Can you re-apply for the Lloyds Avios card via TSB and get a second sign-up bonus?

Assuming that their advertising campaign has worked, UK readers will be in no doubt that Lloyds Bank has split off 600 of its branches to form a new bank, TSB (albeit using a brand that Lloyds acquired some years ago).

Since November 2011, Lloyds TSB (as it was) has been the issuer of the official credit card.  They were also the issuer of the Air Miles credit card for a period, since winning the contract from NatWest.

I had assumed that the ‘new’ Lloyds Bank would become the issuer of the Avios credit cards.  But it seems I was wrong, as you can see from this picture:

TSB Avios cards

Now, the small print says:

The TSB Avios American Express Card is issued and administered by TSB pursuant to a licence from American Express”

And TSB, legally, is not part of Lloyds Bank anymore.  It actually uses the banking licence of the old Bank of Scotland (now Lloyds TSB Scotland).  Lloyds Bank uses a different banking licence.

This is important because the Avios credit cards have a strict ‘one sign-up bonus EVER’ rule.  However, is the TSB card actually a ‘new’ card?  It is issued by TSB, not Lloyds.  Can you therefore get another sign-up bonus by applying for this card, if you have already had and cancelled the Lloyds version?

The answer, of course, is “we don’t know”.  However, I am tempted to apply for one as an experiment and see what happens.  The alternative is to wait until TSB is sold off next year, although by then I get a feeling that they will not be offering the Avios cards any longer.

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  1. I wondered this too – but more because I have a rubbish credit limit with them and they’re not overly entertaining when I ask them for a TSB Avios would go nicely alongside. Everything has been copied from Lloyds initially so it’s perfectly logical to assume things will change as they find their feet.

  2. squillion says:

    Sorry Raffles – I reckon you have 2 hopes: Bob Hope & no hope 😉

    When the 600 TSB branches are hived off, that’d be different. No harm in trying I suppose.

    • Technically nothing changes after the hive off, though, as it will retain the same banking licence (ie Bank of Scotland).

      • Actually it’s the LloydsTSB Scotland license. BOS license is separate and retained by Lloyds Banking Group.

        In the past my Avios bonus was actually rejected by Avios because I’d had an Airmiles bonus in the past – so I guess whether any new bonuses are available may depend on whether they are given by Avios or the bank.

  3. Still waiting for a reaponse to my application from 13 days ago…

  4. I’ve had a look at the new TSB website and the only sign up bonus they appear to have is 1500 Avios for every £1000 of balance transfer. Nothing about extra Avios for any minimum spend.

  5. Wozza2404 says:

    Doesn’t seem to be any sign up bonus at the moment?

    • No, need to wait and see what turns up. The bonus is only on the site.

      However, the current bonus ends 15th September so something should change next week.

  6. So, i’m with Lloyds – until tomorrow – and my account is being turned into a TSB account, including my Avios cards. In the first instance i’m glad TSB will have AVIOS cards (was unsure what would happen) but now pondering whether to cancel the cards and re-order under TSB. Or close accounts and switch to Lloyds. Rather confusingly I never got an Avios sign up bonus in the first place as i’ve always been with Lloyds, and never used to card about Avios. But now I do – so unsure of what to do?

    • You could try applying for the Lloyds only Avios card now, as if you never got a bonus, you may be still be eligible for it.

      • Apparently its not relevant whether you’ve had a bonus before. If you’ve had the card before then no bonus – though I applied anyway just in case it goes through.

        It did seem overly harsh. I was told I’m ineligible for the bonus as I’d been accepted before, even though I never actually got the card in the end!

  7. I’ve lost all faith in Lloyds TSB credit cards.

    Me and Mrs Danksy got one back in March for the avios bonus.

    Due to my card taking 3 weeks to arrive I didn’t get the first months spend target! Neither was i able to access my online account (their customer services were adamant that you needed a current account with them). After 6 weeks I cut it up and cancelled (and kissed goodbye to the £50 fee).

    Mrs Danksy had more luck in that her online banking worked ‘out of the box’ she had no current account either!!! But she was given a ridiculously low credit limit of £1,200 which meant it was near impossible to trigger the bonus payment. Consequently she went over her credit limit a few times (cue £12 a time charge) – most credit cards would just stop the card from working, and their customer services were unwilling to even give a modest increase. This is strange since we are a high earning household !!

    So she has been using the card since March and as far as I can see she did everything to trigger the bonus avios, but so far nothing has appeared in her Avios account. I will not have anything more to do with them !!

    Of course your mileage might vary!

    • Others’ mileage may indeed vary, tho I doubt by much. I and the Mrs have both had plenty of issues in the past which has led to many painful phone calls and finally card cancellation, tho I did get a £100 credit for all the problems faced and did get the bonus posted, along with a transfer bonus offer that was also running. But with LTSB, there are always issues and bad service, and I wouldn’t recommend them again, specially when the bonus is questionable for a previous customer.

      The credit limit given to Mrs was also ridiculous and I had to make trips to the bank to deposit cash to keep our spend going to enable a bonus trigger. All in all, a pain you know where! The T&Cs do state though that if you do go over your (or rather, “their enforced and ridiculous “) credit limit, then all bonuses will be forfeited, and they refuse to review your limit for at least 6months by which time it’s too late. So unlucky for you – don’t hold your breath as you won’t get it.

    • Lloyds does have has silly algorithms for calculating credit limits, but £1200 is the standard limit.

      If you go over it’s nobody’s fault but your own… no card will stop transactions if you go over by a little bit, they’d rather get the £12 fee!

      And didn’t you only need to spend £500 each month to get the bonus even in March? If the limit was £500 then that would be difficult.

  8. I’m still waiting to get my bonus avios credited. I contact Lloyds TSB who told me I would have to take it up with Avios. Avios tell me it’s up to Lloyds TSB to pay it, and that I have to wait for up to 90 days from triggering the bonus – so potentially it can take 6 months to get these points. Frankly the whole process has been so painful I don’t think I’d recommend it to anyone unless they’re desperate for a credit card bonus (and don’t mind a 6 month wait to get it)

    • I’m in exactly the same boat, definitely qualified for the points, but losing hope of ever seeing them to be honest.

      Even if I could reapply, the chances of me doing so would be a big fat zero.

      • I have exactly the same issue. They are totally inept. Every time I chase up these points, Lloyds have no idea about the offer ‘as it’s not their area’ and palm me off to Avios who can’t answer as they don’t have access to Lloyds account information. Lloyds aren’t even capable of confirming whether I achieved the bonus regardless of whether it is yet to be posted. Avios just give the same answer each time, you have to wait 90 days. I don’t anticipate it magically appearing on my account on the 90th day.

        Prepare for a fight Lloyds.

        • Your comments have saved me a phone call, thanks. I’m in the same position waiting for the bonus, thought it might go across with my 4th statement, looks like I’ll have to wait 90 days before chasing it up.

          Wish I’d waited to see if they did another 12.5 Avios per pound promo instead of applying for this one now.

        • There is a department within Lloyds that can check whether you have qualified for the bonus. Unfortunately I don’t have their number immediately to hand, but recommend you ring customer services and ask to be connected with “the team within Lloyds that deal with Avios queries”. I was able to get a straightforward answer out of them.

        • These are the various numbers I’ve used int he past to contact them and sort out points. Hope useful to someone:

          Airmiles Duo: 0845 606 2175
          Airmiles Points: 0845 606 2177 – M-F 0800-1800
          Airmiles Duo Card Services: 020 7481 2570 / 0845 450 4465 – M-F 0800-2000

  9. I have only had 2 dealings with Lloyds in the past and I have only been declined twice in my life on accounts and cards – both with Lloyds. This was once for a student account when I was at university, (quite some time ago – I won’t say how long…) in which they declined me – understandable I suppose.

    I have too applied for the Lloyds Duo for the avios bonus and was once again declined, despite having a flawless credit report and have a decent earning household. On closer examination, (playing around with MSE’s credit card checker) it maybe due to a recent move earlier in year, eithier that or they just don’t like me.

    But seeing the increasing number of complaints I see here and other forums, I suspect that was a blessing in disguise. Their CS seems to need re-training from the ground up and will this change with TSB? Unlikely. So for this reason and your ridiculous rules for hitting targets Mr Lloyds, I’m out…(even if you didn’t want me anyway)

  10. Apologies if I am missing the obvious but for those who already have the LTSB cards, will they be automatically moved over to the TSB version or will they have to re-apply while the existing cards are turned into some sort of basic Lloyds Bank Card? Because I feel this might make a difference to what sort of bonuses might be offered. If people have to re-apply, they may not bring out any particularly lucrative bonuses to start with. If on the other hand existing cardholders get moved over then any new promotions might be lucrative in order to attract new customers?

    • Good question. Not sure anyone knows. If you have a Lloyds or TSB other account then that may influence it, otherwise I would imagine Lloyds keeps them all.

  11. sandgrounder says:

    OT, for those who have the paid card, when did Lloyds charge the annual fee? I was expecting it to show up on the first statement, but after three months I have still not been charged.

  12. Lloyds TSB Scotland actually had no connection to Bank of Scotland.

    Lloyds TSB Scotland was originally TSB Bank Scotland PLC, as the pre-merger TSB had a separate company to TSB in England and Wales.

    So the route was:
    TSB Bank Scotland PLC -> Lloyds TSB Scotland PLC -> TSB Bank PLC (which was originally the name for the England and Wales division).

  13. Ref: Phillip

    Those with Avios Credit Cards from Lloyds TSB who are being moved to TSB (like me) will automatically have them changed to TSB Avios Cards according to a letter I received.

    Which made me wonder if I should cancel them before my account become a TSB account, and then apply for a TSB Avios card (with Avios bonus).

  14. Ref Sam and Phillip.
    I’ve got the Lloyds TSB Avios Duo credit cards and I also have a current account and kids savings account. They all used to be on the one Lloyds TSB website but now all the accounts are on the new TSB website with the exception of Avios credit cards which now only shows on Lloyds TSB website. The log in details for both sites are the same as is the layout. Only difference is name and colour.

  15. I don’t have a Lloyds Duo card but am considering applying for a TSB version. After reading their adverts in the papers this week I am absolutely convinced there won’t be any problems and their customer service will be impeccable 😉

  16. I don’t understand how Lloyds customer service for current accounts is generally good yet for credit cards is so shockingly bad.

    I also think they don’t like high earners or those that pay in full as a rule, I think they may reject potential applicants over profitability more than other providers.

    TSB will just use Lloyds IT, credit scoring and systems for the forseeable future so will be Lloyds by another name

    • In my experience, Lloyds CS is horrible for current accounts too. I only have their accounts as they are giving me 4% interest (soon to reduce to 3%, but still the best available)

  17. Londonbus says:

    Oh – the bad old days. When I was a nerdy (Aspergers – undiagnosed) 14 year old and this was sophisticated:

  18. Looks like there isn’t a sign up bonus for applying for the Avios credit cards now!

    • Yes, I literally just noticed 5 minutes ago. The old promo ended yesterday and I was planning a post for tomorrow on the new one!