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British Airways launches ‘Lifetime Gold’ for an exalted few

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If you log in at you will see that there is a new feature.  On the top line, next to My Avios and My Tier Points you will see ‘My Lifetime Tier Points’.

And, if you scroll down the page, you will see ‘Date of joining the club’ – with a very precise (in my case) ’17 December 1996′ next to it.

This is all linked to the new benefit launched yesterday – lifetime Gold membership of British Airways Executive ClubFull details are here.

BA Gold

BA has certainly set the bar high.  To qualify for Lifetime Gold, you need to accumulate 35,000 tier points.

This represents 1,750 return flights to Manchester in economy!  More likely, it represents 125 Club World return flights to the US.  This is a pretty tough call unless you are on the road full time, for pretty much half your working life.

(Interestingly, BA is counting all tier points, whichever airline they were earned on.  There is no minimum requirement to have flown a proportion of these on British Airways.)

There is no sign yet of Lifetime Silver, although the wording on the website:

It also gives every Member of the Club the chance to accumulate enough Lifetime Tier Points to achieve the new rewards we’ll be introducing in the future – starting with the launch of Gold membership for life.

… implies that other others will be forthcoming in time.

It is worth remembering, of course, that Lifetime Gold technically means for the lifetime of British Airways, and not YOUR lifetime!  After all, when BA bought bmi, all of the bmi flyers who thought they had ‘lifetime Gold’ after achieving ten years of Gold status with bmi, were told to take a running jump …..

At some point in the next few years, the EU and the US will agree to loosen the restrictions on who can own airlines, and at that point IAG is likely to get swallowed by an overseas airline.  That may be the end of your lifetime Gold!

I am hugely unlikely to ever achieve lifetime Gold, given that I try to avoid spending money on flights when possible.  To be honest, I was surprised that my tier point balance since 1996 is as high as it is …. but I am still over 100 Club World flights to New York away from the target!

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Comments (26)

  • andy21 says:

    I like the idea of saving for my Exec Club gold pension over the next 40 years. Though perhaps like an actual pension – not something to count on being there when you actually need it!

  • Marco says:

    As Raffles has cautioned… BA might not still be around in 40 years’ time!

  • Lady London says:

    Note it says Lifetime Status will be accorded “for as long you are a member of the Club”.

    This nicely leaves the door open for later requirements to be added of, for example, “x” minimum tier points of number of flights per year, in order to remain a member of the Club.

    As you mentioned the BMI experience should be educational regarding any Lifetime membership.

    • Farringdon says:

      Don’t they also have the right simply to revoke your membership of the Executive Club subject to certain notice periods (I don’t have the T&Cs in front of me at the moment)

  • Mark says:

    Based on my rate of earning over the past 12 years, I’m very pleased to discover that I’m due to receive my lifetime gold membership about the time I hit 280 years old…. Looking forward to it!

  • Solo says:

    I guess off point but interesting mention of the US-EU foreign ownership regulations. How likely do you think IAG would be bought by a foreign carrier?