselves when it launched on the first, or I’d have got 2000 more miles :/

    • Yep it’s when it posts to your account that’s the main issue with most (?all) Hilton promos, so as long as you have it on your account by that point you should be OK.

  11. Is it 1000 extra per stay, or per night? Looks like per weekend night, so a Fri/Sat stay should be 2000 extra? Just want to double check though as might be better in my circumstances to book as a BA holiday instead, dependant on the answer.

  12. Feenster says:

    Hi – Does the weekend promo apply for points and cash booking. The new DoubleTree in Dublin is 37euro and 8000 points for this Sunday. Should I expect 1750 avios with Iberia?