Amex Platinum now offering Hertz Five Star status

Over the last couple of years, Avis and Hertz have opened up their loyalty schemes, removing joining fees and eliminating tiers.  This means that the main benefits offered by premium credit cards – free entry into a programme that would charge a fee, or putting you in at a higher tier – have been wiped away.

Hertz has now responded by improving the offering for Amex Platinum cardholders.  Instead of membership into Gold Plus Rewards (which is now free to all), you will receive Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Five Star status.

Five Star status usually requires 10 rentals over the previous 12 months.

Hertz Gold Plus

Benefits include:

Free additional driver (this could be valuable, and matches the perk that Avis offers to British Airways Executive Club members via

10% bonus Gold Plus Rewards points

You also get the following benefits as an Amex Platinum member, assuming you use the Hertz Amex Plat CDP discount code (although this is not always the cheapest deal):

15% off standard rates

Four-hour grace period when returning the car

One-class upgrade subject to availability

The four-hour grace period is, for me, one of the best benefits of renting from Hertz.  You can get the cost of a 2-day rental down to the cost of a 1-day rental if your rental times are, for eg, 12pm Saturday to 4pm Sunday.

You can find full details of this offer here.  It appears that Amex Plat members can join from scratch via the link on that page.  What is not clear is how you get your existing Gold Plus Rewards membership upgraded – I imagine you would need to call Amex or Hertz.  The literature I saw said:

“If you are already enrolled in Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, you have automatically been upgraded to Five Star status”

but when I log in, I do not see that.   (That said, I have a MasterCard in my profile so that is not necessarily surprising!).  I will chase this up before my next rental.

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  1. Wozza2404 says:

    If you find it’s cheaper to book without the Amex code, it’s possible to book the cheaper rate and then call Hertz to add your Gold number manually.

    There’s usually a bit of huffing and puffing but they’ve done it for me every time without asking for a higher rate; and I’ve always had the benefits.

  2. I was upgraded to five star even though I hadn’t met the standard Hertz qualification. It must have been related to my Plat so it looks as though there may be an automatic mid term upgrade path.

  3. I just got my existing account upgraded. Speak to Hertz gold service and quote the cdp 633306 and request an immediate account upgrade. Alternatively ask Amex plat travel to push it through.

  4. Just checked my account and can confirm an automatic upgrade to Five Star.

  5. Another one here who’s automatically been upgraded

  6. Nav Atwal says:

    Does anybody know what the listed benefits of the Centurion CDP are, I can confirm the 20% off but not sure about the other bits.

    20% off standard rates – this is confirmed
    Four-hour grace period when returning the car ??
    One-class upgrade subject to availability??

  7. I cancelled my platinum card about a year ago, but the default CDP code is still AMEX PLATINUM EMEA and I’ve got the five star thing in my account, despite only 5 or so rentals.

  8. Just a note about the ‘grace period’, the CDP allows booking for a 28 hour period at a daily rate – the extra hours must be booked during the reservation

    • Remember it also doesn’t apply to all countries.

      I already had 5* status thanks to some previous promo/competition – good to know it’ll be retained though!

      • Jersey being a notable example !

        • Does that mean its confirmed there’s no Hertz 5* status for Plat IDC cards issued to those of us with expat accounts in Jersey? Shame as otherwise it would probably have tipped the balance and made it worth paying the annual fee for an IDC card (as I always seem to end up renting from Hertz when I’m back in the UK). IDC cards are definitely the poor relative–even through they’re managed out of Amex UK it seems there’s no Marco Polo Gold status either.

  9. PS my Plat supp cardholder has been auto-upgraded to 5* – must be one of the most smoothly executed offers from Amex!

  10. IslandDweller says:

    Excuse me for being confused. The blog text states that the benefits include “free additional driver” – something I’d find really useful. But I can’t see anything on the Hertz pages that confirms this. Anyone got an update on that?

    • Hmmm. I copied that directly from a Hertz ad in the latest ‘Departures’ magazine for Amex Plats ….

      • I certainly received it on a recent trip to the US (along with the 4h grace period), but agree I can’t see it on the website.

  11. IslandDweller says:

    I suspect this is sloppy advertising by Hertz. NorthAmerican customers get free spouse/domestic partner – and there is no need to change anything on the rental documentation. However, the small print of the UK Amex scheme says additional drivers are only covered on Amex insurance if they are explicitly named as an additional driver on the rental document – and I found that if you do that (this was in the US – for my partner) the additional driver charge is triggered.